20 Hilarious Memes About Hagrid We Can't Stop Laughing At

Sometimes, the most intimidating characters turn out to be the gentlest and kindest of souls. Such is the case with Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys, Grounds, and Game at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite being considerably larger than mostly everyone on campus, possessing a full-grown beard and wildly-unkempt hair, and always getting involved with dangerous creatures, Hagrid has proven to be one of the most-liked characters in the Harry Potter universe.

Having been responsible for Harry since he was a baby and frequently entrusted by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid is not only one of the most loyal teachers at Hogwarts, but also one of the kindest souls in the entire series.

Perhaps these reasons are why he's great to meme. From his striking appearance to his various memorable moments, there are many things to love about Hagrid, and even more things to make light of.

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20 The Wrong Harry

Via imgflip.com

How different would the Harry Potter series had been if Hagrid picked up England's Prince Harry instead of Daniel Radcliffe? Would he have made a good wizard? What would his Patronus look like? Would there have been even more girls pining for his affections?

Regardless, this meme hilariously makes us wonder what could've been, and the young prince's expression only adds to the humor.

19 Card Trick

Via memedroid.com

When Hagrid visited the Dursleys to pick up Harry, he was able to convince them of magic's existence by giving Dudley a pig tail. However, what if he had to resort to card tricks?

Well, if it went anything like this, Harry probably would've had to just take his word for it.

18 A Good Friend

Via imgflip.com

After Harry's supposed demise in Deathly Hallows, Hagrid, who previously cradled the young wizard as a baby before leaving him in the Muggle world, sadly picks up his lifeless body in a heartbreaking moment. However, this meme comically alters the situation to label Hagrid as a friend Harry could always count on to move bodies after situations go sour.

This one might sting a bit, but it's darkly comical nonetheless.

17 You're A Wise Guy, Harry

The most iconic line in the entire Harry Potter film series is arguably Hagrid telling Harry that he's a wizard. However, we can imagine Hagrid wouldn't have been so eager to take him to Hogwarts if he'd snapped back with this sassy response.

It's not good to be a wise guy, but it can certainly make for some entertaining memes.

16 Bad Luck Hagrid

Via memeguy.com

Many fans might forget that, besides being grounds-and-gamekeeper of Hogwarts, Hagrid also carries the title of Keeper of Keys. In an interview with TLC, J.K. Rowling revealed this means "simply that he will let you in and out of Hogwarts."

This meme takes the meaning literally, saying Hagrid carries keys to all doors in Hogwarts. However, since several students and teachers have learned the unlocking spell "Alohomora," this pretty much makes his job obsolete.

15 Even The Dark Lord Found That Funny

Via reddit.com

There have been various memes based around Hagrid's "You're a wizard, Harry." line, with many offering different versions of the line. However, we'd like to go with this one, as not only does it provide a great pun, but it's also coupled with a shot of Lord Voldemort smiling (though, if it was just the picture on the right, it would definitely prove more scary than funny).

14 Scumbagrid

Via quickmeme.com

In Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid's giant pet spider Aragog is framed as the deadly beast in the Chamber of Secrets. However, after Hagrid indirectly informs a hidden Harry and Ron to "follow the spiders," Aragog reveals to them that neither he nor Hagrid were guilty. However, this doesn't mean Aragog was above letting his children devour Ron and Harry. Thankfully, they made it out alive, but just barely.

Thanks for the warning, Hagrid.

13 Seems Legit

Via knowyourmeme.com

In reality, several situations in the Harry Potter series shouldn't have gone through so easily. For example, when a half-giant bursts through your door wielding a magic pink umbrella and tells you you're a wizard, you probably need to get more information before following him into the unknown.

We know Harry's home life was terrible, but, if Hagrid had been lying, we shudder to think what worse circumstances he could've ended up in.

12 Hairless Hagrid

Via 9gag.com

Every bearded person looks different after they've shaved, but the difference between Hagrid and actor Robbie Coltrane is like night and day. Without his fake hair, Coltrane looks less like a rugged giant and closer to a kindly Scotsman.

However, if this were Hagrid after a thorough shaving, the expression on Coltrane's face (combined with the hilarious text) would've made for a Hagrid who only looks happy about his new look.

11 I'm Not Sighing, I'm PS1-ing

Via memedroid.com

Obviously, PlayStation 1 games don't hold up today in terms of graphics. But, even for the time, fans continue to question and mock Hagrid's design (which resembles a blobfish) for the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone game, so much so that it has become a recurring Internet meme.

It's used to particularly great effect here, using Hagrid's expression to convey how some of us feel sometimes.

10 Overly Manly Hagrid

Via memecenter.com

The Overly Manly Man has become a fan-favorite meme, featuring a shirtless muscular male (in reality, late boxer Mike Conley) giving misogynistic views of varying situations.

In this instance, Conley's mustached face has been replaced by Hagrid's, who mocks those afraid of his giant three-headed dog by reminding them he named him (them?) "Fluffy." Wonder what he would've named the Basilisk?

9 Oh Snap, Hagrid!

Via me.me

Okay, technically, this meme could've worked with several characters in place of Hagrid. However, we think the hairy wizard is a pretty good choice for this one. His face is a great match for his situation, and, even if we haven't all been in his predicament, we can join together to laugh and cheer at his savage burn.

8 Shouldn't Have Said That...

Via memebase.cheezburger.com

Another of Hagrid's most memorable moments happens when Harry, Ron, and Hermione question him about Fluffy, causing him to accidentally reveal Nicolas Flamel's involvement. His line, "I shouldn't have said that," can be used in a variety of situations, including this meme's instance where a person at a bar announces shots are on him.

Unfortunately, the person wasn't considering that maybe all their friends would want one, leaving them in quite an unfortunate situation.

7 The Wizarding World Of Walt Disney

Via memecollection.net

In the first Harry Potter novel, Hagrid informs Harry he purchased Fluffy from "a Greek chappie" (changed to "an Irish feller" in the film) at The Leaky Cauldron. This would make perfect sense, considering Fluffy is based on Cerberus, legendary Guardian of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

This meme begs the question, "What if the chappie was Hades?" If only James Woods had been invited for a cameo...

6 Easy Peasy...

Via youtube.com

In video games (and life), people sometimes nonchalantly ask us to complete not-so-simple tasks, and all we can do is sigh inwardly and agree. Such is the case with Hagrid's Fire Seed mission in the Sorcerer's Stone game.

To hatch his baby dragon Norbert, Hagrid requires seeds from a Fire Seed Bush, which is not only a rare plant but also located in the Forbidden Forest. As the meme says, "no problem at all."

5 Hagrid IRL

Via twitter.com

Two-time NBA All-Star Joakim Noah has played for several NBA teams over the years, but perhaps he should consider trying out for Hogwarts' Quidditch team next. Okay, he might not be as skilled on a broom as on the court, but he'd definitely fit right in on the grounds, as he bears a strong resemblance to Hagrid in this particular photo.

4 Feeling Fine

Via cheezburger.com

We've already shown and discussed Hagrid's bizarre design for the Sorcerer's Stone PlayStation game. Thankfully, he underwent a drastic change for the better for the PlayStation 2, designed with a brighter and more expressive face.

Because of this, the former PS1 Hagrid meme was altered to bring in Hagrid's newer design, which represents a person going through happy times they never want to end.

3 Like Giant, Like Son

Via memecenter.com

While we've yet to learn if Hagrid ever had any children, the man in this meme could definitely pass for the offspring of our favorite half-giant. He's even closer in size to Hagrid from the books than Robbie Coltrane's version!

Regardless, it looks like he scored himself a pretty date, which makes his "dad" awfully proud of his little (metaphorically speaking) boy.

2 Hair Like Hagrid

Bad hair days are not an uncommon thing, but people with long hair can definitely tell some unique hair horror stories to those with shorter cuts.

Through the night, a long-haired person's tossing and turning can result in their hair getting splayed out on both sides, resulting in a look not unlike Hogwarts' gamekeeper

(especially if they also have a long beard).

1 Cereal Guy Reacts To Hagrid's Date

Via thegolfclub.info

The Cereal Guy has become a regular staple in meme culture, giving his opinion on something while eating cereal, only to spit it out in surprise upon realizing how wrong he was. This is put to good use here, where he doubts anyone in the Harry Potter universe is taller than Hagrid.

However, we all know Hagrid met his superior in Goblet of Fire ala Madame Olympe Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons and fellow half-giant.

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