20 Little Known Facts About Ariana Grande's Previous Relationships

Ariana Grande has become a beloved star in the early 2010s when she starred in Nickelodeon's hit show Victorious. While working on the spin-off Sam & Cat, she focused on her music career and has an impeccable voice compared to pop legend, Mariah Carey. After the spin-off's cancellation, Ariana focused greatly on her singing and became one of the hottest stars in the 21st century.

While her music career is what gets people talking, she has prolific relationships with a handful of guys that gets gossipers and fans talking for months. They range from backup dancers, fellow artists, and actors. There are very interesting details about some of them that differentiate each relationship Ariana had.

Here are twenty little known facts about Ariana's previous relationships!

20 The First One

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It's hard to say who was Ariana's first boyfriend, but her first one known to the public was Graham Phillips. These two have worked together on the Broadway musical 13. Then they started dating from 2008 to 2011. It would be a very long time until they eventually hang out together.

19 Somewhat Secret

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Ariana and Big Sean's previous relationship was truly something unique. They were even trying to keep it a secret for the time being. But once the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards rolled around, they were seen holding hands and the internet blew up about their relationship status.

18 A Relationship Unheard Of... Until Now

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Who was Ricky in Ariana's successful song "thank u, next"? The answer is Ricky Alvarez, who is the one partner in Ariana's lifespan who holds an air of mystery to him. He was a backup dancer for Ariana and they dated in from the summer of 2015 to 2016. And if you remember the infamous scandal with donuts, that was him with Ariana!

17 Holiday Collab

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Ariana and Mac were a couple that fans could not get over. And sadly with Mac's passing, it makes their relationship a tragic Hollywood story. These two have collaborated on numerous occasions and their first song happens to be the Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Quite an interesting start them in the music world.

16 Convenient First Meeting

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Ariana and Pete were a hot topic on social media once they started dating and got engaged a month later. It is definitely rushed, but thankfully, these two met earlier in 2016 when Ariana was a guest in Saturday Night Live, where Pete stars as part of the cast.

15 Reunited After A While

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Ariana and Graham have not gotten back together, but recently, they had a small 13 reunion in early 2019. They are a great example of exes who can remain great friends. And the fact that they've known each other for over ten years shows their incredible chemistry from co-performers to a couple, then being close friends.

14 Love Through Long Distance

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Nowadays, meeting people online is very common thanks to social media. There are two of Ariana's beaus that she met through Twitter, and they were Jai Brooks and Mac Miller. With Jai, his status as an Australian YouTuber made sense for long-distance, while Mac and Ariana were already fans of each other's music and when "The Way" would have a rapper, Mac came to Ariana's mind.

13 Shortest Relationship

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Sometimes the distance from a partner can be a difficult path to follow. For Ariana and Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, their relationship only lasted five months. To our relief, they ended on good terms and they were definitely busy with their music careers. It might have been a short relationship, it was definitely not a bad one.

12 The One Who Broke Her Heart

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Out of Ariana's relationships known on the internet, hers with Jordan Viscomi was definitely the one that broke her heart. He was a backup dancer for her similar to Ricky, but after their breakup, rumors speculated that Jordan only used her to promote his career. Ariana was even having a difficult time while on the set of Victorious when the breakup occurred.

11 Matching Tattoos

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To make it evident that these two were so madly in love, Pete and Ariana donned on matching and other tattoos. They have matching clouds, have the word "reborn" and the phrase "H2GKMO" (Honest to God, knock me out) inked on their thumbs. Now that they broke off the engagement, it must be awkward for both of them.

10 Remaining Friends

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Ariana might be a diva to some people, but when it comes to most of her relationships, she remains friends with them. Like how we mentioned Graham earlier, she also remained friends with Big Sean, Mac, Ricky, Jai, and Nathan. There are no sources on Ariana seen with Jordan and things have been bitter between her and Pete after calling off their engagement.

9 Conflicting Schedules

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Similar to Nathan, Ariana and Big Sean broke up due to their conflicting schedules with their music tours. It would separate them for a whole year and they were more than likely not getting a chance to encounter one another. In the end, they are still great friends and showed support to one another.

8 Another Try

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Out of all of her known relationships, Ariana has dated Jai twice. Their relationship was a long-distance one in the summer of 2012 until they met in person in New York City at the end of the year. Then they broke up due to Jai accusing Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan. They reconciled in 2014 but then broke up again in the summer.

7 Honoring Him At Concerts

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There was no doubt how much Mac's passing affected Ariana greatly. She adored him the first time she met him and their relationship, despite its issues, showed how much they loved each other. She was brought to tears when she paid tribute to him at a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she has continued in honoring Mac's memory.

6 Incompatible According To Zodiac Signs

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Some are crazy for Zodiac signs, and some are not. One can look at Ariana's relationships and see how some are not compatible according to their signs. Ariana is the water sign Cancer, being born on June 26th. For those she dated, Big Sean, Graham, and Nathan are incompatible as all of them are Aries, a fire sign.

5 Compatible According To Zodiac Signs

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For the rest - Mac, Pete, Jai, Ricky, and Jordan - they theoretically are matches for her. Mac was born on January 19th, making him a Capricorn, Pete is a Scorpio born on November 16th, Jai is a Taurus born on May 3rd, Ricky is a fellow Cancer born on July 13th, and Jordan is a Pisces born on March 12th.

4 The Ones Not Mentioned

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With "thank u, next" being a song about Ariana's past relationships, how is it that only a handful are mentioned. Jai, Graham, Jordan, and Nathan are the ones not mentioned whatsoever. Nathan was the only one approached on this and he was cool with it. In Ariana's defense, the ones she mentioned were definitely ones she learned while in a relationship with them.

3 Quick Rebound

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After the breakup with Mac, Ariana quickly moved on and managed to form a relationship with SNL star Pete. The two were really happy together that they got engaged a month later, and it was quite a ride. It's safe to say that she learned patience as referenced in "thank u, next" after being criticized for rushing into the relationship.

2 Confirming Cinderella

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Mac was definitely not afraid to lyricize his relationship with Ariana during their relationship. After their breakup, a Twitter user approached Ariana, blaming her for Mac's arrest from a DUI. When replying to the Twitter user, she referenced that Mac's song "Cinderella" is about her. The internet was definitely surprised at this turn of events.

1 Anthem To Breakups

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Ariana has come a long way from being in a broadway musical, two popular TV shows, and becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the century. Her relationships, namely with Mac, Pete, Big Sean, and Ricky influenced her to write "thank u, next" and the song became very successful and one of the well-known hits of 2018. They helped her grow as an artist and it is an amazing accomplishment for her.

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