20 Most Hilarious Fan Art Pics Of Marvel Superheroes

Sometimes fans create the best work about the characters they love. They don’t have the pressure of a film franchise limiting where they can take the heroes. This provides endless opportunities for heroes finding themselves in entirely new scenarios. Some of these point out vast plot holes that Marvel failed to address and others just provide another angle to look at a familiar character, sometimes in stick figure form.

While some are fantastic at drawing and others made their comics viral thanks to their incredible wit, their love for these Marvel characters comes through, whether they’re children completing their first of many drawings or actors scribbling out their own pictures of The Avengers for all to see. New dialogue, unlikely pairings, or even simple amateur drawing provides a sense of fun that would cheer anyone up (post Thanos). Here are 20 of the Most Hilarious Fan Art Pictures of Marvel Superheroes.

20 Spiderman With All The Feels

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This drawing features a couple of well-endowed ladies from Peter Parker’s life, with Spidey centre frame holding out his hands. We know he’s about to shoot his web out of his hands, but something about this picture makes people giggle since it looks like he’s about to grab a feel, and probably get a slap in the face.

19 Unusual Besties

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Thanos is no-nonsense, and well, Deadpool is nothing but nonsense. Everything he says is dripping with sharp wit and sarcasm. Fan art showing this duo looking like they’re appearing in a buddy comedy with Deadpool riding on Thanos’ back as if he’s a small child is the biggest Odd Couple pairing we’ve seen in a long time.

18 Civil War Parody

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Anyone who knows about war understands that it’s far from subtle. This tongue in cheek nod to the finer things in life, like high tea, sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and reserved and calculated conversation serves as a fun take on a movie representing a very dark time for many of The Avengers.

17 Hulk Dance?

via Clip Art Mag

This drawing was done by a little boy to raise money for a children’s hospital, which is awesome, not funny. All the same, a child’s uncanny ability to see the fun side of Hulk, despite his ability to destroy anything is amazing. This Hulk looks like he’s ready to join in on The Chicken Dance at a wedding and is enough to make anyone smile.

16 Tony Stark & His Magnetic Personality

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We feel like Tony Stark and his love of technology has thought of everything to be an unstoppable force, that is until a magnet comes along. Tony Stark getting stuck to a giant magnet is the epitome of user-error. We can almost see the villain who placed the giant magnet in the sky twirling their cartoon moustache.

15 The Spiderman & Land Before Time Crossover

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You know what Spiderman needs? More dinosaurs! Said no one ever, except for maybe this fan who decided Spiderman needed to save Little Foot and a fox from harms’ way. We also enjoy that Spiderman doesn’t bother to wear a mask for this mission. Maybe it’s because dinosaurs are extinct and foxes aren’t that talkative.

14 Bug Buddies?

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Ant Man has always been a bit of a joke hero, he's not even an anti-hero, get it? Groan, sorry. Just the same when Ant Man wants to bond with other Avengers, he immediately goes for those who are connected with bugs, that is until they correct him and remind him that they’re spiders, not bugs.

13 Spider By Microsoft Paint

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There is something so simple about this image. It’s completely recognizable as the Spiderman origin story, even though it’s basic computer paint. You can almost see the look of pain on Peter Parker’s face as the spider bites him on the rump, although it’s a little confusing as to why he’s already wearing a Spiderman costume before he even gets bit.

12 The Bad Influence

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Spiderman wants to belong and ‘play’ with the big kids (The Avengers) more than anything. In turn more senior members, mainly Tony Stark, have served as father figures. When a kid acts out because he’s not getting what he wants, it’s time to go to someone who no one would approve of, Wade Wilson.

Although Deadpool is in the Marvel Universe, nothing to do with him has entered The Avengers. Perhaps this is because no one wants to explain what would or wouldn’t happen to him when Thanos snaps his fingers and The Avengers don't need that kind of sass.

11 Thanos Tackling More Work

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Thanos doesn’t seem to care much about the consequences of ‘balancing the universe’. When we see half of all creatures turn to dust during the blip, it’s hard to imagine how much dust would actually be filling the universe. Perhaps Thanosrella would do things differently if he knew how much sweeping he’d have to do post finger snap.

10 Did They Even Try With Iron Man?

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The simplicity of this drawing is amazing. It’s so basic that it needs to be labelled for you to know who it is. What are those yellow things shooting out of where his hands, that look like claws, should be? What happened to feet, or shading? We just don’t know.

9 Slack Jawed Iron Man

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The expression on Iron Man’s face here looks like something out of a Mad Magazine Comic. If we were to write a caption here it would be Joey Tribbiani’s signature line, “how you doin?”. Also, why is one of Iron Man’s legs a quarter of the size of the other?

Although the artist has Tony's arrogance down pat, is this one of the scenarios that Dr. Strange saw? Because there is no way this version of Tony Stark is defeating Thanos, ever.

8 Mark Ruffalo's Child-Like Hulk

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They had a bunch of celebrities draw The Avengers. Mark Ruffalo’s version of Hulk does not disappoint. From the rage lines/ dialogue that reads Hulk Smash to his shorts that are disintegrating, this picture is amazing. This leads you to wonder what his drawing of Professor Hulk would look like.

7 Hulk Smash Thor

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Worthiness and strength are a big issue of ego among the Avengers. Thor is strong and ‘worthy’ of his hammer, but we soon find out that Captain America is too. But does any of that matter if Hulk is just going to knock you out with one punch as you wait for your hammer to arrive?

6 Tom's Belly Spiderman

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We don’t know why Tom Holland chose to only colour in three-quarters of his drawing. Did he get tired because it was too involved? Or was he too busy giving out spoilers for future movies? Also, why does Spiderman only have four fingers on each hand? Although we appreciate the cute belly on this rendering of Spidey, that is something like ‘jogging pants’ - Spiderman in Into The Spider verse.

5 Loki Never At The Cool Kid Table

via Geeky Rant

Loki is the perpetual black sheep of superheroes and no one should feel sorry for him, after all, he’s done it to himself. In the end of the first Avengers movie everyone goes out for Shawarma, but someone is missing, Loki.

In this cartoon speculation, he’s tied outside of a restaurant while The Avengers enjoy a meal together. Maybe if they asked him to join them for lunch once in a while, he wouldn’t double-cross them so much!

4 The Nearly Unidentifiable Thanos

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Maybe Josh Brolin didn’t know what Thanos really looked like when he voiced him, but we doubt it. Perhaps only yellow, purple and red crayons were available, or maybe Brolin just really wanted Thanos to have some cool surfer hair like Thor. Also, somehow Thanos appears to be melting like he’s the Wicked Witch of The West, weird.

3 The Darkly Disturbing Doctor Strange

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s drawing of Dr. Strange is dark. His face looks like he’s the Joker, and the drawing looks like the type of picture that would land a school child in a psychiatrist’s office. It looks like his cape is attacking him, not helping him, and just the same no one can look away, or save him.

2 Cyclopes Wears a Diaper

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I never met anyone who said that Cyclops was their favourite X-Man. This fan, who I believe was a kid, managed to get that obnoxious smirk circa James Marsden down perfectly. Maybe it’s just me who has a problem with the character. Perhaps this is why, despite all of his powers, he appears to be wearing a diaper, but that's nothing new for a lot of superheroes, a lot of them look like they're sporting diapers over leotards.

1 The Thing About Ant Man

via Comic Books and Beyond

No matter how nice and likable Paul Rudd is, this doesn’t change the fact that Ant Man is a pretty weak sauce hero. This comic demonstrates how even Peter Parker, who is starved for adult attention and time, won’t even give Ant Man the time to explain his powers (or lack thereof).

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