20 Flattering Photos Of The Cast Of Teen Mom

The cast of Teen Mom are an interesting bunch, not just because of the predicament they found themselves in when they were teenagers who were not ready to raise children, but because each of them has had some sort of drama in their lives, whether it be toxic relationships or trouble with the law.

In the years that have followed, most of these women have actually grown up, cleaned up their acts, and focused on being the best mothers they can be, but we say most because there are others whose lives have been filled with controversy! Fans are used to seeing the cast of Teen Mom at their worst, so, perhaps it’s time to see them at their best, and below are 20 flattering photos.

20 Maci Bookout Has One Of The Most Stable Relationships, And She Was Glowing After Her Marriage To Taylor McKinney

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A few Teen Mom stars seem to constantly make poor decisions and find themselves in toxic relationships, but Maci Bookout is not one of those women. She has been in a relationship with Taylor McKinney since 2012, after meeting at a motocross match, Insider reports.

The couple shares two children, as well as Bookout’s son, Bentley, and in 2016, they made the decision to get married!

19 Like Most People, Maci Bookout Also Likes To Unwind At The Beach (And She Looks Great In Her Bikini)

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Maci Bookout (or perhaps we should be referring to her by her married name now) is one of the more likable Teen Mom stars because she has stayed out of trouble, made smart choices, and has been dedicated to raising her children. So, when she wants to unwind at the beach, she deserves it!

18 Farrah Abraham Knows How To Turn Heads!

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The cast of Teen Mom are a diverse bunch, and they are certainly not without their problems, but out of all these women, it is often Farrah Abraham who makes headlines for her controversial business decisions or antics. Drama aside, you have to admire how good she looks when frolicking on the beach!

17 Farrah Often Makes Headlines For The Wrong Reasons, But Not This Time

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Farrah Abraham is arguably the most successful, or at the very least the most well-known Teen Mom star, because she has gotten her name out there with her various business ventures and decisions. But over the years, she has also received bad press because of the way she has chosen to parent her daughter, Sophia. In fact, she recently made headlines after being confronted for being a “bad mom” while at Venice Film Festival, PopCulture reports.

16 Farrah Abraham And Her Mom Have A Complicated Relationship, But Here, They Actually Look Happy!

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Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra Danielsen, have a complicated relationship (and that’s an understatement) and although fans have witnessed their feuds play out on Teen Mom — and they have both spoken to the media about their issues — there have been a few moments of peace when they actually look happy!

15 It’s Amazing To See How These Women Have Evolved Over The Years

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Many of the Teen Mom stars have worked hard to turn their lives around after they become teenage mothers. And although some still make headlines for their controversial decisions and poor relationship choices, others have made real progress and they are completely different people now, compared to when they first appeared on 16 and Pregnant.

14 Catelynn Lowell Has Not Always Been Comfortable With Her Appearance, But She Looks Great

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Catelynn Lowell has been honest about her struggles with self-esteem, and NickiSwift notes that her challenges got even worse after she gave birth to her, and husband Tyler Baltierra’s daughter, Nova, in 2015. Lowell’s decision to document her issues is important because she has created awareness and possibly even helped those in the same situation feel as though they are not alone.

13 Say What Want About Farrah Abraham, But This Is A Flattering Photo!

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Farrah Abraham has many fans, but she also has more than her fair share of critics. She’s the type of person who many people love to hate, but say what you want about Abraham, you cannot deny that this is a flattering photo of her and she looks very content.

12 The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Has Been Changed Up Since Farrah’s Exit

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Farrah Abraham and Teen Mom enjoyed a long and profitable relationship, but fans will not be seeing her on the newest season of Teen Mom OG. According to Cosmopolitan, Abraham was forced to quit the show in 2018 because the show’s producers were against the NSFW direction she was taking her career.

11 Chelsea Houska May Not Be An OG, But She Is Definitely One Of The More Likeable 'Teen Mom' Stars

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Chelsea Houska rose to fame on Teen Mom 2, and although she is not part of the Teen Mom OG cast, she is definitely one of the more likable women to have been featured as part of the Teen Mom franchise. Houska also has her life on the right track!

10 And Cheyenne Floyd Is One Of The Most Photogenic!

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When Farrah Abraham left Teen Mom, there was a very obvious void, and producers needed to fill that with another mom. They decided to bring in Cheyenne Floyd, who will now be part of Teen Mom OG — a smart decision because she is super photogenic!

Floyd is not a stranger to MTV though, and according to TVOverMind, she has appeared on the shows, Are You the One? and The Challenge.

9 Maci Bookout (Or Maci McKinney) Has Come A Long Way Since Her First Pregnancy

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Maci Bookout became a mom for the first time in October 2008, when she welcomed her son, Bentley Edwards, with an ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. At the time of Bentley’s birth, his parents tried to make their relationship work, but it wasn’t right, and Maci had a lot of baby daddy drama in the years that followed!

Fast forward to the present now a mom to three, and in a happy, stable relationship.

8 Farrah Abraham May Not Have Found Her Happy Ending Yet, But She’s Making Big Money

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In romantic terms, Farrah Abraham does not seem to have found her happy ending just yet, and she has been pretty unlucky in love — perhaps that’s because she’s not willing to settle and she is OK being on her own. What we do know about Abraham though is that she’s making big money, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, her estimated worth is $1 million.

7 We Know What You're Thinking, How Does Cheyenne Floyd Look So Good?!

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the only Teen Mom OG couple who have stayed together since their teens and have been in a relationship for over a decade, all the other moms have moved on from their baby daddies. And, speaking of the baby daddies, the father of Cheyenne Floyd's child is her former The Challenge: Rivals III co-star Cory Wharton.

6 It’s Always Nice To See The Cast Having Fun Together Because Their Lives Are So Dramatic

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There has been drama within each Teen Mom star’s life, but these women have also feuded with each other! Most of this drama involved Farrah Abraham and her co-stars, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell, and it’s safe to say that there’s no love lost between them. In fact, People has documented some of Abraham’s biggest feuds, which include an altercation with Portwood on the season 6 reunion show of Teen Mom OG.

5 Chelsea Houska Is Now Happily Married, And A Mama Of Three!

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Chelsea Houska first met the man who was to become her husband, Cole DeBoer, at a gas station, in 2014, and two years later, they got married. Us Weekly notes that it was this relationship that made her leave her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind (who she shares a daughter, Aubree) for good — although they had split, the publication reports that Houska “often went back to her ex.”

Fast forward several years, and Houska and DeBoer would have two more children, making them a family of five!

4 Cheyenne Floyd Makes Motherhood Look So Effortless In Her Sweet Photos

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Cheyenne Floyd is a mom to a daughter named Ryder Wharton, who she shares with her former The Challenge: Rivals III co-star Cory Wharton, NickiSwift reports. Although, at the time of her pregnancy announcement, Floyd chose not to mention who the father of her child was, and Wharton later revealed that in the beginning, they didn’t think that the child was his.

3 Maci Is So In Love, And It Shows!

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Maci Bookout has found the man she is meant to be with, and her photos with Taylor McKinney always paint the picture of wedded bliss. She has also spoken to E! News about their relationship, saying, "I could look at Taylor now and think back to when we first started dating or before we were married and he's still the same person but he's also different in many ways. When you think of everything we've been through, it's pretty incredible that we still love each other."

2 Jenelle Evans Is Arguably One Of The Most Controversial ‘Teen Mom’ Stars, But She’s Also Had A Few Promising Moments

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If you think Farrah Abraham is controversial, then maybe you haven’t heard of Jenelle Evans!

Evans’ problems over the years have been well-documented and include her questionable taste in partners, losing custody of her children, and multiple run-ins with the law (according to E! News, she’s had more than 10 arrests). RadarOnline notes that Evan’s mother, Barbara, has been raising her first child, son Jace, for many years.

1 Let’s All Take A Moment To Appreciate How Much Catelynn Enjoys Being A Mom

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were just teenagers when they became parents for the first time, and they made the tough decision to give up their daughter for adoption. Then in 2015, they became parents to Nova, and had a second child, Vaeda Luma, in 2019.

Lowell loves being a mom, and when she was pregnant with Vaeda Luma, she expressed her excitement on social media, writing about how she could not wait to meet her daughter.

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