20 Fast Cars Police Have Zero Chance Of Catching

Police cars are designed to chase the bad guys. Rugged and fast, the idea is for them to be able to overtake cars that are carrying criminals or that are endangering others in some way. The police rely on their ability to outwit, overpower, and out perform any vehicle they are chasing, in order to bring justice to those who are breaking the law. The problem lies in the fact that often times, the cars the police are outfitted with just simply can’t hold their own against the supercars that are on the road these days.

While we don’t condone evading arrest, the fact is that police cars can’t always keep up with the cars they are chasing. Let’s take a look at 20 Cars The Cops Wouldn’t Even Bother Chasing…

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19 Ford GT

Via AutoBlog

The Ford GT will leave any police car in the dust. This twin turbo beauty packs 647 horsepower at 550 lbs of torque, and will easily accelerate past any lame police car that tries to get in its way. Sometimes it’s better for the police not to try, than to try and be demolished.

18 Lotus Evora 400

Via BusinessJournals

This beauty is as fast as she is pretty. With a chassis made of lightweight aluminum, this car is powered by a supercharged, 400 horsepower V6. There’s just no way that any police car could keep up. There’s no point in chasing this car, it would be gone if the police simply blinked for too long.

17 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

via motor1

This car is a peppy little 5-speed turbo with a modest 300 horses pushing through. Don’t be fooled though, this car will out handle any police car in a police chase. Unless the pursuit is on a flat-leveled straight path, the police won’t be able to keep up or manoeuvre half as well as this car could.

16 BMW M235i

Via Motor1

With a turbocharged in-line-six, this BMW will reach 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. It handles like a gem, and is as tough as it is fast. It would take way too much work for the police to try keeping up with this car. They’d let this one just pass on by.

15 Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi: Scat Pack Shaker

Via YouTube

The raw power in this car would put any type of police vehicle to shame. This 6.4 L Hemi V8 packs 485 horses of raw power that are ready to take off at the gate! The Police will definitely hear this car roar, but catching it would be a challenge.

14 Nissan 370Z

Via Hammingsmotornews.

Yes, a Nissan made the list. The V6 and 270 lb-foot of torque will easily be able to outperform a police vehicle with ease. The quick drop of a pedal will ensure the flashing lights fade into the distance without a worry. Unsuspecting, the police may be fooled for a short while!

13 Audi R8

Via Motor1

The Audi R8 would taunt a police car at first glance, and leave them spitting out dust mere seconds later. All 4 tires are powered up and ready to hit the concrete with a 612 horsepower punch. This V10 won’t be waiting for a ticket, and the cops wouldn’t bother trying to catch up to it.

12 Lamborghini Aventador

via lamborghini

Sleek, fast, and powerful, this 6.5 L V12 is a beast. It tops out at 351 kmph, which is already way faster than any police car's speedometer can handle. It would be a joke to watch a police officer take chase after one of these powerful supercars.

11 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

VIa Turo

This stunner can go 0-100 in 3.1 seconds. Go back, read that again. There’s literally no way any police car would be able to catch up to pull this car over. It’s just not worth their time when they can tell at first glance that they will be outperformed.

10 Lamborghini Huracan

Via Ogaracoach

Catch it if you can! Whether they’re chasing the Coupe or the Spyder versions of this car, it’s important to note that the 602 horsepower car won’t be caught by a measly cop car. The police would rather let the driver pass then to admit they couldn’t keep pace.

9 McLaren 570S

Via Motor1

We’re not sure the police would even be able to identify the make or model of this car if it were to blow past them. This supercar can easily reach its top speed of 395 kmph and maintain superior handling. 950 horses in a 6.3 liter…lookout! This is a fast ride!

8 Ferrari Enzo ZXX

Via MotorAuthority

Don’t let the Dodge tag fool you, we’re motoring! This race-bred grand touring car won’t be caught by the police simply because they would never be able to get close enough! 645 horsepower in a touring car means this driver gets a free pass today!

7 Jaguar F-Type

Via Thunder

This beautiful machine was created for the track, so police beware- there are 436 horses under this hood and the driver has an optional 2 mode exhaust system to play with too! Police will hear this car roar by, but shouldn’t bother trying to get into their cars to chase it.

6 Chevrolet Corvette C6

Via YouTube

The movies have glorified this car, and we can understand why! The sleek design is aerodynamically formulated to hit top speeds and the V12, 600 horse twin turbo is ready to rock in a moment’s notice. The police would be risking humiliation if they were to attempt chasing this car.

5 Aston Martin DB11

Raw, high-torque power is at the push of the pedal and ready to be released. It would be fun to play with the police for a while; just so they can hear the engine roar and the exhaust open up before they lose this car forever. This SS has 455 horsepower ….way more than the average police vehicle.

4 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Via AutoBlog

Raw, high-torque power is at the push of the pedal and ready to be released. It would be fun to play with the police for a while; just so they can hear the engine roar and the exhaust open up before they lose this car forever. This SS has 455 horsepower ….way more than the average police vehicle.

3 Acura NSX

Via Motor1

The NSX is an easy winner against any cop car. Police wouldn’t bother chasing a mid engine hybrid supercar like this one. The humiliation would be undeniable as this 500 horsepower twin turbo would make any police vehicle look like a mere toy.

2 Nissan GTR

Via VirginExperience

A novice police officer might look at the Nissan decal and try taking off in pursuit, but he’d be learning a quick lesson in mere seconds. Don’t be fooled! This Nissan happens to have up to 600 horsepower packed into a 3.8 L V6. That’s way more pep than any police car could ever keep up with.

1 Bugatti Veyron

Via Bugatti

See you in the rear view mirror! There isn’t a single police car designed as well as this mid-engine supercar! Designed and produced in Germany this 8-Litre quad-turbo-charged speed demon will leave everyone behind. There’s no way any police officer would be able to keep up!

Sources: Driving.ca, Wikipedia, Car & Driver

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