20 Gross Photos Customers Posted Of Dollar Store Products

As the popularity of dollar stores begins to grow, more and more products are hitting the shelves every day. However, some of the new items that are hitting the shelves should probably be leaving the shelves just as fast as they came. The reason for this is simple; these dollar store products are just plain gross - there’s no other way to say it.

Whether it involves canned lobster, obscure 'potted meat food products', or simply a bag of broccoli stems (missing all of the good bits), it really makes a person wonder who is buying these dollar store products to begin with. I know I’m certainly not buying it and I can’t imagine other people are either.

Just because something can be sold at the dollar store, doesn’t mean that it should be. So without much further ado, here are 20 gross photos customers posted of dollar store products.

20 Just Add Beer


You know you’re in for a tasty treat when all you have to do is just add beer and butter. And if you’re on the fence about whether or not this will satisfy your taste buds, you will be pleased to know that this meal was endorsed by none other than Larry The Cable Guy.

19 Broccoli Stalks


Mmmmm… don’t you just love the bottom parts of broccoli? I believe they’re called “broccoli stalks” or “stems”, if you will. Nevertheless, what I am sure of is that these broccoli stalks are the worst parts of broccoli. This just looks so unappetizing. What’s next? Selling packs of orange peels?

18 Meat Product?


Meat food product? What does that even mean? Something is either meat or it’s not meat. There is no gray area. So then what is a “meat food product”? I can take a guess, but I’d rather not get you even sicker than you already are after imaging what’s in that can.

17 Smoked Oysters


I can honestly say that if there were one food that you should not be getting at a dollar store, it would be “cocktail smoked oysters.” I, personally, can’t even imagine eating oysters, let alone oysters from the dollar store. And to be honest, that picture isn’t helping to make the case.

16 Chicken Crackers


Unless I’m mistaken, crackers are bread. Therefore, there is no reason as to why these crackers should taste like chicken. I prefer my chicken to taste like chicken, and my crackers to taste like crackers. There’s no crossover for me. And let’s be real, how much like chicken could these crackers possibly taste?

15 Dumplings And/Or Chicken


I know that this next food can says, “Dumplings & Chicken”, but this can doesn’t exactly show “Dumplings & Chicken” on it. Whether or not what they show as chicken is actually chicken is debatable. However, what they show as dumplings is certainly not. Dumplings are not short, flat, square pieces of dough.

14 Brown Gravy


I’m actually shocked there is no trans fat in this dollar store brown gravy mix. I mean, come on, with the way that gravy looks, it just screams trans fat. However, I notice it doesn’t say anything about saturated fats. Also, are we going to ignore the fact that the chef’s name is Chef Swagger?

13 Lobster In A Can


Lobster cannot, and should not, be eaten from a can. There, I said it. And not only should it not be eaten from a can, it should not be eaten from the dollar store. And why is there cognac in this lobster spread? Does this mean that they have to check your ID?

12 Elephant Peanut Butter


Could someone please tell me why there is an elephant mascot for this peanut butter brand? Are they implying that there are bits of real elephant in each teaspoon? And why call it “Chippy”? I don’t want to eat peanut butter with little pieces of chips. The marketing department failed on this one.

11 Single Serving Sausage


If you’ve tried one dollar store sausage, you’ve tried them all. But in all seriousness, why does the manufacturer of this deli meat insist on cutting it up for us? Isn’t that a little presumptuous on their part? It’s bad enough the meat has to look the way it does, but can we at least cut it ourselves?

10 Cheesy Lips


Who in their right mind thought that cheese puffs would be an acceptable flavor lip balm? If I were to ever lock lips with someone and tasted cheese puff flavor, my first instinct would be to think that they had just eaten cheese puffs. My second thought would be on how grossed out I was.

9 $1 Ribeye


Let’s be real here. I don’t know if you have ever tried eating a one-dollar ribeye from the dollar store, but you’re better off eating the dollar. Forget the fact that a 3-5 ounce ribeye is extremely small, but how good can it possibly be for just one dollar? Exactly.

8 Caramel Color Added


Country fried steak. Those three words combined have the ability to get anyone sick to their stomachs. How do they manage to ruin steak? It’s not meant to be fried. And what’s with the “caramel color added”? It’s not like someone would look at this meal and say, “you know what’s missing? The color caramel.”

7 Pork Loin


Oh boy, where to even begin? If you thought the dollar ribeye was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The dollar store doesn’t exactly scream, “great barbecue food”, which is why this pork loin riblet looks so darn gross. In fact, eating any kind of pork loin seems like a game of chance.

6 Butterfly Shrimp


I don’t know about you, but when I think of shrimp, I think of the dollar store. If this butterfly shrimp is really as good as they say it is, and it’s only one dollar, then these fancy restaurants are really overcharging people for shrimp. And this shrimp only takes 10 minutes to cook.

5 Nacho Cheese


What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese. Sure, that was a bad joke - but this is some bad cheese. I don’t know why, but the idea of an industrial-sized can of nacho cheese sauce just sounds so incredibly gross. I mean, is this even “real” cheese at this point?

4 Taco Bell Sunflower Seeds


Just because you can make sunflower seeds taste a certain way, doesn’t mean you should. And this goes for Taco Bell flavored sunflower seeds. I’ve never eaten a handful of sunflower seeds and was left wishing that they tasted more like tacos. So I can’t imagine who would’ve thought this would be a smart idea.

3 Phony Bologna


Unless I’m mistaken, bologna is a sausage made from pork. So the fact that this next bologna is made with chicken and added pork only helps increase the grossness factor of it. Why on earth is chicken being mixed with pork? I can’t even imagine what this phony meat tastes like.

2 Shaped Chicken


Is it just me or is this packaging incredibly confusing? Is this chicken or not? It says it’s “shaped” chicken and to be honest, I have no idea what that means. The image of the chicken pieces on the bag doesn’t look chicken-shaped - it doesn’t even look like chicken!

1 Chili Mangos


Chili mango? I didn’t even know that was a thing. And frankly, I wish it wasn’t because this sounds absolutely gross. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my fruit to be spiced with chili. I guess I’m just old fashioned when it comes to that sort of thing.

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