20 Female Celebs In Jean Shorts We Can't Stop Staring At

Call them cutoffs, “Daisy Dukes,” or just plain jean shorts, because no matter the name, the style is all the same. Lots of ladies love the laid-back look, including some of our favorite celebs who could wear whatever they want. The casual wardrobe staple is cool and comfortable, and gals of all shapes and sizes fill them out well. Nearly everyone has a pair, and some people have plenty.

These 20 female celebs are all rocking the jean shorts look and they add their personal touch to make the fashion statement their own. While the weather may be cooling off soon, this summery vibe is still staying strong. Plus, depending upon where these ladies live, they can wear their jean shorts year-round. Why wear full-length jeans when shorts are so much simpler?

Let’s admire these ladies’ lovely legs as the stars show us why jean shorts were invented in the first place.

20 Priyanka Looks Perfect

Via: pinterest.com

We’re used to seeing this amazing actress red carpet ready, but sometimes a gal’s gotta play it cool and go for something more comfortable. Priyanka pairs her jean shorts with a cute white top and a pair of dark glasses. We wonder if another pair is in her shopping bag.

19 Jennifer Jazzes Hers Up

Via: irishmirror.ie

Jennifer never does anything basic, so why would she wear jean shorts like everyone else? The multi-talented star styles hers up with fabulous fishnets and a bold black blazer. She decided that jean shorts can go from day to night in a flash. And boy, does she look fantastic and fashionable.

18 Ciara Is Creative

Via: glamazondiaries.com

Ciara always looks cool, and this outfit is no different. She is showing off her muscular legs in super short jean shorts paired with a cute top. Those big red lips on her T-shirt attract attention, but Ciara would be noticed even if she were walking around in a potato sack.

17 Va-Va-Victoria

Via: pinterest

Victoria pairs her jean shorts with a lightweight button-down shirt and some cool ankle booties. She’s walking down the street looking like a runway model, and her confidence is soaring. With such short jean shorts on, Victoria evidently has no issue with showing a lot of leg. Why not flaunt what’s looking fabulous?

16 Jamie In Her Jean Shorts

Via: hawtcelebs.com

It looks like Jamie just went shopping, but she’s already wearing something cute. Her jean shorts show off her toned legs, and her fringed shoes reveal her sense of style. Jean shorts are so versatile, so ladies can pair theirs with nearly anything. Jamie got the message and nailed the look.

15 Beyoncé Is Breathtaking

Via: fashionista.com

Beyoncé could never look bad, but she looks especially appealing in her revealing jean shorts. No matter what this lady puts on, she looks flawless. She rocks the stage while being stylish, and fans take a fashion cue from the ultimate icon. This celeb knows how to look her best no matter the occasion.

14 Carrie In Her Cut-Offs

Via: stylebistro.com

Carrie is performing for the crowd while dressed in a casual look. Her jean shorts are cute and comfy and she’s able to move around and impress the audience. With her mic in hand and her voice in tune, this superstar is in style and stunning. An “American Idol” indeed.

13 Demi Is Doing It

Via: starmagazine.com

Demi is looking dramatic in her jean shorts, fishnet tights, and see-through top. She knows how to put together a cool look, and this one takes the cake. Her singing skills are stellar and her beauty is more than skin-deep. When Demi takes the stage, everyone is speechless and they can’t stop staring.

12 Amber Looks Amazing

Via: wallpapermaiden.com

Amber is amazing in her blue jean shorts and worn-in top. Her casual presence is carefree, and she seems comfortable in her outfit. Sometimes the celeb is all dressed up for a special event, but there are those days when all a gal needs is her favorite shorts to feel fashionable.

11 Taylor Is Trendy

Via: tokkoro.com

Taylor is showing off her long legs and edgy style in her jean shorts and a ripped T-shirt. She loves to do a dramatic eye, and her blond hair is longer than ever. Paired with rugged boots and some cool accessories, Taylor pulls her look together in her own unique way.

10 Ariel Is Awesome

Via: celebsfirst.com

Ariel doesn’t want to be bothered by the paparazzi, but they always find a way to snap her pic when she’s out and about. There’s no reason for her to shy away because she looks great in her jean shorts and bright red backpack. Perhaps she’s just not having a great day and doesn’t want her emotions to be caught on camera.

9 Elisha Is Effortless

Via: sf.co.ua

Elisha is easygoing in her cute cutoffs as she sits on the sand. With the sun in the sky and not a care in the world, this blonde beauty is living it up and keeping her cool. She looks great in her blue shirt which is nearly the same color as the sky. A day like this is what life is all about.

8 Selma’s In Style

Via: celebmafia.com

Selma is keeping it simple in her jean shorts and flowy shirt. She’s protecting her peepers with a pair of shades, and she’s otherwise laid-back as she grabs a few things from the store. Seems like a sunny day, so the weather must be warm. It’s no wonder the actress decided on jean shorts to stay comfortable.

7 Miley Makes A Statement

Via: indianmodelsandactress.blogspot.com

Miley always attracts attention when she’s walking around in public, and her tight jean shorts and colorful top add even more enthusiasm. Her fans love her unique style, and even when she’s wearing something anyone can get, Miley still manages to look extraordinary. She’s a rad gal with a cool vibe her fans can’t resist.

6 Gal Is Gorgeous

Via: wallls.com

Gal is always exquisite, and even when she’s wearing simple jean shorts, her look is top-notch. Of course, with a body like hers, she’d look good in anything, but this style is super sensational in every sense of the word. As an actress, Gal always steals the show, and when she’s putting forth her fashion sense, she’s just as talented.

5 Emily Is Exceptional

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Emily is a model with a great figure and a flair for fashion. She’s an actress too, proving that her looks translate to the screen seamlessly. Here she’s wearing a pair of denim shorts that make her body look better than ever. She reveals her middle which is muscular, making lots of other ladies envious.

4 Dakota Does It Well

Via: mypdf.tistory.com

Fans have adored Dakota for a long time, and her cute looks are always getting better. She’s keeping her style straightforward with basic jean shorts and a plain white top. She’s got her Gatorade in hand to quench her thirst so she doesn’t get parched while out and about on what looks like a summer day.

3 Penelope Picks A Nice Pair

Via: thecoli.com

Penelope is pretty in her cutoffs and a plain top. She keeps her look natural and nice, making her blue bag the best thing she’s showing off. The actress always looks great, and even in this casual attire she’s A-list material. No matter what she’s wearing, this hottie turns heads.

2 Vanessa Speaks Volumes

Via: tinseltown-style.blogspot.com

Vanessa jazzes up her jean shorts look with a floppy hat and a stylish top. Her simple sandals keep her feet from getting sweaty, and her body language shows that she’s comfortable in her own skin. This star never misses a chance to show off her style, and even in jean shorts, she’s sizzling.

1 Nicole Nails It

Via: people.com

Nicole loves to try new fashion trends, and this jean shorts style is modern and cool. She knows how to dress for her petite body type, and her shape is well-suited for these shorts. Her mini braids are cute and her sunglasses are stylish. Nicole never fails to look flawless.

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