20 Hilarious Detention Slips

Every generation has its own version of hijinks, but these kids who received detention slips for the most hilarious reasons, are in a different class all by themselves (figuratively and quite literally). Here are 20 hilarious detention slips.

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20 Come At Me Bro

This student thought he was at some drunk rage party. He got detention for taking off his shirt and screaming, "Come at me bro" at another student.

19 Illegal Parking

The entire front office must have gotten a good laugh when they walked into the school and discovered that the student had broken in and parked a car in the hallway. Detention isn't a clever enough punishment. This kid deserves a medal of honor.

18 Cat Mania

This student's love for cat photos landed him in hot water. He received a detention for disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class. Wow. How can this be a crime?!

17 Take It Off

We can't be sure if it was a mind-altering substance or a prank that caused this, but this student got detention for standing up in class and screaming, "Show me your booty hole." I wonder what his parents are like.

16 Jesus Lives

This student claimed he was the second coming of Christ during class and hit another student with a Bible to prove it. The Holy Spirit certainly compels.

15 That's Mahogany!

This student totally stole a line from The Hunger Games when he screamed out "That's Mahogany" after another kid dropped a book on a desk.

14 Got Milk?

Although breastfeeding has been proven to improve intelligence in children, it may have skipped this kid who was served a detention slip for discussing a girl's breast and how much he wanted milk from them. Ugh!

13 Plug Your Ears

A teacher was livid after hearing a student drop the F-bomb multiple times in the school hall way. After she warned him that she shouldn't have to listen to that language, he simply told her to plug her ears and walked away. Detention. Detention. Detention.

12 Lunch Money

In one of the weirdest detention notices we have come across, this student was punished for pooping on fellow students for money.  Sounds more like a fraternity hazing than a job. I wonder how much he made before he was pooped—I mean stopped.

11 Fashion Fail

This poor student couldn't get a break. She received detention for stapling other student's clothing together. What kind of monster doesn't understand how trends get started? Try again, future Anna Wintour. Try again.

10 A Volunteer

'A' for effort though, right?

9 You're Only Young Once

How many times have you sat in the back of the class and watched all of the other kids do pranks and envied them for their freedom? This kid finally takes a chance, throws a sandwhich across the room while screaming YOLO (You Only Live Once). Then, instead of admiring the student for finally living out one of his dreams, the teacher gives him detention. What a spoilsport!

8 The Close Up

A teacher writes a student a detention slip when it was reported that he was looking under the dress of another student. The student explained, "I looked up her dress. I had my eyes closed." Ahhh. That makes it alright then!

7 Twerking For Dollars

One student was caught warning her classmate, "I'm gonna twerk on you at homecoming. You better tip me. I ain't shakin' this booty for free." Alright, now! Make the money, don't let the money make you.

6 Justin Bieber Mania

A dedicated Justin Bieber fan was sentenced to detention for drawing pictures of Justin Bieber on their assignments and hitting a non-Belieber. What has this generation come to?

5 Anatomy Lesson

It wasn't sexual education class, so the teacher saw no reason for a student to draw a large picture of a penis on the class whiteboard. Scandalous!

4 Literary Nightmare

This teacher did NOT approve of a student reading a book in class. Who needs books, anyway?

3 The Wizard of Detention

This student screamed out, "I am a fucking wizard" after removing his shirt and using his pencil as a wand. Wow. These are our future leaders.

2 Thumpity Thump Thump

The class wasn't playing Heads Up Seven Up, so the teacher saw no reason why this student thumped Troy in the head. Hey Troy, I hope you survived.

1 Hair Police

This student got detention for passing a note in class. I wonder what his parents thought when they read his note telling another student that her hair had a boner.

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