20 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up What Being A College Student Feels Like

OK, whether you're currently in college, about to go to college, or have already graduated and are feeling a bit nostalgic (hence the college related posts!), this one is for you, my friend. If you're about to go to college, don't take this too seriously – it definitely isn't as bad as it sounds! There are lots of good times, trust me. It's a time you'll remember for the rest of your life, mostly when you drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself at home on a Friday night, after work, thinking about how much easier college life was. There will probably be some sobbing involved too, but hey, don't worry about that yet – you have college waiting for you! If you're currently in college, well, you will probably feel this list the most. But hey, hang in there! Sometimes college life is hard, but it will only get worse after, so stop complaining and go enjoy that student life while you can. And if you've already graduated, well, I feel you, because same. We will never experience those all-nighters, college parties and the excitement of going home for the summer. But hey, at least the memories will last forever. Well, until we get old and start forgetting sh*t, that is.

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20 Choosing the right major is a real pain in the a**.

Choosing the right major is probably one of the biggest struggles for every future student out there, especially if you're not one of those people who know exactly what they wanted to do for the rest of their life since they were like six-years-old. Why is it so hard to pick the right major, you wonder? First of all, this process takes a lot of your time and effort; second, there are countless possibilities for you to choose between, which only makes it more difficult; third, you have to think about future employment opportunities that you will get after getting your diploma. But unfortunately, you won't over think it and you will probably just end up waiting until the last minute and then choose the one that sounds the coolest, something like “Egyptology,” or “Entertainment Engineering and Design.” To be honest, it really does sound cool and I would definitely choose one of those.

19 Saying “goodbye” to all of your family and friends is not as easy as it seems.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and it usually involves a lot of tears and sadness. The whole summer before your student life starts, you'll be looking forward to finally leaving in the fall, but once the time to leave has actually arrived and you realize the people you've spent your whole life and interacted with on an daily basis won’t be in your life as much… it’s just too hard. And all of that just makes you want to give up on this whole school thing and never leave your family behind. But you gotta do what you gotta do! A new chapter of your life is about to start and before you know it, you'll make new friends, embark on new adventures, and have literally so many school papers and projects to worry about that you will have no time to feel home sick. But hey, don't worry, winter break is just around the corner. Kinda.

18 When you meet your new roommate for the first time

Via: imgur.com

Yes, leaving your family and your best friends can be very very difficult. But look on the bright side, you’re about to move to a new city and meet a bunch of new people — some will be interesting, and others, not so much. And if you choose to live in a dorm, you will definitely have a roommate (you can only hope it won’t be somebody who is always super grumpy or moody). Either way, the two of you will definitely fight about the dirty laundry on the floor and the lack of hot water in the shower. But hopefully, after a few weeks of awkward convos, they will become very good friends with you and the two of you will share all your daily adventures or mischiefs with each other. You will probably spend a lot of holidays together as well. It will be just like in those teen movies.

17 Enjoying your freedom and independence

Ah, freedom… You can feel it in the air! Once you become a student and move out of your parents' home, you finally get to do whatever the heck your little student heart desires, and whenever you want, without your annoying parents’ or your even more annoying siblings’ constant presence. How amazing is that? Sounds wonderful, right? You’re basically an adult now, which means that there are no more curfews for you, and that you don’t have to beg your parents to let you go to that really important party with your squad! And what's most important, you get to sleep for as long as you want! Isn’t that a dream come true? Yeah, sounds great, except in reality, you end up drowning in reading assignments and counting words and pages for that essay you're writing, so you won't sleep. Like at all. On the bright side, you will always go to the parties, because obviously you having fun with friends is above sleep on your list of priorities as a student. Unless you're like me; in that case, sleep is always number one, no matter what.

16 But then again, missing your parents ‘cause you can’t really cook

No matter how amazing living alone sounds, there will definitely always be some things that will make you miss your home and your family (especially your mom), for example — cooking! Let’s be real here, there’s nothing as tasty as mom’s homemade dishes (no, I'm dead serious, nothing ever compares to mom's food. Enjoy it while you can high schoolers!). Naturally, in order to defeat your hunger, you will try to recreate some of her delicious meals, and let me tell you, you will fail miserably. And when I say, "miserably," I mean it. That, together with the fact that you will be broke most of the time, 'cause you won't manage your money wisely (just your classic student problems), will be the main reasons why you will mostly live off of frozen pizzas, mac and cheese, McDonald’s and, yeah, sometimes you’ll even have sleep for dinner too.

15 When you’re not listening to the lecture and the professor asks you a question they know you can’t really answer

Via: Warner Bros.

Let's face it, we’ve all been there at least once. Or twice. Or so many times we've lost count. There's two possible scenarios: either you know the answer, but you've been too busy daydreaming about your new crush to pay attention so you have literally no idea what the professor asked you, or you actually have no idea what the heck the professor is talking about. I mean, listen, either way, nobody is blaming you (well nobody, besides the professor). Those lectures are usually boring AF anyways, plus students sometimes have more important stuff to do than pay attention. It's all fine as long as it doesn't become a habit – the daydreaming, and not paying attention, I mean. 'Cause at the end of the day you gotta pass that final somehow. Regrets huh? It's OK, one day it will all be over and you'll officially be an adult. Like official official, paying taxes, crying over spilled wine, and procrastinating at work, adult. Trust me, ain't as fun as daydreaming in class.

14 So you try to come up with an answer to his question but you fail and the professor is like:

Via: HBO

Obviously, you will not know the answer to your teacher's question (I mean really, they want you to get embarrassed in front of the whole class so they will make sure to ask you the most difficult question they could think of) and the room will slowly fill with awkward silence; 5 seconds will pass, then 15, then 20... And you still won't know what to say. Of course, you will try to get out of this never-ending hell but all that comes out of your mouth will be some incomprehensible words and mumbling. Naturally, you will start blushing too (at least it can't get any more awkward), but don't worry, this was all just a warning to pay more attention to the lectures in future (yeah, right!) and the teacher will probably forget your face as soon as you leave the classroom.

13 When you realize you only have five more days until the end of the semester

After months and months of waking up early in the morning (and when I say, "early," I mean very, very early) just to attend some boring lectures and get those attendance points (hey, don't judge, it's 10% of the total grade!), the semester finally comes to an end (special shout-out to God or whoever for giving me the strength to stick it out until the very end). Now you finally have time to rest and enjoy your free time (or party all the time, which is more likely, let's be real). You might decide to go back home to be with your family for some time, or maybe even go on a vacation with some of your college friends; it doesn't really matter, the point is you're done with school until the next fall.

12 But that means the finals are coming soon

Oh wait, did I mention that once the semester is finished, you'll have so much free time and you'll probably party non-stop? Oops, I forgot one thing — FINALS! Yup, every student's biggest and worst nightmare. This basically means you will have to study so much that you won't even have time to shower (that sounds disguising, I know, but trust me, you'll get used to it). Anyways, you'll have to prepare physically and mentally for this period which will only consist of A LOT of studying (and a lot of all-nighters, trust me). Coffee and energy drinks will be your best friends during these rough and dark times and you will get some fresh air only when you go out to buy more coffee. It sounds bad, I know. And it is. So... Good luck!

11 So you'll spend most of your time studying at the library...

Via: FOX

Oh, you thought that your dorm would be the place you'll spend most of your time at? You thought you'd leave it only for class and to go partying? Well buddy, sorry to break it down to you, but you will only go there once in a while just to change your clothes and make some more coffee (and maybe shower, if you're one of those really clean ones). Anyways, when it comes to the library, you will know every single corner of it by heart and, yeah, you will be best friends with the librarian and the rest of the staff. And when I say "best friends," I mean it, like they will know what your favorite soup is and you will know when their kids' birthdays are.

10 When you're invited to the biggest party of the semster, but it's only one day before the finals

You know how there's always that one huge event (probably a party, in this case) that everyone who's anyone is going to attend and you really wanna go to with your squad? Like, really, really want to go? Well, nope, that's not going to happen! Not when you have 4 exams and 3 essays due in one week. Yeah, you read that right, ONE WEEK. You'll stay in the library studying and writing while your friends are partying (but hey, at least they'll send you some pictures on Snapchat so you'll know how amazing your night could have been). At the end of the day, you'll have to choose your education and future over fun times and parties, no matter how difficult that choice may be, you know it's the right one.

9 When you suddenly get super motivated the night before an exam

Via: tumblr.com

Let's be honest, we've all experienced it sometimes in our lives (maybe it wasn't even school related). Sometimes, inspiration and motivation will hit you in the most unexpected times. Like seriously, why weren't you able to study a week ago? No, you decided to procrastinate and then that one night before an exam you end up panicking, drinking a bunch of coffee and energy drinks, and starting to feel like you can do this – you can learn the whole semester's worth of material in just one damn night. But hey, it could've been worse; motivation could have not hit you at all, so it's definitely good that this happened, because you know what they say — better late then never. And who knows, maybe this all-nighter will pay off and you'll pass the exam.

8 But after a while, your brain decides to stop working

Via: Cartoon Network

The worst thing that could possibly happen to a student the night before an exam is not being able to make their brain work. I mean, you finally feel super pumped and motivated and you're ready to study your ass off, but the moment you sit and start reading — nothing, nada, nichts. Your beautiful brain has been serving you well for such a long time, why did it decide that it's a good time to stop working now, when you need it the most??? Let me tell you how this story will end: you will not give up, you will take the book and you will start reading. The problem is that you'll be probably trying to read one page for half an hour, but nothing of what you've read will sink in (but of course, when a new Lady Gaga song comes out you memorize the lyrics in 5 minutes, not fair!).

7 After trying for 30 minutes, you decide it’s time for a break

You'll try and try and try, but nothing will happen, so honestly, the best thing you can do in this situation is to just to leave it all and take a break — go out for a walk, take a shower, or even better, take a nap —we all know naps always help with everything. Seriously, whenever your brain decides to not cooperate with you in important situations like this one, take a nap. Even scientists say so; they actually found evidence that proves that naps are very beneficial. But be careful about the duration of your nap! If you need a quick refresher, take a power nap (10-20 minutes), for a full cycle of sleep take a 90 minute long nap, and bear in mind that 30-60 minute naps might make you even more tired when you wake up, so try to avoid those.

6 When you see the exam questions and realize you don’t know any of the answers

The most nerve-wracking moment for probably every student is that when the teacher is handing out the exam papers. You know you haven't studied enough (I mean, come on, you only studied the night before), but at the same time, you're still hoping you'd somehow pass the exam with flying colors. But once you see the questions, you realize you're doomed; you literally know nothing. And what makes it even worse is the fact that all of your classmates seem to know all of the answers; they're writing really fast and looking confident AF. How did this happen? Did you miss some classes? You know you did. Did you ask anybody for notes? You know you didn't. So you'll most likely start panicking and hoping a miracle would happen.

5 So you just try to guess them and hope for the best

Via: giphy.com

You were hoping for a miracle? Well, surprise! That's not how college (or life) works. If you had studied more, you wouldn't be sweating and dying horribly and painfully inside right now. So there's only one thing you can do — test your luck and try to guess the answers (this is a method I like to call 'the eeny, meeny, miny, moe method '). By using this method (which is often used by students all around the globe) you can actually have pretty decent chances to guess some of the answers correctly. And if it's really that bad, just think of it this way: there are worse things that are happening in the world, and at the end of the day, even if you don't pass this exam, you'll learn form your failures (literally, you'll fail the exam and have to study harder and take it again) and you'll do better next time.

4 When you nervously wait for the grades to be published

Via: NBC

You know how some people say that anticipation is the purest form of pleasure? Well nope, not if you're a student who's anxiously waiting to see if they passed or failed their exams. There's nothing worse than anticipation in that case. You'll be checking and refreshing the university website and your e-mail every five minutes, hoping that the grades are finally posted. I mean, you'll be so nervous you won't be even able to sleep (and you'll still continue checking your e-mail, even though it's 3 a.m.). But trust me, once you get that e-mail you've been nervously waiting for all this time (well, it's been only seven days, but it felt like a month), oh boy, it's gonna be so exciting and scary to open it and see what your grade is.

3 When the exam results are published and somehow you’ve managed to pass

Via: The CW

OMG, you actually passed!?! *quickly calls parents to let them now and make them proud* Now you're just like those students who always complain they didn't study (and they did) but yet they manage to get really good grades (well, the difference is you really didn't study much). And after thinking over all the struggles you've been through in this period you'll make yourself a promise that everything will be different next year, how you'll go to every lecture, start studying in time, and never leave anything to the last minute. But we all know that's not going to happen. Anyways, this is the perfect time to go out and make up for all those amazing events you missed by partying for a week straight.

2 Going back home for the summer break is basically what's been holding you up since day one

It's finally that time of the year when all of your suffering (temporarily) comes to an end. You finally get to go back home, which usually means long drives (or long long flights), and a lot of overpacked suitcases, but it also means spending some quality time with your family and friends and most importantly, finally getting to eat some of your mom's delicious homemade food after, oh so long (4 months 2 weeks 3 days and 9 hours, but who's counting, right?). What's really amazing about going home, for me, is that everybody will literally be dying to catch up with you (you might pretend it annoys you, but deep inside you know you love it! Who doesn't like being the center of attention?). But after some time you will start getting really bored and you'll secretly start counting down the days until classes start again.

1 But the summer break is over soon so you have to go back and go through the same hell all over again

Via: ABC

You've been waiting for summer to start for such a long time and now it's already almost over? I know, it feels like it's been only 2 weeks since it started. What the heck? How is this even possible? But yeah, that's how life works. And now you have to go back and re-live the same hell you've been through all over again. Seriously, it's gonna be exactly the same (skipping classes, not studying enough for exams,panicking and pulling all-nighters) because you are young and you don't learn from your mistakes #yolo. And don't forget you have to say goodbye to your family again! Why is all of this so complicated? Uh, I guess that's the vicious circle of life.

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