20 Glaring Problems With Hospital Births (Everyone Just Ignores)

The world of childbirth is changing and more and more women are going for more of a non-traditional birth experience. A lot of women are choosing to deliver at a birthing centre, and even more women are deciding to ditch all the institutions and give birth in the comfort of their own home.

There are still a lot of people who are choosing to give birth in a hospital. They feel safer and secure being in a medical building with doctors and nurses around. They find comfort in knowing that if an emergency should happen, they are only steps away from help.

Just like everything, a hospital does have its own list of pros and cons when it comes to delivering your baby there. There are 20 very obvious things wrong when it comes to giving birth in a hospital, and we have them all listed below.

20 It Can Stall Labour


Childbirth is notorious for being long and never-ending especially for the woman who is going through it. One of the biggest problems with giving birth in a hospital is that it can stall labour.

According to bigcitymoms.com, being in such a sterile environment can actually cause labour to go longer because the woman is not as relaxed and comfortable as she would be at home.

19 Who Is This Doctor?


Women will spend a lot of time with their OBGYN during pregnancy. They will build a relationship with them and trust them to help them deliver a healthy baby.

Unfortunately, if you give birth in a hospital, it is likely that your doctor will not be delivering your baby, according to bigcitymoms.com. OBGYNs usually work on a rotating shift at a hospital and you are going to have to work with whichever doctor is on call the day you go into labour.

18 Too Many New Nurses


Delivery nurses are the real star of the show when it comes to delivering a baby in the hospital. They play a big role in the well-being of you and your baby. You will spend much more time with them then you would with a doctor.

According to bigcitymoms.com, this can be another problem. If you are in labour long enough, you are going to see many different faces. There are a lot of shift changes, so just as you are getting comfortable with a nurse, she is likely going to go off duty.

17 Someone Needs To Do Something About The Food


After a woman delivers a baby, she is most likely going to be extremely hungry. It is a lot of work pushing out a baby, and she is going to have a lot of calories that she needs to replace.

This can be a problem in a hospital, according to bigcitymoms.com. Hospital food is known for being bland and tasteless. If that is all a new mom has to eat, she is going to have a harder time recovering and bouncing back.

16 They Push The Meds


For a lot of people, one of the main reasons they want to deliver in a hospital is because they are close to any pain meds that they may need. This is not always seen as a good thing.

According to bigcitymoms.com, when a woman delivers in a hospital, they are more pushy when it comes to medicating birth which can cause childbirth to pause and take a bit longer.

15 “Just Nap Sweetie” OK … Then Leave Me Alone!


This was a problem that I ran into a lot when it came to hospital births. According to bigcitymoms.com, it is a problem that a lot of women run into.

The nurses will always tell a woman in active labour to rest and even nap when she can. That it is important to save her energy for pushing. However, when you are in a hospital, the nursing staff are going to be coming in quite frequently to check yours and your baby's vitals.

14 No Water Birth


If mom has always dreamt of having a water birth, she won't be able to deliver in a hospital. Unfortunately, it is one or the other when it comes to this type of childbirth.

According to bigcitymoms.com, a lot of hospitals do now have baths that women can go in when they are in early labour, but they will not be allowed to have their baby in the water. They will need to get out and get back in their delivery bed.

13 An IV Pole Is Your Best Friend


According to bigcitymoms.com, another downfall with hospital births is that mom-to-be is normally married to an IV pole. it is quite normal and common for a woman in labour (and in a hospital) to have a constant IV when she is in labour.

They are providing hydration because they do not want mom to get dehydrated. It is hard to walk around and relax when you have this pole attached to you.

12 No Eating At All


Childbirth is an incredibly tough thing to do, and it will take every ounce of energy and willpower a woman has to get through it.

According to bigcitymoms.com, one of the biggest problems with hospitals is their no-food policy. A woman who is in labour can not eat any solid foods, and it doesn't take long for her store of energy to completely run out.

11 So Incredibly Impersonal …


One of the biggest pros for delivering a baby at home is that mom-to-be is in her own space and is completely comfortable and at ease. This makes labour easier and feel more safe.

According to whattoexpect.com, this is exactly what is wrong with hospitals. They are unfamiliar and they are not somewhere a woman is completely comfortable which can make labour take longer.

10 … And Intimidating


Hospitals are generally a scary and intimidating place, and according to whattoexpect.com, this is not ideal when it comes to delivering a baby.

There are a lot of unfamiliar machinery, equipment and noises that can make a woman anxious in a situation that is already pretty nerve-wracking. Some hospitals are trying to make their rooms more home-like, but they have a long way to go.

9 Can You Afford A Private Room?


Another benefit of delivering anywhere but a hospital is that you have a sense of privacy at your most vulnerable and intimate moments. According to whattoexpect.com, you just don't have this when you are delivering in a hospital.

Not everyone can afford a private room, so they are forced to share with one or two new moms. It will also always feel full as you have medical staff coming in and out of the room constantly.

8 Your Baby Is Taken Away From You


That moment has finally arrived and your baby is finally in your arms, however, it won't stay that way for long. When delivering in a hospital, there are often times the baby will be removed from the mom.

According to whattoexpect.com, some routine tests and examinations require the separation of mom and baby. This may not be for very long, but it is long enough for a woman who has waited 9-months for this moment.

7 Hospital Policies Will Always be #1


At the end of the day, a hospital is a business that needs to be run, and this means that they have their own sets of rules and policies that they have to follow.

According to whattoexpect.com, this can be a downfall to a woman's childbirth. This is because a hospital is not likely to change any of their policies for a patient, no matter what is in their birth plan.

6 Hospital = Sick People


There are a lot of people out there who do not like hospitals and will not step foot in them no matter what. That is because a hospital is known more for hosting very ill people than for bringing in life.

According to houstonnaturalbirth.com, this can be a red flag when going to deliver your baby there. You are bringing new and fragile life into a building full of sick, and possibly contagious, people.

5 Who Is The Daddy?


According to houstonnaturalbirth.com, another big problem with hospital deliveries is the amount of time the father of the child is involved.

Sometimes, dad-to-be can already feel pretty left out of the pregnancy, and when he sees his wife in pain he can feel pretty helpless. Hospitals are not a great place if you want to have dad involved more in your birth than just standing to the side.

4 Higher Risk Of Going Under The Knife


We discussed earlier about giving birth in the hospital may mean that you are pushed into getting more medical intervention than you normally would. According to houstonnaturalbirth.com, it can also mean a higher chance of C-section.

They may be quicker to perform a C-section when you are in the hospital because they are more aware of time and how many mothers they are attending to.

3 It’s Just Facts: The Rate Of Infection Is Higher


A lot of people think that after the baby is born, the hard part is over. This is completely wrong because people often forget that the woman has to recover from childbirth as well. This means making sure there is no infection.

According to houstonnaturalbirth.com, a woman who delivers her baby in the hospital has a higher chance of getting an infection.

2 Revolving Door Of Pregnant Women


Everything in a hospital is scheduled and is ruled by the clock, and that is because they are usually really busy. This can make the whole experience feel really impersonal and not special at all.

According to babycentre.co.uk, a delivery ward in a hospital can feel like a revolving door of pregnant women. Instead of feeling special, a mom-to-be can feel like just another number.

1 The Golden Hour May Be Ignored


The golden hour after birth is so important for a lot of reasons. This is the time when baby should stay skin-to-skin on a woman's chest. It helps regulate their heartbeat, their temperature and can help breastfeeding.

According to babycentre.co.uk, this can be missed in the hospital. This is again due to how busy they are, and when one baby is born, they immediately move on to the next one.

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