20 Fan Theories About Vibranium (That Actually Make Sense)

Black Panther’s release in 2018 brought in a surge of interest in the fictional country of Wakanda, whose main selling point is its rich quantity of Vibranium. This material is powerful to such a degree that the country has become the richest state in the world by several hundred miles. We’ve seen Vibranium’s use in the comics, and will definitely see more in Black Panther 2, but there are a lot of things still part of our theories.

As people are more interested in Vibranium now, dozens of theories have come up where fans try to assess what the qualities of Vibranium can truly entail. From the feats and attributes Vibranium has already displayed, these fan theories do hold substance. For the moment though, they’re still assumptions, but these 20 theories sure make a whole lot of sense.

20 It Can Cure Cancer

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Vibranium has been shown to be used in medicine by the Wakandans as well, but we don’t know just how far it can be manipulated. The idea that vibranium can be molded into becoming not only medicine, but a complete cure for the worst human illnesses certainly holds promise.

After all, the material is supposed to be strong; perhaps it can strengthen the human body against diseases.

19 It Can Be Harnessed For Space Travel

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Despite the Wakandans having used Vibranium to become the apex people in technology on Earth, they don’t seem to have mastered travelling in space.

Since Vibranium comes from space, it’s a natural assumption that it can be used to power any craft to take the vessel into space. And we’re not just talking normal rocket fuel, we mean the kind of energy source that can allow humans to travel into interstellar space.

18 It Can Be Used For Time travel

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In Avengers: Endgame, we saw the Quantum Realm be used by the heroes to travel in time to various moments and alter their present. But the Quantum Realm is a reality of its own, and Vibranium might be a material that can allow the person to time travel in real-time.

Under this theory, the Vibranium can be used as an energy source of sorts, and it can power the necessary technology to continuously provide safe passage into time.

17 It Can Create A Super serum

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Black Panther receives his powers from the heart-shaped herb, making him more powerful than super soldiers; however, it’s not a definite thing like the serum Captain America is injected with.

With Vibranium, there’s a possibility it can be liquefied and then experimented on to turn it into a serum of its own. If something like this is successful, then there’s no telling what power levels a super soldier could reach. He might even become Hulk level strong.

16 It Has Endless Energy

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So far, we’ve seen Wakandans being way ahead of the rest of the world in all aspects, but we haven’t seen them be completely at ease with energy. There’s the possibility they haven’t made full use of Vibranium’s energy, and the chance remains that it can be used as an arc reactor.

Should this be viable, Vibranium can be utilized for endless amounts of clean energy. This level of energy can effectively end the world’s problems.

15 It Is Magic

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A substance from outer space lands on Earth whose attributes are never fully explained? Sounds a bit too out there, doesn’t it? That’s why the theory exists that Vibranium has always been magical.

Using this idea, we can bring context into everything Vibranium has been capable of. Due to its supposed magical properties, Vibranium is self-sustaining. Perhaps a wizard can unlock its full potential.

14 It Is Part Of A Cosmic Being’s Anatomy

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This is a little out there, but since we don’t know where Vibranium comes from, it can be assumed that it’s actually something that has been discharged from a really powerful entity. Knowhere is a place that has been built inside the skull of a cosmic being, so why can’t Vibranium be something similar?

13 There’s Vibranium Around The World, Too

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Sure, the comics have shown that Vibranium isn’t completely exclusive to Wakanda, but these have been very isolated incidents and stories built specifically for a few occasions. However, there’s a chance we might uncover an angle someday that shows Wakanda isn’t the only place to have Vibranium in such abundance.

How cool would it be to see another thriving community with Vibranium?

12 Earth Isn’t The Only Planet With Vibranium

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What are the odds of Earth being so lucky that it ended up with Vibranium? Who’s to say there weren’t more amounts of Vibranium being deposited around the universe?

If this theory is to be believed, then there are chances of an intergalactic war eventually that has another race other than humans in control of Vibranium. There’s always the possibility that some other intelligent life form was met with Vibranium.

11 Wakanda Can Challenge Asgard Because Of Vibranium

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This is an anticipated clash by comic book nerds, and you can find many forums where people argue if Wakanda has the resources to challenge Asgard.

Using an indestructible weapon like Vibranium might just allow the Wakandans to make heavy damages on Asgard, and Wakandan military just might be stronger than the Asgardians’.

10 It Still Hasn’t Fully Been Utilized

T’Challa’s net worth has been estimated to be in the trillions thanks to his hold of Vibranium, and he’s been able to utilize it greatly to increase Vibranium’s value. But who says Wakanda has completely utilized it?

We’ve already listed possibilities like curing cancer and space travel on this list, which adds weight to the theory that Vibranium hasn’t even been fully utilized.

9 It’s Not Actually Extra-Terrestrial

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This is a very interesting theory, since it makes us question whether all of Vibranium’s mysterious origins were fabricated. As it is believed to be from space, no one raises questions as to where its source was; if Vibranium is from Earth, that must mean there’s more.

This opens up many more questions, such as if Vibranium is part of the atmosphere, or if Vibranium was thrown out from within the Earth after a violent volcanic eruption.

8 Vibranium Was Sent To Earth For A Specific Reason

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It really is too convenient that Earth was blessed with Vibranium from outer space, and for it to be used to increase humans’ technology. It actually makes more sense that Vibranium was sent to Earth for some specific reason from another civilization.

It could be that this civilization is waiting until humans are so dependent on Vibranium that they can control humanity once Vibranium is part of daily life.

7 It Will Lead To An Economic Collapse In Black Panther 2

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While T’Challa’s intentions were noble at the end of Black Panther, when he revealed to the world of Wakanda’s money through vibranium, it might just spell the doom of the economy.

Think about it, now that Vibranium will have made all the world’s stock markets obsolete, why would the first-world countries still be considered at the top? Instantly, Wakanda would become the world’s superpower, leading to a total economic collapse, and kickstarting Black Panther 2’s plot.

6 There Are Stronger Materials Than Vibranium

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When it comes to plot convenience, Vibranium has been made weaker than previously established. This was seen in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, where Thanos easily broke Vibranium.

Now, if there are beings out there stronger than Vibranium, why wouldn’t there be other materials stronger than this, too? Adamantium has been considered a rival of Vibranium, and we might just be on the cusp of uncovering an even stronger material.

5 Vibranium Can Protect Against Nuclear War

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Once nuclear bombs get into the picture, it’s curtains for everybody. Even The Avengers had the Invasion of New York end due to a nuke; but can Vibranium be used as a safeguard?

As Vibranium is indestructible to human technology, one has to believe that Vibranium can be used as fortitude against nuclear bombs. Its thick properties could mean radiation can’t seep through either.

4 Wolverine Can Adapt Vibranium

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Wolverine has famously been bonded with Adamantium, which has made him the apex animal out there and nearly indestructible. Now, how about we imagine a scenario where he’s been bonded with Vibranium instead?

It certainly has a lot of promise to make for a storyline, and if Wolverine can adapt Vibranium, then perhaps not even Magneto can bring harm to him.

3 Vibranium Can Kill Deadpool

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While Wolverine has an excellent healing factor, Deadpool’s healing has been considered to be more major. We’ve seen him be blown up and still stitched back together, so how about we bring in something a lot more powerful?

Using Vibranium, perhaps Deadpool’s regeneration can be stopped. This way, any attacks out of Vibranium weaponry could spell curtains for the Merc with a Mouth.

2 Vibranium Was Sent To Earth To Cause A War

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Another branch of the theory that Vibranium was sent to Earth for a purpose is the possibility that Vbranium was meant to be the catalyst for global war.

After all, humans have been proven to be war-based, and fighting over the most powerful material out there is an easy possibility. There’s a theory that Vibranium was sent to Earth so that humanity would kill each other for control.

1 Vibranium Can Be Used For Resurrection/Immortality

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Finally, the most powerful use of Vibranium just might make it the key to ensure complete survival of the human conscience. Since Vibranium might have endless possibilities, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that it can be used to resurrect the deceased.

Who knows what kind of serum can be prepared to revive those gone, and this can evolve into ensuring Vibranium becomes a serum that ensures immortality. With Vibranium in one’s veins, absolute life can become reality.

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