20 Little-Known Details About Jimmy Kimmel And His Kids

Everyone has their opinion on who the best current late-night talk show host is. Although the vast majority of viewers watch these shows online after the fact far more than they do live, people still have their opinions, albeit they aren't as strong as they once were. Back when Letterman and Leno were in competition, the fans were very much divided. But now, we can love Colbert and Fallon, as well as Conan and Kimmel, the same.

But those who love Kimmel, a Brooklyn native, REALLY love him. After all, the man is outspoken about his views, a tad edgier than his competitors, and is the master of pranks. Additionally, he has always included his family on the show in some way or another. In fact, his cousin Sal (who works for the show) and his aunt Chippy are regulars.

Even his current wife and baby-mama, Molly McNearney, is the co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. All of this endears us to him but makes us curious about his life at home with his children, two of which we've been introduced to on the show. But there are many things that we still don't know, including details about his two older kids from a previous marriage. So, let's dig into things, shall we? Without further ado, here are 20 little-known details about Jimmy Kimmel and his kids.

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20 Christmas Cards Have Proven To Be Extremely Difficult For The Kimmel Family


Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty open about the hilarious antics that his two youngest children, Jane, and Billy (William) get he and his wife, Molly, into. On December 11th, 2018, Jimmy described how tiring it was to take family Christmas photos with his two toddlers. Despite Jimmy and Molly doing everything they could to get their kids to cooperate for the perfect picture, the kids would merely sit there and look vaguely in their direction. They weren't at all interested in taking the snapshot. It took no less than 4000 photographs. Jimmy and Molly would use treats and make noises and faces to get them to pay attention, but there just weren't into it. After 2 hours, they didn't get one usable photo.

19 Because Of His Son, Jimmy's Show Helps An Assortment Of Children

Via: Access

After Jimmy had the incident with his son, Billy, he decided to use his epic platform to advocate for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP impacts millions of children throughout the country. It provides low-cost health insurance to families with children who can't afford to pay. Jimmy Kimmel has taken it upon himself to advocate for it in honor of his son, whose family could afford to pay for the treatment necessary to keep him healthy. Although his slightly foolish critics have seen this as him using his child for his own civic opinions, many think it's a natural progression after what happened to him and his family.

18 Jimmy Has Two Older Kids Most People Don't Even Know About

Via: Galuxsee

No, Jimmy's eldest children aren't named "Sandwich" and "Salami", it's actually "Katie" and "Kevin." It's pretty normal for people not to know that Jimmy actually had two children his precious married to Gina Maddy, who he attended Arizona State University with. The pair were married for more than a decade, from 1988 until 2002. Together, they first had Kattie who earned a BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago. She works as a ceramics artist and designer in Hermosa Beach, California. And then there's Kevin, who works in the television industry. He's been on Tosh.O in the sound department. He was a production assistant on The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail and worked backstage on Survivor and Big Brother.

17 Despite His Schedule, Spending Time With His Kids Is A Priority

Via: ABC News

Recently, Jimmy returned to The Howard Stern Show and spoke about his grueling work schedule which isn't that different from the vast majority of those who work 9 to 5. He leaves for work early in the morning just as his kids are getting up. Then he's in his office working out the material and interview questions with his team of writers up until 5 PM when he tapes his show. The taping usually finishes around 6:45 and then he heads home. But his work usually continues at home and in off hours when he's preparing for the next few shows. However, the weekends he mostly dedicates to his family. Luckily for him, he gets to spend man of his work hours with his wife, Molly, who's the show's head writer. As we can see from this image, his kids often tag along to work as well.

16 Jimmy's Youngest Dealt With Significant Issues

Via: People

Jimmy has been really outspoken about the issues his youngest child, William "Billy" experienced during the first months of his life. As soon as Billy came out, he had a rare congenital heart defect, tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with pulmonary atresia, which was first detected when he had a purplish appearance. This was a very serious issue but after an operation as Cedars Sinai and Children's LA, Billy was saved. Jimmy took some time off the show while this was happening. But when he came back he had cardiac surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz as a guest to explain what happened. And, of course, Jimmy was very emotional when he spoke about it. Luckily for everyone, Billy is doing just fine.

15 Katie And Kevin Kimmel Have Acted With Their Pop

Via: Zimbio

Jimmy Kimmel's eldest children have had many opportunities in Hollywood that other children haven't. Both Kevin and Katie are very artistic, but Kevin is the one with an active interest in the film and television industry. Both kids have worked with their father on his earliest comedy shows, The Man Show and Crank Yankers, the latter of which is getting a revamp with Kimmel and his original comedy partner, Adam Corolla. Both of them played Kimmel's children on these shows which obviously isn't a stretch from reality. Therefore, it's understandable that neither of them really pursued acting. Katie went into design and ceramics while Kevin when into the production end of television.

14 Billy Tried To Breastfeed With His Dad


When returning to The Howard Stern Show in early May of 2019, Stern asked about the health and happiness of Jimmy's youngest son, who had been through a lot in his first few months. Jimmy spoke about how well his son is doing even though the toddler tried to breastfeed with his dad. Jimmy explained that he was holding his son in his arms and suddenly felt a strong pinch around his chest area. When he looked down he saw that his young son was trying to feed on him. Jimmy says that he wishes he had recorded it because he apparently made a hilarious sound when he felt the sensation.

13 Jane Gets Pancake Art Made For Her... That And A Whole Lot More

Via: Psychical Fitness

Look no further than Jimmy or Molly's social media feeds to see just how creative Jimmy is at home, especially when it comes to cooking. Yes, Jimmy is apparently a master chef who goes all out when he makes meals for his friends and family. This is something that has been backed up by some of his closest celebrity friends Jennifer Aniston, Howard Stern, and Courtney Cox. But we can see it for ourselves when looking at all the creative and fun pancakes he makes for his daughter, Jane. Every one of his pancakes is Pinterest appropriate. He's particularly good at making pancakes into cartoon characters from Jane's favorite movies and shows. His baby-mama Molly has spoken about how he makes some of the best pasta around as he does it from scratch.

12 Jimmy's Cooking Won Over His Baby Mama

Via: Twitter

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel's cooking, the reason why he finally won over Molly McNearney's heart was that he was so creative in the kitchen. The couple actually met in the Jimmy Kimmel Live workplace. Molly was in ad sales than worked as an assistant and executive and then as one of the writers on the show. Jimmy eventually asked her out and apparently, Molly took a long time to warm to him. However, for the first dinner they had at his house, Kimmel went all out on the menu and it actually won her heart. He had previously asked her about all of her favorite foods so that he could prepare for making each and every one of them. Since then, the pair have never looked back and now live a wonderful life together alongside their two children.

11 The Value Of Hard Work And Dedication is HUGE In His House

Via: People

Jimmy Kimmel did not come from wealth. Everything he has today was a reward for all of the work he put into his passion. This means that he went through quite a few years where things didn't look as good as they do now. This is why he has instilled a deep dedication to the value of working into his four children. Although his two youngest aren't yet fully aware of what it means to be dedicated to one's craft, they certainly are starting to get the gist. One of the ways he does this is to offer rewards for them contributing around the household. His two eldest children, Katie and Kevin, on the other hand, are totally committed to the crafts that they pursue. Jimmy doesn't want to forget the struggles that he went through financially and definitely doesn't want his children to take advantage of it.

10 Katie Kimmel Is Quite The Art Collector

Via: Funday Office

It makes sense that someone who is so into ceramics and design would be an avid art collector, but it's still worth noting. Katie Kimmel, who has been excelling in her chosen industry, has a number of external forces that help push her to where she wants to go. She is, in part, inspired by her immense art and trinket collection which she claims is enough to get her institutionalized; clearly, she has her father's sense of humor. Katie adores tchotchkes and mean-looking porcelain dolls as well as some pretty odd looking paintings. She constantly visits antique malls and estate sales to find odd designs and art items that will continue to inspire her own artistic works.

9 Jane Was Won Over By Jimmy's Best Friend, Howard Stern

Via: Howard Stern Show

For those in the know, iconic edgy radio host, AGT judge, and brilliant celebrity interviewer Howard Stern is one of Jimmy Kimmel's best friends. The two of them, as well as their wives, Molly and Beth, often vacation together and spend tons of time with one another. Howard, who admits to being an imposing figure, isn't particularly good with children. Therefore, he put Jane off at first. She was unsure of her dad's very tall bestie, although she instantly fell in love with Howard's wife, Beth. In order to win her over, Howard continued to sing The Name Game. This didn't win at first, so it pushed Howard to sing an assortment of children's songs in goofy-voices and make himself appear to be quite foolish. After a few tries, this worked. Now, Jane is utterly fascinated with Howard and the pair get along beautifully.

8 Halloween Candy Isn't Safe In The Kimmel Home

Via: Newslocker

Anybody who watches Jimmy Kimmel Live knows how deeply unsafe Halloween candy is in the Kimmel household. Although Jimmy loves taking his children Trick Or Treating, he loves pulling pranks on them even more. Of course, these pranks are always filmed and played for his audience on his show. In one video, Jimmy y can be seen teasing his daughter by telling her he ate all her Halloween treats. This totally made his daughter upset as she genuinely thought that her dad ate her candy. Jimmy said, "Last night while you were sleeping, mommy and I ate all your Halloween candy." He continued by saying, "Daddy only ate Skittles, M&Ms, Kit Kats, Reese’s peanut butter cups, gum, and eyeballs and Twizzlers and lollipops.” Apparently, he continues this prank every year and finds new ways of convincing her that he's telling the truth.

7 When Kimmel Had His First Child, There Was NO Money

Via: Hollywood Reporter

When Jimmy had his first two children with his first wife, Gina, he was struggling to pay his bills. This was during a time far before he was a big star. Not long ago, Jimmy Kimmel told Vulture that he had his daughter when he was 24, and the family struggled to make ends meet. He had just lost his bo doing a morning radio show in Tampa, Florida, and had to move to Palm Springs, California so he could work odd jobs in radio. After a ten hour day, he would have to pick up Katie from day-care as quickly as possible as he couldn't afford the $5 an hour to keep her there for longer. He and his wife would constantly have to switch off from working their odd hours so someone could be home with the kids. Unlike today, a nanny was totally out of the question.

6 Jimmy's First Baby Mama Has A Flare For The Creative

Via: Bio Wikis

Although many would attribute Katie and Kevin Kimmel's love for the arts to their father, their mother also has a thing for creativity. Like Jimmy, his first wife, Gina Maddy (nee Kimmel) found a way to forge some success in the entertainment industry. She worked in the wardrobe department on a few movies and shows including The Man Show. After that ended, she started her own apparel company called Maddy James. She prides herself in having vintage-inspired loungewear that's reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and is inspired by "the lovely women of bygone eras." She is still working in this industry to this day.

5 A 7-Year-Old Gave Jimmy Some Sound Parenting Advice

Via: People

Who better to give Jimmy Kimmel advice about parenting his toddler than a seven-year-old? Honestly, the fact that a seven-year-old kid decided to give parenting advice to Jimmy on his late-night talk show isn't surprising. After all, Jimmy often includes hilarious bits with children and even gets the viewers at home to participate and send their own videos in. After welcoming his third child, Jane, Jimmy sat down with the kid who gave Jimmy some hilarious advice. He said that babies should only ever throw small knives, instead of anything else. This was pretty odd, but the child's second piece of advice was actually interesting. He said that kids should only learn the "F-Word" when they are well into their college years.

4 Causing A Ruckus In Other Parents' Household Is Jimmy's Thing

Via: EW

Causing a ruckus is one of Jimmy Kimmel's favorite pastimes, especially when it comes to the life of his celebrity frenemy, Matt Damon. But it's also true of all of his viewers. During the time when many children were enthralled with the video game, Fortnight, Jimmy chose to use his power to get children away from their screens and doing other things. He told parents to record themselves turning off the television during the middle of important Fortnight moments. Of course, a ton of parents did this and it resulted in their children through temper tantrums. Although this was very funny, it definitely caused a ruckus in the homes of a bunch of his most dedicated fans.

3 The Kimmel Family Goes Blackberry Picking With Howard Stern

Via: The Hollywood Reporter and Perez Hilton

Most people might think that Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern live a lavish and exciting Hollywood/New York lifestyles. But this is far from the truth. When they vacation together, they usually just lay by the pool, go for walks, or eat Jimmy's homecooked food. This works out well for Jimmy's children who often accompany their parents and Stern and his wife, Beth, on these outings. In 2017, while visiting Howard Stern's Long Island home, Howard took Jimmy and Jane berry picking for the day. During which, the three of them bonded and Jane grew even fonder of Howard. Afterward, the three of them painted together in Stern's home art studio. These are pretty touching and relaxed activities for two men who could be living up life. But as Howard joked, "we partied like we were Amish".

2 The Kimmel Kids Will Never Be Spoiled, End Of Story

Via: Zimbio

Although there are many values that Jimmy Kimmel aims to instill in his children, making sure that they aren't spoiled is on the top of his priority list. This is because he can see how bad things can get with children in Hollywood. Additionally, Jimmy himself didn't grow up rich and knows the struggles that come with that. He knows that experiencing these struggles actually push us to be greater. When asked about making sure his kids aren't spoiled, he said that he doesn't hand his children everything. He doesn't pretend that he's poor, as his kids can see that he's not, but he will not give them everything they want. If they work for it, that's another story. This is a great parenting lesson that we can all learn from.

1 Publically Defending His Daughter's Hard Work And Passion

Via: Ochi Shop

Speaking of being dedicated to one's craft, Jimmy really respects his daughter Katie's love for what she does. This is why he, according to People, accused a clothing brand company, Reformation, of purposefully taking his daughter's designs. When you look at the designs side-by-side, it's pretty challenging not to see the similarities. But Reformation released a statement saying, “Graphic word tees, sweatshirts, and jackets have been a part of the Reformation brand and design aesthetic since we launched in 2009. We have a deep respect for artistic integrity and would never replicate or appropriate the work of a young artist, or any artist for that matter." This issue was publically unresolved, but we hope that Katie found some sort of peace with this or found justice if they did indeed take her ideas.

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