20 Hilarious Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Crack Up

We like to laugh. It’s a fact. Now, the “Try Not to Laugh” challenge is much harder when videos are involved. But there is still hope for those trying it with photos. Let’s see if you can get through this entire list without laughing. I guarantee you can’t keep a straight face. Want to give yourself a disadvantage? View them with a friend to make the challenge twice as hard. Want another disadvantage? Do it at 2am. Now we’re talking!

If you don’t think these photos are hilarious there are only two explanations. One: you’ve already seen them. Two: you’re cold and heartless and hate losing too much to have fun. Now shall we begin now that you have decided to relax and not be so arrogant? Let’s go!

20 Washing Dishes

via tumblr

There are two things funny about this picture. Just the face in general and then the undeniable fact that everyone has this moment. If they wash dishes of course. There’s nothing worse than washing dishes and feeling a piece of wet food slip between your fingers. You’ll most likely immediately pull your finger out, curse the fact that you have to do dishes, and sway your hands around, begging who knows to relieve you for the God-forsaken duty.

As relatable as the words are, let’s go back to that face. I mean, come on. It’s pure digital gold. Even a child would laugh at that horrendous expression. The angles do nothing but give you a better perspective at the humor involved. This programmer is going places. Perhaps to work on the next Mass Effect game?

19 Hunky Dory

via facebook

This one will not pass by a soul without making them smile. It’s freaking hunky Dory! Like the phrase hunky dory…and then, it’s a Dory, that’s hunky! Internet gold right here. Not only is the idea well thought out and perfect. But the photoshopping is spot on. I mean, right where the money is made! If this were a contest, hunky Dory would win. Doesn’t matter what kind of contest, it would win.

Everyone likes Finding Nemo, Dory in particular, and most people like hunks. Then we have puns which is one of the most hated and loved inventions on this earth! Those who love them…really love them…and those who hate them…lie! So literally everyone loves puns! I hope you have a hunky-dory day and remember this photo next time you’re down.

18 You Look Like A Poodle

via Uber Humor

Everyone has had that haircut, probably given by a relative, that makes them look like a dog. But I take back the poodle comment, I think this kid has a literal Shih-Tzu on his head. Now if that’s not something to smile about then you probably don’t have a soul. The closer you look, the better it gets too. The photoshopping is impeccable, but you gotta know that’s only half the humor. This is insanely amazing and needs to go on some wall of fame somewhere…or some grandmother’s fridge. “Oh, look. Two of my dear babies in one photo.”

If you think this is hilarious, you should see his sister’s photo. Her hair is oddly similar to the cat’s face. Who does this? Who could possibly spend their days like this?

17 When Your Mom Makes You Get Out Of The Ball Pit

via imgflip

So maybe it wasn’t her mom but rather her daughter. Either way, there’s nothing about this photo that isn’t funny. This older lady is waist deep in a McDonald’s ball pit with no children in sight. That in itself is great. But her expression is what really makes the photo. We can’t tell if she’s upset she has to play or upset she has to leave. Generally, it’s the latter.

I just wonder who is going to climb in that ball pit and get her. Her daughter? Son? Grandson? The cashier? Life Alert? No one ever lets grandma have any fun. Then when they do they always cut it short and take her back to the nursing home…but not this time. She shall not be moved.

16 Most Legit Face Swap

via boredpanda

Face swapping with bae is always loads of fun. So what happens when bae is a cookie? Yes. You face swap with a cookie. How the app found a face in a cookie, no one knows. But the fact that it did will give hope to those who swear they saw Jesus or Justin Bieber or Gene Simmons in one. They do exist. You really can’t stop looking at this photo and I don’t blame you. The entire idea that someone face swapped with a cookie brings tears to my eyes. To see it in action sends a jolt of joy to my heart. This lady deserves an award.

Can we all agree to give this girl face swap of the year? She deserves it.

15 This Guy Trying Not To Laugh

via 9gag

Okay, who decided to put Steve Buscemi face on an innocent child. Steve Buscemi is famous for being on Boardwalk Empire, Reservoir Dogs, and then a ton of Adam Sandler movies. In the 90s we would watch Adam Sandler Movies waiting for at least a Steve cameo. He’s great. But whoever decided to make this picture should be ashamed of themselves but thank you for bringing us so much show and laughter. This kid has become the “trying not to laugh face” of our time.

It has also been proven to scare small children and unsuspecting adults. So it works as a “cheerer upper” and as a heart attack inducer when you surprise someone with it. Don’t believe it? Set it as the background on their phone and you’ll hear them scream from miles away.

14 This Guy Trying Harder Not To Laugh

via imgur

If you see a funny meme and someone says don’t laugh, you get the Steve Buscemi face. If you are at a funeral and you’re with a dumb friend or sibling that says something funny, you get this face. That’s because it’s the ultimate “in pain from not laughing” face. Though it works for other situations as well. The worst part is, you literally cannot stop looking at it. The original image is no longer relevant. So we get this horrendously hilarious spin-off and it’s amazing.

It can come in handy in so many situation and it will never fail to make the subject laugh. Why…why is this Japanese martial artist with a scrunched-up face so hilarious? Don’t ask questions, just enjoy the joy. That is what enjoyment is for.

13 When You Living The High Life

via facebook

If I ever saw a relatable meme in my life, it’s this one. Everyone who’s anyone that would have a moment for these funny pictures has been at a point in their life where they couldn’t afford a cup of coffee. This is pretty much a splurge for most people. Then there’s the people who can actually buy chrome cars. Who does that? What kind of world do we live in? The one that the guy with the coffee does. Cause no one really lives in the guy with the car’s world, except for like three people and no one likes them. Even though you know that one guy…you don’t like him, admit it.

So let’s all get together and have a cup of $1 coffee. Wait till Friday and we’ll have us a $2.50 coffee. On the house. I mean, in the house cause it’s way cheaper to make coffee at home.

12 The Coolest Party Ever

via facebook

Why wasn’t I invited to this party? It’s the coolest party of the decade and it’s already passed. I don’t want to know what went down but I know it was crazy. I see keyboards, cats, accordions, street lamps, and sick dance moves. Guys? Is this the sighting of the inspiration for the original keyboard cat? By golly, I think it is!

Hot dog! That is a party that we should have all gone to but no one did…unless this was taken when only the hard partiers were left and everyone else had gone home. Those weak humans and their dogs. I agree that this party is so lit, that it was most likely invite only and none of us made the cut. Except that guy with the chrome car.

11 Literally Me

via facebook

I literally cried the first time I saw this meme, but then I laughed so we’re good. Everyone loves to look at the groom’s face when he first sees the bride. But who’s there to see my equally emotional and adorable face when those mozzarella sticks are headed my way? No one! Someone needs to dedicate their photography company to taking pictures of people’s faces when they see the food coming. It doesn’t have to be just mozzarella sticks. No need to be foodist. We can open ourselves up to nachos and loaded chili cheese fries and burgers, hey even pizza.

This could really be a thing because everyone has that feeling in their heart in this moment. No need to cover it up, it’s natural.

10 Could Be A False Reading

via twitter

This is a legit ad…and it’s sad. It shows a nine-month pregnant woman and her husband who just found out the woman is pregnant. Wait a minute…what has this world come to? Seriously? The mistaken was done before anyone could correct it and it went viral. You may not know whether to shake your head or laugh but I suggest laughing.

I don’t know if it shows off how dumb the world is or how clever they are. It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for certain…she’s pregnant. The super accurate pregnancy test said so. That’s how we know. It has nothing to do with the few extra pounds she’s put on the last nine months, but the test. Maybe it was just indigestion that keeps her up till 4am. Or maybe…you know, she’s pregnant.

9 Harry Potter?

via facebook

That moment when you meet Harry Potter and you look more like him than he does. It makes so much sense even though it sounds like it doesn’t. This kid, legit, looks more like Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe. This isn’t just a passing, “That kid kind of looks like Harry Potter” thing. This is a legit stare at the screen for hours and he still looks more like Harry Potter than the actor who played him in the movies.

This kid is going places…if he was a little less happy and a little more Harry. This photo sure does make Daniel Radcliffe look like Daniel Radcliffe. Makes you think maybe Elijah Wood looks more like harry Potter than Radcliffe does. Don’t tell me you’ve never got the two mixed up in the early 2000s/late 90s.

8 When Snoop Dogg Is Life

via facebook

This picture is actually high. I think you can literally get high off of this picture. It has that much Snoop Dogg and that much “woah”. At first, you will see just a kid’s finger-painted picture. Then, you see that Snoop Dogg is the sun. Weird. As you examine it, you’ll see that he is also the tree bark…and the grass…and the- you must be trippin’. Snoop Dogg is the entire photo.

Never have you been so confused and somehow pleased at this fact. It’s odd that you like it and odd that you didn’t notice the whole picture was Snoop Dogg to begin with. This is really our world, boys and girls, a world that is beyond reparation. So you have two choices: live it or leave it.

7 Yes

via NBC

News headlines are not always funny as they are often morbid. But this photo shows the irony in the words we say and the light side of the media. I mean, it’s probably a joke, but it’s a funny one. Don’t worry, even if it is real, he is okay, he didn’t die. So rest at ease and enjoy the fact that some dude or chick out there stabbed a guy who said, “what are you going to do, stab me?”

Yes. Yes they are. This guy got stabbed either for saying “what are you going to do, stab me?” or the stabbing was premeditated. Either way, can the aggressor really be blamed? Again, yes. Don’t stab people, no matter how much they taunt you.

6 When The Sauce Is Mild

via facebook

This sauce waited months and months behind the microwave to be found. And it survived. At times, it would think it was over, and nearly give up. But it was just spicy enough to keep holding on, waiting for a rescue. He knew someone would be back for him.

Somehow this picture speaks a thousand words. An entire movie could be made from its story. One and a half hours minimum, without commercials. It would begin with a sauce packet, fresh from the factory who waited patiently for someone to take him home from Taco Bell where he was delivered in a supply truck. One day, he was taken home by an excited woman who had just purchased a double decker taco. When she got home, she set him up proudly on the microwave while she reheated her food. Then- want to hear more? Exactly! I rest my case!

5 Let’s Go Back

via facebook

If this is real, I want a time machine now. To go back to a time where the biggest problem when getting a divorce is who gets the beanie babies would be heaven. Seriously. These two are playing for real pick-a-pick. I want to sit down with them and take part in this dividing of the beanie babies for three reasons. For one, this simple life is highly sought after. Beanie Babies are worth a fortune these days. And they are just really amazing. The picture makes them look so fun too!

These days, it would be deciding who gets the engagement ring to pawn or some lame electronic. But back then, we really got to see what matters in this world. And that is a nice calm divorce where you evenly split those beanie babies.

4 Nacho Cheese FTW

via facebook

You can’t hold it in any longer. Danny DoRito got you! Get it? Danny DoRito! Like Danny DeVito. Cause the picture is Danny…DeVito. With a Dorito head. That makes him Danny DoRito. In case you didn’t’ get it, he’s holding a Dorito bag! It’s nacho cheese. Nacho cheese at all, it’s Danny’s cheese. Cause he’s a Dorito. Get it yet?

It really is the simple things in life that bring us so much joy. There’s no one that this Danny DoRito wouldn’t cheer up. He somehow even looks shorter than he normally is. Which somehow make sit even funnier. Who knew? You should see a photo of his good friend Little Debbie Reynolds. Gorgeous! This one never gets old, no matter how old Mr. DoRito gets.

3 Justin Really Has Changed

via facebook

Did we know back in the day that every male pop star had Ramen Noodle hair? Justin Timberlake had the most ramen-y ramen hair of them all though. He was in sync with that hair, powdered chicken flavor packet and all. Get it? N-Sync!

The picture on the left is funny, but when we see the new Justin eating his own Ramen hair, it’s too much to handle. Whoever did this one is another award winner, I’m telling you. We all know Justin’s hair looks like ramen, but to see him eat it is priceless. And it lets us all know we’re not crazy for thinking he had noodle hair. Thank you for agreeing that no matter how good looking everyone said he was, they still thought his hair looked like something that cost 10 cents.

2 Benjamin Button?

via funnyjunk

This took me a good 15 minutes to see the real picture. I just didn’t want to let the old man baby go. There was an odd innocent cuteness to him. No one knows why they enjoy looking at pictures of old man babies. Maybe it reminds us of Benjamin Button, maybe it’s just freaking hilarious to see a baby with a funny face. Babies are cute, old men are funny. Then we have perfectly timed photos that make us feel like we’ve won the jackpot! Yes, that lucky!

It’s actually better if you don’t let your eyes adjust to the truth and see what you want to see instead. No use sucking the joy out of everything for no reason. Wow…that was not meant to be so deep!

1 This Too Much

via facebook

This is when you know you’ve had too much internet. You don’t think about the connection between the two, you just move on and never look back. Enjoy the laugh but don’t think about it. Stop. Stop thinking and please move on. Now. It’s over. Stop thinking about the horse baby before it’s too late. I’m warning you.

If you do one more thing today, forget about this photo. Do not share it, do not share this horror, this confusing photo that no one wants to think about it. If you like your friends you will not share it! If you love your friends, however, you’ll share it with them at 2am and act like it’s an emergency. Now that’s what I’m talking about. You’re welcome for the idea.

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