20 Fashion Trends With Interesting Concepts

I don't claim to be a fashion expert. Up until high school, I'm pretty sure I exclusively wore sweat pants. Never jeans.  Heck, I didn't even wear cute sweatpants. I'm also pretty sure I wore baggy clothes up until half way through high school. Presently, I pretty much stick to black tops and blue/black jeans.

There's only so much variety that we can get with black clothes or 'safe' clothing choices so I get why clothing companies want to stand out. Same thing with makeup companies. Even individuals can come up with the newest fashion trend.

Not every novel idea is a good idea, though. Often, they're just plain silly or not suited for regular use. Trust me, a lot of ideas sounds better on paper than they're actually executed. Remember in high school how they let us design our own experiments sometimes? And then we start to try and actually execute it and it turns out to be a horrendous idea because we didn't think about all the possible outcomes beforehand? Yeah, same principle here.

I would say boring and some sales is probably better than eccentric and being roasted on the internet. Then again, a lot of people buy odd things as joke gifts, but that's only going to last so long! Whatever the reason may be, here's 20 fashion trends that just didn't make the cut.

20 Clear jeans

Clearly, Topshop is not feeling okay. Even the model wearing the clear jeans looks pretty displeased about them. I would be crossing my arms too if I had to wear something that ridiculous. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what the purpose of these jeans are. I usually wear shorts because it's hot out so..adding another layer would defeat the purpose, right? I can imagine there would be a lot of condensation forming on the inside too, so that'd be pretty gross to sit in all day.

Another thing: how do we even wash these? I feel like a regular spin cycle would tear holes in these in no time.  I think I'll pass on Ziploc legs, thanks.

19 Wavy eyebrows

I'll confess that I'm pretty bad at doing my brows. Beyond filling them in a little bit, I don't really try to shape them. Somehow, I feel like the start of wavy brows was someone who sneezed while trying to draw in their eyebrows and didn't feel like starting over. I feel that way with eyeliner. If it's close enough to being even, I'll just go with it. I'm not so sure we should treat brows the same way. Maybe they're not as bad as sharpie brows, but I'll still take a pass on them. I'd almost rather shave my eyebrows and draw them back!

18 Bigger and not better

We don't feel good about them, Sarah. I can't believe that these actually sold out before their official release. Can someone explain to me what about crocs is so appealing? I've tried them on - maybe it's because I have huge feet but they feel pretty constricting and they rub against your feet in a mildly irritating way. I guess they're water proof, but there's plenty of shoes out there that are less visually offensive.

Ones' you can walk around in in the rain. I had to Google how much normal crocs retail for.

It's something around $40 for a woman's style croc.  That's $40 you could have spent on literally anything else. A pair of better shoes. A better fashion sense. The possibilities are endless!

17 Fur nails

Something about fur nails makes my insides shudder just a little bit. That's a part of your body that's definitely not supposed to have hair/fur! To be fair, hair and nails are largely made of the same thing. But that doesn't mean that they can be substituted for one another though.

If you have fur/hair where you nails should be, that sounds like a medical problem. Or, maybe the side effects of being a werewolf. Either way, you should probably get that checked out. Scratching your face would just make you itch more because of the tickling and for that reason, I'm not into them.

16 Glitter brows

These eyebrows actually kind of look neat, I would put glitter on my brows myself if I was a little more bold. Well, I would have until I found that getting glitter off of your eyebrows is ridiculously tough.

Also, it might actually take off some of your eyebrow hair and stain the skin underneath.

Listen, if I had bushy eyebrows that might not be a problem but my eyebrows are sparse enough as it is! There's a reason why people pluck their brows instead of ripping them out with wax or in this case, glitter!  I also don't need purple skin, thank you very much.

15 Overdrawn lips

I always found the overdrawn lips a little strange. When I was a kid, thicker lips were a thing people were made fun of for, so I don't really see the appeal in them now. I just want to say regardless of what I say here, you're free to do your makeup however you want or wear whatever clothes you want.

I'm just really not a fan of how the lips were drawn here - maybe it's because they used a shiny/glossy kind of lipstick and it kind of makes their lips look like those dollar store prank lips. Not saying that I could overdraw my own lips any better but I think I'd opt for matte lipstick instead.

14 Very harsh/unblended contour

To be fair, the whole composition of this picture is really pretty. The contour here definitely isn't the worse one out there but it could better. I'm all about trying to make my face look less wide.

But I'd really rather there not be what looks to be a mud splotch underneath my cheek bones.

I'd almost rather be a little too pale than a little too dark. At least with too much highlight, you're never going to look like you need to wash your face because it's grimy. A little bit of blending goes a long way, I think!

13 Furry lips

Just one word for this : ew! I'm trying to think of how furry lips could ever be a good thing. Maybe when it's cold outside but in that case, just pull your scarf over your face too.  Looks way better and you don't have to spend more time in the morning on your face!

I can't imagine the glue you have to use to adhere the fuzz to your lips is all that great for your lips. I know glue sticks say they're non toxic but I still wouldn't want to eat some by accident. Also, you'd get be getting hair in your food every time you ate. No thank you!

12 Extremely long eyelashes

Everyone wants longer lashes. I know the feeling, I have pretty short stubby eye lashes myself. Luckily or not luckily for me I'm too lazy to bother with mascara most of the time anyway.

I think people have been getting a little crazy about lengthening eyelashes though, and end up with spider leg eye lashes.

Granted, the girl in the video did these super long eye lashes for fun but there are people out there who rock the spider leg eye lashes because they genuinely think longer equals better for all lashes. One or two coats is fine. Any more is probably excessive.

11 Excess highlighter

I think there's just the tiniest difference between looking like you have a gentle glow going on versus looking like you smeared some grease all over yourself. There's definitely been an uptick in people piling on highlighter. I do get what the girl in this tweet was saying, though.

Don't tell other people what to do or give your opinions to them unsolicited! I promise none of these commentaries are attacks on the people who made the posts. If piling up 20 different highlighters on your face makes you happy, then by all means don't let me stop you! I also didn't know that you could even use highlighters on your body. Maybe for a good reason though.

10 Distressed clothing

This picture was part of a tutorial on how to distress your clothes. I'm more okay with that than some of the ridiculous prices stores charge for a T-shirt with holes in it. I guess I'm just not into the aesthetic.

But also, like, you can get a distressed t-shirt without all the cost and effort in time if you don't really take care of your clothes that much.

I guess if I'm finding it hard to justify distressed T-shirts, distressed jeans can't really be justified either. But something just feels more wrong about freely wearing a shirt with holes - aren't you going to get cold?!

9 Romphim

Via: RompHim

You heard me right. Not a romper, but a romphim. I feel like this one is kind of silly - a name change for something that's exactly the same as a romper but somehow more 'masculine'. Clothes are just tailored pieces of fabric.

There's no force field stopping you from wearing whatever you want because it was designed for whichever gender in mind. I think a better idea would 'RompThem'...

Okay maybe no. That just sounds silly. These 'romphims' look pretty nice but I'm not sure why they're just for men. I just think they're unnecessarily gendered. Maybe I'm just over thinking it, though.

8 Corkscrew nails

Oh man. My nails already break all the time for no reason! I feel like as soon as I'd even gently tap something with a nail like that, it'd snap right off. If not that, then these corkscrew nails would definitely get caught in my hair.

I would definitely not be willing to put up with the hassle to get them unstuck.

At that point, I'd probably rather just cut the nail off. I guess corkscrew nails look kind of neat but they're just really impractical for just about everything you can think of : they'd get in the way of making food, scratching itches, tying shoes...the list could go on.

7 Halo eyebrows

Usually, people aren't much for having their eyebrows touching one another. That's because that usually means you have a unibrow. I'm not sure if halo eyebrows count as uni brows. They certainly give off a different vibe. It's certainly not a heavenly look by any means, though.

If angels had these instead of an actual halo, I have a feeling we'd see them a whole lot differently. It kind of reminds me of the purple Teletubby. You know, the one with the triangle sticking out of its head? Either way, I'm not really sure what this person was going for so I'm not going to be saying halo to this look.

6 Tights and knee boots in one

I actually kind of like these boots. But it looks like it'd be really hard to wear anything other than shorts of skirts with these. Like, I'm almost positive there's no tucking your pant legs into these. I tend to only wear shorts when it's hot out so these boots would kind of be defeating the purpose of wearing shorts for me.

Also, if you were to get them dirty somehow, how do you even clean these?

Dry cleaner? Tooth brush? Who knows! Would you need to stuff these every time you took them off so they wouldn't get wrinkles? That sounds like a really big hassle and I have the patience of a gnat.

5 These jeans

I would almost say that someone's dog at a go at these jeans if it were not for that fat the holes are relative symmetrical. These 'extreme cut out jeans' cost about $168. Hey man, slide me $10 and a pair of jeans and I'll cut away most of the material for you. Distressed jeans are one thing, but these are another thing entirely. I wonder how ideas like this get picked up and produced. Like, what kind of data do they have that suggests people like huge cut outs in their clothes to the point where their clothes almost aren't even there anymore? Because I want in on the ridiculous fashion idea industry if they're making this much off of it.

4 Mule shoes

I'm not a fan of mule shoes - they're like slippers but you wear them outside. But the thing is, I don't want to wear slippers outside! You know the thing that happens when you accidentally step on the heel of someone's shoe?

I absolutely dislike it and it'd be even worse if there's no heel part of the shoe to protect the ball of your foot.

That'd make for some nasty scrapes. I also tend to shuffle around in slippers and if I did that in shoes, they'd get worn out so fast. These are a trend I'm just going to have to pass on.

3 Overalls

I love overalls, I really do. But they're just so inconvenient. Going to the washroom is a hassle because there goes all of your outfit. There's no butt flaps with overalls like there are for onesies. If you had some really bad food that's not settling right with you, there's no time to fiddle with the buttons and stuff on overalls. So it's pretty much for that reason that I refuse to wear overalls even though I think they're super cute. Also because I can't find any that fit me. Blame my weirdly long legs, not me!

2 Unkempt beards

Okay, I'm not sure this is so much a trend as it is men being lazy but if you can't commit to a beard, don't have one! Around town, I've seen my fair share of men who have just given up on their beards completely and let them become gross and scraggly.

I understand the feeling of loving yourself as you are, but trimming your beard a little isn't going to hurt you.

Also, did you know that you can get dandruff in your beard? Yeah, just a little of incentive to trim more often! Or you know, go clean shaven. Also, whenever I see long beards all I can think about is that guy who eats noodles out of their beard and it really weirds me out.

1 Harem pants

Come on. You don't need me to tell you what's wrong with these pants, right? The person who posted this put it very aptly. It looks like someone needs a diaper change. These pants are the cousin of the pants that belong people who deliberately let the back of their pants hang down so that their boxers show through. I guess it must be nice for guys to have extra room below the waist but you can't possibly need that much room. Even if you did, is it worth looking like you're waddling around in a full diaper?

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