20 Hilarious Pets Who Are An Embarrassment To Their Owners

I am pretty sure that all pets, no matter whether they are mammals, amphibians, lizards or avian, have a secret pact to troll the living daylights out of their owner and they secretly share the results amongst themselves so they can all laugh.

That is really the only explanation I can give as to why my friend’s dog Carrie LOVES to embarrass her human by CONSTANTLY leaping (and almost knocking over) anyone that has a snack or why my younger dog Zoe has a sixth sense of when my other friend is out walking her nervous and reactive dog, which is why she ALWAYS barks her head off at poor Jake whenever they pass by across the street.

Or why my dog walking client, Thunder, the enormous Siberian Husky, LIVES for going to the bathroom at the most inopportune moment because if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear up and down that he KNOWS that he’s going in a spot where there is ALWAYS tons of people around and I’ll be forced to navigate a crowd in order to throw out a bag full of doo-doo.

As trollish and embarrassing as my dog and her canine pals can be, they are NOWHERE near as bad as the pets below. Those guys and gals are truly in a league of their own and I need to make sure that my pooches never read this, lest they get some really bad ideas.

20 Doggo Has Made Such A Huge Mistake

Via: Imgur

I’ve met quite a few dogs that are VERY inquisitive creatures that have ZERO sense of self-preservation, such as my dog walking client Thunder.

Thunder is a HUGE Siberian Husky that I suspect is also mixed with Malamute because despite the fact that he’s overweight, he has a bit more heft than my dog training client Zuky or some of the other Huskies I’ve met in my neighborhood.

Whatever he is, Thunder is also a giant ray of sunshine that loves EVERYONE and wants to befriend every living thing he sees. This includes cats; if I didn’t stop him, he’d have some nice scratches across his face from when he tried to make friends with them.

Despite the fact that Thunder is a huge doofus, I’m confident in saying that even HE wouldn’t be so dumb as to stick his face into a leaf blower. I cringed so hard when I saw this photo and I can’t help but wonder if the owner facepalmed from sheer embarrassment when they saw their dog do this.

Ah, doggos. They may be humans’ BFFs, but sometimes they are NOT that intelligent and need to learn the hard way that biting the leaf blower is a terrible idea.

19 Fish Versus Doggo, Round One

I laughed SO HARD at the poor, startled Fox Hound that got knocked off of the dock by the ROYALLY peeved fish mainly because it is something that would happen with my older dog Esme, if she ever got up close and personal with one.

Unlike my younger dog Zoe, whose prey drive is THROUGH THE ROOF and who is always ready to rumble the minute she sees a squirrel, Esme is a bit softer in terms of personality and simply wants to make friends with any animal that she comes across on her walks. Squirrels? BFFS. Cats? OMG NEW PAL. Birds? OH HI, FRIEND!

If Esme happened to meet a fish thrashing around on land, I can almost guarantee that she’d go over to sniff it and then get so scared by it that she too would fall over from sheer terror.

I only hope that the Fox Hound in this post knows how to swim and that their owner hauled them back up onto the dock after laughing themselves silly during this encounter. That poor dog is probably never going to want to eat fish ever again after this fiasco and might run away the minute they SMELL seafood.

18 Toilet Training Went Out The Window

Not going to lie, I burst out laughing hysterically when I read @Daenerystargaryen’s post because my younger dog Zoe is also a troll that likes to go to the bathroom at the most inappropriate moments and embarrass the heck out of me.

The first I watched her BFF Louie, who is this adorable and fluffy Maltese/Pekingese mix, she gulped down a TON of water after the two had been rough housing for at least 30 minutes straight. She got a gleam in her eye that usually spells trouble and I went “Oh Zoe no, girl, just give me five minutes to harness you and we’ll go for a walk.”

Did she listen? OF COURSE NOT—she went RIGHT next to the wee wee pad and unleashed a puddle.

If Louie could facepalm like a human, I’m pretty sure he would have done so at that exact moment. Thankfully, Louie’s owner Justine had a bottle of Nature’s Miracles and I was able to clean up my rude doggo’s mess.

Zoe and @Daenerystargaryen’s dog DEFINITELY need to meet and swap stories of how they like to troll their BFFs and embarrass their owners. Then again, I don’t want my dog to get any ideas, because the next time I bring her over to Justine’s, she might just go and do number two on her pristine carpet.

17 Doggo Has Made The Worst Mistake Of His Life

Via: Imgur

The look on this dog’s face is PRICELESS and if he could speak English, I’m pretty sure that he’d be screaming something along the lines of “Dear lord, I have made such a HUGE mistake. What is this witchery, human?”

I have a feeling that the poor guy that got a faceful of doggie chest is the Bloodhound’s owner and he must be MORTIFIED because one of his friends now has a fantastic photo to tease him about for the rest of his life. I bet this guy is regretting his decision to bring his pooch with him to this event! Next time there’s an event like this, this pup is going to either boarded at a doggie daycare, hanging out with a pet sitter or safely fenced in with an ex-pen.

The dog was probably watching all the humans run and slide on the slip and slide and thought to himself “Hmmm, that’s weird. They look like they are deliberately trying to hurt themselves…oh no! My owner is trying to do this, I must save him!”

Poor pooch—he must have attempted to grab the waistband of this dude’s shorts and then BOTH of them went flying face first on the slide.

16 Note To Owner: Puppy Proof The House

Ohh Deer... #sorrynotsorry #dog #embarrassingpets #instadog

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I can’t even begin to imagine how mortified this Golden Retriever’s owner must have been when their pet pranced out of the room with their PANTIES over their head and then made a beeline to their guest to say hello.

If I had to guess, the guest probably just cracked up because…well, it IS a dog and they do embarrassing things like that. Plus, who wouldn’t laugh at seeing a dog with underwear on their heads? I’d need CPR from cackling so hard if one of my dogs did that, not even going to lie.

Ah well, at least the Golden Retriever’s owner now has a HILARIOUS dog shaming photo and funny story to tell their friends, so all is well that ends well.

I do hope this teaches the owner to puppy proof their underwear drawer though. I don’t know how old the dog in question is, but one of my training clients is an 18 month old Golden Retriever and I can tell you from experience that this breed doesn’t hit full maturity until they hit three or four years old.

Heck, I’ve seen old Goldens that are like, 12, that still act like puppies, so the owner might always have to keep that drawer locked for as long as their doggo lives.

15 Shepherds Win At The Art Of Trolling

The mental image I have of this scenario is pretty priceless; I just imagine a doofy and all-too-happy tiny German Shepherd puppy bouncing into the store before unleashing her bladder.

I totally understand why @Stevie-Jay was embarrassed by their pupper’s actions and wouldn’t return to the store—I’m not sure if I would if that had been my dog, but I also think that the staff understood that it was a puppy and she didn’t QUITE have control of her bladder.

At least she just urinated from being too excited and happy to see everyone; submissive urination can be a sign of a fearful dog and trust me, NO ONE really wants to deal with a dog like that. It’s not fun.

My younger dog is terrified of EVERYTHING and while she doesn’t do the whole submissive urination thing, she DOES express certain glands located on her rear end whenever she hears a volley of fireworks shot off by my DARLING neighbors on the Fourth of July or if Mother Nature decides to send an hour-long thunderstorm to New York City in the middle of the night. It is NOT a pleasant experience dealing with a terrified and fearful dog that REEKS.

14 Good-Bye, Annoying Human

Aramis looks SO proud of himself and he’s clearly thinking “Dude, you want me to jump over that stupid obstacle course? HECK NO. I might break a bone if I trip, there is NO WAY in Hades that I’m leaping over that thing. If you want a pet that will happily listen to your every command and do this agility nonsense, GET A DOG. I am NOT budging.”

Thank goodness that Aramis’s rider wasn’t hurt

when they fell head over heels from the horse’s back, although their pride certainly had to have been bruised when they saw this embarrassing photo.

What makes this photo 10 times funnier is that Aramis has his mouth slightly open and it looks like he’s laughing at his rider. He’s probably thinking to himself “Haha! That is what you get for trying to get me to jump over that stupid thing when I didn’t want to. Serves you right!”

Well Aramis, I think your rider had the last laugh because I’m sure he did not get ANY delicious treats for a week after he pulled such a cringeworthy stunt like with his rider. He probably pouted about it, but sorry dude—you can’t do that to your rider and then expect treats for being a Good Boy.

13 Proof Cats Are Jerks

This tweet is PROOF that cats can be spiteful furry little jerks that LOVE to make life miserable for their owners.

Kitty over here probably REALLY had to go to the bathroom but was too lazy to go to the litter box and decided to tick their owner off by doing their business in the pot they were using to cook dinner.

If I was the owner, I don’t know if I would have posted the photo of what my pet did to troll me, but they probably figured if they just tweeted the story no one would believe it and it was better if they had photographic proof of how big of a jerk their cat was.

I seriously hope that after the kitty pulled THAT stunt that they tossed out the pot. Sure, it could be disinfected if they used enough cleaning material, but who wants to go through all that trouble? They could just go to TJ Maxx or another cheap department store and get an inexpensive pot for half the trouble.

Also, that cat is SO LUCKY that their owner didn’t rehome him or her for pooping on their food. For some people, that would’ve been the last straw and kitty is lucky to have a somewhat understanding owner.

12 Grandma Might Use Kitty's Fur In Her Next Knitting Project

Oh man, it must have been SO AWKWARD between @Flosiraptor and their grandmother when they found out that the former’s new kitten decided to use the elderly woman’s KNITTING BAG as a litter box.

It’s not the kitten’s fault, of course—while cats tend to instinctively know how to use a litter box, it’s always a good idea to use positive reinforcement when they are young and reward them every time they eliminate in the proper place. Kittens are like babies, and sometimes they go in inappropriate spots because they just can’t hold it in anymore or need a bit of fine-tuning with regards to their toilet training.

@Flosiraptor’s childhood kitten was pretty lucky that the irate grandma didn’t have him or her shaved like a sheep so that she could use the tufts of fur in her next knitting project as a way to get revenge.

Jokes aside though, I do hope they continued to reinforce to the kitten where the proper place was to use the bathroom OR they took the poor things to the vet. I remember when my dog Esme was younger she kept having to urinate CONSTANTLY despite the fact she was reliably house trained and it turned out to be bladder crystals, so it’s always a good idea to have a vet take a look-see to rule out any medical conditions.

11 Kitty Is Inventing A New Form Of Yoga

This cat’s owner must be so embarrassed by how DUMB their pet is. I’ve heard of dogs being not so intelligent and sticking their heads into plastic bags, but this cat surpasses them all with their apparent death wish.

I get that felines have a tendency to want to sit in tightly enclosed spaces, but didn’t this little one realize that they could SUFFOCATE in the jar if they sat like this for too long?

Where is this cat’s sense of self-preservation?

Good lord, cat—hold off on trying to create a new form of yoga and make sure that you get out of that jar before your long-suffering owner has to perform CPR on you and makes a post on Facebook complaining about how DUMB you are.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this cat had to be hauled up out of the jar by their tail and they probably fought their owner every step of the way. I thought my boyfriend’s family’s cat Scarface was a bit ridiculous for having ZERO sense of self-preservation, but this little one takes the cake since he or she is CLEARLY trying to be the first feline to ever win a Darwin Award.

10 HVAC Man Is Now Deaf Thanks To Toucan Sam

Ever since I was a little girl, I had heard stories of how mischievous parrots can be and how much they like to make their owners keel over from embarrassment, but Toucan Sam here needs to win an award for “Best Feathered Troll of The Year.”

I’m cracking up at the thought of this feathery diva being FURIOUS that the HVAC repairman had the NERVE to ignore them and in order to get revenge, he decided to make the poor guy go deaf.

At least the bird had the decency to NOT bite or claw the repairman; otherwise aside from being embarrassed as all heck, they would have also had to deal with a possible lawsuit and/or footing the medical bill for the guy’s injuries.

It is a good thing that Toucan Sam doesn’t know anything about Facebook or Instagram, otherwise his inflated ego would get even BIGGER when he saw that his owner posted the pet shaming photo on social media.

Note to any parrot owners that are also divas like Toucan Sam: make sure one’s feathered friend is SAFELY inside the cage and isn’t smart enough to pick the lock so that they don’t get a bug up their butt and pull a stunt like this.

9 Even Dogs Want To Jump On The Rainbow Hair Band Wagon

Cloud boy does a bamboozle @everythingatlas

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I laughed SO HARD at this photo because I know that this dog’s poor owner probably had a devil of a time cleaning off all that chalk from their pet’s fur. Guess even Samoyeds want to jump in on the rainbow hair bandwagon.

I bet this pupper saw their owner browsing through new hair styles, spotted the cool photos of humans with rainbow hair, decided that they too want to rock the multi-colored look and seized the opportunity to do so when they saw the chalk since they do not have opposable thumps and have no way of dying their fur with actual hair dye themselves.

Jokes aside, it seems to be a Samoyed trait to LOVE to get dirty.

One of Zoe’s BFFs from the dog park is a fluffy white Samoyed named Remy. His owner kept him in PRISTINE condition and bathed the guy like once a week, but it ALWAYS wound up being more since he LIVED to roll in the mud.

I would always giggle whenever I saw Remy’s owner shriek “No!” and grab the brush whenever he made a beeline for the mud because that floof just had the biggest grin on his face. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he used to roll in the mud deliberately because he enjoyed making his owner mad.

8 Bond, James Bond

Secret agent cat. #funnycats

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Oh man, this cat’s owner probably wanted to wring their furry neck. Not that I can blame them of course—first, the cat’s disappearance more than likely sparked a panic attack in the owner and THEN their neighbor call’s them that their doofy pet got stuck on their door in an embarrassing position.

I bet this cat decided to sneak out of the house because they saw a James Bond film and thought that he too could be a sauve secret agent. Perhaps he erroneously thought that his antics would win him the hearts of all the female cats in his neighborhood.

I hate to break it to you little guy, but Daniel Craig you are not. You should be thanking your lucky stars that cats can’t access social media because if any of your crushes in the neighborhood ever saw this photo, they would laugh themselves silly and you would NEVER, EVER hear the end of your pitiful attempt to be James Bond.

To add insult to injury, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this guy’s owner made sure to block off the doors so that this cat can’t pull the same stunt twice and sneak out when no one is looking.

7 Proud Descendent Of Velociraptors

There are some people that laugh at the thought of birds like chickens being the descendants of dinosaurs, but this pet shaming photo proves that they are truly the proud descendants of animals like Velociraptors.

If Jurassic World was real, there is no doubt in my mind that Blue the Velociraptor and Rexy the Tyrannosaurs Rex would give this chicken a high-five for showing the world how tough birds can be.

They would be SO PROUD of their distant descendent for being so carnivorous.

I also would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this feathery dinosaur decided to chow down on some kid’s pet frog. Their owner must have been HORRIFIED when this little one wanted to make mince meat out of the amphibian. I also feel bad for the child too, since that poor kid must have been traumatized when the chicken decided to channel their inner Velociraptor and go after the frog.

Was the owner of the chicken watching Jurassic World in anticipation of the upcoming sequel and their pet decided that the I-Rex had the right idea? Just WOW—I definitely wouldn’t want to get on that chicken’s bad side for fear that it would try to go after my dogs.

6 Fashionista Bunny Says: Ripped Jeans Are Always Fashionable

Appledot is so stinkin’ cute that I wish I could reach through the screen and pick her up so that I could cuddle with it for hours on end, but I definitely would NOT want this bun ANYWHERE near my clothes.

Perhaps the reason why Appledot decided to chew through her owner’s jeans is because she found out that ripped jeans are OH-SO-TRENDY and since this little bunny considers herself to be an aspiring fashionista, she decided to help her owner “look hip” by making her own version.

There’s also a good chance that Appledot, aside from being an aspiring fashionista, was also feeling quite naughty. In the “About Me” section, her owner mentioned that Appledot got into a “poop war” with her new big brother Rascal the first few weeks after she moved in AND that she enjoys destroying her owner’s possessions.

Appledot ALSO prides herself on revenge pooping whenever she does not get her way AND thrives on teaching her “big brother” Rascal VERY bad habits. Their poor owner probably gets one heck of a massive a migraine whenever those two bunnies decided to team up and do something VERY naughty that they are not supposed to do, although their antics prodive plenty of comedy gold for Tumblr users.

5 Kitty Was A Cow In A Past Life

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I’ve heard of dogs eating grass to settle their upset stomachs, but this is the first time that I have ever heard a story about a cat eating grass. It sounds like this cat was a cow in a past life and feels compelled to chow down on the blades of grass even though they are NOT allowed to do so by the owner.

I feel so sorry for the owner that had to explain to the veterinarian what happened. Not only must they have been stressed out and worried, but they also had to haul in a cat with a BLADE OF GRASS STUCK UP THEIR NOSE.

How embarrassing!

I really don’t know how the vet removed the grass from this feline’s nose without laughing. The entire story is so ludicrous and I would have lost it if I saw a disgruntled kitty with a nervous owner with a blade of grass shoved up their nostril.

But that is why I stick to dog training and dog walking instead of being a veterinarian; I laugh WAY too easily and I would have made this cat’s owner feel even more embarrassed by getting a fit of hysterics the moment this little one came into the office.

4 The Chickens Are Not Amused

I really don’t know how the owner snapped a photo of their cat without dropping the phone from laughing so hard or from facepalming at their pet’s apparent love for being a total exhibitionist for the chickens that had the misfortune to walk right by the door.

Maybe this guy is really mad that his owner won’t let him out into the yard to hunt the chickens and this is his way of getting back at his human. If he can’t chase the poultry and enjoy some fresh chicken nuggets, then he can troll them.

Those chickens do NOT look amused with the feline’s antics. They are probably thinking “Wow, so this guy is SO mad that he can’t chase us around the house that he decides to show off his entire lower half the minute we walk by the door? Didn’t his mother teach him NOT to moon others? If OUR parents saw us doing something like this, they would peck us until we quit making fools of ourselves.”

Between the exhibitionist kitty and the annoyed chickens, I think the owner should film their daily life and focus on their animal’s antics. They definitely have enough material for a hilarious reality television show!

3 Mr. Chips Was Really Robin Hood In Disguise

Maybe @WilderApple’s beloved cat Mr. Chips used to secretly watch the 1973 Disney animated film Robin Hood and thought to himself “Hmmm…robbing from the rich to give to the less fortune sounds like a good plan to me!”

Of course, since felines can be total jerks at times,

Mr. Chips decided to ignore the fact that in the Disney movie, Robin Hood only robbed from the rich to give to the poor because they were slowly dying of starvation and helped take down the greedy Prince John so that the rightful King Richard could the throne back. Instead, he just wanted to steal the mice so that HE could eat them instead of the poor snakes.

I bet that snake were watching Mr. Chips steal their dinner and wishing that they knew how to speak English so he or she could curse the thieving feline out for depriving them of their meal.

@WilderApple is lucky that their neighbor seemed fairly understanding of his cat’s thievery; there are some people out there that would be furious that THEIR beloved pet was going hungry and demand that @WilderApple either buy new mice, keep Mr. Chips as an indoor cat only, reimburse them for the mice OR all of the above.

2 Doggo Is Going To Get Bit One Of These Days

Doggo does a seat (thanks for letting me do a rest my friends)

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It must be so embarrassing and so annoying for this Viszla’s owner, since it seems as if EVERY SINGLE TIME they want to take a picture or the doggie daycare snaps a photo, their pooch is RUDE and sits on their friends.

The little Bichon Frise and the Beagle seem to be surprisingly okay with the fact that their Viszla buddy is using them as a couch, but that chocolate Labrador Retriever does NOT look thrilled.

Can’t say I blame her—if I had to guess by her appearance, she’s probably either a senior dog OR close to being one and this Viszla’s rude antics probably hurt her back. Not only is this a good way to aggravate her arthritis, but Labrador Retrievers are also VERY prone to developing hip dysplasia, so this can’t be good for her hips.

Besides, as a dog trainer I don’t find this photo cute AT ALL. In fact, I hope the owner hires a force-free trainer to nip this habit in the bud ASAP because even the most tolerant of dogs at a doggie daycare can get sick of being used as the Viszla’s personal couch and bite to get their annoying friend off of their back.

1 Tiki Has No Manners

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I’ve never understood the appeal of having a pet lizard, and after seeing this pet shaming post on Instagram, it makes me never want to own a bearded dragon because it sounds like whenever Tiki gets a taste of freedom, all her toilet training goes out the window.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tiki has pulled this when her long-suffering owner has guests over, just to watch her human get flustered when she poops on everything she loves or her visitors. I can’t help but admire the level of dedication this bearded dragon has to trolling her human. Sounds like Tiki watched the Thor trilogy one too many times and decided to create some chaos in her owner’s life the same way Loki enjoyed creating a bit of chaos in Thor’s life before he got redeemed at the end of the third movie.

I personally wouldn’t take Tiki out of the cage until and unless I was able to block off an area of living quarters that could be easily cleaned, since it seems like it is a common occurrence for this scaly gal to poop everywhere. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me and all that.

Sources: Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit

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