20 Hideous Prom Dress Fails

Prom season is a rite of passage for some and a nuisance for others. You can either make the best of it and create a memory that will last forever or make fun of this social ritual and go down in history on the internet forever. These 15 ladies and their dates chose to go down in history with the most hideous prom dresses ever made.

15 Magic Vagina

Via: FeedyWeedy.Com

I bet this is as close to their lady bits as any guy is going to get in these magic vagina hideous prom dresses.

14 Money Bags

Via: NoWayGirl.Com

Her parents made her wear this prom dress because she wasn't accepted into any colleges and they didn't want to see their savings go to waste.

13 Truth or Dare

Via: Smosh.Com

The only reason she wore this dress was because someone double dog dared her to.

12 Stripper Reject

Via: Pinterest.com

Straight from a failed stripper audition, she managed to put on a smile before the prom.

11 Out of Ideas

Via: Heavy.Com

Yes, we can tell that you didn't really want to wear this hideous prom dress.

10 Sonic the Hedgehog

Via: NoWayGirl.Com

I bet coins popped out each time she bumped into someone.

9 Hot Mess

Via: Heavy.Com

How sad. She had to paint a picture of a man on her hideous prom dress because she couldn't find a date. Of course, her dress is accented by flames because it is a hot MESS.

8 Winnie The Pooh


How she got her date to agree to match with her Winnie the Pooh dress, we have no idea.

7 Movie Reject Hideous Prom Dress

Via: AtlantaDailyWorld.Com

These girls must be orphans because no mother in her right mind would allow her daughter to walk outside looking like rejects from the movie B*A*P*S.

6 Piñata Fail

Via: RissyRoos.Com

Not only does it look like she went to the prom with her uncle, but this hideous dress looks like a piñata and she would deserve every wack she gets.

5 Dog Poop

Via: Trilleffect.com

The duct tape prom dress idea was creative about 15 years ago. This girl looks like she allowed a pack of dogs to take a poop on her dress and then she spray painted them white.

4 Dust Mop

Via: elanexoarte.com

She looks uncomfortable and she should be while wearing Elmo's illiterate cousin Ugmo as a hideous prom dress. I bet they made her dust the furniture after the event.

3 Homemade Hideous Prom Dress

Via: alyceparis.com

She desperately wanted to look like J. Lo but she's missing a few body parts. This girl looks like someone deflated her homemade hideous prom dress before she arrived to the prom.

2 Recycle first!

Via: Pinterest.Com

She made her dress out of recycle bags and duct tape and didn't bother to wear any makeup. If her objective was to make history with this prom dress fail, she met her mark.

1 Rainbow Brite

Via: Bossip.Com

This young lady went all out with this custom fish scale, Rainbow Brite, mermaid wanna-be hideous prom dress. She even made matching slippers and a matching purse. I know her mother was laughing while watching her get dressed.

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