20 Kids We Grew Up Watching On Disney As Parents Today

Was there anything more exciting than spending Friday nights glued to the TV, waiting for the newest Disney original movie to begin? After months of seeing previews for movies like Cadette Kelly, Rip Girls, or The Even Steven's Movie, we finally got to watch from the comfort of our own home! These movies also launched a slew of stars to their own fandoms, many who are still beloved and followed today.

Disney original movies aside, we all grew up with such amazing and addicting Disney shows. These were shows that were family-friendly and had a level of independence to them that inspired so many kids. At the end of the day, Disney was a huge part of many of our childhoods and are now a large part in our own children's childhoods. It's the circle of life!

With the help of social media, we now get to follow our favorite Disney stars and see what they're up to in their adult years. While stars like Hilary Duff are still in the limelight for their work (and their babies), other former Disney stars are living life off the grid with their growing families. Let's take a look at 20 former Disney stars who are now parents today.

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20 Hilary Duff Will Always Be Lizzie McGuire To Us


Hilary Duff. We know here, we love her. After being TV besties with her from Disney's Lizzie McGuire, we've followed her every step of the way. Nowadays, Hilary is now working on the Lizzie McGuire reboot along with being mama to her two kids: Luca and Banks. She's also newly engaged to singer/songwriter Matthew Koma.

19 Kristen Storms Has Her Own Little Zequel


If you still call Kristen Storms "Zenon," you're not alone. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was a Disney original movie that did so well in 1999, they made a sequel two years later: Zenon: The Zequel. After Kristen's Disney days, she went on to be a regular on Days of Our Lives and is currently on General Hospital. Aside from work, she also has an adorable little girl named Harper.

18 Kevin Jonas And His Little Band


Kevin Jonas was an obvious Disney star with the help of his brothers: Nick and Joe. The trio was in the Disney movie Camp Rock and its sequels. And while we'd love to add Nick and Joe to this article, Kevin is the only dad in the group (for now). With his wife, Danielle, the couple has two daughters, Valentina and Alena.

17 Haden Panettiere And Her Little Mini-Me


Many of us think of the show Nashville when thinking of Hayden Panettiere. However, we really have Disney to thank for casting Hayden as Sheryl Yost in Remember the Titans. She was also the voice of Dot in Pixar's A Bug's Life! And while Panettiere has left her Disney days behind her, she's now a mom to four-year-old Kaya, who lives with her dad in the Ukraine.

16 Stacie Hess Can Still Be Found In Hawaii


If Disney's Rip Girls didn't make you want to leave everything behind for a new life in Hawaii, we're not sure what you're thinking. Camilla Belle was the star of the movie but she quickly befriends a local girl named Gia (portrayed by Stacie Hess). Nowadays, Stacie doesn't act (in fact, Rip Girls was her only acting stunt!) and she has a 10-year-old daughter whom she photographs often on IG.

15 Jared Padalecki Created His Own Endless Light


We may know and love Jared Padalecki for portraying Sam on Supernatural, but let's take a walk down memory lane when he was Zachary Gray in A Ring of Endless Light for Disney! Now as a father to three kids, it wouldn't surprise us if his kiddos got a chance to watch their dad on TV when watching reruns on Disney!

14 Tia And Tamera May Be Twins But Never Had Twins Of Their Own


We all fell in love with Tia and Tamera Mowry when they starred in Disney's Sister, Sister. None of us wanted to be twins more than after watching that show. Thankfully for Disney fans, these two are still in show business and have families of their own. They're both married and have a boy and a girl for each of them!

13 Rider Strong Met His World


Who didn't have a crush on Boy Meets World's Shawn Hunter? He was the show's designated bay boy and continued acting after the show ended. Today, you can catch Rider on Star vs. the Forces of Evil, but he's also a married man with an adorable 4-year-old boy named Indigo.

12 Shadia Simmons Has Come A Long Way Since 'The Color Of Friendship'

MTV/Wiki Now

Disney's The Color of Friendship appeared in 2000 and starred Shadia Simmons and Lindsey Haun. The movie proves that true friendship can defeat all and it was quite a political piece. Fast forward 19 years, Shadia was also in Disney's Quints and Zenon: The Zequel. Today, Shadia is a mom to three kids and is also an acting coach and teacher!

11 Erik Von Detten Loves His (Non-Skating) Daughter


Erik Von Detten has been in a handful of Disney-related movies. He was Josh in The Princess Diaries, Sid in Toy Story, and everyone's favorite Andy in Brink!. His IMDb claims he hasn't acted since 2010s Toy Story 3 but it appears he became a father for the first time this past May; a baby girl named Claire Elizabeth.

10 Hallee Hirsh-Martin Has The Ultimate Christmas Present

LMA/Lost Citizen-Times

We all loved Disney's The Ultimate Christmas Present come holiday season. The mere thought of a child in California being able to change the weather from her bedroom was unfathomable! Hallee Hursh-Martin portrayed Allie in the Disney movie but has since quit acting, opting for a "normal" life with her husband and two kiddos.

9 Trevor O'Brien Can Create His Own Motorcross Team


Trevor O'Brien was the "boy twin' in Disney's Motorcrossed. The movie was way ahead of its time, conquering the notion that women can't do the same things as boys. While O'Brien took some time off from acting, it appears he has something in post-production to look forward to! But aside from working, he has a wife and two kids to come home to.

8 Christy Carlson-Romano Has Her Own Crazy Family (With No Louis Stevens Around)


Christy Carlson-Romano was the ultimate big sister in Disney's Even Stevens. She was also in Cadet Kelly, Kim Possible, and the Lilo and Stitch TV series! When Christy isn't taking over Disney, she's mama to two gorgeous girls and hosts a YouTube channel! You can still catch Christ working in entertainment today and still attends Disney carpets!

7 Kirk Cameron Is A Lucky Dad


You may call Kirk Cameron an OG Disney star. He starred as Jack Morgan in Disney's You Lucky Dog, which was about a psychiatrist who works with dogs and is left a large inheritance by one of his dog's owners. Kirk was already a star by this point after starring in Growing Pains. Today, Kirk acts irregularly and is all about his religion, wife, and six kids!

6 David Henrie Lives In His Own Waverly Place With His Daughter


David Henrie has been acting since he was a kid and continues to act. However, he became a Disney hit after starring in That's So Raven and Wizards of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. Currently, Henrie has two roles in post-production and is a new dad to a baby girl, Pia Philomena Francesca Henrie.

5 Tiffany Thornton Is 'Sonny' With Her Babies

Tiffany Thornton is recognized from her time on Sonny with a Chance, So Random!, Hatching Pete, and was even in Hannah Montana for a couple of episodes. You could say Tiffany had a promising life with Disney! Tragedy struck Tiffany, however, after the father of her sons passed away in a car accident. She did find love again a few years later and even had a baby girl with her new husband.

4 Kiely Williams And Her Own Cheetah Squad


If you watched Disney then you saw The Cheetah Girls, which means you're very familiar with actress Kiely Williams. She starred as Aquanetta and was in all the movie's sequels and spinoffs. Kiely hasn't appeared in anything since 2013, but she is mama to a baby girl and is still BFFs with Sabrina Bryan from The Cheetah Girls; aka: Dorinda.

3 Jason Earles Doesn't Need Hannah Montana Anymore


Jason Earles may have looked young during his time on Hannah Montana, but he's actually 42 years old and is a dad to a baby girl named Noah! He's also apart of other Disney hits like Kickin' It, Space Buddies, and was even the host of Disney's New Year's Eve's Sing-Along Bowl-athon!

2 Beverley Mitchell Is Right On Track


We may all recognize Beverley Mitchell from everyone's favorite 7th Heaven, but she was also a Disney kid, starring in Right on Track. Similar to MotorcrossedRight on Track dealt with two girls trying to make a name for themselves in a sport surrounded by men. Now that she's moved away from Disney roles, she's also a mama to a boy and a girl.

1 Britney Spears Was The OG Mama


Can we all agree that Britney Spears is the OG Disney mama? After staring on the older TV show, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, Britney grew from Disney and began singing full-time. Many fans forget that she got her start on Disney but it all happened in the House of Mouse. Today, Britney is still performing and has two sons.

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