20 Hilarious Photos Of Dog Shaming

They are your best friend, your fur baby, and your one and only. But, sometimes your perfect little pup can be bad. Like really bad. Like 'ate your shoes, tore up your couch cushions, ate all your food delivery' kind of  bad. You want to yell and scream and freak out, but then they look at you with those guilty puppy dog eyes and they are forgiven. They are too damn cute to be mad at. Here are 20 hilarious photos of dog shaming.

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20 Pillow Pulverizer

Via: amazon.com

And I didn't eat just one pillow, mom. I ate all the pillows. So now, not only are the pillows ruined, but there are clouds of stuffing all over the place that I will probably wind up eating too, which should be fun for you to deal with the next time I poop.

19 Granny Panty Party

Via: barkpost.com

Well, that's what you get for bringing a guy here. If you're bringing a dude home, I'm gonna air out your dirty laundry. Literally.

18 Marshmallow Muncher

Via: barkpost.com

Do I get extra credit for not only enjoying the project, but eating it too?

17 The 'Force Be With You' Feast

Via: dog-shame.com

I killed Yoda, I did. So what? Big deal. The force was with me.

16 Wine Vomit Vixen

Via: dogster.com

I kissed a girl and I liked it... sorry if it was after I ate your wine vomit. But who told you to have that extra glass?

15 The Couch Licker

Via: imgur.com

How many licks does it take to ruin your brand new couch? I don't know but let's find out!

14 Left Shoe Shredder

Via: pinterest.com

You need to relax, Mom. It's not like I chewed the right ones, too.

13 Christmas Tree Chewer

Via: pinterest.com

Hmmmm. Can I blame this on Elf on the Shelf?

12 Baby Bird Killer

Via: reddit.com

You are so ungrateful. It was a present. Now get over it, and give me a bone.

11 Deer Poop Puppy

Via: rover.com

In some countries, deer poop is a delicacy.

10 Panda Bear Bandit

Via: amazon.com

He was my friend... and I ate him. Spare me the shame, I feel horrible enough as it is.

9 Hedgehog Hater

Via: amazon.com

Listen, I decided they look better without their noses, so I did some surgery. It's no biggie.

8 Rainbow Pooping Rover

Via: lifewithdogs.tv

The saying is, "Taste the Rainbow," right?

7 Bum-Licking Buddy

I was just trying to help bathe everyone! Don't be so uptight.

6 Serious About Cereal

Yea we did it. Now hand over the Lucky Charms so no one gets hurt.

5 Doggie Diaper Dilemma

I regret what I did, so please spare me any more embarrassment. Wearing this diaper is bad enough as it is!

4 Blind Bully

"I tawt I taw a puddy cat!" And then your blinds just fell apart on their own.

3 Wake Up Call

Via: sunnyskyz.com

It's just an innocent pre-coffee poop to help you wake up in the morning from yours truly.

2 Toilet Paper Terror

Via: barkpost.com

Paper!!!! I love to eat paper!! I mean, I'm sorry, please don't hate me. I thought it was a bone. But, paper!!

1 Ice Scream, You Scream

Via: thumbpress.com

I was teaching her to share. I didn't think the little twit would tell on me.

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