20 Facts The Cyrus Family Wants To Keep On The DL

Miley Cyrus is currently recovering from vocal cord surgery, which means that she isn't allowed to speak until she gets the "all clear" from her doctors. In the past, she's had plenty to say but hasn't always spilled the tea about her own family. In fact, the entire Cyrus clan, including dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and mom, Tish Cyrus, has issues that are kept on the down-low.

A little dysfunction is perfectly normal for most families, but the Cyrus family may have more than its fair share of problems. When a family is used to the spotlight, life is anything but average, so this family has had unique challenges. Miley fans who want the inside scoop on her family will enjoy this list. It's packed with juicy facts.

Miley is going through changes and her family is standing by her, unlike her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

20 Billy Ray Was Afraid Miley Would Join The "27 Club"

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Miley is a bold young woman who likes to take chances and push the envelope, but Billy Ray used to worry that she'd push things right over the edge.

He feared that she'd end up passing away too young, like members of the "27 Club", such as Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain, according to Nickiswift.com.

19 Miley's Mom Was Linked With Bret Michaels

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Miley's mom, Tish, has been linked with Bret Michaels, according to Nickiswift.com. Reports of a romantic relationship between the Poison rocker and Miley Cyrus' mother surfaced back in 2010.

Billy Ray was believed to be in the dark about Bret and Tish until the stories about their fling finally went public.

18 Billy Ray May Not Be Sad About Miley's Divorce

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Miley's family seemed to like Liam, but maybe they weren't being totally upfront, because Billy Ray doesn't seem too broken up about Miley's split from Liam Hemsworth, according to Huffpost.com.

Billy Ray says Miley is happier after the breakup. He said the stuff she was going through before her separation was taking a negative toll on her.

17 Miley Posted Some Harsh Tweets About Billy Ray

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While Miley and Billy Ray are close, they have had issues, and Miley once posted some brutal tweets that implied that her father was hiding something major.

Miley posted online that her dad had one hour to tell the truth about something important, or she would tell it for him, according to Dailymail.co.uk. She didn't follow through.

16 Billy Thinks Hannah Montana Ruined The Family

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Miley's star rose because of Hannah Montana, but her fame and fortune didn't exactly boost the family's general happiness, according to an astonishingly frank interview published on GQ.com.

In the interview, Billy Ray said he had no voice in Miley's choices at that point in time, and never made a cent off his daughter.

15 Miley's Birth Name Was Destiny Hope Cyrus

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Did you know that Billy Ray and Tish named the future Wrecking Ball singer Destiny Hope? Miley asked to change her name and Mom and Dad agreed, according to Capitalfm.com.

She chose "Miley" because her childhood nickname was "Smiley". Would she have gotten as far in her career with the name, Destiny Hope? It's hard to say.

14 Billy Thought That Satan Was Attacking His Family

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When Miley started branching out and experimenting with life, a lot of shade was thrown at her and the Cyrus family in general. It's not really a surprise that Billy Ray felt like Satan was targeting his family.

Billy Ray has faith, but Miley says she's outgrown it, according to Christiantoday.com.

13 Miley Has A Heart Condition

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A lot of Miley's fans don't realize that she has a heart condition. The condition is called tachycardia and it's not a life-threatening health issue, but it's still a problem.

The condition means that Miley's resting heart rate is higher than average, according to Everydayhealth.com. Her heart condition is always on her mind when she's performing on stage.

12 Billy Ray Isn't Trace's Biological Dad

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Miley has two siblings, Noah and Braison, and three half-siblings, Christopher, Trace, and Brandi, according to Lifeandstylemag.com.

Trace has his own music career, but country music sensation, Billy Ray, isn't actually his biological dad. Tish is his mom and Baxter Neal Helson is his biological father while Billy Ray adopted Trace.

11 Billy Ray Filed For Divorce From Tish

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The path of true love hasn't always run smoothly for Billy Ray and Tish, but they keep on trucking. There was a time when Billy Ray took steps to legally end his marriage, but he changed his mind.

He filed for divorce in 2010 and backed out of the filing in 2011, according to Usmagazine.com.

10 Tish Filed For Divorce, Too

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Not to be outdone, Tish also filed for divorce. She wanted out of her marriage to Billy Ray. Her filing happened in 2013, according to Usmagazine.com.

Billy Ray and Tish never did get divorced. They remain married today. Billy Ray and Tish keep deciding to work things out, over and over again.

9 Tish Was Known For Her Partying Ways

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Miley is a bit of a wild child, to put it mildly, and Tish may share some of her party girl traits.

Before Tish became a mom, she was described as the type of woman who follows rock stars around and tries to get, um, close to them, according to Ninjajournalist.com. Tish still likes to make a scene.

8 Billy Ray Has Had To Defend His Famous Daughter

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Billy Ray has taken heat for his daughter's rebellious ways. He's defended her, which is nice of him. He will rarely say anything that might be perceived as being against her. He's her daddy, after all.

Whether it's her onstage twerking or scanty music video attire, he is out there on the front lines, letting people know that he's on her side, according to Cbsnews.com.

7 Miley Dabbled In Bad Habits At An Early Age

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Child stars are exposed to grown-up lifestyles, including bad grown-up choices and habits. These kids often go off the rails and Miley was no exception.

She dabbled in bad habits at an early age, which is one reason why Billy Ray regrets the whole Hannah Montana thing, according to GQ.com.

6 Billy Has Regrets About His Parenting

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Billy Ray wishes that he spent more time doing homework with the kids and less time just having fun with them.

It sounds like he'd go back in time and be a bit stricter with the children, and less of a buddy to Miley and his other kids, according to Cbsnews.com. Like most parents, he has his regrets. Parenting is tough for everyone.

5 Tish Gets Tired Of Miley's Bratty Behaviour

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Miley is a mega-rich music star who does as she pleases, and, sometimes, Tish puts her daughter in the snowflake category. Tish grows weary of Miley's spoiled and bratty ways, according to Pagesix.com.

Tish has the typical complaints about parenting a millennial, but the issues may be due to Miley's fame, rather than which generation she was born into.

4 Miley Would Lie To The Press Regularly

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Miley used to play it safe with the press. She's gloss over problems and try to make herself seem squeaky-clean, when, in reality, she was much edgier. This is common among celebs.

At some point, Miley broke away from all of that. Now, she puts it all out there on social media and in interviews.

3 Miley Dealt With Major Anxiety

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In her Hannah Montana days, Miley had to deal with serious anxiety. She was a kid trying to function in a grown-up world. She had the pressures of adults.

She had people telling her how she should look and who she should be, according to Cosmopolitan.com. The spotlight can be detrimental to mental health.

2 Is Noah Cyrus On A Bad Path?

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In October of 2019, Miley's sister, Noah, danced around in her underwear and it was all captured on video, according to Lifeandstylemag.com.

She's following in her older sister's footsteps, but is she on a bad path? Looks like Billy Ray has even more to worry about! Noah is only 19 years old.

1 Miley Had To Keep Secrets For Her Mom

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Did Miley get roped into keeping Tish's secrets? Tish's marriage has been filled with drama and Miley knows a lot that she doesn't reveal. The rumored fling between Tish and Bret Michaels just scratches the surface.

This fling was the reason why Billy Ray filed for divorce, according to Usmagazine.com.

Sources: Nickiswift.com, Lifeandstylemag.com, Usmagazine.com

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