20 Inappropriate Things We Ignored In Nickelodeon Shows (But Can't Anymore)

Nickelodeon might be a channel catered towards kids, but every now and then, they can sneak in some jokes that adults can get and snicker at. As kids, we would have never thought of the characters saying these things as nothing but innocent. As adults, it basically ruined our childhoods. But we can look back and laugh at the jokes as they were clever.

Both live action and animated shows offer the innuendos and they were done tastily. Whether you know some of these jokes or not, be prepared to laugh at the writers’ cleverness or have your childhood ruined recalling the time you watched the episode of said show for the first time. Here are twenty inappropriate things we ignored in Nickelodeon shows but can't anymore.

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20 Hugh's Enlightened Moment

via: youtube.com

This joke was the definition of TMI. When Hugh, Jimmy Neutron's dad, has mentioned that he sat on a banana when he was seven, that probably left adults cautiously laughing. It changed his life and honestly, we wonder what would happen if that hadn't happened.

19 Timmy's Alone Time

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The Fairly Odd Parents does manage to have some jokes that seem innocent but aren't really. In this entry, Timmy claims to his parents that he will take the paper towels with him to his room alone. We are basically his parents right now when it comes to expression.

18 What Is He Teaching You, Zoey?

via: zoey101.fandom.com

In the Zoey 101 episode, "Zoey's Tutor," Zoey wants to have someone tutor her in a science class and surprisingly Logan is extremely smart. When Zoey was trying to explain to Chase about Logan teaching her so much, Chase gets grossed out, taking it the wrong way since he assumed they were dating.

17 Not Referencing Grades This Time

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If you are familiar with any show created by Dan Schneider, then there are some adult jokes that are incredibly funny yet subtle as well. In Victorious, Andre asks the question, "How does a person go from an A to a D?" Then Jade responds with, "I had a D in eighth grade." It takes some time to get the joke, but it's pretty funny.

16 Wrong Head, Patrick

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Even SpongeBob isn't safe from dirty jokes. For this entry, it can be interpreted in two ways. As usual, SpongeBob would tell Patrick his genius is showing, but it almost sounds like a word associated with the male anatomy. The other way is Patrick covering himself when SpongeBob was referring to his head.

15 No Thanks, Sign

via: ign.com

Hey Arnold! is a fun cartoon with a great cast of characters, and of course, there are some subtle innuendos/jokes that sneaked their way in. From the picture above, we can see Arnold's grandfather standing at the exact spot to where it is just gross but undeniably funny.

14 Whatcha Watching There, SpongeBob?

via: reddit.com

Who could ever think that SpongeBob would not be so innocent? This famous scene depicts him watching that alludes to something grownups might watch in their free time. When Gary comes in, SpongeBob quickly changed the channel and claimed he's watching football.

13 That Time

via: sbmania.net

Now, this is a more subtle joke from SpongeBob SquarePants. Women will be able to get this once they pass a certain age. And strangely, Squidward of all characters says the joke. It is strange that a blimp is floating underwater, but that just adds to the joke.

12 Interesting Quinnvention

via: zoey101.fandom.com

Quinn from Zoey 101 has always made crazy inventions and that's what makes her so quirky. One of her inventions involves when being in a car crash, and she has a way to have a cushion to protect herself... where her undergarment is.

11 Doug's Secret Revealed?

via: buzzfeed.com

This image really just shows that Doug is totally not innocent. Considering that his crush Patty is beside him, it makes this image more inappropriate than it needs to be. Just when you thought that this is a show about a boy going through the adolescent life that any young teenage boy can relate to.

10 Helga's Confession

via: youtube.com

This is a classic adult joke from Nickelodeon's vault. Helga gives Arnold a hard time and bullies him, but she secretly loves him. Claiming that he makes her girlhood tremble is a big indicator that she has stronger feelings for him.

9 That's Some Reading Material

via: reddit.com

Rocko's Modern Life has garnered a cult following and has a staple in Nickelodeon history despite being a 90s cartoon. Jokes in the 90s were crude and subtle, and we enjoyed that in this classic cartoon. Here we have Slippy reading a magazine that references a controversial one in real life.

8 Alone Time For Grandpa

via: sarcasmlol.com

There is a chance that the Rugrats forgot that Grandpa Pickles had a conversation like this with them since they were only toddlers. Even though Grandpa Pickles has a right to watch an adult film, it is weirdly funny to tell the toddlers this. At least they had Reptar movies to watch in the meantime.

7 A Nifty Reference

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iCarly certainly has a lot of jokes adults can get into and that brings a lot of laughter. This sneaky reference was very bold for the writers to put in and have Guppy, Gibby's younger brother, read the book. If you do not know how Nifty Shades of Beige came to be, better do some research and cringe and laugh at the same time.

6 A Dog Gave What?

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The Amanda Show is a classic that parodies SNL and it does a decent job alongside All That!. When Penelope, Amanda's number one fan (please), borrows a bloodhound to track her scent, the dog finds dancing lobsters. Then Penelope says, "I ask for Amanda, and you give me crabs?!"

5 Sorry Ma'am, Indeed

via: youtube.com

Josh is honestly very respectful. While he is making salsa, he follows instructions from his stereo and pays attention accordingly. When the man said to treat the tomatoes as if they are a fine woman, Josh was quick to put down the tomatoes and apologize. It was unnecessary, but hilarious at the same time.

4 Misleading At Its Finest

via: youtube.com

The Fairly Odd Parents does have some subtle jokes that kids won't get. However, it is amazing how an episode title is just one letter off from being a term adults know. It also doesn't help that Mr. Crocker is shown as a visual example, making the joke even more hilarious.

3 Which Apartment Number?

via: icarly.fandom.com

Now, apartment numbers are one thing, but the technical producer Freddie Benson happens to live in apartment 8D. It does look like a face, but when the equals sign is added, it looks more inappropriate than it needs to be.

2 Very Sneaky, Logan

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Zoey 101 does it again with the subtle innuendos. This time, Logan is back at it with a tank top he is wearing labeled "I Spent One Night in Paris." The reference? It is actually an adult film starring the one and only Paris Hilton.

1 Super Clever, Writers

via: inverse.com

So, the location in SpongeBob SquarePants is called Bikini Bottom, as everyone knows. What is also interesting is that the Krabby Patty is located there. If the names don't add up, it refers to someone wearing a bikini bottom going through some "personal issues."

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