20 Hilarious Tweets That Match Chrissy Teigen's Comedic Wit

By now, we all know that there are some funny people that stalk the internet. When we need a boost of energy or a laugh during the day, we hop on the internet and hope to find some comedic relief. We all have those certain people or celebrities that we count on to help us out when we're in a pit of despair. For us, it's model and TV host Chrissy Teigen. Her social media quips are always relatable and her way with words is effortlessly hilarious.

Social media has been around for quite some time now and people have found ways to draw in their followers. Maybe they aren't really trying and just sharing their daily struggles; either way, we're a fan. The hand-picked tweets below are exactly what the doctor ordered. These funny people are just ordinary humans making people laugh and it's definitely working. Their wit combined with their humor is what we all need in our lives in this dark, dark world. Sometimes humor is all we need to get through the day and maybe, the hilarious peeps below will inspire us all to be a bit more funny on social media.

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20 Guilty as charged

Looking back, we've all been in relationships with people we wish we could've told our younger selves to stay away from. This is how we learn and our mistakes hopefully don't defy us. After a point and time, we hopefully don't make the same mistake twice and according to this guy, he seems like he's the suspect in this situation. He's making light of it, which makes us assume he knows that significant others can get a lot of flack for doing the wrong thing and, if we're not too sensitive, we'll see the humor in it. Sometimes people seriously have troubles with committing and this tweet says it all.

19 The small things in life

Sometimes life is tough and in order to get through the bad times, we have to say goodbye to our diets and eat a cookie...or 10. Pigging out and letting go is what makes us get over our sad times. Then again, the aftermath might not be the euphoric glow we thought it would be. The tweet above will probably resonate with more of us than we'd like to admit because life comes at us fast once and a while. Having a salty or sweet snack around to rid our blues is a necessity, but once they're gone, that means we have to come to terms with it.

18 Say what?

Being in relationships is cool and all, but when the honeymoon stage is over and two people don't see eye to eye on things, tension ensues. For any of us that have been in a semi-serious to a serious relationship, we know the truth. Issues will come up, we'll say things we may not mean and then a fight happens. For this tweeter up above, he has the solution to it all—eat more gummy bears. We all want to have the perfect significant other, but truth is, it's never going to happen. In conclusion, when you feel a find coming on, stuff your face and ride it out.

17 The solution

Since the dawn of time, generations of people have created their own slang. We remember "tubular" and "rad" and now, we can't even. What does that even mean? Well, we can't handle the situation and instead of going overboard and being a drama queen, this is what we've come up with.

It's much easier and more polite than saying exactly what we're feeling. 

Some people may think it's odd and wonder who raised us, but those people need to get with the times. After a while, it becomes second nature to say things like this and well, someone on Twitter decided to make fun of it.

16 He still has it

When people get older, their idea of a fun time changes and when they find what they like to do, they stick with it. We've probably experienced this with your grandparents and one of the more popular hobbies to partake in is bingo. It might be cliche and it might be typical, but who doesn't like winning money? It's never fun to do this alone and it seems like the person above made an obligation their grandpa didn't forget about. Apparently, grandpa is way better at bingo than this person because it seems like he has an assumption in his head. We're going to side with the old guy on this one.

15 Less than ideal on the flying car

Human beings aren't perfect and throughout history, that's been proven time and time again. There are some things we need to learn on our own and then there are things we should just know. One of the things every person should know is that they shouldn't take off their shoes or their socks in public places, especially in close quarters.

We're all for not caring what people think, but this is too much. 

Thinking of breathing the same recycled air is bad enough, let alone looking over and seeing someone's bare feet on armrests. Some people just don't have any common sense and even though this is funny, we too think this seems like a nightmare.

14 It's 5 o' clock somewhere

As an adult, we have to endure bad days at work and good days at work. We know that everything won't be perfect and that happy hour was created for something. A cold beverage after work is heaven and sometimes, it's not even noon and we feel like we could use an adult beverage to ease the stress. In this case, we're thinking Janet is having one of those days. Some poor soul is just trying to be a healthy human being and someone else is thinking that their co-workers are starting early. Some people like a day cap and others, well, they might have a problem.

13 Calling the kettle black

Music is good for the soul, but we all know that if it's not the kind of music we like, it might not go that way. We all have a genre we like to listen to and if we're not too picky, we listen to all kinds of music.

Usually, there's always that one genre we cannot stand...like country, in this instance.

It seems like there are a lot of people out there hating on country music, but when that one song comes on, we can't resist. We might say we don't like something, but there's always that nostalgia that sets in and everything else melts away. No one can resist a good country karaoke song and that's a fact.

12 The other one

In the late hours of the morning when we can't sleep, we start to think about situations that more than likely would never happen. One of those situations might be to choose who we would love to meet if given the chance. Some of those famous names might be pretty obvious and only belonging to one person, but Beethoven? Not so much. The loving family dog would be amazing to meet, but the composer? Come on! This just goes to show people are never satisfied with what's ahead of them and this person tweeted what we all are thinking.

11 Hipster things

Thinking back to the 1960s and 1970s, we probably imagine hippies and flowers. Their carefree lifestyle and outlook in life is what we all need and sometimes, it's harder to channel. These days, there's still "hippies" around, but now they're deemed hipsters. Hipsters have been pegged with trying to make cool happen and live outside the norms of society.

Well if that's true, the tweet up above pretty much nails this label.

Not all hipsters are like this, but some are very much so. Trying to make a police code happen is definitely something a hipster cop would do and all we can do is laugh.

10 Outdoorsy enough

When we meet people, we can put them into two categories: people that like the outdoors and people that would rather get punched in the face. There's not really an in-between when it comes to that and it seems like people would rather be on their phones. This tweet is a good indicator that sometimes our phones should run out of battery once and a while.

We hate to blame it on the generation since a lot of us are a part of it, but this is so true when it comes to a millennial. Realizing trees are cool has never been more real.

9 Starbucks lingo

Starbucks gets a lot of side-eye merely for the way they operate things. Sometimes when we give them our name, they don't hear us right and scribble down something completely wrong. Sometimes the espresso machine is so loud that they fail to hear our correct order. Sometimes they fail to fall out of their lingo and give us the look of disgust when we don't use it too.

We'd hope there would never be a rat in any place we eat or drink, but this is spot on.

We could all go for a latte at this overly expensive coffee joint, but when it comes to their lingo, it's just too much to remember sometimes.

8 There's so much to do

To make themselves feel better, people come up with positive quotes and lingo to keep themselves from being sad. We think it makes sense, but we if stopped and thought about what we're actually saying out loud, would these quotes really make sense? People have regrets in life, that's normal, but thinking about "doing it all over again" is pretty generalized.

Our lives have consisted of a lot of situations and memories and it'd be hard to pick just one. We have to agree with the tweeter above by being confused about this question. Do what all over again? Well, we aren't quite sure.

7 Unfavored characters

When Facebook first made its debut, we were all super excited. Our social media career was becoming better and more accessible and we couldn't wait to log on after a long day. Those were the good old days when we actually liked most of the people we were "friends" with on the popular networking site.

These days, we're just too lazy to unfriend anyone.

There hasn't been a tweet that is more spot on when it comes to friends on Facebook. It's like a television show that never ends and the characters that are still left are just annoying.

6 Ghost-texting

There comes a time in everyone's lives when they stop caring if they text someone back or not and take on a habit of ghosting everyone that tries to get in contact with them. We're not sure if it's a trend these days or if people really don't want to confirm plans, but it's more popular than ever.

Not everyone does it and when they have a friend that does do it, it's extremely frustrating. If they took a step back and realized they weren't the other one getting shunned, they'd probably settle down.

5 It's the small things

In life, the small things are what really matter. OK, a nice house or car might help things along, but you get what we mean. When it comes to our career, the small things matter too...like birthday cake.

Sweet tooth or not, people love free stuff and willfully participate in it. 

Some people just tell it like it is, so instead of giving a potential possible employer a bland answer, this person just told it like it is: birthdays are great and treats are too. This employer had to appreciate the honesty and hopefully found the humor like we do.

4 Content as is

When we become adults, there's a lot of obligations we have to say yes to and events we have to sit through without rolling our eyes. Being there for a loved one is something that needs to happen once and a while, but we can still find the humor in doing it.

It gets to a point where the only thing in our mailbox are wedding invites or baby showers and that get's overwhelming. Instead of becoming annoyed, at least this person found the humor in taking an invite way too literal. Who wants a baby shower anyway?

3 Inspiration at its best

There comes a point, mainly after the holidays, that we realize we've gained a few pounds. We want to get the energy and inspiration to do something about it by possibly signing up for a gym. We see people all over social media trying to encourage us to get out there, but sometimes it doesn't help.

Seeing people pushing their healthiness in our faces almost has an opposite effect at times.

This person told it like it is when we see people exercising and being healthy. Most of us would rather cuddle deeper into our couch and binge watch our latest TV show obsession.

2 Lost and found

Losing something can be traumatic. Losing our keys right before we leave the house is even worse. We lose items like this when we're running late or when we've already lost something else. Of course, it's never our own fault and our roommate or significant other definitely had a part in it.

We're not sure how this happens so much, but we appreciate the person above for calling us all out on this mistake. Fessing up to losing something on our own is hard, but it has to be done. Although next time it happens, we'll more than likely do it all over again, in this order.

1 Adulting is tough

As an adult, there are a lot of things we have to deal with that we'd rather not. When we were young, we thought being older would be the answer to all of our problems. In reality, our problems were just about to begin and they come from a third-party email account.

We're not sure how the build-up happens, but it happens fast when we least expect it.

This task might be easy, but it's very tedious. There comes a point when we thought we had our life figured out, but then we open up our email and all heck breaks loose.

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