20 Huge Scandals That Almost Ruined TLC

TV networks invest a lot of money to get the right people to create good content, so they keep people tuned in to their channels and TLC network is no exception. Unfortunately, time has revealed that some cast members have had dark pasts while others were involved in real-life scandals.

TLC generally focuses on reality TV, personal stories and families that stand out from the crowd. As a result, some of these scandals have led to TLC canceling their shows or the producers forcing the culprit to exit the shows and then begin the damage control process. Here are 20 huge scandals that almost ruined TLC.

20 Josh Duggar’s Treachery

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19 Kids and Counting eldest child Josh Duggar was in serious trouble when people discovered that he had been inappropriate as a teenager. According to thetalko, this scandal almost ruined TLC and even some advertisers stopped supporting the show. They had to pull previous episodes from the air and later canceled the show.

19 Jon & Kate Plus A Nasty Break Up

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It was really entertaining to watch Jon and Kate as they struggled to raise their eight kids on Jon & Kate Plus 8. Unfortunately, their marriage was not working out and they decided to separate. Their divorce was very public and hate-filled that it almost ruined TLC. Due to all that scandal, the show had to end as babygaga points out.

18 The Toddler With A Tiara Episode We Disapproved Of

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TLC thought nothing could go wrong on Toddlers and Tiaras; after all, it was just a show about toddlers competing in beauty pageants and their parents dressing them up for the competitions. However, according to thetalko, one parent took things too far and sent her 4-year old daughter on stage holding something toddlers should not. This episode ticked off many viewers and almost ruined TLC.

17 Mama June’s Not So Nice Boyfriend

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Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was also involved in a scandal that almost ruined TLC. When she left her husband Sugar Bear and started dating an ex-boyfriend, her eldest daughter Anna Chickadee Shannon was not too pleased with the news because she claimed he had done some bad things. She tried telling her mother then but she did not believe her as nickswift points out. The judge found the boyfriend guilty and the show had to end.

16 Meri’s Scandal On Sister Wives

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It is public knowledge that Kody Brown has many wives. However, his first wife Meri Brown was involved in a catfish scandal, which shocked many viewers. She fell hard for a catfisher online called Sam. According to thetalko, Sam was apparently a woman who wrote a tell-all about the affair. The scandal was so bad that their church kicked them out. Meri and Kody divorced eventually.

15 The Willis Family Drama

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After the discovery of Willis family on America does Got Talent, the couple Toby and Brenda and their 12 musically talented children got their own show on TLC. Everything was okay until a scandal broke out that Toby had been involved in some terrible activities 12 years earlier as fame10 reveals. The authorities arrested Toby and TLC had to cancel the show.

14 The Sad Puppy Story

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TLC’s reality show, Gypsy Sisters, followed the lives of Romanichal women. The show lasted four seasons before almost ruining TLC. Cast member, Mellie Stanley was often involved in domestic disputes with her husband. According to screenrant, during one of their fights, her husband allegedly involved the dog and the situation went downhill from there. TLC had to cancel the show.

13 The Roloff Deserter

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Jacob Roloff joined the family series Little People, Big World when he was only a boy. Little did they know he would be the one associated with the biggest scandal of the show. Jacob chose to leave the show and his family when he turned 18. According to babygaga, he claimed that he was conned out of his earnings on the show since his childhood and because of anger, he revealed many fake things about the show.

12 Never Dancing With Kate Again

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After trying out several reality shows on TLC, Kate Gosselin decided to participate in Dancing With The Stars. She paired up with one Tony Dovolani who had a lot to say about her. According to thetalko, Tony revealed that Kate was controlling and demeaning during their rehearsals in an interview with Anderson Cooper. He walked out several times during rehearsal and had to go for therapy after the show ended.

11 The Dark Side Of Cheer Perfection

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TLC’s Cheer Perfection was a reality show on TLC, which shed light on families of cheerleaders. However, it almost ruined TLC when a scandal broke out about one of the mothers on the show. According to TMZ, authorities arrested Andrea Clevenger and the judge sent her to jail for 10 years. After the scandal, TLC canceled the show.

10 LMNO Versus Discovery Communication

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The reality show, Little Couple’s production was put on hold because of a legal battle between TLC’s parent network, Discovery Communications and LMNO the show’s Production Company. The producers sued the network for embezzlement and extortion. This giant mess almost ruined TLC; fortunately, they reached an amicable settlement two years later.

9 The Malpractice Suit

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On My 600-lb Life, a patient sued Dr. Nowzaradan for medical malpractice. According to intouchweekly, he allegedly left a stainless steel connector and tubing inside the patient when performing gastric bypass surgery. The patient suffered pain and had to undergo additional surgery due to negligence. The lawsuit was not successful because the doctor clarified he was not the person responsible.

8 The 90-Day Fiancé Drama

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In the 90-Day Fiancé reality show, couples had to decide if they want to get married in three months or breakup. Sadly, after getting married, couple Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko almost ruined TLC. According to popcluture, Jorge was arrest because of what he had in his possession and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. On several occasions, fans had accused the show of being fake.

7 Bridezilla's Unhappy Day In Court

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Who would have thought a bridal show could almost ruin TLC? In the series Say Yes To The Dress, brides-to-be shopped for their special dresses at Kleinfeld a popular store featured on the show. However, one bride, Ali Godino did not want her dress revealed to the public before her big day and therefore began a lawsuit against the show. There was no clause supporting her claim and the judge dismissed the lawsuit as thethings.com reveal.

6 So You Were Not Amish All This Time?

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Many accusations were made about TLC’s TV series Breaking Amish is fake. A scandal broke out that revealed that Sabrina High, one of the cast member was not really Amish when her season was filmed. She had already left her family and faith to do the show. When the spin-off show Return to Amish aired, Sabrina was not doing so well, she was homeless and had lost custody of her child. Later, authorities arrested and sent her to jail as thetalko states.

5 Long Island Medium: Was It All Fake?

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Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo had to defend her talent when people started doubting her psychic abilities to speak to the dead. According to skepticalinquirer, it people discovered that Theresa got clients information on social media before doing a reading and placed familiar faces front row of people she had read in the past or those she knows everything about.

4 The Cake Decorator Scandal

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Reality series Cake Boss follows the operations of a bakery owned and operated by siblings of the show’s star Buddy Valastro. According to nickiswift, Buddy’s brother-in-law Remy Gonzalez was a cake decorator until a scandal broke out that he had committed some terrible acts. The judge sent Gonzalez to prison for 9 years.

3 My Husband’s Not Gay

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Another controversial show that almost ruined TLC was My Husband’s Not Gay. The show centered on couples whose husbands were attracted to men but suppressed those feelings. The show was a controversy even before it aired its first special. According to nickiswift, a petition was done to stop it from airing but the network did not back down, they instead said the cast on the show were only speaking for themselves and not for the entire gay community.

2 The Little People Divorce

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The Little People, Big World followed the day-to-day lives of the Roloff family in their farmhouse. Fans were shocked when parents, Matt and Amy announced that they were getting a divorce after 26 years of marriage. To make matters worse Matt went on to date their farm manager soon after the separation as screenrant points out. This scandal almost ruined the show and TLC.

1 The Big Fat Collection Of Half-truths

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding premiered in the midst of criticism from people who were familiar with the intricate details of The Roma and Irish Traveller communities as well as members of the community, according to nickiswift. Oksana Marafioti, who is an author offered to assist TLC with accurate information about the people, which the network was apparently not interested in. In 2014, Priscilla Kelly, who had appeared on the show slammed the network on Facebook for fabricating everything including the cast.

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