20 Stupid Things Moms Buy Before Baby’s First Birthday

Raising a child is expensive. Everyone knows this simple fact. But does it really have to cost that much? To tell the truth, it doesn't because moms don't have to buy all the baby-related stuff offered out there on the market these days.

Yes, parents do need to buy a crib for the little one. But a bassinet may be completely unnecessary. Besides, we have to find specific types of toys that will help our babies develop, but we should certainly skip on those that make too much noise. And we definitely need blankets, wipes, bottles, and diapers, but what about pee-pee teepees, wipe warmers, bottle sanitizers, and diaper genies? Sorry to disappoint, but this stuff is actually useless.

So let's see what products are unnecessary for a newborn baby and can be safely skipped.

20 Baby Wipe Warmer Is A Total Waste

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There are quite a few reasons why a wipe warmer isn't a good product. Firstly, it might serve as a breeding ground for bacteria because it keeps wipes warm and moist inside (and then these bacteria get onto your baby's body – yuk!). Secondly, once you take out the wipe, it becomes not-so-warm in, like, 10 seconds. Thirdly, a wipe warmer is a waste of space and electricity. And last but not least, it's okay to use a cold wipe on your baby's butt. Trust me, they'll survive it.

19 Diaper Genie Is Just A Stinky Waste Bin

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Diaper genies are positioned as "magical" devices that store your baby's dirty nappies and keep the smell at bay. But if you let the diapers sit there for a couple of days, the genie will lose its powers. So is there even a point in buying it?

Besides, you already have a trash bin in your house that you empty regularly. Why shouldn't you use it for tossing your baby's diapers?

18 And Designer Diaper Bags Just Shouldn't Exist

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It's certainly important to carry a lot of baby stuff with you when you're going out, but you don't have to buy a super-expensive diaper bag for this. After all, what are the special features of diaper bags? They're huge and they have lots of pockets. So why don't you just find a regular bag of a huge size that'll have lots of pockets? This way, you'll get to use it even after your baby grows up.

17 Bath Time Thermometer? Like You Don't Have An Elbow

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Bath time thermometers are made for the parents who want to know the exact temperature of the water their child is bathing in. But, in fact, it's not so necessary to know the exact temperature. It's enough to know that it's not too cold or too warm for your baby. And to do it, you don't need a special device. Just test the water with your arm or elbow.

16 Baby Towels, Baby Robes... Ugh

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What's the difference between baby towels and regular adult sized towels? Probably, it's just the print and this cute cape you put on your baby's head after bathing. But you can actually put a regular towel over their head, too, and, TBH, the newborn won't care about the sweet little ducklings on it.

And what's even the point in baby robes?

15 A Special Hairbrush For Little To No Hair

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Few babies are born with a head full of hair, so it's unclear why they would need a hairbrush anyway. Won't they feel fine if their tiny hair remains untouched for the time being? And even if they have more hair than usual, I'm pretty sure that a regular hairbrush will work for them. This way or another, buying a baby specialty is a foolish thing to do.

14 Stiff-Brimmed Hats That Just Don't Fit

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When it's very warm outside, your baby should have a hat on to prevent sun-related issues. But when you choose a hat, you should keep in mind that it doesn't only have to look cute. It also has to be functional.

Most importantly, never, ever buy a stiff-brimmed hat for your little one, unless you want to experience the struggle of putting them into a stroller.

13 Designer Baby Clothes That Go To Waste So Quickly

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Isn't it cute to dress your baby to look like a doll, or like a supermodel, or a superhero? Of course, it's cute. But it's not really worth the hassle. First off, your baby won't care if their onesie costs $10 or $100 – they'll spit up and poop all over it in any case. Besides, your newborn will outgrow all their clothes in no time, so it's likely that they'll get to wear their designer clothes only once, if ever.

12 Designer Breastfeeding Clothes Aren't Necessary

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Today, you're free to choose among a huge variety of clothes designed for breastfeeding women. But... do you really have to? In fact, you don't. These designer dresses and t-shirts will cost a small fortune and you won't really need them, especially if you plan to breastfeed at home and, when you do it in public, you don't care about covering up.

So it's okay to buy just a couple of pieces, but making your whole wardrobe breastfeeding-proof isn't necessary.

11 Shoes For Those Who Can't Walk Yet

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Let's face it: we, adults, need shoes because we walk in them. But babies who don't know how to walk don't actually need them just because... well, because they don't walk. Besides, you can be sure that your little one doesn't even feel comfortable in them. They fit poorly, they fall off all the time, and they feel too tight on their pretty little feet. Oh, and they also cost a small fortune. So what's the point?

10 And Socks That Just Don't Stay On

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Making your baby wear socks is also not the best idea in the world. Since infants are prone to kicking their legs all the time, these socks just don't stay on their feet. They come off within minutes and you have to waste your time again to put them back on.

To save yourself the trouble, get some footed PJs instead. They won't come off easily and they'll keep your little one's tootsies warm.

9 Baby Food Maker? Please No

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After seeing all the glittery ads for baby food processors that show you how awesome these things are, think about one tiny detail. The food processor or blender that you probably already have at home will do exactly the same things as the baby specialty and, as a bonus, it won't cost you so much and won't end up cluttering up your kitchen.

8 And A Bassinet? Also No

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Are bassinets cute and beautiful? If you think so, try telling it to your baby, who just doesn't want to sleep in it. And even if they feel fine in there, they'll probably outgrow this tiny bed pretty quickly.

So don't waste your money and buy a crib instead of a bassinet right away. It'll be much more practical.

7 Bottle Warmers, Bottle Sanitizers... Just A Waste Of Space

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All this special bottle stuff will just clutter up your kitchen and, after your baby grows up and doesn't need formula or milk anymore, you'll have to think what to do with it. So save yourself the trouble and find simpler ways to handle your baby's bottles. Just wash them as you'd wash your dishes and warm the milk by placing the bottle into a bowl or large cup with warm water.

6 A Bumbo That Makes Your Baby Cry

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There are few babies who love sitting in a bumbo or a bouncer seat for more than three minutes. They will probably start crying pretty quickly, wanting to get your attention. Or just wanting to get out of this uncomfortable thing.

So if you want to have free hands to do some stuff around the house, try a baby sling instead. It might work much better.

5 Toys That Make Too Much Noise

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If you ask me, noisy toys for babies are the direct proof that the devil exists. All these keyboards, drum kits, Furbies, and different talking toys seem to be made to annoy the parents and harm their nervous system. But the worst thing is, these toys can also affect the baby's hearing, as well as contribute to other health issues, from elevated BP to inability to focus.

So just stay away from this noisy stuff.

4 Pee-Pee Teepee – Seriously?

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A "pee-pee teepee" is a thing that a mom can use to cover her little son's male organ while she's changing his diaper to avoid the "golden rain". Yes, you read it right – there's a special thing for it. As if you don't have a receiving blanket or a simple piece of cloth that can safely be used for covering up this kind of stuff, as well as for cleaning the mess afterward.

3 Fancy Nursery Decor Your Baby Doesn't Care About

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Pinterest-worthy nursery decor is the dream of some moms. For this reason, they go out of their way to make it look as fancy and pretty as possible, forgetting that their baby doesn't really care about these things. For the first few months, they will have blurry vision and they won't notice the design of their nursery until they are a few years of age. So don't bother and just make the room comfortable.

2 Crib Decorations Are Unnecessary AND Dangerous

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You don't need to buy any special crib set for your baby for two reasons. First, it's going to be quite expensive. And, more importantly, it might pose a hazard for your little one. In fact, anything, from blankets and pillows to stuffed toys, that you put into the crib poses a risk of SIDS. So keep your baby's crib clear and safe, in the meantime saving up a bit more.

1 You Certainly Don't Have To Buy Everything New

There's absolutely no need to buy all the new baby stuff because your infant will probably outgrow everything you purchase pretty quickly. So instead of getting brand new clothes, toys, diaper bags, and nursery decorations, ask your friends or relatives if they have the things you need or bargain-hunt at garage sales and secondhand shops. You'll find most of the stuff for a fraction of a price there.

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