20 Little-Known Details About The Teen Mom Cast They Don't Share On The Show

The world was first introduced to our favorite MTV Teen Mom’s over a decade ago when they were just 16 and pregnant. Throughout the years, we have witnessed some really great moments and some equally difficult times come from the cast of the Teen Mom franchise.

From new jobs to new romantic interests, new births and everything in between, Teen Mom has definitely not disappointed when it comes down to entertainment. A lot of the show’s fans have grown up and matured alongside the cast, and it’s easy to feel like we know everything there is to know about the cast of Teen Mom.

However, there are actually several things about Maci, Catelynn, Amber, Farrah, Cheyenne, Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle, and Briana that they don’t share on the show… things the producers don’t necessarily want us to know about.

20 The Show Isn't Totally Reality


This may or may not come as a shock, but not all reality shows portray a true reality, and Teen Mom is one of those. Producers have the liberty to chop up scenes to create the storyline they want viewers to see, and Teen Mom producers take full advantage of this, according to In Touch Weekly.

19 The Teen Moms Make Major Bank


The girls of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise don’t open their lives to the world just for fun, this is their job and they are paid to do it.

A lot of the fan-favorites bring in a massive salary, according to In Touch Weekly, teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska reportedly brings in at least $250,000 per season and according to Radar Online, the original Teen Mom cast make about $25,000 per episode.

18 Tyler And Catelynn Used To Have A Curfew


When Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra first started appearing on MTV, they were still attending high school.

According to Kirsten Malone, a Teen Mom producer, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, they were only allowed to film Catelynn and Tyler between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., because Tyler’s mom, Kim Forbes, wanted to maintain some normalcy in their young lives.

17 Maci Has Had Some Serious Financial Issues


Despite making huge amounts of money during the filming of the show, Teen Mom: OG star, Maci Bookout, fell into serious money troubles in 2011.

Everyone’s favorite redhead had a tax lien against her and owed a huge sum of $78,308 to the IRS, according to In Touch Weekly. Things appear to be going better for Maci these days, though.

16 Kailyn Has A Best-Selling Book


Kailyn Lowry is easily one of the most successful of the Teen Mom girls, but they don’t always show that side of her life in the show.

Kailyn is an accomplished author with four books to her name, including a children’s picture book titled, Love is Bubblegum. Kailyn’s “brutally honest” and “raw” autobiography, Pride Over Pity became a “New York Times Best Seller.”

15 Leah Once Made A Cameraman Cry


When you have a camera crew following you around all day, they are going to witness some less than favorable situations, but MTV doesn’t always show this to the viewers.

According to ScreenRant, a former MTV cameraman was brought to tears while filming at Leah’s house, back when her twins were babies, because of how dirty and neglectable the living situation was.

14 Many Of The Girls Have Had Professional Work Done


Having a baby and getting older can take a toll on anyone’s body, and the Teen Mom cast is no different. “Though the drama has stayed the same, the girls' faces and bodies have undergone drastic changes since the show's very first episodes aired,” explained In Touch Weekly.

The stars haven’t exactly been secretive about their plastic surgery, but the show doesn’t focus on it.

13 Amber Has Been In Trouble Multiple Times


It’s no secret that Amber Portwood doesn’t have the cleanest past, but the number of times she’s been in trouble might surprise you.

Since becoming a part of Teen Mom in 2009, Amber has been arrested for possession of illegal substances and domestic violence. Her most recent incident sent waves through the Teen Mom universe when news of an alleged attack involving a weapon was exposed.

12 Chelsea Has Two Sisters Who Don't Want To Be Involved


Teen Mom fans know all about Chelsea Houska’s super adorable parents, Randy and Mary, but they don’t really know anything about her sisters.

Chelsea actually has three older sisters who each have their own kids. You won’t be seeing them on Teen Mom, though, because they don’t want anything to do with the reality show.

11 Farrah Had Super Strict Rules


Farrah wasn’t ever really known for being a sweet person during her time on Teen Mom. She proved this with the super strict rules she had for the production team during the time they filmed in her home.

“Absolutely do not use the bathroom,” producer Heather tells the crew before they film with Farrah, according to Wetpaint. “She just likes her stuff particular. Keep it clean, keep it simple.”

10 Most Of The Moms Continued Their Education Past High School


Teen Mom very obviously thrives on the drama surrounding its cast members, so it makes sense that they’d want that to be the main focus of the show.

They typically leave out the detail that a lot of the Teen Mom girls have further their education past the high school level.

9 Cheyenne Isn't A Real Teen Mom


Usually to be considered a “teen mom,” you would have to be a teenager when the baby is born. Well, apparently not when you’re on MTV’s Teen Mom.

After Farrah Abraham’s exit from the show, MTV replaced her with Cheyenne Floyd, of Are You The One and The Challenge. But Cheyenne was never a teen mom; she was 24-years-old when she had her daughter, Ryder.

8 Catelynn Has Strong Opinions


Catelynn Lowell is known in Teen Mom as the mom who made the brave decision to place her first-born daughter up for adoption.

Since then, she has been openly proud of who she is and what she supports regarding the topic of pro-life. In recent times, she publicly denounced other choices and came off as a little judgmental toward some of her fans, according to TheTrendy.

7 Leah Went Away For A While


More than one of the Teen Mom ladies have checked themselves into a center seeking professional help, with Leah Messer being one of them.

“She was far more emotionally disturbed,” an insider for Radar Online claims. “No one knew what to do.” Leah getting help was a great thing for her and her three beautiful girls.

6 Farrah's Parenting Methods Weren't Ordinary


Farrah Abraham has been publicly criticized multiple times for the way she has decided to raise her daughter, Sophia. According to Café Mom, when Sophia was just four years old, Farrah was quoted as saying Sophia was doing her own thing in life.

Sophia has since been involved in several adult situations, including defending her mom in celebrity feuds.

5 Briana Had A Job Outside MTV


All good things come to an end, right? Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus has made sure she is financially prepared for the day the show ends with a second job.

According to Pop Culture, Briana has a “day job.” "I hate when people tell me to get a real job," Briana posted on social media. "I have one!"

4 Jenelle And Her Controversial Husband Were Fired


By now, everyone likely knows all about Jenelle Evans’ tragic demise on Teen Mom 2. It all pretty much started with her husband, David Eason getting fired from the show for controversial, homophobic comments.

And it was all downhill from there. Even though he wasn’t a part of the show, his presence in her life continued to put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

3 Amber's Problems Started At A Very Young Age


Amber Portwood hasn’t had the easiest portrayal on Teen Mom, but the sad fact is, her problems started much earlier in life.

"I’ve been partying since I was about 11 years old,” Amber expressed in an interview with People. “In Anderson, [Indiana], there’s not much to do. A lot of kids at school, they always brought [stuff] from their house. We didn’t know what much of it was.”

2 Kailyn Almost Quit The Show


When producers have full liberty to edit the cast how they see fit, things can quickly become messy. Kailyn Lowry has come forward, on more than one occasion, claiming she hasn’t been portrayed in an honest light.

She has threatened to quit the show multiple times because of how they were messing with her reality.

1 Cheyenne Is A Fashion Designer


Cheyenne Floyd may not be a real teen mom, but she is a pretty successful young woman and a great inspiration. She is not only super charitable, but she is also a talented fashion designer.

She exclusively designs clothing for her own fashion line called The Ruu, according to TV Over Mind.

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