20 Former Athletes Who Drive Cars They Clearly Can't Afford

When you’re used to spending all of your disposable income on supercars, the only thing that makes sense once you retire is to buy more supercars. That’s the mantra that these former athletes live by and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Most of the choices are not too outlandish, but given how easily salary details are shared in these times, we can’t help but wonder exactly how these retired athletes can afford such luxury models. In some cases, they have a whole garage full of them.

One thing that is consistent though, is that they all seem to have reasonable taste. Whether it’s a luxury cruise, exotic supercar or something that is quirky and expensive – these former athletes can be proud that they’ve spent their money wisely when it comes to automobiles.

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20 Chad Johnson - Lamborghini Murcielago

via instagram.com

Former wide receiver Chad Johnson is obviously still enjoying living large. Although he could definitely afford a Murcielago on his previous salary, he has a large collection of expensive cars and motorcycles including more Mercedes, Ferraris, and Yamahas than the average person would drive in a lifetime!

19 Reggie Bush - Shelby Mustang

via rantsports.com

When Reggie Bush broke up with Kim Kardashian he went on a mission to clear out everything from his life that reminded him of their time together. This meant he sold his Ferrari F430 which Kim loved driving and splashed out on this Shelby Mustang. This is the high-performance version of the Mustang, pumping out an impressive 650 horsepower.

18 Andrew Bynum – Several Ferraris

via celebritycarz.com

Andrew is clearly a Ferrari fan, having owned several. But while he has the practice of buying supercars down to a T, his driving could use some work. His ex-teammates fondly recall the time he had finished filling up his Ferrari when he got in the car and drove away without docking the fuel hose. He had ripped the hose off the pump and was driving down the street with it still attached to his car.

17 Alfonso Soriano - H2 Hummer

via celebritycarsblog.com

Not only did Alfonso Soriano buy a sweet H2 Hummer, but he also personalized the living daylights out of it spending way more than the Hummer is worth. The massive floor to roof sound system takes up the entire trunk alone. The Hummer may not be to everybody’s taste in its current state and could explain why Soriano has been trying to sell it on eBay.

16 Teemu Selanne – 1 Of Everything

via youtube.com

The former hockey professional from Finland has one of those car collections that makes you wonder where he got his money. The star of his collection is his Ferrari F430 Scuderia but he also has a number of fairly unremarkable classic cars and also an original R32 Skyline from Japan.

15 Roberto Carlos – Bugatti Veyron

via marcos.com

We know there is big money in football in Brazil but Roberto Carlos surprised everyone when he dropped a cool $3 million for a Bugatti Veyron. Upon digging into the origin of the car, we discovered the hypercar was a 38th birthday present from the president of his club. Reportedly, all Carlos was expecting was the traditional handshake.

14 C.J. Wilson's McLaren P1

via instagram.com

Former baseball pitcher C.J. Wilson has so many cars it’s difficult to keep track of what he owns. He also owns a race team so he has plenty of opportunities to drive his dream cars. According to his Instagram, his daily driver is a stunning purple chrome wrapped McLaren P1.

13 Ryan Malone - Lamborghini Gallardo

via turo.com

Ryan Malone has a pretty lucrative contract but he seems to bounce from one supercar to the next as if he earns 10 times the money he does. He seems pretty intent on hanging onto his Lamborghini Gallardo though. With a top speed of 202 miles per hour, we don’t blame him.

12 Jermaine Pennant – Aston Martin

via pinterest.com

Jermaine Pennant probably grabs everyone's attention in his chrome-wrapped Aston Martin but it’s his Porsche that gets the most stares. Forgetting where he parked, he reportedly left it at Zaragoza train station for an unbelievable 5 months. Even worse, when someone called him to let him know, he had no recollection of ever buying it.

11 Carlos Lee – Nissan Skyline R35

via youtube.com

Carlos Lee is a hard-working family man and always humble, except for his taste in cars. Refusing to compromise, he spent way more than he should have on a Ferrari California, only to trade it for a R35 Nissan Skyline GTR. Whatever he’s driving he doesn’t seem to keep it long and we can’t wait to see what he splashes out on next.

10 Apolo Ohno

via exoticcarhacks.com

Former speed skater Apolo Ohno isn’t one to show off and according to his Instagram, he prefers to spend more time on his bicycle than in anything else. But he does have a number of cars for when the weather isn’t so bicycle friendly, including a Maserati GranTurismo.

9 Mike Comrie – Aston Martin DBS

via celebritycarblog.com

Understandably, when your wife is a famous singer you tend to lean towards the finer things in life, whether you really want to or not. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last but Mike kept his Aston Martin after they split. No doubt the plush leather and carbon fiber interior helped ease the pain.

8 Jordan Hill – Bentley Continental

via uncrate.com

Former LA Lakers player Jordan Hill spent a lot of money customizing his Bentley Continental convertible. Shortly after though, he loaned the car to a friend who totaled it. So what did Jordan do? Went and bought another one of course, but this time he kept it stock. We assume he’s no longer loaning his cars out either.

7 Patrick Willis - Aston Martin DB9

via celebritycarz.com

Staying loyal to your NFL club apparently pays better than anyone expected. Although he owns this beautiful Aston Martin DB9, he is also still holding onto his 1986 Camaro. As well as a Shelby Mustang, BMW 750 and Mercedes Benz CL63. He has taken every single one of them to California Wheels as well.

6 James Stewart Jr. – Lamborghini Superleggera

via celebritycarz.com

Proving that he’s not just into motorcycles, James Bubba Stewart has a garage full of desirable machinery. We know X-games competitors are well paid, but to buy not only an Audi R8 but a Lamborghini Superleggera is taking it to another level. In his garage, he is also hiding an AMG G-63, and a Camaro RS.

5 Batista - Bentley Continental Coupe

via celebritycarsblog.com

Batista has a resume that reads more like a stuntman. He lists his skills as actor, fighter, MMA and professional wrestling. His list of cars is equally impressive, owning a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Range Rover, and a Bentley Continental Couple. Who knew breaking fake chairs over peoples heads was so profitable?

4 Victor Cruz - Ferrari California

via eonline.com

Victor Cruz definitely has enough money to drive this Ferrari California, but he’s also been seen behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 GTB, a Jaguar XK, and a Mercedes C63 amongst others. Given the scope of his car collection, you have to wonder at what point do cars become fashion accessories for rich retired athletes?

3 Carl Crawford – Rolls Royce Wraith

via forgiato.com

Carl Crawford knows how to turn heads and he has been spotted out doing his thing in a white Rolls Royce Wraith. The Wraith is the most powerful car that Rolls Royce ever made with a turbocharged V12 sending 642 horsepower to the rear wheels. It’s a car that is just as exciting to drive as it is relaxing to be driven around in.

2 Chris Johnson – Aston Martin DB11

via dubmagazine.com

Chris Johnson is one of the youngest stars to retire on our list. Looking at the list of cars he owns, it’s clear he loves driving fast just as much as he loves running fast. He blames Ferrari for spending so much of his salary on fast cars even though his first semi-exotic car was a Corvette with spinners on it.

1 Tony Parker – DeLorean

via autoplus.com

Yes, you read that right. Tony Parker owns a DeLorean. The car is an exact replica from the movie Back To The Future which he cites as his favorite movie. He showed a TV channel from France through his entire collection which includes Lamborghinis, Porches and Ferraris. With a collection like that, who needs to time travel?

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