20 Hilarious Photos That Show What Pets Do When Home Alone

You go away to work and leave your dog, cat, and other pets alone at home. Do you ever wonder what they do? These pet owners came home just in the nick of time to catch their pets in the act, giving us all insight into what goes on in the house when no one is around but the pets. We may never leave the pets alone again!

15 Now what?!

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Leave a dog alone for long enough and he’s bound to get into a sticky situation. These two pooches have no idea what to do next and when their owners get home, they have to wonder how they got themselves into this mess in the first place.

This dog was up to no good while he was alone. He can't deny it no matter how hard he tries. The evidence is overwhelming. If the owner could stop taking pictures and laughing long enough, it would be nice of him to remove the extra metal from the collar!

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Who knows where this pooch was trying to go and why, but he definitely got himself into quite the predicament. If dogs could talk, this one would blush with embarrassment and try to act like he meant to do this. He probably didn’t, but the story would be legendary to hear.

14 Pet destruction out of boredom

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Pets get bored when they’re alone, it’s not really their fault that their owners have cool things that need to be played with and explored. Destruction is the obvious outcome.

This sweet little kitten was caught and stopped his curtain shredding just long enough to look sorry. The fact that she started the process again while being watched does not bode well for her future. Her owners know they’ll be safe from any mean shower curtains in the future, right?

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When this dog wants out, he wants out NOW. He'll eat his way through any door that tries to stop him. You can guarantee the pup got extra attention. Just probably not the kind he hoped to get when he started the chewing process a few hours ago.

13 Pets who wander

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What do you do when you find a dog that isn't yours in your car? Post pictures on social media and hope that the neighbours realize what their dog is doing when they aren't home.

This dog made himself at home in this car, but it wasn’t his and it wasn’t his owners. Perhaps, his owners should spend more time at home. Or at least leave their cars home so their dog can play in it.

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Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? As long as they are in a stranger’s front yard where their real owners have no idea what’s going on…

Via: Pleated-Jeans.com

Cats know sinks are where fresh water comes from, so of course they sit in them! When they start sitting in sinks within houses that are not their own, there are problems!

12 The lazy one

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This cat surely took naps on and off all day, but when the time comes, he waits for his owner by sitting in the corner like a dog. We would absolutely love to see a video of the way this cat gets into this position. It’s not exactly a natural way for a cat to sit. Does he slump down into the seated position or was he laying down nearby and scooted up the wall? Cats are usually graceful, but this splayed out condition seems to say the opposite. But one thing is for sure: this cat is comfortable and easygoing. He’s also ready for the belly scratch he might receive when his owners walk through the door. Start your purr motors now, kitty!

11 Pets who destruct to get even

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Pets don’t like being left alone all day, but no matter how many times they try to tell their owners, they still go off to work every morning and don’t return 'till evening. In the meantime, they try yet again to tell their owners NOT to go… or else!

This pup ate a hole in the pillow to get attention. By the look on his face, he knows he did wrong! But when he started the ordeal, it felt so right! His owners learned a valuable lesson. They are never to go anywhere… ever.

Via Ellen.com

This cat had so much fun in the bathroom, she had to curl up in the sink for a break. At least her owners know better now than to leave her alone in the house with the bathroom door wide open.

10 Pets who hang out in a troubled manner

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Owners assume their pets mostly just hang out in the house while they are gone. And while that is often true, that hanging around can lead to a bit of trouble, as you will see.

Mini blinds are all fun and games for a cat until they get hung up... literally. There are a lot of things that are alluring about mini blinds. They have strings for cords. That in and of itself can be enough to attract a cat. She intended to spend the day hanging out, but hanging up…

Via: BarkPost.com

His owners have told him not to drink from the toilet and he promised not to. What they don't know won't hurt them... but we're pretty sure they know! And the dog is stuck hanging out all day in a rather uncomfortable way.

9 Total pet destruction for no reason at all

Via: LifewithDogs.tv

Pets can make a mess when their owners aren’t looking and when they have enough time, it can be rather severe…

There's chewing on the chair a little and then there's this. If the chair was being a bully, he should have spoken up about it sooner. It really could have saved everyone in the family a lot of trouble. Her owners now know the dog is not safe to leave alone when they are gone… even when she’s outside!

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The kitties just wanted a little extra fluff and snow in the house to make it more comfy. They did it for you, really! Okay, they did it because it was just plain fun. Once they wore out, it was a great place to cozy up for a snooze. Until they got caught by their owners and got into trouble…

Via: LifewithDogs.tv

So, he didn't like the wallpaper. He could have just said it! He didn't have to eat it off the walls! Maybe his owners should have consulted with him first before they replaced the old stuff.

8 Dogs playing women

Via BarkPost.com

Who knew that dogs wanted to be more like their human moms? When mom goes away for the afternoon, the dogs try out some of the tricks they’ve learned from watching her.

This pup wants to be just like his owner, bra and all. Let's see him in the high heels next! Can you imagine walking into your bedroom and finding that your dog is trying on your bra, of all things? Can’t he go chew on a bone or something?

Via BarkPost.com

He just wanted to have pretty toenails like Mom. He didn't realize the marker wasn't washable and that green wasn’t his color. Once he got going on the painting process, he just couldn’t stop with the nails. It had to go all the way up his ankles.

7 Dogs who like to visit with babies

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Dogs often enjoy spending time with little kids. Kids are playful and fast on their feet, just like a dog. These two dogs have a slightly wrong idea when it comes to what is acceptable around children.

Dogs like chew toys and maybe they stick to their own toys when you're around. But when you leave? The dolls are fair game! It’s funny when they rip their own toys to shreds. You take it as a sign of endearment. But when it’s your daughter’s doll, it’s a different story.

Via AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com

This is why you don't hire the family dog to babysit your infant. They might actually SIT on the baby. It may keep her from crying, but it has been declared child abuse in most states.

6 Dogs having pillow fights

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Kids have pillow fights, why can’t dogs? Whether the dogs are alone or in a group, fights that involve pillows are never a good thing for the owners. Pillows always lose! And dogs end the day with a stern scolding and a tail between their legs.

It was dog versus pillow, and the outcomes are obvious. The poor pillow never stood a chance! But the dog just wanted to play and got ever so slightly carried away.

Via Ellen.com

Once they discovered what was inside the pillows, they liked it so much, they just had to take it out. It’s hard to stop something fun once you start, even when you know it’s wrong… so wrong. At least one of these pups looks genuinely sorry. Perhaps, he has been down this road before.

5 Cats who dabble with drownings

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Cats are generally afraid of water and maybe it's because they don’t like the idea of drowning. These cats are playing with fire… or water and other substances that can cause them to drown, as it may be. When the humans are away, the cats will play just about anywhere and it’s not always a good thing.

Playing in the toilet is one thing. Drowning another kitty when your owners are away is another. Take a quick drink from the potty and walk away. Drowning another cat is never okay!

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Some cats start a game in the sandbox and quickly realize it’s more like quicksand than play sand. The child’s sandbox is not a large, personal litter box, this cat learned. Now, the hard lesson continues as she wonders if she will sink or survive.

4 Dogs admitting to wrongdoing, even if it's a forced admission!

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Dogs can get into quite a bit of trouble when their owners are away and sometimes their owners think it is appropriate to force them to admit their wrongdoings. With any luck, the dogs are truly sorry and will change their ways. Time will tell…

Humans everywhere feel sorry for this pup on wheels, but his owners do not have the same sympathy when he uses his disability to abuse the other dog in the house.

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She simply wanted to save a little bit of her snack for later, what’s wrong with that? Nothing until it starts to stink up the whole house…

Via Ellen.com

At least this fellow admits to his wrongdoing. This little pooch is honest to a fault. Ask him if he did it, he raises his paw. He takes credit proudly.

3 Cats climbing things they shouldn't

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Cats are natural climbers, but they often get stuck and aren’t sure how to get down. When they have their claws, nothing is insurmountable… especially when their owners aren’t home to tell them to stop. These cats show just how much climbing goes on throughout the day.

Even that super high bookshelf isn’t unattainable. If the cat needs a nap and wants some peace, the shelf shall be his! Getting down might be a problem, but that’s an issue for another hour when he’s more awake.

Via: KwerkyKats.com

Curtains are meant to shade the house from the sun—they certainly aren’t meant for climbing. But this lacy window covering is perfect for the little cat’s claws and when no one is looking, it’s a great game to see who gets to the top first.

2 Dogs attempting human actions

Via: BarkPost.com

Dogs respect humans… sometimes. It’s proof that they love their owners when they try to act like them in one way or another.

This dog made a huge mess with his food, but he’s doing his best to honor his human by acting like a human and cleaning it up. It’s not his fault he’s tired and can only get in a few licks here and there. He has all day and he’s working on it!

Via: SeniorGif.com

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. This dog wants to be just like his human, complete with protective eyewear. His owner might not have a sense of humor about the tongue prints on his glasses, but with any luck, he’ll never know who put them there in the first place.

1 Dogs who overdo the romance

Via: ParkPost.com

When there is no one around to see what the dog is doing, perhaps he takes a liking to things he shouldn’t. It’s natural for dogs to, um, enjoy themselves with certain items, but it can get to be a bit too much when the owner is not around to stop them.

This dog has decided his best match is a long, narrow, purple pillow. It doesn’t seem to matter what his owners say about compatibility. The pillow is his lover and that’s all there is to it.

Via: Lolcats.com

Can you imagine what type of animal would come from this union? The dog/cat mix is not a known breed, but apparently it isn’t because this dog hasn’t tried to make it happen for the world to enjoy.

Now that you have insights as to what goes on in your home when your pets are alone, you may want to find a job you can do FROM your home. Or, at least install a nanny cam to keep an eye on things! These pictures give you a small taste of what could be going on behind the scenes when you are away and the cats (and other animals) are at play.

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