20 A-Listers Who Seemingly Disappeared In 2019

In the real world, when stress and everything begin to make us feel like we need a break from it all – we sometimes have the means to just do that – simply take a break from it all and disappear into ourselves. But, in the Hollywood world, it’s not that simple.

A-listers who are so extremely popular around the world can’t really just “take a break” from the general population without having to answer some questions first. Sure, they have the money to just up and head to a private island for a little while but is anything really considered “private” with them anymore? Everyone everywhere knows who they are and everything about their lives, so when celebrities successfully disappear, we take active notice.

Here are 20 celebs who decided to just up and disappear in 2019, from both the screen, the sound stage, and/or social media.

20 Social Media What Now? - Channing Tatum

Only RECENTLY did Channing Tatum announce he was going to take a break from social media in order to focus on his creativity. “To be honest, I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple years now,” he said. “I’m gonna go and be just in the real world for a while and off my phone.”

19 “Taking A Break” Following Big Bang Theory – Kunal Nayyar


Since his show was over and done with, why not take a break from social media as well? This appeared to be the mindset of Big Bang Theory after he announced his departure. He left a loving and well-written note to his fans talking about how love is the opposite of fear. His fans will feel his absence, but he will be back.

18 Social Media Made Me Do It – Lil Xan


Quite a lot went down with rapper Lil Xan last year, including the fact that fiancée Annie Smith may or may not have faked a pregnancy. Lil Xan took it to heart and said he was “sad, mad, confused” when he revealed he wasn’t sure if she did or not. Shortly after, the rapper went MIA for his own peace of mind.

17 Getting Ready To Make A Huge Comeback – Aaron Paul


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul was one of the biggest names in Hollywood (still is) and couldn’t go anywhere without being recognized. He was a social media sweetheart too who “took a break” from IG and Twitter not too long ago. In the past couple weeks, it was revealed why: he’s making a HUGE comeback with a Breaking Bad movie in October.

16 Focusing On Herself - Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato has gone through so much at such a young age, so her taking a break from social media this year really seemed like it was in the cards for her. She gave up IG while she was in treatment in 2018, but she came back. This year she said goodbye to Twitter (for now) after making a seemingly crude joke.

15 Needs More Sleep – Ruby Rose


Like a lot of Hollywood “It” girls, you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing actress/model Ruby Rose’s face. But after she was cast as Batwoman in CW’s Arrowverse, fans wouldn’t stop bashing both her and the network for the hire, so she decided to go dark for a while for her own peace of mind and focus everything on her work.

14 He Used To Be EVERYWHERE – Jude Law


Once upon a time, you couldn’t go to the movies and not see some hint of British actor Jude Law at least somewhere on the big screen. But these days, he’s keeping to himself. Sure, he’s playing a young Dumbledore in the Potter universe prequels Fantastic Beasts, but other than that he’s been relatively quiet.

13 Where’d She Go? – Jessica Alba


Almost everyone was desperately in love with this Dark Angel in the early 2000s, so it’s a wonder that actress Jessica Alba managed to slip off the radar in order to focus on her own family and thriving business The Honest Company. She made it clear that she wants to be known for her skillset and not her looks.

12 So He Only Goes To Lakers Games Now? – Jack Nicholson


He’s an A-lister who will never stop being an A-lister no matter HOW long it’s been since he’s made a movie. When Jack Nicholson announced his retirement, no one really took it seriously because, well, he’s Jack Nicholson. But he was, and now the only time we see his face is if we tune into Lakers games during the regular season.

11 At Least He’s On Twitter? – Frankie Muniz


Little Malcom in the Middle is no longer quite the little boy he once was. In fact, he’s all grown up and bound for retirement…from Hollywood. Fun part is, he's insanely visible on Twitter and likes to crack jokes at his own expense, with is fun to see.

10 Spider-Man No More – Toby Maguire


Though he hasn’t been Spider-Man for years and a few different Peter Parkers have come and gone since, Tobey Maguire seems to be no where around these days. At least, in FRONT of the camera. He has actually produced a lot of films since his break from acting and we’re beginning to think it might become a full time thing for him.

9 We Miss America’s Sweetheart – Meg Ryan


Yes, so it’s been LONGER since we’ve seen or heard from actress Meg Ryan, who was once Hollywood’s biggest sweetheart. However, she seemed to fall off the radar once she tried to branch out from romantic comedies. She did move to directing just a little while ago, but it’s not enough. Come back, Meg, we miss you.

8 Breaking Away From It All – Pete Davidson

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He was suddenly thrust into the spotlight when he started dating Ariana Grande (and became engaged to her after a short while, which ended just as quickly), which should have been no shock to the SNL actor, but it was. He dropped off the radar after their breakup and started low key dating Kate Beckinsale.

7 In Hiding - Selena Gomez


You really couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about Selena Gomez’s personal life and what was happening with her career. She was a complete social media sweetheart and her fans stuck with her throughout her numerous heartbreaks. But in 2019, she announced she had had enough of it all and took a break from social media.

6 Fancy Dodging – Iggy Azalea


When all goes wrong, just simply delete and hide. This appears to be rapper Iggy Azalea take after some NSFW photos began to circulate all over Twitter and IG. Her stance was simply to delete her social media pages instead of speaking out about the photos, and that’s well within her rights. They shouldn’t have leaked in the first place.

5 No More Online Trolls – Lili Reinhart


Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart finally had enough of the “online trolls” that kept hounding her on a daily basis, so she finally pulled the plug and deleted her Twitter account. Before, she addressed the trolls on her IG story and asked “Do people on Twitter ever get tired of being so negative and disrespectful to literally everyone and everything?”

4 No More Bad Spaces – Aidy Bryant


Saturday Night Live’s comedian goddess Aidy Bryant has been on fire these past few seasons on the show AND on the big screen. But not everyone loved her skits on the show (mainly conservatives) who would attack her for playing certain roles. So she just logged off of Twitter and shut down that bad space in her life for the time being.

3 Where’s JT’s Better Half? - Jessica Biel


These days, we are constantly hearing about what Justin Timberlake is doing and how his tour is going, but what about his better half? Actress Jessica Biel has been focusing on her family and her husband while he tours, it appears (based on her own IG), so maybe it’s a good thing? Either way, we miss her.

2 Tragedy Strikes – Sarah Hyland


For some reason, the online trolls like to attack actress Sarah Hyland when she’s both at her best and when she’s at her lowest. Just recently, she went through a family tragedy and her critics online were relentless when she started a crowdfunding donation to support her family. Finally, she was driven to the point of staying offline and disappearing for a bit.

1 Songless Song Bird - Ed Sheeran


At one point, you couldn’t even tune into Game of Thrones without seeing Ed Sheeran’s face or hearing his voice. He pretty much has been EVERYWHERE you turn in the recent years, but in 2019, he seems to have quieted down and is taking a breather to hopefully take it all in. Probably next year, we’ll go back to seeing him all over the place.

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