20 Facts About Britney Spears' Kids She Keeps On The DL

Britney Jean Spears wears multiple hats! She's one of the most popular pop stars of all time, she's an entrepreneur, and she's one of the most iconic fashion divas in history; there's no question Britney Spears in an entertainment legend!

Britney's biggest fans are aware of her legendary public persona, but it's also important to note one of Britney's additional roles she generally keeps away from the spotlight: she is the mother of two boys!

Sure, we have seen the occasional photos of Sean and Jayden James Federline on the cover of magazines, but what about Britney's boys on a deeper level? Britney's sons have grown up in the glare of the media, so it makes sense Mama Brit would want to provide her boys with a quiet private life.

Here are 20 insights into the private lives of the Federline fellas!

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20 The Boys Are 'Kool' With Kevin

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Raise your hand if "Kevin Federline" is a name you haven't heard in a hot minute! Of course, Kevin is always relevant in the lives of Preston and Jayden James, and for longtime Britney fans, how heartwarming is that?

In recent years, Britney has gone through some tough times, and her ex-husband has been on hand to take care of their sons and support her, Entertainment Tonight reports.

19 Brit Recorded A Song For Sean Preston

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Speaking of gifts, how priceless is it for your mother to write a song about you which you'll always have to treasure? For Preston Federline, his everlasting musical gift comes in the form of Britney's single "Someday (I Will Understand)" recorded when Brit was pregnant with him in 2005!

According to Axs, the song took shape before Britney even knew Preston was on the horizon!

18 The Spears Family Are Disney Darlings

via The Hollywood Gossip

Even the most casual Britney fans are aware of her tight relationship with Mickey Mouse! She was a cast member of the Mickey Mouse Club revival and has performed at Disney Land.

Brit's love for Disney theme parks was passed onto her children for sure. In 2017, the pop star took her whole family to the park for her sons' birthday celebrations!

17 Sean And Jayden Dance To Mom's Music

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Britney Spears' sons know how to break out the fancy footwork!

Preston and Jayden have been captured on film multiple times dancing to Britney's tunes, notably "Toxic," Brit's breakout hit from "In The Zone!" The boys were also filmed dancing to Britney's first classic single!

16 Brit Takes The Boys On 'Normie' Trips

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No matter how famous you are, you've got to find time to run your errands! Even Britney Spears needs to buy her Cheetos!

As Us reports, the Spears-Federline family was seen coming out of Target with a cart full of groceries. It may not seem like a big deal, but how often do you see superstars stocking up on food with the family? Talk about normalcy!

15 The Boys Love Going To Ball Games

via Billboard

When Britney finds time out of her busy schedule to be a "normie" mom, she enjoys dazzling her sons with a baseball game. In 2013, Brit took her boys to see the Los Angeles' Dodgers for a night of baseball and family selfies.

According to Us Weekly, Preston and Jayden got to meet Dodgers players. What a night to remember!

14 Britney Plans Fun Family Vacations

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Preston and Jayden may be young, but they're already experienced globetrotters! The boys have been able to see the world courtesy of their mother's talent for planning extremely fun vacations.

We know the Spears boys have enjoyed Disney Land, but they've also had some time out at sea. According to Hollywood Life, Brit took the family out on a boat in 2011!

13 Britney's A Mathematics Mama

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Britney played a student in the "Baby One More Time" music video and years later, she's now a tutor to her boys with their math homework!

Can you imagine Britney as a teacher? Mama Brit takes her job extremely seriously. According to Babble, Brit revealed to People magazine she is "taking classes" so she can help Preston with pre-algebra.

Britney + math homework= genius!

12 The Federline Boys Are Chore Champions

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If you think celebrity kids get special treatment because of their parents' fame, guess again! Britney has made sure her sons know what it's like to grow up in a "normal" household: Preston and Jayden do chores!

According to E! News, their chores include "[washing] off their plates after meals, taking out the trash, and looking out for the family dogs."

11 The Boys Are Academic Superstars

via Best Ten News

For Britney's biggest fans, it seems like yesterday when Brit announced her first child was on the way! If you can believe it, Sean Preston Federline is now a teenager who recently graduated from the eighth grade. If her fans are gawking at time's passage, imagine how mama Brit feels!

According to People, Britney was "very happy to be a part of the graduation." Congratulations, Preston!

10 Sean Preston Is A Sports Star

via Just Jared

Striking a balance between growing up in the spotlight and having enough time to have a "normie" upbringing is essential for a celeb child!

He may be Britney Spears' son, but Preston Federline could be the kiddo you see at your brother's sports games! Preston's mom is a little hesitant when it comes to the tackling part of sports, telling People he's still her baby.

9 Music Runs In The Family

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Britney burst onto the entertainment scene at an incredibly young age, so it makes sense her young sons possess musical talent!

Brit was a proud mama when she filmed a video of her son displaying his musical talent at the piano. According to People, she described her son as being a "lil Mozart!"

The young lad has never had a lesson!

8 Brit's Boys Help Mom With Tunes

via Metro

With two decades and nine full-length records to her name, Britney has multiple sources of inspiration behind her music, no doubt! One particular inspiration may be more important than the rest.

According to Life and Style, Preston helped his mother with the recording process of her "Glory" album. He was an integral part of providing his mom with feedback on tunes!

7 Jayden Is A Playful Prankster

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Britney definitely passed down her sense of humor to her son Jayden James! Brit's youngest son was revealed to be a bit of a prankster in a video he recorded on his mother's phone. Jayden captured himself sneaking up on his mom, giving her quite a scare! Boys will be boys, huh?

According to E!, Brit responded, "Jayden! Not funny!"

6 They're Social Media Stars

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One glance at Britney's social media will tell you she has a knack for sharing upbeat and happy snaps her family life! Brit-Brit loves to post photos of her sons hanging out, special mother and son bonding sessions, and she chronicles special milestones in their lives.

Watching Britney live a happy life with her sons via social media feels "lucky" for her fans!

5 Brit Throws Themed Birthday Parties

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Themed birthday parties are among the coolest aspects of childhood, and as evidenced by Britney's impressive track record, she knows how to throw memorable shindigs!

Mama Spears has celebrated her sons' mutual love for skateboarding when selecting the theme for their eighth and ninth birthdays respectively. Britney has also posted a photo on social media of Preston showing off his skateboarding skills!

4 Jayden And Preston Are Awesome Artists

via People

Britney can add "artist" to her resume! The pop star has been documenting her love for painting in recent years on social media, and she's had her sons join in on her artistic endeavors. She also describes painting as "therapeutic," Today reports. Unwind, girl!

Brit posted a video on social media featuring her sons unleashing their inner Picassos in a quiet bonding moment. Their futures are bright!

3 They Have Different Personalities

via People

The Spears boys are approaching their teen years and they're individuals with their own unique traits. According to Nicki Swift, Britney spoke to People about her boys' personalities, revealing,

"Preston is very opinionated, very expressive, and if he doesn't like something, he's going to tell you... [Jayden is] sweet, very soft-spoken, kinda funny. He's adorable - a momma's boy."

2 The Boys Are Princes Of Pokemon

via PopCulture.com

Britney Spears' first album was released in 1999. Many of us were playing Pokemon and listening to "Baby One More Time" on our walkmans!

Can you believe Britney's children are fans of Pokemon? Where has the time gone?

For Jayden's 10th and Preston's 11th birthday, Brit threw the boys a Pokemon themed birthday party with so many cool party favors, Nicki Swift reports.

1 Brit Hopes The Boys Will Be Strong

via Pinterest

Britney and her mother Lynn wrote a novel together called A Mother's Gift, and for Brit, her sons are her gifts.

According to Babble, she wrote a beautiful letter to her boys via social media, and we're still crying! She wrote, "I pray as a mother I teach you strength and passion to carry through the struggles in the world."

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