20 Little-Known Details About Kevin Jonas’ Family Life

Kevin Jonas is a pop star and one part of the three-member band Jonas Brothers (with his brothers, Nick and Joe), but his life is not what many people would expect a celebrity’s life to be like. It seems Kevin has very little time for parties and socializing with beautiful strangers because he would rather be at home with his wife, Danielle, and their two little girls.

This couple has been married since 2009, but in 2014, they became parents for the first time, which changed their lives in many ways. They love being parents, but they are also honest about their struggles, and not everything about their journey has been perfect from the start. Below are 20 little-known details about Kevin Jonas’ family life.

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20 This Is What Kevin Jonas’ Home Life Looks Like (And It's Hilarious)

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Kevin Jonas rose to fame as one part of the three-member band, Jonas Brothers, alongside with his siblings, Nick and Joe, but there is more to this man than just his musical talent. In addition to being a pop star, Kevin is also a married man and a father to two children, and if you were wondering what his home life looks like, well, apparently this is it!

19 Kevin Wasn't Able To Form A Bond With His Daughter Straight Away

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Becoming a parent is a journey that is different for each individual, and when Kevin Jonas became a dad for the first time, he experienced an unexpected situation; he had trouble connecting with his daughter.

In an interview with Oprah's Where Are They Now, he shared his feelings on the topic, saying, "No one ever talked to me about it [...] You see every picture of a dad sleeping on the couch with the baby on them and all this stuff. I didn't find my place right away.”

18 Kevin Is A Proud Father To Two Girls (And Their Names Sort Of Rhyme)

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Kevin Jonas’ start as a parent may have been a little challenging because he was not able to find his “place,” but that is no longer an issue for him and he is close to his daughters now — telling Oprah's Where Are They Now that he was in “such a good place” with his daughter at the time of the interview.

As for who is daughters with Danielle Jonas are? Well, their names are Alena, who was born in 2014, and her sister, Valentina, who was born two years later.

17 Sharing Celeb Baby Photos Online Is A Complicated Decision, But The Couple Chose To Do It On Their Terms To Keep Control

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Celebrities have chosen to live their lives in the public eye, but fame has some obvious disadvantages, specifically the lack of privacy. It is very hard for a celebrity to do anything without getting their photo taken, and not just their photo, but also their families.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas know all about this, which is why he told Parade that they have chosen to share photos of their children with the world. This decision allowed them to “be the ones in control.”

16 …But Also Because Their Children Are Such A Big Part Of Their Lives

Via Daily Mail

In continuation of the above point, control is obviously one of the reasons why Danielle and Kevin Jonas made the decision about where and when they wanted to share photos of their children, but another factor in their decision was because of how special their children are to them.

“This is a massive time in our lives and we’ve always been very public about everything,” Kevin told Parade after the birth of their first child. “We wanted to share it with our fans because we are so proud and excited.”

15 Finding Time To Spend With Family Is Hard Because Of Kevin's Demanding Work Schedule

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Being a pop star and getting to do what you love (with his brothers no less), has its advantages, but Kevin Jonas’ work also requires him to spend time away from home. It can be hard to try and spend time with family and have a demanding schedule, and Kevin acknowledged this in a social media post, writing, “Not many nights off these days but anytime I get to spend with these girls is an absolute win!”

14 Their Daughter Didn’t Automatically Love And Accept Her Uncle Nick Jonas’ Wife, Priyanka Chopra

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married on Dec. 1, 2018, and their whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage attracted a lot of media attention, but before the couple headed down the aisle, Kevin Jonas’ daughter had something to say about her uncle’s choice of bride.

Apparently, Valentina did not give her approval straight away, as Kevin explained on The Late Late Show (via People) that she is “very connected” to her uncle and she initially had a tough time accepting the woman in his life.

13 Apparently, Fame Has Been A Bit Of A Burden For Kevin Jonas' Family

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

The support from the Jonas Brothers’ fan base has allowed them to do what they love, and make a living from it. There is no denying that they are very fortunate and in a unique position because many musicians struggle to make a living. But, fame has also created complications for Kevin Jonas’ family, like when fans want to approach him when he is with his family — his daughters don’t necessarily understand what is going on.

“We were at the mall one time and there were some girls that wanted to take pictures with Kevin,” Danielle told Today. “And Alena started running and yelling ‘Daddy, come here!' It used to just be he would take a picture and then we would move on. Now it’s like this little girl is watching him.”

12 He Has So Much Appreciation For The Mother Of His Children, And For All That She Does...

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Children can be demanding, and no one has ever said raising a child is easy, but luckily for Kevin and Danielle Jonas, they don’t have to do it alone. Kevin is thankful to the woman he married, who also happens to be the mother of their children, and he shared his feelings on social media, praising her in a post for being “ the most amazing mother and [the] best friend anyone can ask for.”

11 ….He Has Even Gone So Far As To Call Danielle Jonas His ‘Everything’ — They’ve Been Happily Married Since 2009

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Kevin Jonas understands the importance of showing Danielle Jonas his appreciation for all that she does, and this is probably why their relationship has continued to blossom over the last decade (they’ve been married since 2009). Kevin often uses social media to share a more personal side of his life, including his feelings about his wife, someone who he has referred to as his “everything.”

10 He Watches Soccer With His Daughter, And She’s His Mini Supporter

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

It’s always fun when a parent and their offspring share a common interest because it allows them the opportunity to bond over this, and it seems Kevin Jonas and his daughter are both soccer fans (or perhaps she’s just interested in sitting with her dad in his team’s gear, while he watches soccer).

9 Family Is This Bunch’s No. 1 Priority — And His Three Girls Bring Kevin So Much Joy

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

There is no doubt that family is an important part of Kevin Jonas’ life. He makes no effort to hide the love he has for his wife and his children, and his social media pages are a testament to this statement.

“The joy these girls bring me every day is what keeps me strong to keep going and be the best I can be every day,” he captioned a photo of Danielle and their girls.

8 Danielle And Kevin’s Decision To Become Parents Has Affected Their Relationship With Each Other

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

When you hear people speaking about becoming parents, they often mention that the dynamics in their relationship have changed, to some extent. This can be good, or it can be bad, and Danielle and Kevin Jonas have also experienced a change.

When asked by Parade how parenthood affected their relationship, Kevin said, “We’re working together in a different way. Now we have a different kind of bond and we have something that really represents our relationship — it’s more than just the rings on our finger. We created this beautiful life together.”

7 This Loving Daddy Has Called His Daughter ‘The Light’ Of His Life

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Kevin Jonas does not shy away from emotion, nor does he hide the fact that his daughters mean a lot to him. He has used social media as a platform to share his thoughts on fatherhood, and also as a way to celebrate milestones, like birthdays. On Valentina’s birthday in October 2018, the proud dad told fans that she is the light of his life.

6 Kevin Grew Up In A Household Full Of Boys, So His Life Is Quite Different Now

Via Daily Mail

There are a handful of really famous celebrity siblings, and the Jonas Brothers could probably be grouped among them. Kevin, Nick, and Joe are famous for their musical talent, as well as their appearances on the Disney Channel, but what not everyone realizes is that they also have a younger brother, Frankie.

So, Kevin has gone from a household of boys to one that is dominated by women, but his love for his daughters has shown he's adjusted well to the change.

5 They Are Honest About Their Struggles With Parenting And Make No Effort To Hide That It’s Not Always Easy

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Being a parent is tough, and there are so many decisions that need to be made about the well-being of a child, that at times it can feel overwhelming. There is also the fact that you suddenly realize you have to become a total pro at time management because you have so little of it, and Danielle Jonas knows all about this.

“Having another baby is literally like having five,” she told Today. “One is asking you for one thing and then you’re going to the next one and it’s just — it is insane but I do — I love it.”

4 Kevin Has The Biggest Heart, And His Wife Is Thankful Every Day For Him

Via Danielle Jonas Instagram

It’s not just Kevin Jonas who has sweet things to say about the woman he shares his life with, and Danielle has also used her social media pages as a way to celebrate Kevin. And what better day to celebrate their love, than on Valentine’s Day?

In a 2019 post, Danielle penned her feelings about Kevin, thanking him for everything he does for their family. She added, “There is no one like you, your heart is so big. I love you for that.”

3 Kevin And Danielle Were Always Excited To Become Parents And Felt It Was Part Of Their Journey

Via Daily Mail

There are some people who dream about a big house, others who picture success and an impressive bank balance, and then there are those individuals who have always dreamed of starting a family. Kevin and Danielle Jonas knew they wanted to be parents, and in 2011 they gave an interview to OK! Magazine (via HollywoodLife) about this.

“I can’t wait (to start a family),” Danielle said. “It’s going to be part of our journey very soon, but not right now, exactly. We want to enjoy being married. We’re newlyweds!” Three years later, and they celebrated the birth of their first daughter.

2 When It Comes To Raising Their Family, They Definitely Don't Have It All Figured Out

Via Danielle Jonas Instagram

Kevin and Danielle Jonas may look as though they have a perfect life (their family photos are enviable), but they do not have everything figured out. Just like every other parent, they too experience moments of doubt and forgetfulness.

Kevin told Today that when his second child arrived, he didn’t feel like a seasoned pro, rather he felt as though he had forgotten “everything that happened with the first one.” He continued, “Like at first, I was like, 'How do I swaddle a baby again? Can I hold her like this?' It’s like your brain is kind of melting…”

1 Their Baby Making Days May Not Be Over Yet Because Kevin Has Previously Said He Wanted ‘Two Or Three’ Kids

Via Kevin Jonas Instagram

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have six children, Eddie Murphy is a father to ten, and right now, Kevin Jonas has just two girls. But there is a possibility that Kevin and Danielle may expand their brood in their future, and he hinted at this in an interview with OK! Magazine (via HollywoodLife).

When asked how many children he wanted, he responded by saying, “70! No, no. Four’s big. I’d like two or three at most. I think that’s the perfect number.” He has two children now, so, a third could possibly be in the couple’s future.

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