20 Fresh 'Harry Potter' Posts That Make Us Believe Magic Is Real

It all started with seven books, and then there were eight movies. Even though it seemed that everything was over, a play appeared, along with multiple video games and fanfics. And, of course, there's the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that can give us the coolest experience ever. All of those were inspired by a single story about the Boy Who Lived. Some people might question why so many people love the Harry Potter series so much. This question might sound like nonsense to some fans (because, I mean, how can someone not love it?), but let's try to answer it.

In fact, there is more than one reason to like the Harry Potter series. This story had good, well-elaborated characters, it taught us a lot of things about life, and it also turned into a fount of meme material. Harry Potter memes appeared in huge quantities when the moves were being made. Now, even though it's been seven years since the last film came out, new memes keep on emerging every now and then. Boy, it seems that the story is never going to get old!

So let's come back into the Wizarding World once again, because a new portion of Harry Potter memes is awaiting us (which is hard to believe, but it's true). Accio fun!

20 Whoever Did This, Thanks A Lot!

Via: reddit

For those who read the Harry Potter books, the movies had quite a few moments that were done *slightly" wrong.

One of the brightest examples was the scene, where Dumbledore rushed towards Harry, screaming, "DID YA PUT YA NAME IN DA GOBLEDDAH FIYAH???", grabbed the boy by his collar, and smashed him into the wall. Nothing could be more wrong about the portrayal of Dumbledore than this ridiculous scene, right?

But now we can live peacefully, because someone made this meme. Just imagine the late Richard Harris pronouncing Dumbledore's phrase "Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?" in the way he did it in the books. Calmly...

Ah, such a relief...

19 Said No Hogwarts Owl, Ever

Via: buzzfeed

Am I the only one who asked a question about why wizards always use owls to send correspondence? I mean, wouldn't it be better to finally give owls some rest and start using the modern technologies, for god's sake?

I know, I know, muggle technologies can't work in Hogwarts. Our super-conservative wizards don't even use pens. But shouldn't they start adopting at least some of the inventions made by muggles, like phones and computers? It would certainly make their lives easier.

And I'd also like to know what owls actually think about owl mail. If at least some of them aren't happy, like the one in this meme, I guess it's time to start some kind of Owl Liberation Front.

18 Oh, The Horror...

Via: pinterest

If someone asked me how my life would be if there was no Harry Potter series, it'd be hard for me to answer. These books and movies have been there for me for so long, and I can no longer imagine my life without them.

Therefore, if someone took away the Harry Potter books for me, I would look exactly like Sheldon Cooper in this meme. It would be brutal if these books didn't exist. Imagine not getting to know these fantastic characters; characters who taught us so many things about friendship and love, selflessness, courage, hope, and light "even in the darkest times."

So no, I'd never want to live in a world without Harry Potter.

17 Eight Movies, Eight Horcruxes... Wait, What?

Via: me.me

First of all, we all want to congratulate the author of this meme, because few people get to discuss the Harry Potter series with their parents. And their dad didn't only know the story very well, but he also gave us one of the best theories about the series ever.

I have never thought about it this way before!

The eighth movie was really like the eighth Horcrux. No one expected it to see the light, but all of a sudden it appeared and made the best possible conclusion to the series.

But I'm not sure if the filmmakers were thinking about this analogy, when they decided to split The Deathly Hallows into two parts. Most likely, if they see this meme, their minds will be blown away, just like ours.

16 Just Know How To Turn On The Light

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Everyone who read the Harry Potter books can relate to this meme. When you start reading them, you become mesmerized and imagine that you live in the Wizarding World along with your favorite characters. Together you face all the challenges and make choices (some of which can be really hard).

It's impossible to simply stop reading a Harry Potter book and go to sleep. And it doesn't matter if it's already 2am, and you have to get up early, or if you know all the lines by heart. The Wizarding World just calls you back, so you reopen the book and turn on the light to find your happiness of this moment.

15 The Teacher Needs To Read Some Books

Via: buzzfeed

Does it also get on your nerves when someone doesn't understand Harry Potter references? For me, it's one of the worst thing ever.

I mean, how could this math teacher not know that the "dotted line" was called the Elder wand?

Only those who didn't read the Harry Potter books or see the movies could fail to know this simple fact! And, to be honest, I'm sorry about such people. I mean, I know that it wasn't the answer the teacher expected to see, but it doesn't mean it wasn't correct. It is clearly a Deathly Hallows symbol and the line is definitely the Elder wand!

So if I were this student, I'd ask the teacher to revise their mark.

14 How Did He Do It?

Via: onsizzle

Neville Longbottom was the most awkward character throughout the first parts of the series. He was clumsy, he seemed to be not the smartest guy in town, and he also looked very funny.

Who could think that this awkward boy was to turn into a handsome young man someday? It was hard to imagine, yet here we are!

But the thing is that this transformation from a funny boy into an attractive young man didn't happen gradually. Neville became super-handsome only in the seventh movie. Does it mean that he used some kind of magic to implement this overnight change? Who knows...

13 There She Is...

Via: wattpad

If someone asks you which Harry Potter character you dislike the most, what would you answer? Will it be Voldemort, who slayed so many innocent people out of his strive for power? Or will it be Bellatrix Lestrange, who tortured Neville's parents into insanity? Or, maybe it'll be Lucius Malfoy, a self-seeking hypocrite?

Nope, most likely you will say that you despised Dolores Umbridge the most.

Why? She was extremely mean and sadistic, and she made fans' skin crawl. She showed no respect towards anyone and tortured those who were weaker than her. Even Stephen King himself once said that Umbridge was "the greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter." How could you not despise her?

12 Hail To The New... King?

Via: pinterest

The scene from this meme was one of the darkest scenes in the entire series. When I was watching it, I realized that it was the resurrection of the meanest wizard in the world that would have the most brutal consequences. Being impressed by this scene, few of us could think of anything else and reference it to any other movies.

However, there were people who could do it. The person who made this meme compared it to the memorable introductory scene from Lion King.

Now when this dark scene is compared to one of the fairest scenes in the history of cinema, we can never look at it in the same way.

11 The Nature Of All Hogwarts Houses

What's the difference between the Hogwarts Houses? Well, they say that Gryffindors are courageous and selfless, Slytherins are ambitious and selfish, Ravenclaws are smart and inquisitive, and Hufflepuffs are kinds and naive. Of course, it can't be referred to everyone in these houses, because even a Slytherin can be selfless and a Hufflepuff can be ambitious. But these are the traits that seem to prevail.

If you still don't understand the difference, the meme above will help you to dot you out the best way they can.

The Tumblr post clearly shows what a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, a Ravenclaw, and a Hufflepuff would say about this super-hot knife.

10 Why Haven't I Seen It Before?

Via: pinterest

Let's keep on talking about the Hogwarts Houses a little bit more. Do you remember the colors of each one of the houses? Gryffindor was red and gold, Slytherin was green and silver, Ravenclaw was blue and grey, and Hufflepuff was yellow and brown. And now think about the Windows logo... Does it remind you of anything?

I bet it does, and I bet it makes you think that whoever created the logo knew something about Hogwarts Houses before it was even a thing! Windows created their logo far before Harry Potter happened, so what are they not telling us?!

Does it mean that Hogwarts is real and the creator of this logo studied there?

9 I'll Take Two, Please!

Have you ever wanted to have an invisibility cloak so that you could get to any place with nobody seeing you? Well, it seems that now you can actually do it!

If you have a store like this nearby, you can buy an invisibility cloak and use it whenever you want!

However, I kind of think that there is something wrong with these invisibility cloaks. I mean, can one come by and touch it? Or is it also "invisible by touch," meaning that you can't see nor touch it? In this case, even if you buy it, how will you keep it? Imagine that you want to wear it, but can't even find where you put it. You know that it's somewhere in your house, but where?

8 Just. The. Same. Face.

Via: pinterest

Seriously, why did Moaning Myrtle look so much like Daniel Radcliffe? Have you noticed it? It seems that she had the same face! She also had dark hair and round glasses, and she kind of looked like a boy.

Admit it, every time you were watching The Chamber of Secrets, you were thinking that she vaguely reminded you of someone... But who?

I'll be honest with you, I had similar thoughts, but right until I saw this meme I couldn't understand whose appearance she resembled most was, to me. Now I finally understand — just put a wig on Daniel Radcliffe and you will get Moaning Myrtle.

7 Oh, Hold Him? Yeah, Sure...

Via: twitter

It often happens that you come to visit your friends who have a baby. There is no way that they won't show you their baby, of course, because all parents adore their little kids so much. But, for some reason, even if you already have your own baby, and are good at taking care of kids, you don't really want to have anything to do with their child.

Of course, if you are a "baby person," you can get on well with all the kids you meet.

But this quality is so rare. Most likely, if someone else show you their infant, all you see in this baby is a crying wrinkled Mandrake Root...

6 Oh Yeah, You Will

Via: buzzfeed

It's a well-known fact for the fans of Harry Potter that Dementors feed on people's positive emotions. These scary creatures can suck out a person's soul and leave an empty shell that doesn't die, nor does it live, because how can you live without a soul?

According to Dumbledore, a Dementor's Kiss is the worst punishment exactly because of it.

But I wonder what a Dementor can do to a person, who doesn't experience any positive emotions? I mean, there are certainly people who seem to always be angry and displeased. So to say, they're a human version of a Grumpy Cat. Can a Dementor do something bad to this kind of person?

5 If 'Harry Potter' Was An Animated Movie

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We all remember Viktor Krum with a shark's head, saving Hermione from the Great Lake. It was an epic scene, where Harry helped the Bulgarian Seeker to untie and save his second best friend. In fact, he had to save Ron and go, but he was concerned about all other hostages, too, and ended up saving Fleur Delacour's sister, as well.

Wow, what a hunk.

But we're not here to talk about Harry's heroism now. We're here to compare Viktor Krum to Maui, a shapeshifting demigod from Moana. Maui had a magical fishing hook that helped him alter his shape, and in one of the scenes of this cool cartoon, he turned into half-shark and looked awesome! If only Viktor looked so cute with a shark's head...

4 It's A Small World

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Very often, we get used to seeing certain actors in certain roles so much that we begin associating them with these roles. For example, Daniel Radcliffe will remain Harry Potter for many of us, and we're going to call other actors from the series by the names of their characters for quite a while. It even goes to the actors who had been acting for years before landing their roles in the franchise.

So if someone told you that Snape married Trelawney, you'd think that this person was nuts. But since they were talking about Love Actually, it's fine. Or is it still strange?

3 Why Use Other Spells?

Via: imgur

I don't know about you, but I've certainly asked myself many times why Harry always used Expelliarmus spell in his fights with Voldemort. I mean, fine, it worked once in The Goblet of Fire and showed that Harry's and Voldemort's wands had some interesting connection. It was cool and all.

But why did Harry keep on using this spell after several years?

He certainly knew other spells — they practiced a lot of them at Dumbledore's Army sessions. Why didn't he try to stupefy his enemy, for example? Sure, I know he wouldn't use any of the Unforgivable Curses, but there were a lot of other good spells.

2 Yeah, Thanks For The Compliment

We've already talked about Dolores Umbridge, so now let's discuss the actress who portrayed this hideous character in the movies. Surely, Imelda Staunton showed us a perfect Umbridge. She was pure rotten. If you forgot how great she was, watch the scene where Umbridge made Harry write "I must not tell lies" on his hand. Her eyes and sadistic smile tell it all.

However, Staunton despised her character as much as we did. "I think she's a bloody monster," the actress said in an interview. She also shared that this very detention scene was the hardest for her and it left her "feeling pretty bad for a couple days." Well, I bet!

Still, I wonder what Staunton was thinking, when she got the offer to play Umbridge...

1 I Hear You!

When you love something to the moon and back, you want to talk about it all day long, whether it is your favorite series, your significant other, or your cat. But usually we avoid talking that much about one single thing or person, because we don't want to look crazy in the eyes of our friends. So we just catch any opportunity to start a conversation about it.

We can talk about it as long as someone else brings it up first, right?

For this reason, every time we hear someone talking about Harry Potter, we rush there to join the convo, and at least in our mind we look just like Joey Tribbiani in the meme above!

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