20 Hilariously Inappropriate 'Arthur' Memes

Our childhoods have been corrupted once again. Unless you've been living under a rock lately, it's likely you've come across at least one of the many memes featuring everyone's favorite aardvark, Arthur. Ranging from LOL to NSFW to OMGWTF, the internet got quite creative with the PBS Kids cartoon. Unsurprisingly, the Boston-based network that airs the show had something to say about the sudden spike in Arthur fandom. “We appreciate the memes that have been created and shared in good fun,” said a representative for the station earlier this month. “We are, however, disappointed by the few that are outside of good taste.” If sexual humor and statements on pop and drug culture are not in good taste, then that guy’s living in the wrong century. These are some of our favorite hilariously inappropriate Arthur memes.

20 Trippin' balls.

Via: @arthurmemesforall/Instagram

Oh, yes. This one sums up college so well. Laying in the grass with that cute nerdy guy from English class, enjoying the stars, and waiting for the hallucinogens you just took to kick in. From the looks of it, Sue Ellen got a little head start on Arthur. Her pupils look pretty dilated already. However, this meme has it backwards. Sue Ellen would totally be the one telling Arthur the drugs are about to kick in. I mean, just look at her. Her hair and vest just scream hippie burnout. I bet she's even wearing Birkenstocks on her feet. You've gotta wonder, though. What would a trip look like for an aardvark and a cat?

19 Gotta tap it.

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Don't you hate it when you're looking for loose change under the furniture and someone comments on 'dat ass?' Like, for some reason, as soon as your head disappears under something, your ass is fair game?

In the show, this situation would surely lead to D.W. smacking Arthur's behind and telling him what a bad boy he is, although, even that would be sexualized. Undoubtedly, Arthur would hit his head on the bottom of the chair and chase D.W. around angrily, telling her how annoying she is. In this alternate meme universe however, it has reversed gender roles and made D.W. the aggressor, checking out her dude’s set of cheeks. And you know, for a cartoon, they’re not that bad.

18 Baby mama drama.

Via: @macluvsyou/Twitter

I'd like to think this meme is the result of the first one on the list, where Arthur is telling D.W. they're probably parents. Looks like she kept the baby, but oops, doesn't know for sure if Arthur is the father. Leave it to good ol' Maury Povich to straighten things out. You think you're not the father, Arthur? Prove it! Take a paternity test! We’ll find out the results right after this! Ah yes, the Maury Show: perpetuator of baby mama drama; entertainer of truant teens, sick people, housewives, and the unemployed. This meme makes total sense, considering Arthur often runs right after Maury, albeit on completely different channels.

17 Aunt Flo is welcome anytime.

Via: @ThrewRedButter/Twitter

Here we have George and Arthur perfectly expressing that feeling of liberation after a pregnancy scare. Men only get this excited in one of three scenarios: they're watching sports, about to get laid, or narrowly avoided becoming a father. Pregnancy scares are pretty much the worst for both men and women if you’re not looking to take care of a living, breathing, pooping human for the next eighteen years or so. Yet, they happen all the time. Although periods are a nuisance for women, sometimes Aunt Flo is a welcome houseguest, as long as she doesn’t overstay her welcome or show up completely unannounced. Refer to the previous meme for what happens when Aunt Flo stops coming, despite everyone’s insistence that she’s overdue for a weeklong stay.

16 The cow knows what's up.

Via: @ogarthurmemes Twitter

I'm not sure who D.W. is looking at, but she's obviously just seen something terrifying. Like maybe a ginormous dong. Ladies, there must have been a time in your life when you finally saw him bare-ass naked, only to find out he had more than you bargained for. That's, of course, assuming that D.W.'s look of horror isn't because his dick is grossly deformed, or covered in god knows what, or, dare we say it, ridiculously tiny. The only thing that would make this meme better is if D.W. was holding a cellphone with a dick pic on it, laughing hysterically and showing it to her girlfriends. Get on that, internet.

15 Taking one for the team.

Via: best_of_grindr/Instagram

OK, yeah. This is one of the more extreme Arthur memes. I mean, it's obviously taken out of context from the show. He was probably just opening a packet of mayonnaise when it all went horribly wrong. Right? But, it's so much funnier to imagine that white goopy stuff as the culmination of a sex act. Whoever is on the giving side of that squirt has impeccable aim. My bet would be on Binky, as forward of the soccer team. Why Arthur still has his clothes on though, is a mystery. Maybe it was just a quickie. Or maybe he’s a never-nude. Tobias Fünke would be proud.

14 Sh*t's about to get weird.

Via: WeKnowMemes.com

This meme has to be the result of a Photoshop battle. That, or her face is about to melt off due to acid-induced psychosis. I can just hear Arthur now. “Dear God D.W., why do my legs feel so funny? Touch my legs! The bones have turned to rubber! What’s wrong with me?! Why does my head seem so big? Wait, where are my ears? Why the hell are they on top of my head? Give me that mirror. Argh! What am I?! Did you hear something? It must be aliens. I think Buster was right. I can’t go with them though; I have to practice piano or mom and dad will kill me. I don’t want to die…”

13 Speaking of weird...

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

First of all, please note Buster and Arthur are wearing slippers of each other. Um, WTF is that all about? Secondly, who brings a porn collection back in the middle of the night?? I mean seriously, Buster. Don't you know that's the best time to get abducted by aliens? Also, why does Arthur have porn in a box? Doesn’t he know that it’s all over the internet for free? Maybe he’s one of those Google conspiracy theorists; can’t have Big Brother watching while you’re trying to masturbate. Regardless, what exactly is in the box that's too weird for a paranoid, alien-believing, food-hoarding thief? Maybe, despite all his own wackiness, Buster likes his porn pretty vanilla.

12 Use protection, kids.

Via: @causeweresexual/Twitter

There are multitudes of Arthur memes out there implying an incestual relationship between Arthur and his sister D.W., which is obviously disturbing and gross. However, none are more hilariously inappropriate than this one of Arthur buttoning his pants while D.W. covers her eyes.

In this case, D.W. is the girl who wants to know where she stands post sexy-time, while Arthur does what all men do well: avoiding the question. His answer is even more cringe-worthy when you consider their actual ages on the show: he's eight and she's four. I guess when you haven't even been through sex-ed yet, never mind elementary school, you probably don't know much about birth control or condoms. Kids these days…

11 Don't you hate when that happens?

Via: ifunny.co

I'm sure we all related to this one at some point. You're hanging with some friends, including the girl you like, just shootin' the sh*t after school. Your mom's not home so you decide to impress said girl with your extensive meme knowledge and tickle her funny bone. While your little mating ritual would have worked on any other occasion, this time, you forgot to close that YouPorn window you were enjoying so much last night. Boom. Now she's seen all the freaky sh*t you're into and we all know there's no coming back from that. You'll just have to hope and pray she has short-term memory loss or that she decides hey, why not, I could go for a guy who's into tentacle porn.

10 Haters gonna hate.

Via: pedestrian.tv

Francine looks like she just spent the last twenty-four hours snooping on Arthur's Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Damn, girl; stalker much? Aside from being an overly attached girlfriend, she may have just uncovered the extent of Arthur's infidelity. So what does she do? Confront one of the girls who are bumping uglies with her significant other: none other than D.W. herself.

Whereas Francine thinks she’s going to have to scare D.W. into confessing, D.W. DGAF. She’s all like, “So, maybe I was. What are you going to do about it?” Good thing Francine is using a landline or she’d see that D.W. has just become the youngest madam of an underground sex ring.

9 We have lift off!

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Really, Buster? Is that any way to behave during space camp? I mean, sure, sometimes you just gotta scratch the itch, but right now? Right in front of everyone? Didn’t take you for an exhibitionist, but then again, you are an anthropomorphic bunny. Was it the vibration from the lift-off simulator that got you going?

Or, was it the talk of gaping black holes and mysterious mounds on Mars? Or maybe, it was the anticipation of finally meeting those aliens you keep talking about. Aliens are known to probe abductees in their orifices in order to find out more information about the biology of our species. If that doesn’t do it for you, what will; am I right?

8 It means science and math, right?

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Can you imagine Buster just going around school, asking everyone this question? After finding out that he wasn't teasing them about their science and math skills, the other kids would most likely come away from that conversation with a boatload of disgust and trauma.

Already, Francine looks like she’s skeptical of where this conversation is going. She probably thinks he’s trying to hit on her, but last time I checked, a rabbit and a monkey can’t mate. Little does she know that he’s about to rock her world with his alternative lifestyle. Judging from his poor hygiene practices and constant thievery throughout the series though, I’d say he’s a masochist who probably likes to get spanked. Naughty, naughty.

7 Just studying anatomy, NBD.

Via: Reddit

We all know Arthur likes to read—it is his last name after all, but who knew titty mags were even in his vocabulary. Why he was even rummaging in his dad's dresser is besides the point; now, he has access to the secret world of women’s bodies. What kinds of wonders await him in Tits ‘N More? At least the title of the magazine suggests there’s more to a woman’s body than her tits. Judging from the cover, it looks like the ladies are also anthropomorphic aardvarks. It’s so great that Arthur’s sharing his newfound knowledge of anatomy with D.W., who’s smartly wearing gloves to prevent fingerprints on the pages. Maybe someday she’ll appear in Tits ‘N More, too, much to her father’s horror.

6 Apparently aardvarks are racist AF.

Via: ifunny.co

I'm pretty sure they don't have copies of Hitler's autobiography in the school library. So, that can only mean one thing: Arthur brought his copy from home. It's pretty ironic that someone with dark fur is even reading Mein Kampf, never mind subscribing to its belief system. Pair that with the fact that he is trying to convince his much whiter friend that the leader of Nazi Germany, and perpetrator of the holocaust, has something to say that will seemingly change his life for the better. Maybe Arthur’s mom and dad should start approving all his reading material beforehand to prevent the spawning of a new generation of Hitler’s Youth.

5 Girl, put your pants on.

Via: @DvddyCoco/Twitter

I'm all for body positivity and everything, but Sue Ellen, where are your pants, girl?! From the looks of it, everyone was enjoying a day at the swimming pool until she decided to show off her lady bits. Buster is clearly all about it, judging from the bulge in his pants, but Arthur, on the other hand, looks a little cross-eyed. Some guys just can’t handle an assertive woman who knows what she wants. Obviously, Sue Ellen’s ready to get down and doesn't really give a crap about the Netflix part of Netflix & chill. Guess we know who’d be on top then. What can I say? Some ladies don’t need foreplay.

4 Buncha potheads.

Via: Arthur Memes Facebook

It looks like we found the reason why Buster's so obsessed and paranoid about aliens: THC. Apparently Buster likes to wake and bake, even bringing his weed stash to share with everyone at school. Lakewood Elementary must actually be one of those "alternative" schools where kids get sent after being expelled. How else could they smoke out in the middle of the cafeteria during lunchtime? If only Mr. Ratburn was there, too. That guy has to be a pothead. Have you seen the way he looks at a piece of cake? Well, at least one thing’s for sure, smoking weed at lunch will make the mystery meat taste a hell of a lot better than it normally does.

3 You’ve got something on your… never mind.

Via: Arthur Memes Facebook

Someone was certainly stoked to be in his company recently; my money’s on Francine. Let’s guess: is Arthur sitting in a doctor’s office or his science classroom? If we were keeping things PG-13, those lip marks would be the result of a surprise attack by Francine who dragged Arthur into a closet during lunch for a little make out session. Judging from his lack of shirt though, I’d say he’s regretting some serious life choices right now, like who he just slept with. Are those lip-shaped chicken pox or did he just catch an STD? Since we’ve established that Francine is basically Overly Attached Girlfriend, chances are, she’s in the other exam room, trying to convince the nurse she’s pregnant even after a negative test result.

2 Arthur likes big butts and he cannot lie.

Via: Arthur Memes Facebook

Oh, damn. James and Arthur look like they just saw some monster booty and can't even handle it right now. Why are guys so fascinated with tits and ass? It must have been something special though if it elicited that much shock and awe. Someone in town must have gotten butt implants; it's the only explanation. But who could afford something like that, or do something that extreme to boost their appearance? It has to be Muffy. She lives in a mansion with a butler after all. She's so popular, she's practically the town celebrity. Even though she's best friends with Francine, Muffy's so spoiled, she has to have all the attention, even from Arthur. You know, this could be the basis of a hit new reality show, Muff's Butt.

1 Childhood ruined.

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

If this one doesn't make you cringe, you're clearly a pedophile. That's Mr. Read, Arthur's dad, telling Arthur something that's taken completely out of context, but that's why it's so hilarious. What sells it the most is the look of horror on Arthur's face. He’s all like, "Did I just hear that right? Did Dad just ask me to touch his... thing? Where's mom when you need her? What do I do? What do I do? If I do it, maybe he’ll stop making me eat turnip muffins and all those other weird foods he cooks up. If I don’t, I can maintain my dignity, at least for a while." Poor Arthur, he's really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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