20 Former Disney Stars Who Drive The Sickest Cars

Disney has launched the careers of many of the hottest, most in-demand celebrities over the years. The Disney platform has proven to be the stepping stone to careers in Hollywood that are numerous and limitless, as these young actors receive incredible exposure at such a young age.

Some of the most famous celebrities we know of today have actually begun their careers with Disney and went on to do expand their careers in numerous different outlets. Some of these stars have carved a path for themselves musically, while others have continued to follow their dreams of acting on TV as well as in movies.

One thing seems clear though – Disney careers seem to really pay off! Most of these young stars end up spending their money like most kids do – on their cars! Let’s take a look at 20 former Disney stars who drive the nicest cars.

20 Hilary Duff: Porsche 911

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Very few people would turn down the opportunity to own this fine machine. Classically sexy curves and sleek headlights are the trademark of this incredible Porsche 911, owned by Hilary Duff. Speed and performance meet slick styling, and with 450 horsepower under this light frame, Hilary can go anywhere she wants to – really fast!

19 Demi Lovato: Jaguar F-Type

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We weren’t joking – she has lots of cars! Spending her money on her cars seems to be one of Demi’s favourite investments. She definitely didn’t have to pay for this one though. According to E! News, this car was a gift from the automaker, as a thank you for their mutual work on a campaign. That’s quite the job perk!

18 Miley Cyrus: Porsche Cayenne GTS

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This songstress can definitely afford to drive whatever she wants to. Metro UK has pegged her net worth as being roughly $160 million, so it’s no wonder that she's seen here driving her Porsche SUV with pride.

This 434 horse powered SUV boasts as much performance as it does style, and USA News notes that it's specifically designed to be lighter than the Porsche Cayenne GT for better aerodynamics. This vehicle starts at $116,000 before customization.

17 Britney Spears: BMW I8

Via BritneySpearsRemixes

Britney Spears became a household name shortly after her work at Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. Her solo career took the scene by storm in 2000 when she released her hit single “Oops!... I Did It Again”. She’s been spotted in many cars, such as a Mini Cooper. The BMW i8 that she owns is one of our favorites from her elaborate car collection.

16 Bella Thorne: Lamborghini

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Co-starring on the Disney sitcom Shake It Up has definitely paid off for Bella Thorne. She went on to pursue her dreams as an actress, singer, and director and now has a net worth of $5 million. Wealthy Gorilla projects that this number will continue to increase rapidly as she remains sought-after and has many upcoming new projects. Maybe this Lamborghini will be paired with another one in the near future!

15 Nick Jonas: Maybach

Nick Jonas is no stranger to luxury sports cars. He has more than his fair share of them! This one is extra-special though, as it was a gift to his now-wife, Priyanka Chopra.

According to The Blast, Nick purchased this $200,000 present for his wife to celebrate the success of his single “Sucker,” as it hit the #1 spot on the charts. This is an example of gifting done right!

14 Nick Jonas: RS7

Via JustJared

The 2020 Audi RS7 is a serious machine, and considering how much of a car enthusiast he is, we’re not surprised to learn that Nick Jonas purchased one. We’re sure he didn’t just spend $120,000 on the base model, either.

His car was likely customized to suit his needs, which surely inflated that price tag quite significantly. Nick began on the Disney channel in 2007 in the film Camp Rock.

13 Brenda Song: Mercedes Benz G550

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Brenda Song began her career on the Disney movie Get A Clue and has continued to do many projects with the Disney Channel. This is one of the reasons she can afford to be driving this stunning Mercedes Benz G550. This car starts at $125,000, according to USA News, and it’s just one of the many vehicles that she's seen driving around in.

12 Ashley Tisdale: Porsche 911 Cabrio

Via GentlemanRacer

Ashley is living her best life in this gorgeous Porsche 911 Cabrio. We’re sure she’ll be turning heads everywhere she goes, not only due to her fame, but also due to this incredibly fine machine that she rolls around in! The most basic model can be owned for $125,000, and there’s no doubt Ashley dumped some cash into some upgrades for herself. She’s come a long way since her breakout role on Disney’s High School Musical.

11 Zac Efron: Audi R8

Via TeenIdols

This is simply the fastest car that Audi makes, and Zac Efron seems really proud to own it. This mid-engine 2-seater is priced at well over $200,000 and the customizable features that can be added are equally expensive.

Disney’s High School Musical was also the launch of his career, which has taken his net worth to a whole other level. Wikipedia pegs this star as being worth at the very least $18 million.

10 Vanessa Hudgens: Tesla

Via Celebzz

According to Nicki Swift, Vanessa’s career began in 2002 but she remained virtually unheard of until she began her role as Gabriella on Disney’s High School Musical. Disney can once again be credited for launching a young starlet to stardom, as Vanessa is now worth a whopping $14 million.

It’s no surprise seeing her beaming with joy as her new Tesla is delivered to her home. This is a great addition to her ever-growing car collection.

9 David Henrie: Ferrari

Via Twitter

David began working with the Disney channel at the young age of 18, when he was cast as Justin Russo in the original series Wizards of Waverly Place. He has a reported net worth of $3 million according to Wikipedia, and that’s just a few short years into his booming career. David is always known to drive cars that are as beautiful as they are powerful.

8 Justin Timberlake: Pontiac GTO

Via PopSugar

Justin loves his cars, and he has quite the collection of them. Among the many supercars, muscle cars, and vintage cars, you’ll also find some pretty average vehicles as well as some electric options.

A true car collector, Justin just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase this gorgeous Pontiac GTO. It’s hard to believe his success was launched from his work on the Disney Channel, all the way back in 1993!

7 Demi Lovato: Mercedes Benz SL 550

Via CelebrityCarsBlog

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Demi Lovato is worth a cool $33 million dollars, thanks to being launched by Disney network. Her first Disney job was As The Bell Rings. She went on to star in Camp Rock, alongside the Jonas Brothers in 2008.

Now an international star on the music scene, it appears this gorgeous Mercedes is just one of the many fast cars Demi has in her car collection.

6 Corbin Bleu: Camaro

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Hats off to Corbin Bleu as he owns the road in his aggressive 1,000 horse powered Camaro. This car is ready to take on anything and anyone on the road, and will give any other muscle car a good run for its money. Corbin landed success with Disney’s High School Musical and kept his career in consistent upwards motion after that.

5 Christina Aguilera: Ferrari

Via JustJared

Christina Aguilera has one of the most recognizable voices on the music scene. She boasts her own, unique sound, and her singing career has proven to be internationally successful. Her success stemmed from the stage she shared with Justin and Britney during her time at the Mickey Mouse Club, and she has turned that into a massive career for herself.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she's worth $130 million thanks to sold-out concerts and album sales. This gorgeous red Ferrari is one of several supercars Christina owns.

4 Adrienne Bailon: Range Rover

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Starring in The Cheetah Girls, it was Adrienne’s most notable Disney role, and she's launched a full-career out of her successful time with the Disney channel. Her Range Rover was completely customized, and gets her to each destination with ease, comfort, and incredible power. The price tag on the base model of this Rover is well over $90,000 and we’re sure she spent considerably more on designing hers!

3 Mary Kate: Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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Of course, Mary Kate is driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in sleek black. The paparazzi won’t stand a chance, as they won’t be able to keep up with the speed of this SUV, nor can they navigate different types of terrain like this car can.

Mary and her sister reached unspeakable levels of fame through their numerous projects with Disney, such as the ABC show that they’ll forever be most connected-to: Full House!

2 Joe Jonas: Audi R8

Via AnythingDiz

Joe Jonas is seen here driving a stunning Audi R8, which is just one of the many incredible cars he owns. This vehicle is worth well over $188,000 according to Forbes, and we’re certain he added many customized and personalized features to his prized-possession. His work on Disney’s Camp Rock has led to a lifestyle of affluence and incredible wealth for Joe and his brothers.

1 Emmy Rossum: Jaguar F-Type

Via CelebrityCarsBlog

Starring in the Disney Channel’s Original movie, titled Genius proved to be a genius move for this young starlet in 1999. Emmy Rossum’s net worth soars at roughly $12 million, and she's now spending much of that fortune on her collection of fine cars.

Captured here with her Jaguar F-Type, it’s clear that she has great taste in vehicles. We’re on the lookout to see what she pulls out of her garage next.

Sources: E!News, TMZ, Celebrity Net Worth, Forbes

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