20 Facts About The Mowry Twins

Actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry (who goes by Tia Mowry-Hardrict These days) have basically spent their entire lives in front of a television camera. That might lead fans to think that they know everything there is to know about these talented twins, but that is not the case.

There are actually lots of interesting things fans probably do not know about Tia and Tamera.

They also have a couple of brothers as well, and their names are Tahj and Tavior Mowry. Another interesting fact is that their mother used to be their manager when they were much younger.

20 One Fan Thought Tamera Was Not As Attractive As Her Sister


Tia and Tamera basically look like the same person, so the fact that one person thought one of them was less attractive than the other one does not make any sense, but it happened. According to dailymail.co.uk, the girls used to read some fan mail they received while they starred on the show Sister, Sister, which is how they found out that one fan thought Tia was prettier than her sister.

19 Tamera Had To Deal With A Lack Of Self-Confidence For A While


After receiving that fan mail, Tamera spent years dealing with self-confidence issues. Tamera was so affected by that fan’s words that she kept that letter for a long time. But years later, after she became an adult, someone reminded her that those words were not true. According to dailymail.co.uk, a friend of hers convinced her to have more confidence in herself.

18 They Might Look Exactly The Same, But Their Parenting Styles Are Different


These twins might look exactly alike, but there are parts of their personality that are extremely different. According to okmagazine.com, the former stars of Sister, Sister have very different parenting styles. For example, Tia and Tamera have differing views on how children should be disciplined, which is totally fine. Lots of parents have different thoughts on that kind of thing.

17 Tia Had Some Fertility Struggles


Lots of women have had some trouble when it comes to having biological children, and Tia is one of them. She might have a beautiful family these days, but things were not always like that for the star. According to parents.com, Tia went through a period of time during which she had some issues getting pregnant.

16 One Of The Twins Has Endometriosis


Many women have to deal with health issues when it comes to their reproductive organs, and Tia is no different. According to parents.com, the actress has a condition called endometriosis. The condition caused the actress to feel as though she little control over her life, but she was able to get it under control when she decided to make some lifestyle changes.

15 Tia Doesn’t Believe In Judging Other Moms


Lots of parents tend to judge each other because they each raise their children differently, but that is one thing Tia is not into. According to youtube.com, the actress is not one of those people. She does not believe in judging others because they do not raise their kids the same way she does, and that is probably good since she and her sister are so different when it comes to how they raise their little ones.

14 Tamera Is Done Having Babies


Tamera might be a mother of two, but her children are not the only parts of her life that keep her on her toes. She is involved in lots of things, and it seems that she will not be having anymore children in the near future. According to essence.com, the actress believes that parenting is hard work, and she needs to take care of herself as well.

13 Tamera Has Dealt With Postpartum Depression In The Past


Many mothers deal with postpartum depression, and Tamera is one of them. She has been very vocal about her experiences with it, and how much it affected her whole life. Fortunately, she is doing better these days thanks to a great friend. According to dearly.com, television personality, Adrienne Bailon helped her realize what she was dealing with, and she helped her get through it as well.

12 Tia Had The Baby Blues After She Became A Mom


If a mom experiences some short-term bad moods after she has just given birth to a baby, she might be experiencing something called baby blues. According to redbookmag.com, Tia had to deal with that after she became a mother. Tia was going through this until her son, Cree, was two weeks old.

11 Tia Wouldn’t Mind Having Some Twins Of Her Own


While Tia and Tamera might be twins themselves, they have not yet given birth to twins. Tamera has no immediate plans to have another baby, but Tia is still open to adding more kids to her beautiful family. According to redbook.com, she would not be opposed to having a set of twins of her own.

10 Tamera And Her Husband Broke Up For A Year Before They Got Married


Tamera is married to journalist Adam Housley. They seem very happy these days, but that was not always the case. The lovebirds broke up for one year before they got married, but they still had feelings for one another. According to tvone.tv, the couple believes they needed that time to decide whether the relationship was right for them or not.

9 Tamera Believes That Couples Should Not Live Together Before They Are Married


These days, many couples want to live together before they get married in order to find out if marriage is right for them or not. However, Tamera and Adam did things a bit differently. According to tvone.tv, they did not live with one another until after they tied the knot. Tamera also thinks that other people should give that a try as well.

8 Motherhood Taught Tia How To Be More Patient With Others


Being a mother is a really interesting experience that can teach one a lot about themselves. According to ebony.com, when Tia became a mom, she learned how to be much more patient than she was before she has a baby. Tia used to be on the go a lot, but these days she loves to just slow down and have a day out at the park with her son.

7 There Is An Interesting Reason Why Tia Named Her Son Cree


Tia is married to actor Cory Hardrict, and the two of them share two children together. One of them is named Cree, and the story behind his name is rather interesting. According to ebony.com, Tia believes that her husband is a warrior, and that is exactly what the name Cree means, which is why that is the name they chose for their son. They also have a daughter, and her name is Cairo.

6 They Have Been To Therapy


When the twins were filming Tia And Tamera together, they both attended therapy, according to eonline.com. Though they are no longer in therapy, they still claim that the experience had a huge impact on both of them. These two have been incredibly open and honest about their mental health struggles over the years.

5 Tia Plans To Talk To Her Kids About Some Very Personal Matters


Endometriosis has left a very big impact on Tia’s life, which is why she plans to talk about it with her little girl. According to endofound.org, the condition even caused her to experience a bit of depression a long time ago, and she wants her daughter to be as informed about this type of thing as possible.

4 They Never Had Much Of A Chance To Make Friends When They Were Growing Up


Children who spend their childhoods in the acting business usually do not have the same opportunities as those who do not. For example, many kids go to the same school for a long time, and they make friends with the other children there. But according to boomsbeat.com, Tia and Tamera moved around a lot, so they did not have the chance to make many friends.

3 Most Of The Time, Tia Follows A Vegan Diet


When Tia found out that she has endometriosis, she decided to change some things, such as the way she eats. According to people.com, the actress likes to follow a very strict diet. She participates in vegan detoxes, and she usually does not consume things like dairy or processed sugars. Tia likes to eat fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

2 Tia Co-Sleeps With Her Son


Some parents allow their little ones to sleep in their bed, and that is the case for Tia and her husband. According to today.com, the couple has allowed their little girl to sleep in their bed since she was a newborn. They allowed their son to do it for the first four years of his life.

While co-sleeping works well for them, Tia’s mother disagrees with it. She believes that they should have done things a bit differently.

1 There Are Some Physical Differences Between The Two Twins


Tia and Tamera look a lot alike, but there are some physical differences between the two of them. According to news24.com, Tamera has a longer face than Tia does, and she also has a mole as well. In addition, Tia likes to straighten her hair, but Tamera likes to have curls sometimes.

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