20 Little-Known Details The Olsen Twins Want To Keep On The DL

The world was once so obsessed with the Olsen twins who played the role of the adorable Michelle Tanner on Full House. Now, the entire world doesn't even know where the Olsen twins are - raise your hand if you grew up with them and feel like they ditched you!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are a '90s staple. From their television shows to their movies, books, fashion lines and very own dolls, the twins ruled the world and they were brilliant at it; you name it, they had it. It is not far-fetched to say that these style icons started acting as soon as they came to life - well, kind of.

As they were growing up, they were always in the spotlight, and now we barely see photos of the fashion icons. We are sure all millennials, like us, are having a hard time coping with the fact that they are out of our lives because we miss Two Of A Kind and So Little Time. Yet, with all their fame, the twins remain mysterious. Where are they? And what are they up to? Even though their limelight tapered out, they are still lingering somewhere in our minds.

To help ya'll with the withdrawal, we thought we'd delve into their hidden lives and share some interesting facts about Michelle Tanner. Trust us, the twins with a multi-million dollar empire have kept many things on the DL.

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20 The Twins Rocked Dentures At A Young Age

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Who didn't fall in love with little Michelle Tanner on Full House who loved her spaghetti? The twins were once the most in-demand television stars. The show, that made them millionaires as children, had both Mary-Kate and Ashley alternating and playing the role of Michelle Tanner.

However, that is not the only thing they both had to alternate. Turns out, to play the role of a little girl in her early school years, they had to, as toddlers, wear a set of dentures.

The twins were losing their baby teeth at different times, so they had to be two big girls and put on some fake teeth. Why? So that little Michelle Tanner would have her flashy full smile.

19 They Both Had Some Serious Struggles

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Being a child star has its downsides; being in the spotlight from a very young age does not always lead to great things. In the case of Mary-Kate and Ashley who are no strangers to the spotlight, it led to addiction. Both have reportedly been involved with substances, but Mary-Kate was the one half of the twin duo that fell deeper into the dark hole.

It was no surprise to many, as in their last full-length feature film New York Minute Mary-Kate was frail. It was during the release of this film that the twin battled most with anorexia and a related addiction. Thankfully, she sought out help like a trooper.

18 Ashley Olsen Was Hit With Lyme Disease

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Back in 2015, while the twins were nowhere in the headlines, Ashley was fighting Lyme disease. The disease that took a toll on her life is a debilitating bacterial illness that is caused by bites from parasitic arachnids. Because the disease was caught in its very late stages, the ticks had burrowed underneath her skin and caused even more pain in the skin and joints. Her nervous system and heart were also hit harder.

Ashley, who has always been delicate, took time off work because she was struggling with fatigue and pain, which put a complete hold on her hardworking ethic. She was surely out of the "lyme-light" for quite some time, but we're thrilled she is now A-okay.

17 Mary-Kate Had A Past With Heath Ledger

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We all miss the late Heath Ledger; his smile was infectious and his personality was enlightening. Well, interestingly enough, the beautiful Mary-Kate Olsen was involved with the actor who played the Joker. Yes, the two had a romantic relationship with each other, and it was precious. Many did not know of their relationship until 2008, when the actor passed away, because Ledger's masseuse first contacted Mary-Kate with the news.

The investigation was intense and Mary-Kate was actually in the middle of it. Completely odd to hear, right? Thankfully, in 2008, they closed the inquiry into Ledger's death and the twin was let off the hook.

16 The Twins Don't Really Like Dealing With The Public

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We have not seen much of the Olsen twins, so they have clearly mastered the art of hiding from the paparazzi; we're selfishly not used to that because we grew up seeing them everywhere. However, we seem to continue to be fascinated by them, even though we don't see much of them and hardly know a thing about their lives.

The reason behind them ghosting us? They were always in the limelight, and now dealing with people is an unpleasant experience for them. They created an empire which forced them to grow up in the entertainment industry, so for them, it is healthier to avoid dealing with the public.

The famous twins clearly want to gain back all the space and freedom they missed out on growing up.

15 They Were Not Their Own People (Credited As One)

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We all rushed home to sit in front of our television screens and watch the adorable Michelle Tanner on the beloved family sitcom. And Michelle Tanner was like our bestie.

However, to our dismay, the two stars were credited as one person - what the...? They played such a vital role on the show that we would have thought they'd properly receive credit. Instead, the twins, who are their own individuals, were credited as "Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen." We were not aware that the twins morphed into one person.

The famous pair was credited as one single person to benefit producers, who did not want the live audience to know they were using two actors for the same part. We would have figured out someday that they were using twins for the role of Michelle Tanner - duh!

14 Both Twins Have An Unusual Taste In Weddings

via Hollywood Reporter

Whether you're a fan or not of Mary-Kate's relationship, back in November 2015 the twin got hitched to billionaire Olivier Sarkozy, a banker. It was refreshing to hear some Mary-Kate news, but the nuptials were kept on the DL.

Although Mary-Kate's life has always been in the public eye, and quite eccentric, the wedding ceremony and celebration was entirely private. It stunned us to hear the news because we are accustomed to the lavish and exuberant celebrity weddings of Hollywood.

Mary-Kate limited her wedding to close family and friends, with no more than 50 guests.

Some little tidbits about the wedding slipped through, though, like how the tables had "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night," according to Page Six.

13 The Twins Scored The Role Of Michelle Tanner Because Of Their Peculiar Behaviour

via Seventeen Magazine

They got it, dude! The twins rose to stardom because of Full House and you're probably wondering how they managed to snatch the role that got them where they are today.

Besides being adorable, the twins were born with pizzazz and sass, and they caught the attention of agents when they were only nine months old!

A friend of the matriarch Olsen knew an agent, and he was instantly bedazzled by the twins. Quickly, the set of twins were set up with an audition, and that is when it all took off for them. Their mother brought them to their audition and they nailed it! How? Do you know how we repeat often to ya'll to not cry? Well, the twins were the only babies that did not cry during the audition. And look where it got them!

12 The Millionaire Twins Skipped Prom

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As teens, they had the entire world in the palms of their hands, so not showing up to their prom was no biggie to them.

The fashion icons and superstars did attend school, despite their fortune and fame, but decided to skip prom night. We would've done anything to be their prom dates, let's be honest.

Instead of prom, the twins went over to Saturday Night Live to host the season finale. We are not sure who else would skip their high school prom to read monologues for the night, but if there was anyone who could have done it, it would have been Mary-Kate and Ashley. And they had Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte as their dates, so it was a win.

11 The Twins Have Always Had Designer Taste

via Glamour

We need a crash course on how to be fashion goddesses; the twins are the muse of many. As the twins got older, they took a break from Hollywood and attended college to dive into the world of fashion.

A keen interest of theirs from the very beginning, the twins, as Michelle Tanner, had quite the "haute couture" and posh wardrobe. Talk about expensive taste, the twins were dressed in Chanel and Marc Jacobs gowns when onscreen!

As toddlers on Full House, the twins, who played Michelle Tanner until they were six years old, already had a bold fashion sense. As little girls, we were bewildered by their style and we were hooked on their Walmart fashion line. Of course, they're fashion moguls, so their closets have always been made up of designer clothing.

10 They've Had Their Own Production Company Since, Like, Forever

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It Takes Two to have a production company! Nothing can make one feel more unsuccessful until they find out that at six years old, the Olsen twins were both producers. Yes, the twins, who had just finished with Full House and were making big bucks filming movies all over the globe, were also owners of their own production company. Remember that Dualstar label we would see plastered everywhere? Yes, that is theirs.

The production company that is now said to be worth a billion dollars, according to Factinate, produced movies, TV shows, video games, magazines, etc. Now you know why the twins are in hiding and still rolling in dough.

9 And They Were The Youngest Millionaires

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As children and preteens, we had not a care in the world; we'd arrive home, eat some Dunkaroos, do homework, play outside and watch cartoons. The Olsen twins, however, led a completely different life.

Contrary to what you may think, the Olsen twins did not have it easy growing up. Their family was not wealthy, but by the age of 10 the twins became the youngest millionaires alive. The famous pair, at such a young age, became self-made millionaires without having grown up in an affluent family. And, do not kid yourself, we all helped them get their millions, because who didn't want a Mary-Kate and Ashley top or MK & A doll?

8 Surprise! The Olsens Are NOT Identical

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No, we are not delusional, the twins are actually not identical. The twins, who have looked identical from the moment we met them, have fooled us all along; they are fraternal twins! Want to try and spot the differences? Apparently, some fanatical fans of the duo can tell them apart immediately.

And when it came to the '90s cult classic Full House, producers of the show began to notice a difference in the twins when they were six years old. At that point, they wanted to make Mary-Kate the only Michelle Tanner. The twins, who have always had each other's backs, continued taking turns for the role. We still do not see the difference...

7 An Exhibition Was Dedicated To The Famous Twins

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When an art exhibition is entirely dedicated to you, you know you've hit the big time! Oddly enough, the twins have kept their lives low-key for over a decade, and have remained out of the public eye, but two comedians decided to dedicate an entire museum to the "hidden" public figures.

According to Factinate, the curators were so fascinated by how the twins managed to stay out of the limelight, considering their fame, that they set up an exhibit in NYC to show that off.

"The Olsen Twins Hiding from the Paparazzi" was an exhibit set up in New York City that included paintings of the twins, as the title suggests, averting the paparazzi’s gaze, often with the aid of various objects.

6 Mary-Kate And Ashley Share A Sixth Sense

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What happens when two become one? In the case of Mary-Kate and Ashley, a sixth sense was developed. The twins spent all their time together and were never apart since their debut as toddlers on Full House. Because of that, until this day, the twins have a hard time separating their memories - how cool and odd is that?

According to Vogue, in an interview the twins revealed an interesting fact to ponder on, saying that they "have a shared memory." They told Vogue, “One of us was stung by a bee, but we can't remember who, because we both felt it."

5 Social Media Is A No-No For Them

via Wall Street Journal

Do you know any Hollywood heavyweight that does not use any social media at all? Bring forward Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Since the twins deliberately decided after their last film that they would avoid the spotlight, they have stuck to their guns. Being on social media would mean having to deal with people daily, and to them that is so unpleasant. We're going to cut them some slack, because they deserve the time away!

Despite living in a technology-driven world, social media is not how they want to communicate with the outside world. Ashley explained that their lack of presence is because "[they've] never been connected to [their] fans in that way" and "[they've] stayed quite sheltered in that sense," as Cheat Sheet reports.

4 They Purposely Tried To Look Different

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Ain't no fooling us, ladies! Okay, even with the physical differences, we still have a hard time distinguishing the gorgeous duo.

In 2006, Ashley decided they should change up their look, to NOT look like twins, and she got brown hair - a sultry deep chocolate brown shade. Quickly afterwards, she went back to her strawberry-blonde roots, and we were confused again. If ever you are keen to tell them apart, we have a couple of hints for ya'll. According to Grazia, Ashley is, reportedly, a teeny bit taller — like an inch taller.

3 Both Of Them Refuse To Shop Online

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Avid fans of the twins may know that they have created their own fashion empire together. Surprisingly though, considering today's modern shopping world, they are not fans of online shopping. Is that not odd considering online shopping means they can avoid dealing with people? Then again, they refrain from using any social media, so it goes hand-in-hand. Basically, the twins have a super high-end clothing store, yet do not believe in the concept of online shopping.

Ashley admitted to The New York Times that she has never purchased anything online, while Mary-Kate did buy something in an online auction once.

The only struggle with online shopping that we have is getting up to get our wallets, but for the fashion moguls online shopping is a source of anxiety.

2 Imagine Having Mary-Kate As A Stepmom?

via Life Style

Imagine telling everyone at school or work that Mary-Kate Olsen is your stepmother? Well, MK's beau, Olivier Sarkozy, has two children from his previous marriage. When she tied the knot with her amour, she immediately became a stepmom when she signed on the dotted line. We know, you are totally envious of those two kids. We get it. Strangely enough, Julien and Margot, his children, have a stepmom who is only slightly older than they are; MK is 32 and the kids are teens.

We totally do not picture Mary-Kate as a mama, because we still have the image in our minds of her in Holiday in the Sun. However, MK has been photographed with Margot numerous times sharing a special bond, and we find that so precious.

1 As Much As They Are The Same, They Do Have Different Hobbies (Like Horseback Riding)

via Town & Country Magazine

The two have done and created just about everything together, but they are not completely the same. Catching them apart is rare, but when these two have their respective downtime, they choose to do different things.

For instance, did you know that Mary-Kate gets a kick out of horsing around? Did you know she's a cowgirl? The fashion mogul doesn't mind putting a helmet on, as she does horseback riding on the side. And it is not just something she does to pass the time. She has competed before, too.

Ashley, on the other hand, does not fancy horseback riding one bit. Instead, she yells "far!" on the golf course and makes grunting noises when she picks up her tennis racket.

Sources: Page Six, Vogue, The New York Times, Grazia

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