20 Kanye West Beefs That Went Too Far

There are two things that Kanye West can claim. First, West is a genius when it comes to creating and producing music. He released several classic albums, including The College Dropout, Late Registration, and 808's & Heartbreak. Second, he's truly a genius when it comes to feuds. West gets into a dispute like he's releasing a new album. West has worked with a long list of talented artists and musicians. However, he is often at the center of controversy.

West has been in several very public feuds and is known for his blunt, outspoken and very confident personality. West has feuded with rappers, singers, actors, politicians, comedians, TV channels, and brand names. There is nobody he's afraid of and never backs down. He often gets into feuds with other celebs, and it always goes too far. It's time to take a closer look at Kanye West and his many rivals. Here are 20 Kanye West Feuds That Went Too Far.

20 Jay Z And Beyoncé

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Kanye West and Jay-Z have worked together on several occasions, and they've played a role in each other's success. West also worked with Jay-Z's famous wife, Beyoncé. Despite being close with them, he had a significant falling out with the talented duo. West felt slighted when they skipped his wedding day and didn't even call. To make matters worse, West was furious when the famous couple didn't come by to check on West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, following her Paris robbery. West ranted about this during a concert but has worked things out since then.

19 Justin Timberlake

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Kanye West isn't afraid to voice his opinion on a wide range of subjects. Indeed, he often speaks out negatively about the music he feels doesn't meet his standards. West gives his opinion even when nobody asks. For instance, he began feuding with Justin Timberlake after hating his Suit & Tie collaboration with Jay-Z. He praised Jay-Z but ripped the rest of it to pieces. Timberlake responded in a song, and the two went back and forth. They finally put an end to the feud with a sit-down.

18 Bruno Mars

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There are times it appears Kanye West starts a feud just for fun. Indeed, he insulted Bruno Mars on stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Mars didn't respond, and the dispute was a bit one-sided. In the end, West was the bigger man and apologized to Mars for hating on him and admitted to respecting his music.

17 J.Cole 

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J. Cole and Kanye West have a complicated relationship. Cole admits to being a massive fan of West's music but outgrew West at the same time. However, the feud started when West leaked parts of a conversation they had. Cole felt used and responded in a track. He also inserted himself into West's feud with Drake. From there, the situation only became more intense.

16 Louis Vuitton

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It seems that Kanye West loves getting into feuds. West can find a way to feud with everyone. For instance, he once feuded with the brand, Louis Vuitton. West became furious when the company wouldn't take a meeting with him. He couldn't believe they'd turn him down since he's Kanye. He then allegedly called on his fans to boycott the brand but denied it. He later called the brand "irrelevant" and "old."

15 50 Cent

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As noted, Kanye West feels it's his right to voice his opinion on every subject. People might not like what he's going to say, but he has every right to say it. However, West has a tough time with criticism. Rapper 50 Cent noted he'd never wear West's Adidas clothing line. Well, Fifty used more colorful language. West was not pleased with 50 Cent and his feelings on his products.

14 Travis Scott

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Kanye West gets into so many feuds that even his feuds have beef. Indeed, West is in the middle of a dispute with rapper Drake. Travis Scott and Drake collaborated on a track titled "Sicko Mode." West became furious because he felt Drake's lines were a diss to him. Also, West mentored Travis Scott early in his career and was family at the time. West felt Scott double-crossed him. The two went back and forth.

13 Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

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There's one thing that everyone should know about Kanye West. He doesn't like it when people give him advice. West is known for having a rather massive ego and doesn't need help. For instance, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh tried giving West some advice about selling his products. West ranted about this in a 2013 podcast and insulted Zappos products.

12 Evel Knievel

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One of Kanye's most successful tracks is "Touch The Sky" from his second album Late Registration. It featured the debut of Lupe Fiscaco, who would go on to have a very successful career. However, the video led to West feuding with famous stuntman Evel Knievel. Knievel sued West for copyright infringement for his use in the video. The two eventually settled the lawsuit just before the stuntman's passing.

11 Dennis Haysbert

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There are more than a few celebs that Kanye West should probably apologize too. West doesn't start every feud, but he does start most of them. Indeed, he once took shots at actor Dennis Haysbert and compared him to a fake Denzel Washington. Haysbert responded to the comments in an interview. They've never settled their differences.

10 Nike

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It's no secret that Kanye West can't handle rejection. Indeed, he takes it pretty hard and usually lashes out. Initially, West tried teaming up with Nike to release his line of clothing and shoes. However, the two sides had a few disagreements, and West decided to work with Adidas instead. West is still very bitter about the incident and even mentioned Nike in a few tracks.

9 Amber Rose

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most famous couples in the world. Indeed, the planet almost exploded when they started dating. Of course, both have been in many relationships before. For instance, West famously dated Amber Rose right before Kim. Rose even accuses Kim of being a homewrecker. Later, Rose and the Kardashian Family had a pretty heated feud. West decided to get involved and made a degrading comment about Rose on the radio.

8 Wiz Khalifa

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As noted, Kanye West dated Amber Rose before he began dating Kim Kardashian. Rose also moved on and started dating rapper Wiz Khalifa. West seemed unhappy they were dating and took a few jabs at the couple. Khalifa is never one to back down and responded in his way.


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In 2007, Kanye West was sure he'd win all five awards he was up for nomination at the MTV Awards. Well, it turns out that West didn't win a single award, and he wasn't happy. To make matters worse, he was furious that MTV asked Britney Spears to open and not him. He blasted the network and made some wild allegations. Of course, he later made up with them to accept the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

6 Deadmau5

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Kanye West and Deadmau5 got into a pretty heated feud that saw neither man back down. It all started when Deadmau5 called out West for illegally downloading music after the rapper posted a screenshot of his PC. West claims he was joking, but the DJ wouldn't let up. West responded in typical fashion and asked if the DJ could appear as Minnie Mouse for his daughter's birthday party.

5 South Park

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Kanye West is famous for taking himself very seriously. Of course, a few times he has let himself be the joke but only if he's in on it. He often takes offense to comedian jokes aimed at him. The animated sitcom South Park featured West and Kim Kardashian in a few episodes. The first time West noted it hurt his feelings and later responded with a violent rap lyric.

4 Drake

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Kanye West and Drake have one of the nastiest feuds in recent memory. The dispute dragged in several other artists, including Pusha T and Travis Scott. Pusha T released a track that mentioned Drake having a son. Rumors suggest this information came from West, but he denies it. Regardless, Drake and West have insulted each other back and forth for years.

3 Beck

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On more than one occasion, Kanye West has jumped on stage at awards shows to interrupt an accepting artist. He once ran on stage when Beck won a Grammy for Album of the year. However, West felt that Beyoncé deserved the award, so he jumped on stage and blasted Beck in an interview. Later, West changed his tune about Beck.

2 Jimmy Kimmel

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As noted, Kanye West has a tough time taking a joke. He once gave an interview where he made wild claims about being the greatest and being disappointed he'd never be able to see himself perform. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel parodied the interview but with a child in West's role. Kanye was not happy about the sketch and got into a very public feud with Kimmel. They later squashed the beef.

1 Taylor Swift

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In 2010, then 19-year-old Taylor Swift won the Grammy for album of the year beating out the iconic Beyoncé. Before she could enjoy her moment, Kanye West ran on stage to insist that Swift didn't deserve the award. He felt it should have gone to the Queen B. West and Swift then went on to have a feud that has lasted several years. They've both made very personal comments about the other. At one point, it seemed they squashed the beef only to reignite it.

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