20 Inappropriate Photos People Took At Disneyland

Disneyland is anything but pure. It may present itself as being totally uncontaminated by the filth and degradation of society but c'mon, who are they even kidding? Anyone who has been to Disneyland or Disneyworld knows full well that it can be a microcosm for our less than favorable society. It's a place where bad behavior, poor hygiene, inappropriate acts, and downright questionable events can occur. If you don't believe that, you should definitely check out the photos below.  They're definitive proof and clearly part of the problem. Not only do they destroy the myth of Disneyland being a magical place, but they also add to its scummy underworld. But... for these very reasons... we LOVE them! Without further ado, here are 20 inappropriate photos people took at Disneyland.

20 What's With This Increasing Hatred Of Mice?


Mickey and Minnie are the King and Queen of the park. And clearly some of the guests have a bit of an issue with this obsession with rodents. If they didn't, we wouldn't have photos that prove it. Minnie took great offense to this DJ shirt and Mickey obviously didn't particularly enjoy being kicked in the chicken tenders. Let's be honest, this isn't the way to treat your hosts.

19 Child Protection Services: Disneyland Division


Disney definitely needs to have a Child Protection Services division. After all, it's basically the number one location of these acts of mistreatment -- aside from Honey Boo Boo's house that is. But his photo just takes it to another level. Anyone who sees a parent guiding their child around with a leash compares them to dog owners. But this kid is actually acting like a dog. This can't be good for Disney's image.

18 There's No Question... Minnie Gets Around


Um... what the **** is up with Minnie? Isn't she in a committed relationship with Mickey? Why is she sneaking off with Goofy? Is Goofy really a better lover? The guy can't even finish a sentence without messing up, how is it possible that he's good in the sack? We guess it doesn't matter. What's really important is the fact that these pics will give kids a rude awakening to the realities of monogamy.

17 Those Dastardly Chipmunks Are At It Again

EBaulm's World

Children don't need to know that their favorite cartoon characters are actually pervy AF. But thanks to this shot, they almost certainly do. But, hey, maybe this will teach these two dastardly chipmunks to take quick glances instead of straight-up staring. That's just rude! The design of the costume's face definitely isn't helping matters.

16 Did They Really Expect Fashion To Be On-Point At The House Of Mouse?

eBaulm's World and Imgur

Nobody expects to see a bunch of people draped in Prada and rockin' Louboutins at Disneyland. Yet, these photographers just had to remind us that Disneyland is a cesspool for bad fashion choices. Well done for telling us something we all already know! Just look at Donald Duck, he walks around with a shirt and no pants... It's basically every person at Walmart.

15 Um... There Are Children Present...

IG and TV Insider

This photo could be completely unintentional. After all, most people aren't photography experts -- though Insta would definitely have them believing they are. Regardless, this is a surefire way of forever having us think about entering through the back door when visiting the iconic Animal Kingdom. That, for sure, isn't the intent of the park designers... Or is it?

14 Some Girls Don't Give A **** About Princesses

Imgur and NPR

We're glad that not every child idolizes princesses the way that Disney wants them too. It's important that young women find their own heroes instead of them being force-fed a certain standard. Having said that, this is totally inappropriate. Don't get us wrong... it's funny AF. But it's definitely not the way to conduct yourself in front of royalty.

13 The Discovery Of Mickey's Eddie Obsession


So now we know the truth... That Mickey got the card from his doctor that allows him to enter certain stores and purchase certain items. We mean, it's pretty clear that's the case. The little vermin looks like he's off on another planet. Well, whatever's up with him, we all wanna be on his level. The dude looks like he's having a blast!

12 Dogs Don't Fare Well At Disney


We just really hope that these kids are ignorant of what it looks like they're doing. If not, we worry about poor Fido at home. Because it's clear that dogs don't fare well at the Disney parks. Or, they fare a bit too well. Depends on how you look at it, we guess. Regardless, these images completely shatter the pure image od Disneyland that we all would like to have.

11 Gettin' A Lil Thirsty Over Those Mascots There, Champ


Some Disneyland guests head to the park for the mascots. No, we don't mean because they want to see their childhood favorites. We mean because they're thirsty AF. But we can't blame them, some of these mascots are pretty fine. Especially those hired to wear the skimpy outfits of characters like Tinkerbell and Hercules.

10 Princess Leia Is NOT Impressed

Imgur and Disney

Some of the designs of the attractions at Disneyland lend themselves to crude jokes like this. So, we can't really blame this guy for going for the easy laugh. After all, sometimes the easiest laughs are the most worthwhile. But we can tell you that Princess Leia and all the other Disney characters would be less than impressed by this guy turning their theme park into fartsville.

9 Do Signs Mean NOTHING Any More!?


This sign is oddly specific which makes these photos even funnier. Yeah, this wasn't a onetime thing. These images were taken at completely different times. Basically proving that signs mean absolutely nothing anymore. Meaning that we no longer need to heed the ones that say, "children only", "no photos", or "no arguing with your kid in public and making everyone around you really uncomfortable".

8 Proof That Disney Subliminal Messaging Is 100% Real


There are so many articles that talk about the subliminal messaging of Disney. And the design of this sweater just proves it. Sure, it doesn't look like anything bad when people wear them. But when they're inevitably tied around someone's waist, they appear less than favorable. Way to forever scar a child for life, people!

7 And Now The World Knows About Those Unruly Costumed Folk

Imgur and NPR

These photos definitely ruin a child's experience at Disneyland. Kids are supposed to see the costumed folk in a warm glowing light. It's supposed to help them escape from the real world and bring them into their dreams. Not remind them of when their uncle has too much to drink at Thanksgiving.

6 When You Go To Disneyland For Something Other Than The Rides...

Imgur and IG

There's an entire IG account dedicated to hot dads who visit Disneyland, so we shouldn't be surprised by photos like this. Still, it does sort of warp our opinion of the park when we learn that people go just to scout out a potential date. Or ogle some hunky dude they could never get with. What about the children? Isn't Disneyland about kids?

5 When You Go To Disneyland For Something Other Than The Rides: The Babe's Addition

Just Jared, Imgur and eBaulm's World

Lovers of women are not to be outdone. Disneyland is basically a creeps paradise. Women in daisy dukes are plentiful and so are gorgeous celebrities like Ariel Winter and Peyton List. And guess what? These celebrities are usually the type who aren't covering up either. As exciting as this is, it totally ruins what Disneyland is actually about. And yet... we can't take our eyes off photos like these...

4 Disney Demands That Everyone Has Fun... This Will NOT Stand


These images are the antithesis of what Disney expects of their guests. It's marketed to us as "The Happiest Place on Earth". And yet, that's not the reality for everyone. Some people just aren't enthused. Especially Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins who appears as if he'd have more fun getting a colonoscopy than he does riding the Matterhorn.

3 Um... Maybe Ya Wanna Put Down That Paddle, Donald...

Imgur and People

Yeah, these aren't good optics for Donald. And let's face it, this wacky duck causes enough ruckess as it is. After all, he's constantly walking around without pants on. Dude, there are children present! Put that thing away. Well, his duckling isn't the only thing he needs to be careful of. The mathematics of this image just doesn't result in a whole number.

2 Some Statues Write Their Own Jokes

Imgur and NPR

We know Disneyland is supposed to be a place that garners innocense but it's pretty challenging to keep up that image when you have statues like this. What is that chipmunk doing to that turtle and why does it look like he's enjoying it so much? Hey, at any rate, this is a great way to get parents to begin their discussion of the birds and the bees.

1 Photographing A Pretty Troublesome History

Ranker and Celebzz

Like everything, Disneyland has a history of portraying some troublesome events, stereotypes, and ideologies. It's since evolved, but that doesn't mean that photos from the past don't cause people to gasp. After all, this doesn't seem like an appropriate thing to be showing kids on a theme park ride. Even if it was accurate to the time period that the ride's portraying.

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