20 Little Known Facts About Ariana Grande's Relationship With The Late Mac Miller

Ariana Grande is the current diva in the pop music world and has been incredibly successful worldwide. There is just no way you can not know who Ariana is. Other than her successful singing career, she has been in the spotlight with relationships she had with other artists and/or celebrities.

The arguably most memorable relationship is the special one she had with the late Mac Miller. These two had a relationship that did not last forever, but the passing of the American rapper showed how much of an impact he brought on Ariana. Mac is arguably the best partner Ariana had when it comes to their history. Perhaps there are some facts that you do not know about their relationship.

With that, here are twenty little known facts about Ariana Grande's relationship with the late Mac Miller.

20 Their First Song Together

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Ariana and Mac's successful song "The Way" might have brought them into the spotlight, but their first song is actually a Christmas classic. Everyone and their grandmother know "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and that happened to be the song they collaborated on! That is an interesting way of working together for the first time.

19 The Way They Felt

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While the two were getting touchy and affectionate in the music video for "The Way," but their romantic relationship did not start there. The song came out in 2013 and it was amazing how much chemistry they had despite not being together at first. Once 2016 arrived, it would be the beginning of something beautiful.

18 Blossoming Relationship

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While these two did not hit it off right away, there was no doubt how wonderful they were as friends. Their first interaction was on Twitter, and then they would collaborate on future songs like those mention earlier. Their relationship blossomed gracefully, without a doubt.

17 Featured In Each Other's Songs

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We all know "The Way" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" as the songs Ariana and Mac worked on, but there are others as well! They worked together on his song "My Favorite Part" and there is even a remix of "Into You" featuring the rapper. Musically, they are just great together.

16 One Of Many Tributes She Gave

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After Mac's passing, Ariana clearly shows how much Mac meant to her. At her concerts, she has mentioned countless times that one of her performances is dedicated to Mac. This shows that even though they broke up and she previously got engaged, Mac left a huge impact on her and she will never take it for granted.

15 Astrologically Compatible

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Astrologers, this will be a fun entry for you. While not everyone follows zodiac signs and just date the person for who they are, Ariana and Mac are compatible, according to their signs. Mac was born on January 19th, making him a Capricorn, while Ariana was born on June 26th, making her a Cancer. They are opposite signs, but compatible regardless.

14 Four Songs About Him

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Any song Ariana makes is integrated into her personal life. She pours her heart into the songs even if they are not necessarily perfect. There are four songs that possibly and/or definitely reference Mac. They are "Imagine," "Better Off," "Everytime," and "thank u, next." The last one clearly mentions him despite not being the entire main focus, while the other three are up for debate, but are probable for being able Mac.

13 The "Cinderella" In His Song

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It is very common for artists to reference others in their songs depending on the relationship. Mac wrote a song titled "Cinderella" and Ariana was quick to state that it was about her. The song is definitely not appropriate for young ones, but it does showcase how passionate their relationship was.

12 The Best Person Ever

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Ariana has endured a lot of hardships for her relationship with Mac and his passing. According to her interview with Vogue, she has mentioned her honesty with her fans while keeping other thoughts to herself. She also discussed her emotional breakdowns and stated that Mac was the best person ever and that he never deserved his demons.

11 For Manchester

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After the tragedy in Manchester, a benefit concert would occur to support those affected by the attack. Ariana came back with stronger energy and had many other artists by her side. Those include Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and of course, her boyfriend at the time, Mac. You can even see their incredible chemistry when singing "The Way."

10 It Hit Hard

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Mac has opened up to how much the breakup affected him. Along with his struggle with substance, he hadn't talked to Ariana after breaking up with her. He told Rolling Stone that he secluded himself and admitted that during the time, he heard the song "Despacito" for the first time as well.

9 What Happened After The Breakup

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The breakup was definitely a tough obstacle for Mac. Even though it would resolve slowly and surely, days after the breakup, he got arrested for a DUI and hit and run charges. He admitted to fleeing from the scene when police arrived at his house.

8 Remained Great Friends

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A breakup can test two people who really loved each other. Despite the issues going on, Ariana and Mac remained great friends. This is shown when Mac wished her well when Ariana became engaged to Pete Davidson. After all, they've known each other since 2012 so it was reliving that their friendship wasn't affected.

7 There For Her At Her Lowest

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When a tragic event happens while being associated with it affected Ariana greatly. The Manchester concert ended brutally and due to that, she had to postpone her tour and focus on healing. She went back to her hometown of Boca Raton, Florida and guess who was there for her? Good boyfriend, Mac Miller.

6 She Tried Her Best

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Going through addiction and overcoming it is truly difficult. Ariana did all she could to support Mac through that struggle. In his songs, Mac has stated numerous times that he struggles with it, and it was still happening while in a relationship with her. Even an angel like Ariana couldn't save him from what would eventually happen.

5 A Mature Approach

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While it was sad that Ariana and Mac split, once the news broke out that Ariana would be engaged to Pete Davidson, Mac was really mature on the situation. In an interview with Apple Music, Mac stated, "I am happy for her and moving forward with her life just as I’m sure she is with me."

4 She Moved Fast

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Literally a month after Ariana broke up with Mac, she got into a relationship with SNL alumni, Pete Davidson. Not only that, they got engaged. Even though Ariana was happy with Pete at the time, it was definitely way too fast regardless of how long they've known each other before being in a relationship.

3 How Long It Lasted

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These two were just perfect together, but unfortunately, no relationship lasts forever. While they have known each other since 2012, Ariana and Mac did not become official until 2016. And then around May 2018, they split up. With a lot happening to Mac, it was too much for Ariana to stay with him.

2 A Scary Silence

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After Mac's passing, many of his friends, family, and fellow artists mourned greatly. Ariana definitely took it hard, but she was pretty quiet about it after posting on Instagram. People were blaming her for his death, making her disable comments on the social media site.

1 He Was An Angel

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The passing of Mac really affected Ariana. She made tons of tributes to him and honored his memory in the best ability possible. After breaking off her engagement with Pete and writing "thank u, next," she thanked her exes. This includes Mac while claiming he was an angel.

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