20 Little Known Facts About Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes' Relationship

"Tom, who?"

That's the question many hoped Katie Holmes would ask following her extremely public divorce from mega-star Tom Cruise. Would she finally be able to live a quieter life of happiness, free from the ever-probing public?

The answer seemed to be leaning toward "yes", at least for six years after her divorce from Tom was finalized. Katie found love with the fellow actor (and Cruise's family friend) Jamie Foxx, a few years later! If this is newfound information, don't worry! Jamie and Katie's romance was so notoriously private, many heads were still spinning about their relationship's existence when the news of their recent split was announced.

Katie and Jamie were such a private duo, not much is known about their lengthy, jet-setting romance! The two lovebirds were ever so cautious about letting their romance reveal itself. Here are 20 hush-hush tidbits about one of Hollywood's quietest couples!

20 Katie And Jamie Had A Coastal Relationship

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Living life as a celeb automatically requires one to free up a bunch of space in one's itinerary, but when you bring a relationship into the mix, love can bring in some rough times ahead.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were hardly ever in the same space at the same time during their six-year relationship. The pair were often traveling and living on different coasts!

19 They Were Friendly While Katie Was Married

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Here's a tidbit that may cause a record to scratch and halt conversation: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' relationship extended past their romance, and began while Katie was still married to Tom Cruise. Was this a Dawson and Pacey situation?

Jamie and Katie's friendship began while our girl was in the midst of the media firestorm known as the 'TomKat' relationship. They met in 2006.

18 The Pair Exchanged Promise Rings

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Woah, bring on the bling!

Katie and Jamie would've rather the world turn a blind eye to their red-hot romance, but a certain shiny object on Katie's ring finger made fans do a double-take.

According to Marie Claire, both Jamie and Katie "were spotted wearing rings on their wedding fingers," presumably sending their teams into a frenzy! How could the pair deny their feelings now?

17 Katie And Jamie Liked To Boogie

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Even the most introverted couples have to come out and play!

During happier times in their relationship, the shy couple took the time to work their fancy footwork together. Once Katie and Jamie were caught on camera getting cozy on the dance floor, celebrity sleuths were sent into overdrive to try and find more details of their hush-hush romance, but the mystery remained!

16 Jamie's Daughter Had High Praise For Katie

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Sure, his secret love meant a lot to Jamie, but there is one woman in his life who hangs the moon for the actor!

Details of Jamie's private life are difficult to uncover, but one crucial detail to Jamie's story is his daughter, Corrine. Corrine lives a private life of her own, but she publicly shared her glowing opinion of her father's famous flame.

15 Jamie Liked To Do Things His Way

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It's understandable that celebs would want to have a sliver of privacy for themselves and keep their personal lives on the down-low, but if you're Jamie Foxx, keeping your relationship quiet entails pulling the plug on professional endeavors!

Jamie once got so heated when an interviewer's inquiring mind asked about the subject on all of our minds, and Foxx ended the interview by leaving the room.

14 Suri Knew All

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Blink and you'll miss time passing! Remember Suri Cruise? Katie's daughter with Tom Cruise was born in 2006, and her general existence remained a question mark until the couple later appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair with their baby girl.

Suri is now a mature teenager and our girl holds plenty of wisdom for her Mom! Katie and Suri discuss her relationship.

13 They Traveled To Exotic Locations

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Despite how quiet Katie and Jamie loved to keep their relationship, their "couple calendar" was anything but! The pair's eagerness to jet-set around the world together perhaps reflected the state of their relationship: silent and super secretive.

The desire to catch the couple out in the wild only intensified when Katie and Jamie were spotted boarding a plane to enjoy a private getaway!

12 Katie Loved To Quietly Gush About Her Man

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There are still plenty of questions surrounding Jamie and Katie's relationship, but there was no question about how Katie felt about her man. Those in her private circle frequently got the inside scoop on Katie's heart!

She never hesitated to let friends know how happy she was in their relationship, which makes their recent demise much sadder and raises more eyebrows.

11 Katie 'Wigged Out' In Disguise

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Who says fashion can't be a vital part of your relationship? Katie knew the best way to combine lovely looks for her locks with her super-secret relationship.

Katie took absolutely no chances of being recognized while spending some private time with her man. One of her techniques to keep the relationship quiet was wearing a wig in order for the paps not to spot her!

10 The Couple Enjoyed Mingling With Others At Events

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Public events weren't the best places for Katie and Jamie, because all eyes would understandably on them!

The pair didn't walk the red carpet together until May of this year which we now know was close to the end of their relationship. Five years prior to their red carpet appearance together, the pair would attend events but would make a point to mingle separately!

9 Jamie Had A Cute Nickname For His Katie

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For someone who wanted to keep his relationship under the radar, Jamie Foxx referred to his rumored girlfriend with a nickname that seems pretty confirmational!

According to Glamour, Jamie was confident about how he felt about Katie when he had "taken to calling Holmes my girl," which sounds like an official relationship confirmation to us.

8 Katie Cut The Cord

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Six years seems like an eternity when we're talking about celebrity romances, and in Katie's mind, it's also the appropriate amount of shelf-life for her relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Jamie and Katie's relationship recently came to an end, and it was the lady in the relationship who decided to pull the plug. Katie was lead to break up with her man this summer!

7 Jamie Was Ready For Something More

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The demise of the Foxx and Holmes pairing didn't come out of left-field; Katie had reason to head for the exit sign.

Jamie's priorities seemed to shift in the Summer of 2019 when a business prospect made headlines for its fun and flirty nature. Jamie took to assisting a young singer with her career, but celebrity sleuths believe there was something more!

6 They Wanted Family To Be Hush Hush

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Our family earns a front role seat to our life story, whether we like it or not! Jamie's daughter Corinne had insight into her father's high profile romance most of us would only dream of, and Corrine ushered the public into their private life.

Corrine did something her Dad was never willing to do; she was the first person to confirm his relationship with Katie!

5 Jamie Went To Great Lengths To Deny Their Romance

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Jamie's refusal to acknowledge his relationship with Katie isn't a surprise by now; Completely ignoring interview questions is one thing, but the actor was committed to letting everyone believe his relationship with Katie was simply just words on glossy magazine paper!

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jamie launched into a deeply detailed story to cover up the real reason why Katie was at his recording studio.

4 Friends Were Extremely Pressured To Keep Quiet

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No matter how much Jamie attempted to conceal his relationship with Katie, it was obviously out in the open to the point where both friends and family weren't able to avoid talking about the relationship. After all, the pair dated for six years!

Jamie's friend Claudia Jordan once spilled some confirmation tea about the couple, but Jamie wasn't having it. Claudia eventually retracted her statement.

3 Jamie Knew How To Buy His Girl Dreamy Gifts

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Their relationship wasn't always rough for Katie and Jamie despite the recent aftermath of their breakup. The details of the type of boyfriend Jamie were are mum of course, but what could be uncovered is rather rosy!

One of Jamie's preferred romantic methods - and the path to Kate's heart - was giving his girl the gift of roses. What a fresh tidbit!

2 They Often Enjoyed Couples Activities

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There's a point in every couple's relationship where the magic takes a back seat into reality and daily activities which used to seem dull start to become an integral part of your routine with your beau!

Cameras were present and confirmed Katie and Jamie were as normal as you and your boo. They were photographed leaving the gym together after a couple's workout.

1 Katie Shrug Off Jamie's Wandering Eye

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Even though Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes may be history now, it seems Katie isn't trying to turn the page. While Jamie is already trying to move on and meet other women, Katie isn't batting an eye.

Katie has a healthy perspective after reports began popping up of Jamie's supposed new romances. She told a friend, "What Jamie does is his business." Girl power!

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