20 Gross Photos Posted By People Who Stayed In Airbnbs

Ever since Airbnb was founded in 2008, it seems like the only way to book accommodations when we're traveling. All of a sudden, the notion of staying in a hotel seemed super old-school, and staying in someone's apartment seemed awesome. We would have a kitchen if we wanted to cook, we would be located in a great neighborhood, and we could find some great deals.

But nothing can be 100 percent amazing all the time, and it makes sense that some people have booked Airbnbs and then had a truly awful time. Once they got to their destination, they realized that it wasn't what was advertised and things were, in fact, kind of disgusting.

Luckily for us, there are a lot of pictures online so we can see some of what people had to deal with. (Or maybe unluckily for us?) Here are 20 gross photos posted by people who stayed in Airbnbs.

20 Do You Want To Take A Shower Here? Why Not?

via Backpack Me

When you book a hotel or Airbnb, there are certain expectations that you have, and being able to actually use the shower is definitely top of the list.

Unfortunately for the people who stayed in this particular place, that wasn't something that they could do. This is totally and completely gross.

19 Please, Do The Dishes Next Time

via airbnbhell.com

It sucks when your roommate (or boyfriend or girlfriend) just won't do the dishes. But you do expect your Airbnb host to actually clean up the kitchen sink before letting you stay there.

If we saw this IRL, we would probably just run away. Far, far away. There would really be no other logical reaction to have.

18 This Furniture Is Super Gross

via airbnbhell.com

In this gross photo, it looks like a table has been turned on its side, revealing the very dirty wooden floor. And no one could ever even think about sitting on that couch since the cushions are all messed up.

Whoever booked this Airbnb must have walked right out. It's hard to imagine someone wanting to stay here.

17 And This Bedroom Is Even Worse

via airbnbhell.com

Speaking of Airbnbs where no one would want to stay...

An Airbnb host should absolutely make sure that the bed is actually made. There should be clean sheets, pillows, and a nice blanket or comforter. There shouldn't be a mess like whatever situation is happening here. It's too gross for words.

16 You Definitely Want To See Dirty Windows

via www.irelandbeforeyoudie.com and Pinterest

Imagine this: you pull up to your Airbnb, excited for your fun vacation, and you unlock the front door. You start putting your stuff away and checking out the environment... and then you lay eyes on this dirty window.

"Dirty window" isn't even the right term. It really goes beyond that and seems totally unsanitary.

15 How Is That Even Possible?!

via airbnbhell.com

What would most people say or think when they pulled up to their Airbnb and this is what they saw? It seems impossible to do anything other than scream, if we're being completely honest.

If you're going to rent out your space, maybe don't put all your junk, old pillows, and dirty boxes out for everyone to see...

14 22 Bunkbeds In One Airbnb... That's Totally Normal

via valleywag.gawker.com and Pinterest

Bunk beds are never really a thing in hotels, so it seems strange to make them part of an Airbnb experience. It doesn't seem like anyone would actually want to sleep in them (and if they did, it wouldn't exactly be beauty rest).

These bunk beds are so gross and they're simply hard metal with no mattresses on them. And what's even worse is that there are 22 bunk beds in this particular Airbnb. What?!

13 These Are Some Creepy Walls

via airbnbfromhell.com

This photo is totally one of the creepiest that we have ever seen. Is this supposed to be a haunted house or what?

Honestly, this would be too much even if it was Halloween-themed. The walls are just so dirty, disgusting, and strange to look at. At the very least, this needs a new paint job.

12 What A Comfy, Cozy Bed

via Dose.ca

It would be tough not to totally freak out when opening the door to your Airbnb bedroom and seeing this bed.

There's something so strange about renting your apartment or house to strangers and thinking that this is fine. No big deal. You can let people stay here, no problem.

11 Yup, This Airbnb Is Literally Outdoors

via Metro

We all want to rent an Airbnb and then realize that we opted to sleep outside. No, we didn't decide to camp or anything fun like that (well, if we find camping fun). We booked what we thought was a room or a house and, oops, it's actually a mattress outside.

You have to give the hosts credit, though, for setting up a little rug and side table situation...

10 Of Course You Would Want To Stay Here


This is a truly bad Airbnb that doesn't even look like it should exist, let alone be rented out to people. From the torn walls to the debris on the floor, to the fact that the floor is concrete, it's all really disgusting.

Is it too much to say this place should be torn down and re-built?!

9 Is That An Airbnb... Or Prison Cell?

via Dose.ca

All we want is a nice bed to sleep in, a clean floor, and an otherwise legit bedroom. We don't want to sleep in what literally looks like a prison cell.

Well, that's unfortunate for whatever unlucky person booked this Airbnb. This scene is what they got. Who would even be okay renting this out?

8 That's Just So Gross

via Root Of Good

You can hear weird stories of people staying in gross Airbnbs and think, "Nothing could ever be that bad. It must be an exaggeration."

And then you see this particular picture, and you think, "Nope. All those stories check out." Is this the worst floor you have ever seen or what?!

7 Let's Not Sit On This Couch (Ever)

via airbnbhell.com

Yup, that's a photo of a couch in an Airbnb, although at first glance, it definitely looks like the bottom of someone's incredibly dirty sock.

That's probably the first clue that this isn't a place that anywhere wants to stay at. How can anyone even rent this out, let alone live here the rest of the time?

6 These People Literally Found This...

via airbnbhell.com

The building was still under construction and the host wasn't even renting out a legitimate, actual Airbnb.

They just left it like this so when people rented the place, they would show up and see this lovely, wonderful, amazing sight. Who wouldn't want to give this place an awesome review and stay here a million times? Wait, no one...

5 What A Lovely, Clean Floor And Carpet

via airbnbhell.com

There aren't a lot of things that you can control when you travel, but wanting the floor of the Airbnb or hotel that you stay in to be clean is pretty normal. You can typically expect this, no problem at all.

That's not what went down here. Instead, the people were treated to this very, very dirty floor.

4 It's Cool, No One Needs To Use The Bathroom

via airbnbhell.com

If you booked a hotel room and the bathroom looked like this, you would ask for another room immediately. Or maybe you would even try to get a refund and book another hotel entirely because you would be so creeped out.

We wonder what the people who were supposed to stay here did when they saw this?!

3 Time To Cook A Nice Meal

via airbnbhell.com

Sometimes we want to go on vacation and eat in restaurants the whole time, deciding to splurge, have fun, and try the local food. Other times, cooking healthy meals sounds like just the thing.

Well, whoever booked this truly gross Airbnb wouldn't have been able to cook at all in such a disgusting kitchen.

2 Great, There's Nowhere To Sit

via airbnbhell.com

This photo looks like a tornado ran through someone's office, but since it's not an office and it's actually an Airbnb, that is pretty weird.

When there's nowhere to sit because you don't want to push someone's random stuff off a chair, you know you need to find somewhere else to stay.

1 That's Definitely A Refund

via airbnbhell.com

And now we have what is perhaps the grossest Airbnb photo of all...

Yeah, those definitely look like ants or bugs running around. And if they're not, we would really rather not know what they actually are. All we have to say is that is definitely, absolutely worth a refund.

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