20 Little Known Facts About Keanu Reeves' Motorcycle Company

Most recognize Keanu Reeves from the big screen as he’s a Hollywood actor that has starred in many blockbuster movies over the years. That may be where he gained his notoriety and fame, but lately Keanu Reeves has been the master of another domain.

In his early twenties, Keanu ignited his passion for motorcycles and this has developed into the successful launch of his motorcycle brand called “Arch.” He has thrown himself into the design of his very own motorcycle brand, alongside his partner, Gard Hollinger. The pair have developed an incredibly high-end luxury motorcycle brand that has taken the world by storm.

Designed for the elite motorcycle enthusiasts, these bikes do not disappoint. They’re the perfect blend between Harleys and speed bikes, which is to say there’s nothing else like them on the market. Being the private man that he is, Keanu has kept a lot of this company’s details fairly low-key, but we’ve uncovered some pretty cool inside-info.

Let’s take a look at 20 Little Known Facts About Keanu Reeves ‘ Motorcycle Company…

20 It All Started With A Dyna

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Keanu was one of Gard’s clients before he talked him into part-ownership of the Arch brand. He originally heard that Gard was the best go-to for motorcycle mods, and he took his 2005 Harley Dyna in for some sissy bars. The rest, as they say, history, with this being the beginning of a successful yet unsuspecting venture for them both.

19 Only has Two Partners


Making these super cool bikes requires a finite skill set and a whole lot of investment. Keanu and Gard seem to have this all under control. Keanu is the creative spirit, Gard is the key to the logistics and build. Of course, Keanu can easily foot the bill on any tab that's required. Neither of them is interested in engaging with any other partners and for now, this remains exclusively a two man show.

18 All The Work Is Done In-House

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All Arch bikes are custom built in the original shop in Los Angeles. There is no work that’s outsourced, and there aren’t any external suppliers that are used. Owners of an Arch bike can rest assured that all aspects of their bike is customized in-house and never sent to outside suppliers, further adding to the exclusivity in the ownership of one of these machines.

17 He Considers It His Legacy

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When asked why he started this company, Keanu replied to E! News by saying “someday we won’t be here.” Designed to be his legacy, as if his blockbuster movies weren’t enough, Keanu puts his heart and soul into these bikes and wants to be remembered by them and through them.

Anyone that owns an Arch bike knows that they are the keeper of one of Keanu’s personal creations.

16 Keanu Was The Investing Partner

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Keanu was willing to invest to make the bike of his dreams and he really did walk the walk. He funded the first project and made sure that Gard knew he meant business about this business! Aside from giving money to charity, which is something he's known for, this is the first business venture for Reeves, and it's proven to be a wildly successful one.

15 The Bikes Are Uniquely Designed

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Each bike that's designed is inspired by Keanu’s creative process. There's a very limited selection of bikes released, and a limited number of each that's produced and sold, so owning an Arch bike is truly about a unique ownership experience. Each bike is a labor of love – mass production is not honored or recognized within this brand.

14 It’s All About The Experience

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It’s safe to say that Keanu Reeves went on an experience in order to create an experience.

He reports to TMZ that he rode a number of different bikes and got a good sense of how they felt and how they drove. This inspired him to fuse his favourite drives into a customized ride that he created, now known as the luxe brand, Arch.

13 The Tank Takes 66 Hours To Build

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Proudly boasting his unique custom-bike experience, Keanu (or Keanu’s people) turned to Twitter on December 29th, 2014, to boast about the lengthy build-process of each bike.

According to their Tweet, it takes over 66 hours to build each custom KEGT1 tank. A huge part of the success of Arch is a direct result of this painstaking, customized build-experience.

12 Production Is Capped

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Keanu’s brand is more of a luxury, boutique-style motorcycle brand than it is a mass-production site. With only 50 to 100 bikes built each year, the two partners take pride in every custom creation.

The basis of the business is to establish a brand that boasts rare, valuable, cherished bikes, rather than mass produced money-makers that sell in high volume. Owning an Arch is truly about owning a rare, valuable breed of luxury motorbikes.

11 Keanu Had To Convince Gard To Launch The Biz

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It’s hard to believe that Keanu had to work hard to convince anyone of anything, but according to Petrolicious, he definitely had to work at convincing Gard to partner up on the Arch brand.

He literally sat down and produced a list of all the reasons they should enter into this agreement, and finally, Gard was convinced to take the plunge and partner up with Reeves.

10 Keanu’s Partner Is An Architect

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Gard was a motorcycle enthusiast from the young age of 8, according to ArtPublikMag. He was always interested in the customization of motorcycles and he owned a successful shop prior to becoming a partner in Arch. In fact, Keanu used to be his customer and that’s how they first met. Gard is credited for the design logistics, and for bringing Keanu’s ideas to life through his custom builds.

9 Keanu Has Less Experience Riding Than His Partner

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Yes, it’s true. Keanu first became interested in motorcycles in his early twenties, whereas Gard has been familiar with bikes since he was 8-years-old.

Despite his inability to actually mechanically create the bikes, Keanu shares his vision with Gard, who is then relied upon to create the mechanical connection between his thoughts and the end product. Both partners are keen and avid riders to this day.

8 Keanu Is The Visionary Designer

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Keanu is a very creative free-spirit. He knows what he wants and he does his homework. He has experienced the ride of numerous motorcycles, and can easily depict the features he wants to draw on from each experience. This visionary then relays this information and vision to Gard, who culminates the concept into a producible-design.

7 The Bikes Are Considered “Performance Cruisers”

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Keanu’s love for Harley-Davidsons was fused with his need for speed, and the end result of his passionate experiences with motorcycles was the commonly termed “Performance Cruisers” that are now built by Arch Motorcycles.

These bikes are the perfect blend of tough meets speed, and there’s nothing else like these Performance Cruisers on the market.

6 The Flagship Bike Is The KRGT-1

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The first bike ever to be made by Arch is the KRGT-1. This bike boasts the name of its owner, and is designed with an aggressive structure, yet a comfortable riding feel. Each KRGT-1 is customized to the personal ergonomics of its owner.

There is simply no other ride that is as perfectly-suited as this one.

5 Keanu Was Gard’s Customer Before Their Deal

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The best stories are the most authentic, innocent ones. Keanu was in fact a client of Gard’s before he convinced him to partner-up. This just goes to show you what an innocent encounter can lead to.

After asking him to customize his Harley Dyna, Keanu saw an opportunity for greater ventures, and the rest, as they say, is history.

4 Only Six People Work In The Shop

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The idea behind these bikes is that each one is a labor of love that receives personal attention and custom detailing. The shop is only 6-employees deep, each with their own highly-defined roles that makes these bikes as desirable as they are enjoyable.

The six mechanics do all the work on these bikes in-house, and nothing is outsourced.

3 A $15k Deposit Is Mandatory

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According to Eat, Sleep, Ride, each Arch bike is custom built to the owner’s particular specs, as soon as the $15,000 reservation fee is paid. This is not a brand that's suitable for the average consumer. Passion requires investment.

Bikes start at $78k and without the $15k deposit, no work is done to customize the build. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience, the price tag is reflective of the personal experience that each owner will enjoy.

2 Warehouse Is In LA

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In order to stay true to the personalization of each bike, and to oversee all the stages of the build-process, Keanu has established a warehouse in LA, which houses all the Arch construction from start to finish.

Being situated in LA means that Keanu can pop in anytime to make sure things are as he wants them to be, and the details are all remaining true to the brand.

1 Each Bike Is a “Passion-Build”

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If you haven’t noticed already, Keanu and Gard are not doing this because they have to. In fact, neither of them really needs the money generated from the Arch brand. They are both truly motorcycle fanatics that have thrown their passion behind the custom design of these motorcycles.

Each bike is in fact a “passion-build” that's backed by two guys that really want each owner to be proud of what they own.

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