20 Floral-Infused Cocktails You Need To Try This Spring

Spring has sprung and it's nearly patio season. Why not celebrate the return of warmer weather with floral-infused cocktails? Bring out the best in your home bar with these pretty, aromatic cocktails fit for a fairy-tale princess.

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20 Spring Buzz

Via: bromabakery.com

Chamomile tea and a dash of elderflower liqueur bring the floral flavor, and soul-warming whiskey brings the booze. Not too sweet and it's perfect for a rainy spring evening. Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy your new favorite after-dinner drink. Check it out here.

19 Prosecco and Hibiscus

Via: bigflavorstinykitchen.com

Two-ingredient cocktails are simplicity at it's best: it is barely a recipe, and that's the beauty of it. Here, berry-ish hibiscus flowers and sparking wine make for a visually stunning drink that's perfect for a romantic night in or brunch with the girlfriends. Hibiscus flowers in syrup are readily available online, so order a jar today and get ready to enjoy this simple, unique cocktail.

18 Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail

Via: theframedtable.com

Herbaceous gin is a natural choice for floral cocktails, and this recipe adds another layer of  floral flavor by infusing the gin with earl grey tea. Topped with dried rosebuds—another common tea ingredient—it's a delicious way to enjoy two of England's favorite drinks at once. The queen would be so proud of you.

17 Rose Martini

Via: designsponge.com

This cocktail has made the rounds on pinterest, and for good reason. Softly sweet rosewater and white creme de cacao lend a turkish-delight flavor to this delicate pink concoction. What could be a treat better than roses or chocolate? Roses and chocolate, of course.

16 Nasturtium Vodka

Via: eatingfromthegroundup.com

Craft a vodka+soda that's anything but basic by making your own infused nasturtium liquor. More spicy than sweet, nasturtiums are a colorful edible flower you can find online or at your local farmer's market. Get the recipe here, and wow your friends with this beautiful, flower-filled bottle of booze.

15 Stormy Morning

Via: theframedtable.com

Who can say no to a purple, ombre champagne cocktail? It's perfect for gray Sunday mornings or candlelit dinners, or whenever you just need a little purple in your life. This cocktail is so easy to make: layer creme de violette, elderflower, and bubbly in a collins glass. Add a pretty straw, and say hello to springtime.

14 Cardamom Rose Cocktail

Via: ripandtan.jennikayne.com

Bitters and grapefruit round out the sweetness of rose and cardamom adds a lovely green spiciness, making a perfectly balanced cocktail redolent of a June garden. Cardamom pods and rose syrup are available at specialty grocers, so there's no excuse not to try it! Get the recipe here.

13 Lavender and Green Tea Cocktail

Via: honestcooking.com

Tea-infused cocktails are a beautiful, boozy way to indulge your caffeine habit when the temperatures rise. Steep the lavender green tea, chill, and add gin. The best part? This recipe include directions to make a whole pitcher!

12 Lilac Syrup Cocktail

Via: diyinpdx.com

Have you ever wanted to sip on a glass of springtime? Homemade lilac syrup (it's easier than it sounds!), creme de violette, and light rum make up this pretty purple cocktail. The best part? The amazing floral syrup can stand in for rosewater or other flavored syrups in desserts and cocktails as well, like a champagne and lilac ice-cream float or lilac-blueberry preserves.

11 Strawberry Honeysuckle Sparkler

Via: thespeckledpalate.com

Did you know honeysuckle vodka exists? Now you do. You're welcome. This recipe calls for fresh pureed strawberries, honeysuckle vodka, and a splash of club soda. It sounds like a southern summer in a glass, doesn't it?

10 The Royal Sapphire

Via: drinkoftheweek.com

Inspired by Kate Middleton's engagement ring (yes, really!) this cocktail features sapphire gin, elderflower, and mint. Topped with a float of champagne, it's definitely a drink fit for a princess! See the recipe here.

9 Rosemary Lavender Vodka+Soda

Via: lilyeats.com

This beautiful mauve-hued vodka+soda blends the pungent flavors of lavender and rosemary for a herbaceous take on the classic. If you prefer your cocktails on the savory side, this is a fantastic option as the unique, green flavor of rosemary adds depth to sweeter florals or acidic citrus notes. Grab some fresh rosemary and get started—you know it's cocktail hour somewhere!

8 Elderflower Mojito

Via: tablespoon.com

Elevate the refreshing rum+mint classic with a dash of elderflower, and you've got a playful cocktail that's perfect for Sunday brunch. The edible-flower ice cubes are certainly the showstopper here, and they're a simple way to make any drink a work of art. Check out the recipe here and start dreaming of balmy spring afternoons.

7 Golden Jasmine Martini

Via: foodblogandthedog.com

Jasmine green tea is the star of this understated martini, which is equally delicious with vodka or gin. Simply steep the tea, chill it, and craft your new favorite martini. Sweeten with a dollop of your favorite local honey and voila! you have a new signature drink.

6 Raspberry Rose Fizz

Via: honestlyyum.com

A floral take on the traditional gin fizz, this perfectly pink cocktail uses framboise and rosewater to highlight the fruity, floral notes of the gin. Egg whites give the gin fizz it's beautiful frothy top, and a healthy dose of lemon juice keeps it from becoming too sickly sweet. See the recipe here.

5 Ghost Flower

Via: ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Warning: this cocktail is not for the novice mixologist. It involves orgeat (what?) and flambeed fruit (really? yes, really) for a tiki-inspired take on the floral cocktail. Rum and crushed ice take your garden-variety floral liqueurs from England to the islands before you can say 'aloha.' If you're looking for a vacation in a glass, check out the recipe here.

4 Lavandou

Via: foodandwine.com

Inspired by summers in provence, this cognac cocktail is rich, understated, and timelessly  elegant. Lavender and honey transport the drinker to sun-warmed southern France, and a squeeze of lemon adds a hint of brightness. Add leftover lavender-honey syrup to green or black tea for a rainy-day treat.

3 The Violet Beauregarde

Via: backyardbartender.blogspot.com

Inspired by the children's classic, no one can accuse this version of the classic aviation cocktail of being too juvenile. Creme de violette and maraschino highlight the gin's sweeter notes without overpowering, while the blueberries add a seasonal twist and a pop of color. Get the recipe here.

2 Hibiscus Paloma

Via: honeyandbirch.com

Grapefruit, lime, and hibiscus simple syrup are the secret to this vibrant tequila cocktail. Perfect for an end-of-spring BBQ or your average Taco Tuesday, the hibiscus paloma can be made in a pitcher for large gatherings. Or just make a pitcher for yourself. No judgment here.

1 Elderflower Old-Fashioned

Via: saveur.com

Don Draper's favorite has got nothing on this elderflower old fashioned! The floral liqueur enhances the caramel—and vanilla notes in the bourbon while bitters round out the flavor, giving the old fashioned its signature bite. Swirl your glass, take a sip, and wait for that next ground-breaking idea to hit. Find the recipe here.

Via: bromabakery.com

Whether you're hosting a party or pouring a cocktail for one, there's a floral cocktail for every taste and skill level. Get out your shaker and fanciest glasses, and get mixing! Spring won't last forever.

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