20 Less-Than-Flattering Photos Of The Twilight Cast Since The Last Film

There were four years in popular culture history which seemed to be exclusively ruled by glittering vampires and the everyday gals who loved them; the film adaptations of the Twilight books written by Stephenie Meyer had such a massive impact on the public, but the impact of the films' success couldn't be felt more by a group of people besides the film's cast!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who portrayed Bella Swan and Edward Cullen respectively, were forever cemented in the public's collective conscience as their Twilight counterparts, breaking out from their signature roles have been quite a challenge for both. Twilight's mega-popularity has also left its mark on Stewart and Pattinson's colleagues, oftentimes solidifying the paparazzi's constant presence in their lives from here on out.

The public's interest in the Twilight cast members hasn't seemed to wane since the final film's release, as evidenced by these 20 photos!

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20 Kristen Stewart Points The Paps Out

via YouTube

Make sure Bella isn't blinded by the light!

Kristen Stewart has a reputation for appearing less-than-thrilled with the paparazzi's presence in her bubble, and this particular photo definitely displays her displeasure. K-Stew has been depicted pointing at the camera's glare with various fingers in the years since her Bella Swan days in the middle of the Twilight craze, and she isn't slowing down anytime soon!

19 Robert Pattinson Dresses Down

via Yahoo!

In the height of the Twilight craze during the later aughts, there was a period where Robert Pattinson was the cover-boy for many teen magazines; R-Patz had to keep up his glittery sparkling vampire image!

Pattinson has made an effort since the Twilight franchise concluded to try and break free of his signature character. His disheveled airport look may be a sign of his times!

18 The Paps Frown On Taylor's Fun Run

via Just Jared

What's a guy to do when the paps catch him on a run? After all, if you're Taylor Lautner, you've got to work out to keep up Jacob Black's signature physique!

Taylor's been known to flash a signature smile to the paparazzi but in this case, he was spotted looking less-than-sparkling when he was clearly spotted trying to enjoy a private workout moment.

17 Nikki Reed Catches The Wrong Angle

via Zimbio

When we think of celebrities, it's easy to conjure an image of these public figures looking flawless absolutely everywhere they're photographed.

Of course, reality has to rear its head from outside the lens of the paparazzi, just like this photo of Nikki Reed walking out of her yoga class. Celebrities need their moments of zen, too!

16 Kristen Hugs The Wrong Guy

via PopSugar

It was the set of photos which gave Twi-hards and pop-culture geeks a shock for the ages.

Kristen Stewart was shown snuggling up to a man who wasn't her significant other at the moment, who happened to be none other than the man who brought Edward Cullen to life, and some may argue these unflattering moments were the official ending of the Twilight era!

15 Ashley Greene Looks Green At The Store

via Posh24

The Cullen sisters conjure an extremely specific image for a bunch of Twi-hards. If you're picturing Alice Cullen, it may be fair to say you're not picturing her counterpart Ashley Greene walking out of a grocery store, perhaps thinking of her personal dinner menu for the night: an extremely real-life and un-vampire like moment!

Since the days of Twilight-mania, Ashley has led a quieter life.

14 Kellan Lutz's Pucker Pokerface

via Pinterest

Not only did the Twilight film franchise bless fans with the extremely handsome heartthrob Robert Pattinson, but Twi-hards were also given the gift of Kellan Lutz who brought Emmett Cullen to life!

Heartthrob hotties aren't thought to look less-than-perfect in real life when they're not doing a photoshoot, but Kellan Lutz was once caught in a moment worthy of lots of love, very un-Emmett like.

13 Peter Facinelli 'Katches' A Kiss

via Just Jared

Seeing one of the actors from Twilight caught in an intimate and human moment can feel jarring when they're separated from their well-known counterparts!

In this photo, here we see Dr. Carlisle Cullen catching a cozy moment with his real-life lady the cameras just happened to capture. Peter Facinelli brought the incredibly suave Dr. Carlisle to life where it's odd to see him less such!

12 Kristen And Robert Have Been Awake Since 'Twilight'

via Fanpop

Lead actors from one of history's most popular film franchises have presumably had enough practice perfecting their camera-ready smiles for the public, right? After seeing this particular snapshot of former couple Kristen and Rob, we could start thinking again!

Their mutually cross glances at the camera illustrate an idea they do not have time for the paparazzi fueled life and would probably prefer much-needed sleep.

11 Anna Kendrick Mean Mugs For The Paps

Anna Kendrick has become quite the celeb over-the-years to the point where her role in Twilight has become a "remember when" moment in its own right. She has become known for her sense of humor which is absolutely on display through a glance at her paparazzi pictures!

Some may think Anna's silly mean mug could be interpreted as unflattering, but celebs gotta get goofy too!

10 Dakota Fanning Caught In A Frenzy

via News People

Many celebs aren't too fond of the idea of their nights out being captured on camera, but sometimes these moments come with the territory of being a celebrity!

Dakota made the transition from child star to Twilight teen and an actress who enjoys her time off set hanging out at the 'twilight' time of day. Sometimes when the party's rocking, the cameras go unnoticed!

9 Dakota Fanning Makes An Unflattering Face

via HawtCelebs

Dakota Fanning knows how to have fun with the paparazzi!

Photographers looking for their picture-perfect moment of "Jane" from the Twilight series, needed to think again! With this pic, Dakota set out to turn the idealized version of the celebrity as a poised and perfected performer on its head. Her outfit may look totally put together, but her silly sly smile throws us off.

8 Kristen Stewart's Angry Luncheon

via StyleCaster

Kristen Stewart's extremely un-Bella like blonde locks she is donning as of late can make some Twi-hards do a double-take!

In this recent photo, Kristen is seen simply trying to enjoy a nice meal out on the town with her significant other while seizing the moment to compose a quick text, but the camera's glare makes the price of privacy look a little pricey!

7 Taylor And Kristen Party Away

via E! News

Nearly ten years after the Twilight series' conclusion, most of its stars have moved on from the roles which made them famous, but certain cast members still have time to enjoy a throwback moment and hang out with their old crew!

Fairly recently "Bella" and "Jacob" were seen having the time of their lives as they caught up and kicked back at Taylor Lautner's birthday.

6 Kristen Stewart Glares At Her Vampire Co-Star

via Thinking Of Rob

What's the meaning behind Kristen's stare?

In this behind-the-scenes moment captured when the camera wasn't rolling on set, Kristen Stewart is seen stealing a glance at her co-star and IRL significant other Robert Pattinson while he works with a cast member.

The camera captures K-Stew 's pretty peepers looking quite red. Although it's more of a camera trick, it looks to be quite different!

5 Rami Malek's Fashion Faux-Pas

via Just Jared

Hearing Rami Malek's name associated with the Twilight series may inspire some surprising shock to some; from playing vampires to one of the most legendary musicians of all-time, Rami has played a variety of well-rounded roles!

Malek appeared in the second Breaking Dawn film, but one area he may or not be breaking ground depending on which fashionista you ask, is the world of fashion!

4 Bella And Edward Dress Down

via PopSugar

You didn't have to be a Twi-hard to know Robert and Kristen's on-screen chemistry blossomed into an off-screen romance for the ages!

It almost reads like a work of fiction just like the books, but the paparazzi photos from their relic romance serve as proof. If Robert and Kristen wanted to prove to the public they weren't Bella and Edward, this dressed-down photo certainly does.

3 Bella And Edward Share A Messy Laugh

via The Hollywood Gossip

Once word got 'round to the public Robert and Kristen were a real-life item, the thirst for any snippets of their romance was real, especially those photos where the couple was seen in their more candid moments!

From first glance at this particular picture, we see Robert actually cracking a smile which is an incredibly anti-Edward move! Who knew vampires could get sweaty, too?

2 Kristen And Taylor Have A Hairy Moment

via KStewGlobalArmy

Celebrity culture has implemented countless ideas and examples of perfection into our heads virtually nonstop over the years, surely making an image of female perfection easily able to obtain.

Therefore, when we see a picture of Kristen Stewart where she appears to have had enough (which is an incredibly real reaction), we may pause to take a look and ponder what was happening!

1 Robert Pattinson Gets Wrinkly

via Glamour

Judging by this photograph, Robert Pattinson's post-Twilight life is so busy leading us to believe the actor hardly has time to pause for an ironed outfit!

Robert's disheveled duds aren't exactly a look you would picture Edward being caught dead wearing. The vampire would ensure he would have an outfit prepared wherein he could vamp for eternity. Alas, some vampires aren't always red carpet ready.

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