20 Flattering Pics Of Shameless Star Emmy Rossum We Can't Stop Looking At

Emmy Rossum has been acting since she was a little girl. Although a majority of the roles she's had pale in comparison to her portrayal of Fiona Gallagher on Shameless, the 33 year old actress has definitely managed to stand out from the crowd.

We know that Emmy Rossum portraying a Gallagher on Shameless means that the actress has to downplay her beauty, but that doesn't mean she won't find an opportunity to steal fans' hearts when she can. Whether that be through a photoshoot, a personal photo posted on her social media or a behind the scenes shot from one of her movies or TV shows, Emmy always looks stunning.

Here are 20 photos of Emmy Rossum, aka Fiona Gallagher, that Shameless fans can't stop looking at. Enjoy!

20 Working Out

It looks like the real Fiona Gallagher also likes to go for a run during her day to day life. It’s clear that the starlet is in great shape, given how toned her body looks, but it doesn’t come easy. Emmy works hard to maintain her figure, and has even credited dance as something that keeps her active and looking toned.

19 Zoning Out While Filming

Although this photo was taken of Emmy Rossum when the actress was not expecting it, we still think she looks beautiful. The Shameless star posted this photo to her Twitter account and captioned it; "This is a candid. No joke. I was zoning out and my cast member took this picture. Why am I STANDING like that????...

18 All-White Yoga Attire

If only everyone looked as good as Emmy does after a workout… If there’s one thing the star is certainly not ashamed of, it’s her daily routine and her motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The actress has been an avid dancer since she was a little girl, as she grew up doing ballet. Today, she claims to love taking group classes such as spinning.

17 At A Knicks Game

We doubt Fiona Gallagher would want fans to see this photo, since she’s clearly proud of being from Chicago… Emmy Rossum was spotted at an NBA game in December, 2014 supporting the New York Knicks, and based on the many times the star was spotted in the crowd, cheering on the team, it’s safe to assume she’s a huge fan.

16 Fiona And V

Anyone who watched Shameless knows that Fiona and her neighbor V, are very close, well it looks like the two actresses get along in real-life, too. In fact, all the cast members are said to be very close behind the scenes. All were in attendance when Emmy got married last year. This selfie of Emmy and Shanola Hampton (who portrays V) says it all.

15 Legs For Days

This photo of Emmy Rossum screams class and appeal; it's definitely not a look we see too often when watching Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. Although, it’s not all that surprising that one of Emmy’s best features are her legs, given that she’s been dancing since she was a little girl.

14 All Natural

Actress Emmy Rossum often speaks about her healthy lifestyle, which often includes meal prepping and always trusting your body. In fact, Emmy was featured in Shape magazine in January 2019 and she used the opportunity to talk about body image and body positivity. We applaud the Shameless actress for being so up front and so real with fans. 

13 Glamorous Beauty

Emmy Rossum first gained fame when she starred in The Phantom of the Opera in 2004, playing the role of Christine, and in The Day After Tomorrow, portraying the character Laura chapman. Although her roles in those films did not gain her as much acclaim as her role as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless did, they were still noteworthy roles. Considering Rossum has now had the opportunity to walk quite a few red carpet events, it's no wonder she gets better each and every year.

12 ShamelessFest

In 2017, Emmy Rossum and the rest of the Shameless cast attended Showtime’s ShamelessFest in November 2017, in Los Angeles. Fiona’s choice of attire for the event was certainly noteworthy. She wore a black top with a blue leather skirt, one that really accentuated her best feature: her legs.

11 A True Beauty

We’re not going to say that Fiona Gallagher isn’t a beautiful character, because she certainly is, but seeing the actress who portrays Fiona in the photo above is simply mind-boggling. For one, it’s clear that she doesn’t have to bother with her father’s antics, which definitely helps her have that calm and seductive demeanor.

10 Emmy’s Got Back

We already mentioned how Emmy started doing ballet at a very young age and it is what enabled her to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now that she’s older, she hasn’t forgotten her upbringing. Emmy was photographed attending the American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Spring Gala, wearing a beautiful green dress which hugged her body in all the right places.

9 Fiona Just Being Fiona

Emmy Rossum didn’t only act as Fiona in Shameless, but she also directed a few of the episodes. Is it just us, or does it sound pretty complicated to both act in a show (in which you’re basically the main character) and direct at the same time? Well, it looks like Emmy made the best of it, posting this photo to her IG account, and captioning it: “When you're directing but also in a towel in the scene.”

8 Hitting The Beach

Actress Emmy Rossum vacationed in the Philippines with her husband Sam Esmail in 2018, and she wasn’t shying away from posting a slew of breathtaking photos of the location. It’s safe to say that she was able to take fans’ breaths away by posting a photo of herself in a black bikini, too.

7 Emmy With The Cheerleaders

We already mentioned how Emmy Rossum is a huge fan of the NBA team the Knicks, but it looks like she doesn’t stop at just cheering on her team! The 33 year old even took the time to pose for a photo with the team’s cheerleaders. It’s no surprise that the Knicks’ cheerleading squad are all beautiful, but it’s safe to say that Emmy still stands out from the bunch!

6 In Cabo

The Philippines isn’t the only destination Emmy Russom vacationed with her husband, as the two also took to Cabo, Mexico, in July 2016 to spend some well-deserved relaxation time. Not only does Emmy act, but she’s also been directing as of late, so it’s safe to say that the actress deserved her time in the sun (and she looked amazing, too).

5 Fiona And Frank

No matter how dysfunctional Fiona and Frank Gallagher’s relationship is on Shameless, there’s no denying that both are two very talented actors. It might be hard to believe when watching the show, but the two are said to be actually quite close behind the scenes. In fact, William H. Macy (who plays Frank) claims that the cast always has a great time when shooting promotional shots for the show.

4 Classy In A Black Dress

Emmy Rossum attended the Annual Television Critics Association Awards in 2016 wearing a black cocktail dress which had a strategically placed slit in the front. She paired the dress with black, strappy sandals. The look was simply elegant, but on an actress as beautiful as Fiona Gallagher, it looked like true perfection.

3 With Her Pooch

Not only is Emmy a proud supporter of body positivity, but she’s also supported the popular #TheAwesomeChallenge on IG. She posted this photo of herself and her pup, and captioned it: “In honor of #TheAwesomeChallenge today, here is a pic of me and my first born son. No matter what happens in my daily life, I feel AWESOME with my pets, soaking up some vitamin D, going for a swim, grilling up some lunch. Post a snap that makes you feel AWESOME! For every post using #TheAwesomeChallenge @RocketsofAwesome will donate an entire back-to-school outfit to a @Baby2Baby child in need.”

2 With Steve

It was hard for Shameless fans to accept the fact that Fiona Gallagher did not end up with the man who seemed to be her soulmate, Steve (or should we say, Jimmy?), but a photo like this is sure to make them smile. Although Fiona and Steve parted ways after season 2, they still seem to be pretty close behind the scenes, as evidenced by this glamorous photo that Emmy posted to her IG account.

1 Black Bikini

Although Emmy Rossum’s first ever acting role was not on Shameless as Fiona Gallagher, it’s definitely the role she’s received the most acclaim for to date. Emmy’s been gracing our screens on the Showtime series since 2011, and although she left the series in 2019, fans are fortunate that they have these types of photos to look at when they want a dose of Fiona Gallagher.

We can’t stop staring at this particular photo of Emmy in a black bikini.

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