20 Inappropriate Things Only Adults Noticed In Cartoon Network Shows

These bring snickers to adults and confusion to kids.

Cartoon Network has brought us many childhood classics like Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and Ed, Edd n Eddy. Looking back on these shows, there were some moments that we missed when we were young. Similar to Nickelodeon shows, Cartoon Network has snuck in some jokes that adults will get right off the bat.

Even modern shows like Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball feature suggestive jokes, bringing snickers to adults and confusion to kids. Be prepared to look back on these shows and remember the jokes that you missed as a kid. One of the shows even got an episode banned due to the jokes used.

Here are twenty inappropriate things only adults noticed in Cartoon Network shows!

20 Cost Extra

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For a genius like our friend Dexter here, there are times where he actually does get some inappropriate jokes. In this one, Dexter hires an assistant that is implied to be an adult entertainer. Because asking for fifty dollars is something an entertainer like her would request.

19 Just Sharpening A Pencil

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The shocking part about this scene in The Powerpuff Girls is that this took place when Sedusa was in disguise as Ms. Bellum. The latter might be attractive, but the mayor would not have been this excited if it weren't for the villain. It still does mirror adult situations, though.

18 Blindfold Memory

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Johnny Bravo always tries to win with the women he finds attractive. The humor is entertaining, but we can't help but feel bad for him as well. The show even left a blindfold joke that references a type of intimate activity. We'll just let the image explain things for you.

17 Tiers Of Dating

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Adventure Time is never afraid to go into adult territory and provide clever jokes. One joke involves Jake and Finn talking about the tiers of dating. The fifteenth tier of dating is apparently inappropriate and we can imply that it leads to the birds and the bees.

16 Raunchy Singing

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a zany but fun cartoon that pays homage to the 60s' show with its cheesy humor, but improved action. The Birds of Prey make their appearance and boy, did they put out a song number. Be sure to watch it to see how raunchy it is!

15 TMI, Flash

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The Flash does have the right to boast that he is the fastest man alive, but that can be taken pretty inappropriately as well. Hawkgirl explains that he could never get a date due to his speed. If that is not the best roast Flash could get, we don't know what is!

14 Poor Muriel

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Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog is one of the kindest characters on the show. For her to go through danger makes us hope that somehow, Courage will be able to save her. In this scene from "Ball of Revenge," Muriel asks Eustace that if the basement was where his men's club is, and this image just takes it to another level.

13 Eddy's Other Stash

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Ed, Edd n Eddy is a timeless show from Cartoon Network's lineup. Even though Eddy is a gold digger and wants to eat jawbreakers, even he has his other interests. The image displays that he owns magazines and a tissue box to hint what he does in his past time.

12 Disappointed By Design

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There are some shows that take its audience seriously, no matter what age and Teen Titans is a perfect example. However, there are some sneaky adult innuendos, like in the episode named "Switched." Beast Boy is disappointed that his lower regions is not "accurate" for his puppet gifted to him and the other Titans.

11 Watching Other Fruit

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Remember how Nickelodeon's SpongeBob was almost caught watching something "inappropriate"? The Amazing World of Gumball features a scene like that, but with Banana Joe watching a rather interesting video on fruit being open. Gumball catches him and is in shock from what the banana is watching.

10 Chew On What?

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Cow and Chicken is a cartoon that is full of adult jokes. One of them includes the episode "Buffalo Gals" which references carpet eating. A Google search will explain what that means. Due to the joke's inclusion, it resulted in the episode being banned.

9 What Are They Watching?

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It seems that there are a lot of scenes that feature a character watching something and almost get caught in cartoons. But with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel was at first shocked at with Courage was watching, but then gets curious about it.

8 Using His Hand

Poor Irwin suffers from unrequited love with Mandy. In the episode "Billy and Mandy vs. The Martians," Irwin tells Mandy to grab his hand so she wouldn't fall. However, Mandy says "Ew, no way, I know where that hand's been!" Just use your imagination for this one.

7 Just A Note

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Double D's parents are always never home, so they leave sticky notes for him. They even place them in areas that it takes common knowledge to figure out. If you look closely, there is a note that says, "Don't touch yourself." It seems Double D's parents are asking for too much.

6 Suggestive Wordplay

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Regular Show is also no stranger to adult humor in a kid's show. The joke is simple, as it has Benson and Rigby discuss balls. That's it, just balls. They even talk about how huge the balls are, so that is interesting to know.

5 Posed Perfectly

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Even though Pokémon has always been targeted to kids, there are just some moments from the Japanese series that had to have episodes banned due to the content. Where Jessie gets Lickitung wasn't cut, but the image above shows that it can be taken out of context.

4 Old To Do What?

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This adaptation of Scooby-Doo maintains its innocent premise, but even it can feature some innuendos and references to adult situations. When Marcy explains to Freddie that she is old enough to "vote," Daphne knew what was up and she did not look too happy at all.

3 When You're Older, You'll Understand

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The image itself explains it all. It is even crazy how Dee Dee was able to write that without the Neighbor Lady noticing. Kids can get a laugh out of this, but once they get older, it will make this scene hilariously mind-boggling.

2 Quite The Accident

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There are amazing accidents, and then there are unexpected ones. This iconic moment from The Powerpuff Girls might have gotten a bit too real when Bubbles explains to her friend that she and the other sisters were accidents. Professor Utonium's expression just says it all after the girl's response.

1 He Loves Doing It

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Young Justice might not use adult jokes often since the show treats its audience seriously, but sometimes it is fun to take words out of context. In the episode where the team loses their memories while on a mission, there is a scene where Robin, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash discover their night versions of their outfits. Kid Flash seems to like poking himself a bit too much.

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