19 Facts About Taylor Swift That Have Come To Light In 2019

Taylor Swift is arguably the most popular musical artist of the past decade. Love her or hate her, everyone knows her name and at least one of her songs. Her music is inescapable.

For a while, the singer was pretty inactive on all her social platforms and was attempting to take a break from her crazy celebrity lifestyle. Tired of the limelight, she was a lot more private than in the past and even paparazzi had trouble finding her.

With the recent release of her new album Lover, she’s finally back dominating the music scene spotlight again in 2019. She’s been more active on her social media, doing interviews, and opening up about her past more and more. Because of all the attention she’s receiving again, fans are learning a lot more about their favorite singer. Here are 19Facts About Taylor Swift That Have Come To Light in 2019.

19 Lover Was Recorded In Less Than 3 Months

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Some artists take a long time to record their album, taking forever to get every detail perfect. Swift, on the other hand, knew exactly what she wanted to do.

She actually recorded Lover in under three months. After fans waited so long for new music, it’s odd to think the recording process only took a few months.

18 She And Brendon Urie Have Been Friends For Years

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Fans were so excited when Swift announced her collaboration with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. Their song “ME!” quickly became a hit.

A lot of people aren’t aware that it wasn’t a random duet. The two have always been fans of each other’s music and were very vocal about it in the past. They have been friends for years.

17 She Is On Good Terms With Katy Perry

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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had one of the biggest celebrity feuds in the past decade. Supposedly, it inspired Swift’s popular song “Bad Blood”.

That’s why fans were shocked when Perry appeared in Swift’s music video for “You Need To Calm Down” as friends. It seems the pair put the past behind them and reconciled their friendship after Perry sent her an actual olive branch.

16 Kim Kardashian Still Listens To Her Music  

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Even people that aren’t Taylor Swift fans are familiar with her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It was all over celebrity gossip sites and fueled Swift’s Reputation album.

Despite the two not getting along, Kim apparently listens to the pop star’s music. She posted a story at a photo shoot with “Lover” playing in the background. Fans were very confused.

15 She’s A Major LGBTQ+ Ally 

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Throughout Swift’s career, she received a lot of criticism for not speaking out on important issues. She changed that this year when she spoke out as a strong ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Her song “You Need To Calm Down” is meant to be a gay anthem. The music video was full of famous LGBTQ+ celebrities and even encouraged fans to donate to GLAAD, a related charity group.

14 She’s Been In Court For Copyright

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Swift has been in some legal trouble this year. She is involved in a copyright lawsuit.

She and her fellow songwriters have been accused of stealing lyrics for her song “Shake It Off” by girl group 3LW. Apparently they share the similar lines “players gonna play” and “haters gonna hate”.

13 She Won't Do A Regular Tour For Lover

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With the release of Lover, fans were excited about the possibility of a new tour. However, Swift is going to do things differently this time around.

Rather than a full tour, she is playing two shows in the US. The two shows are in Los Angeles and Massachusetts and will be called “Lover Fest”. She’ll also play a few festivals overseas.

12 She’s Going To Re-Record Her Old Music

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Swifties were very upset to learn that she no longer owned the rights to all of her original music after her former label, Big Machine, was sold.

In order to regain artistic control over her songs, she’s going to re-record her existing music. Swift feels very strongly that artists should have control over their own work and fans are excited to hear her new versions.

11 She Dislikes Scooter Braun 

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Part of the reason Swift was so opposed to the sale of her former label was because of Scooter Braun’s involvement.

She’s accused the executive of bullying and manipulation. Swift said she was blindsided by the sale and wasn’t given the opportunity to purchase her own music, and blames Braun. He now owns all the music she created.

10 She’s The Highest Paid Celebrity

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It’s never been a secret that Swift is wildly successful, but it was recently announced that she was the highest paid celebrity of the year.

She was number one on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. She made $185 million in the last year, more than she has ever earned before.

9 She And Justin Bieber Had Some Drama

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Swift’s feud with Braun involved a lot of different people, including Justin Bieber. He publicly accused her of defacing Braun.

While he sort of apologized for those comments, he proceeded to publicly mock her vial post-surgery video later on. Swift has also liked a post claiming Bieber cheated on her friend Selena Gomez. He claims he and Swift are “homies”, but it’s clear the pair has some on going drama.

8 She Was In A Love Triangle With Tom Hiddleston And Joe Alwyn 

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While Swift has been with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn for a long time now, their romance may have started off with an awkward triangle involving Tom Hiddleston.

She’s made it clear she had feelings for Alwyn since the moment she met him. Her new song “Cruel Summer” may reveal more details. Some fans believe the song is about her sneaking out to meet Alwyn while she was still dating Hiddleston.

7 She Didn't Have A Fight With Demi Lovato 

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This past year there was some drama between Swift and Demi Lovato. Scooter Braun is Lovato’s manager, so when Swift publicly spoke out against him, Demi defended him.

Then, when Lovato posted shady comments during an awards show, fans thought they were about Swift. Lovato later took to IG to clarify there is no fued and Swift re-shared the story on her own IG. There’s no bad blood there.

6 She Donated Money To A Tennessee LGBTQ+ Organization

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Not only does Swift speak out in support of the LGBTQ+ community, she also puts her money where her mouth is.

She donated $113,000 to the Tennessee advocacy group Tennessee Equality Project. The money came with a handwritten note where she voiced her support for the work the organization does.

5 She And Kanye Still Don't Get Along

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Unsurprisingly, Swift still doesn’t get along with rapper Kanye West. They have one of the most well-known celebrity feuds of the past decade.

She’s called him “two-faced” in an interview this year. After the infamous VMA interruption, the pair developed a friendship, but Swift was betrayed later by both he and wife Kim Kardashian. She said he is always nice to her face but talks badly behind her back.

4 She’s Been On The Voice

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The Voice has guest celebrity mentors every season, and this year Taylor Swift was chosen to help coach the contestants. Swift fans were excited to tune into the show.

All of the singers on the show were excited to work with Swift and one performance even brought the pop-star to tears.

3 She’s Still Good Friends With Selena Gomez

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends for years, and it’s clear that relationship is still going strong.

Gomez recently posted on her IG about Swift, calling the singer her “ride or die”. Swift was also moved to tears by Gomez’s new song “Lose You To Love Me”. Their love and support is definitely friendship goals.

2 She Had A Stalker Threaten Her Life

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Celebrities are no strangers to crazy fans, but Swift recently had a really scary situation with one. A stalker supposedly wanted to take her life.

He sent violent and threatening letters and emails to her old record label. Sometimes he would deliver them in person and would wander around the office. He pleaded guilty and faces up to five years in prison.

1 There Are Rumors She's Engaged

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Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn for years now, and a few tracks on her recent album have fans wondering if the pair will get married soon. The lyrics that sound like wedding vows in “Lover” raised the most suspicion.

They were also spotted out together recently on their way to an SNL afterparty and Swift had a shiny ring on her finger, fueling engagement rumors.

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