20 Foods You Can Rainbow-fy

It all started with a rainbow bagel. That single doughy item has since sparked a craze throughout the food industry, with psychedelic hues popping up in everything from ice cream to popcorn. While some might find this technique intimidating, it’s actually very simple to master. The rainbows are almost always created with food coloring; batches of each color are swirled together to deliver the final tie-dyed product, whatever it may be.

Doctors are always saying we should incorporate more colors into our diets. And although rainbow bagels, cakes, and marshmallows are definitely colorful, it's somehow not what the doc had in mind. These spectacular creations combine multicolored tiers that truly entrance the eye and entice the taste buds. Please try to refrain from drooling as you scroll through 20 food items you can rainbow-fy.

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20 The Bagel

It all began at a small bakery in Brooklyn, New York. Huge batches of different colored bagel dough were layered atop each other and swirled together before being cut and baked. The end result was something truly magical. Now, customers wait in line for up to three hours, just to get one of these colorful treats. By creating the original rainbow food, the owners sparked one of the hottest trends to hit the foodie world.

19 Donuts

After the bagel, it only seems right that donuts would follow. When making homemade donuts, simply divide the full batch of batter into smaller portions, one for each color to be used, and add food dye until desired hues are achieved. Fill each donut mold with equal portions of each color, allowing them to settle before baking.

18 Popsicles

This summer, instead of buying premade popsicles filled with preservatives, make these easy rainbow pops instead. Dye vanilla yogurt into different shades and then layer them into plastic cups or molds. After adding each color, give the mold a gentle shake to create a flat surface for the next layer. If using plastic cups, be sure to place a stick in the middle of each.

17 Cheesecake

As if cheesecake needed a reason to become any more delectable, now the classic favorite comes with psychedelic swirls. Some upscale restaurants have even started creating their own fruit dyes to give the colors function and flavor.

16 Chocolate Bark

Simply melt white chocolate and dye batches different colors, but leave some white for the base. Many grocery stores even carry colored chocolate chips, so check there before spending time dying each one. When everything is melted, pour the white chocolate first, giving it a moment to ever-so-slightly set, then begin drizzling different shades across the clean canvas. Before the chocolate hardens, swirl the colors together using a toothpick and sprinkle with fun candies.

15 Pretzels

Via: flickr.com

Salty, doughy, deliciousness awaits in these rainbow-braided twists. Pretzels have been around for thousands of years, usually sporting their golden brown exterior, but these special creations have received a long overdue facelift.

14 Cake

Via: fanpop.com

With each layer baking individually, patience is a must when creating this rainbow masterpiece. Any six-layer cake would be time-consuming, but when factoring in the time for separation, dying, and baking of each section, not to mention cooling and frosting, the commitment is truly breathtaking. However, the reward is worth the work.

13 Eggs

Via: flickr.com

Traditionally, eggs are dyed at Easter time to be hidden and rediscovered by children later. To make the hunt even more challenging, dye the eggs into a rainbow print to ensure they blend into any environment perfectly. You do this by dying the whole egg one color, patting dry to ensure there is no moisture left on the surface. Next, dip the top and bottom of each egg into another color, again patting dry when desired color is reached. Continue this process until each color of the rainbow has been incorporated into these works of art.

12 Waffles

Rainbow waffles are another time-consuming creation, but who doesn’t love a good waffle? The differently-dyed, thin batters are placed on the hot iron in different sections, running together slightly before cooking. The result is a stained glass rainbow appearance, sure to shatter any appetite.

11 Lollipops

Via: flickr.com

Molten sugar is stretched and pulled to create each unique color in this culinary confection. After individual hues are created, much like the bagel, layers are placed on top of each other and twisted together. Before the sugar begins to harden, it is decoratively churned into the familiar spiraling shape and adorned with a sturdy, white stick.

10 Bread

Even the gluten-intolerant would have a hard time saying “no” to a slice of this rainbow bread. While the taste remains unchanged by the color, there is something peculiar about eating green and blue bread.

9 Doritos

While they were only available for a limited time, rainbow Doritos were once a thing. Said to remain true to the traditional taste, the delicious chips should inspire others to create their own multi-colored, crunchy snack.

8 Frosting

Rainbow frosting is easier to create than it is to replicate that perfect swirl atop each cupcake. After creating multiple colors of frosting, fill either a piping bag or large freezer bag with varying globs of differing shades. Once full, snip the corner of the bag to begin frosting and watch as the colors seamlessly blend together.

7 Cookies

Sugar cookies make the perfect dough for dying and rolling; it’s a very light batter that doesn’t over mix easily. The multiple colors must be rolled together, usually resulting in a long thin strand, perfect for cutting and twisting into this adorable shape.

6 Pancakes

Concocting these fun flapjacks is super easy to do and a great way to let kids help in the kitchen. After mixing and dying different shades of batter, ensure the griddle pan is very hot. First, pour one color until it expands to the perfect pancake shape. Next, continue pouring each color in the center of the last, and watch as they continue to spread out. After flipping, these cakes are good to go.

5 Marshmallows

Powdered sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, and food coloring combine to create these sticky, sweet marshmallow treats. Work quickly to combine ingredients and lay each layer next to the last; ensure layers bind together before cooling.

4 JELL-O Cups

These impressive JELL-O cups are actually easy to make. They require more time, but deliver a real awe-inspiring moment upon presentation. Mix each differently-colored package of gelatin with ¾ cup of boiling water. Once the gelatin is completely dissolved and the mixture has cooled to room temperature, select a color and pour some into the serving dish. Place this in the freezer for about five minutes until firm, then begin with the next layer. Continue cooling and layering until complete, then refrigerate for several hours. Top with whipped cream before serving.

3 Popcorn

Really more of a kettle corn, this sweet treat is covered in dyed sugar. Melt one cup of sugar with two tablespoons of water in a sauce pan over low heat. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, separate the sticky syrup into four bowls, working quickly so it doesn’t reharden. Once divided, add different food colorings to each and stream over sections of the popcorn; toss the corn to coat evenly.

2 Yule Log

Skip the traditional Yule Log and go with a tastier one instead. After dying the different batters and quickly baking, this easy-to-make, spongy cake is thin and rolls quickly, making it perfect for creating this unique rainbow log.

1 Pasta

Pasta can be infused with flavor and color by muddling up different herbs and vegetables. Basil and spinach make great dyes for green, while sundried tomatoes or chilies lend nicely to a deep, aromatic red.

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