20 Less-Than-Flattering Pics Of Celebs Reacting To The Paparazzi

We all know that celebrities and paparazzi have an eternal love/hate relationship with each other. The paparazzi need the celebs in order to earn their money and feed their families, and well — as much as the celebs hate them, the paparazzi do give them more exposure and press which in return also means more money and fame for them. Either way, today our list revolves around celebrities reacting to paparazzi in a rather unflattering way — from yelling at them, making ridiculous faces, pretending to ignore them, eventually getting aggressive and well, then there's Matthew McConaughey's reaction. Seriously, going through this list is worth it, if nothing for Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey's reaction — it will have you in tears, we promise! But so will a couple of other celebrity reactions for sure!

But enough of the chit-chat, here they are, 20 celebrities who had less-than-flattering reactions to paparazzi taking their pics.

20  Here's A Visibly Frustrated Emma Stone

Via: justjared.com

It literally seems as if Emma Stone just doesn't know what to do to make the paparazzi stop photographing her and honestly — that must a pretty frustrating feeling. All the girl wanted to do was enjoy a calm picnic with a friend, but it seems as if when you're a celeb you need to give those up.

19 And Taylor Swift Just Wants The Paparazzi To Go Away

Via: reddit.com

Here's a pic of singer Taylor Swift reacting to the paparazzi and judging from what we see — she's yet another celeb who is frustrated with constantly being followed everywhere. Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi are most likely not going anywhere as her fans love seeing what the young star is up to!

18 You Don't Want To Mess With Kim Kardashian When She's Got This Face On

Via: justjared.com

We can't tell if Kim looks shocked or just straight-up mad to see that paparazzi are taking a photo of her. Either way, we're not used to seeing a makeup-free and tired Kim after a morning workout, but to be honest she definitely still looks better than all of us.

17 And Kanye West Turns Really Serious Once He Notices He's Being Photographed

Via: brightside.me

This is probably the funniest photo on our list simply because it's so Kanye! The rapper and fashion designer is rarely laughing in public, but it seems as if the family man version of Kanye is a completely different story. But of course, as soon as Kendall told Kanye there's paparazzi taking pics of them, the rapper's face completely changed.

16 Here's Lindsay Lohan Throwing A Can Of Red Bull At The Paps

Via: metro.co.uk

Okay, we have to admit that this is a pretty harsh reaction to being followed around by paparazzi, but then again we have absolutely no idea what that might feel like. Maybe actress Lindsay Lohan had a really bad day, and seeing paparazzi photograph her was just the tipping point.

15 And Kristen Stewart Looks Pretty Mad

Via: pinterest.com

Another female actress who got extremely upset at the paparazzi for taking her pic is Kristen Stewart. And while she didn't throw a can of Red Bull, she did yell and point angrily at them. Of course, anyone who knows anything about paparazzi knows that that will absolutely not work.

14 But No One Get's As Angry With The Paparazzi As Britney Spears

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Granted, Britney was at a pretty bad mental state when these photos were taken but her reaction to paparazzi was just so memorable that we had to include it. Attacking a paparazzi's car with an umbrella is something that definitely nobody expected from the singer who unfortunately at the time couldn't deal with her fame in a healthy way.

13 Mila Kunis Just Sighs And Pretends To Not See Them

Via: justjared.com

Some celebs yell and scream, some throw things at the paparazzi, and some just stay calm and collected and pretend they don't even notice that they're being photographed. And something tells us that that's exactly what actress Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher are doing in the pics above.

12 And Anne Hathaway Grunts And Keeps On Munching

Via: dailybreak.com

Honestly, Anne Hathaway's reaction to paparazzi might just be the most iconic one. The actress does not yell or ignore like most stars on our list, but she rather graciously grunts and keeps on munching on her muffin — not giving the paparazzi the time of day. Seriously, Anne is a role model!

11 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Just Wants To Eat His Meal In Privacy

Via: imgur.com

We can pretty much hear actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt say "oh come on, guys" to the paparazzi, in hopes that they miraculously decide to not take any more photos of him. Something tells us that that has probably never worked, and if anything — the paparazzi love getting a reaction out of celebs.

10 And Justin Bieber Has Lost It

Via: twitter.com

Sometimes a celebrity gets so angry that they become physical and try to attack the paparazzi or take their camera. And that is exactly what's happening in the photos of Justin Bieber above. Luckily, the young star's bodyguard managed to grab him before anyone got hurt — the photos do however still exist.

9 Here's Jack Black Probably Imitating Justin's Reaction

Via: imgur.com

Well, Jack might be genuinely mad at the paparazzi for taking his photo, but something tells us the Hollywood star is only making fun of other celebs who often tend to react that way. And a little side note — how cool is he for wearing a t-shirt with his own image on it? Jack is goals!

8 And Ryan Gosling Calling The Paparazzi Out For A Fight

Via: pinterest.com

It seems as if a lot of celebrities feel aggressive towards paparazzi once they notice them — so we're not surprised to see that actor Ryan Gossling's reaction was to raise his fist and try to scare them off. One thing most celebs seem to fail to understand is that this is exactly the kind of content paparazzi are hoping to get!

7 Matthew McConaughey Just Kept On Dancing

Via: pinterest.com

Some celebs look angrily at the camera, others try to attack the man behind it — meanwhile actor Matthew McConaughey just keeps on dancing. Honestly, we think this might be our favorite reaction to a paparazzi as the Hollywood star seems to be so drunk that he isn't even acknowledging them.

6 And Mischa Barton Definitely Regretted Wearing Red Lipstick Once She Noticed The Paparazzi

Via: pinterest.com

All Mischa was hoping for was a fun night out. And what Mischa got was a fun night out followed by some rather awkward paparazzi pics of her leaving the club with very smudged lipstick. Now we all know that the Hollywood actress definitely made out with someone — a detail she probably wishes we didn't know.

5 Hilary Duff Did Not Sign Up For This

Via: pinterest.com

We totally get why Hilary Duff is reacting the way she is — her baby seems quite frightened by all the paparazzi and their cameras. And at the end of the day, a mom will do anything to protect her child which is exactly why Hilary is yelling at them to leave her alone.

4 And Nicole Kidman Just Rolls Her Eyes

Via: pinterest.com

Another celebrity reaction we're completely obsessed with is actress Nicole Kidman's. The Hollywood star just can't seem to be bothered so all she does is roll her eyes at the paparazzi — which in return results in hilarious photos like the one above. Nicole Kidman spotting the paparazzi is definitely a mood!

3 Leonardo DiCaprio Literally Disappears

Via: pinterest.com

Trust us on this one — the person in the photo above is most definitely actor Leonardo DiCaprio! The Hollywood star hates the paparazzi so much that he literally smushes his face into his jacket so that nobody can recognize him. Unfortunately, the paparazzi are too good at their game so they still manage to figure out it's him!

2 While Cara Delevigne Always Shows Them The Middle Finger

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Supermodel Cara Delevigne has tried pretty much everything when it comes to paparazzi — being nice, being boring, being angry and well, it seems as if the last one stuck. The young star is frequently seen yelling at paparazzi and showing them the middle finger as she did in the airport photos above.

1 Lastly, Here's Hugh Grant Throwing A Tupperware Of Beans At Them

Via: twitter.com

To wrap things up, here's a hilarious photo of actor Hugh Grant throwing a Tupperware of what seem to be beans at some paparazzi who were following him. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right Hugh? Luckily, nobody got hurt in the incident, and we can look at these lovely photos forever.

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