20 Little Known Facts About Keanu Reeves' New Woman, Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves is easily one of the dreamiest heartthrobs in all of Hollywood, and he has been since the ‘80s. He’s completely down to earth and totally likable. It’s safe to say, he could be every girl’s perfect man. However, rumor has it, Keanu Reeves could be officially off the market.

Now, who is the lucky lady? It happens to be one of Keanu’s friends, Alexandra Grant, and we are 100 percent here for it.

Alexandra is, quite possibly, the perfect match for our beloved Keanu. If anyone was ever going to be good enough for him, it would be her. She is both beautiful and brilliant. Of course, now that the rumor mill has let loose on Keanu and Alexandra’s love life, everyone wants to know everything about Keanu’s new leading lady.

20 Alexandra Grant Was Born In Fairview Park, Ohio


Alexandra Grant may be based in Los Angeles, California now, but she wasn’t always a Cali girl. Alexandra was born in Fairview Park, Ohio

According to The Cut, Alexandra’s birthday appears to be a mystery, as it isn’t listed on her Wikipedia or her social media pages. She was born in 1973, though, making her totally age-appropriate for 55-year-old, Keanu.

19 She Is A Beautifully Tall Girl


Being a tall girl isn’t always easy. Well, now all the tall queens have a beautiful goddess to look up to – Alexandra Grant.

While her height isn’t actually listed anywhere, photos of Alexandra next to Keanu Reeves give us an idea of just how tall she is. Keanu is 6-foot, one-inch, according to IMDB. Alexandra is easily as tall as him, if not taller.

18 Her Parents Were Both Professors


Alexandra Grant’s parents [not pictured] were both brilliant and well-established scholars, according to Wikipedia. Her father, Norman Grant, was a Scottish geology professor and her mother, Marcia Grant, a political science professor.

In addition to being a professor, her mom was also an American foreign-service diplomat and educational administrator based in Africa and the Middle East.

17 Alexandra Moved To Paris With Her Mom As A Teen


After her parents divorced, Alexandra went off to live with her mom in Mexico City. When she was 11, Alexandra attended a boarding school in Missouri. A short time after, Alexandra and her mom moved to Paris, France.

“I grew up in part in Mexico City, Washington, DC, and Paris, moving between languages and cultures,” Alexandra said in an interview with LA Weekly.

16 She Is Multi-Lingual


Because of Alexandra’s childhood experiences growing up in different countries and areas, including those in Europe and the Middle East, she easily became fluent in different languages, too.

Alexandra speaks English, Spanish and French. Being multilingual has allowed her to use her artwork and really connect with the different cultures.

15 She Graduated From Two Impressive Colleges


Alexandra has received degrees from not one, but two great colleges. In 1994, she earned a BA in history and studio art from Swarthmore College, a super-elite private liberal arts college that only accepts 9.5 percent of applicants, according to Heavy.

Years later, in 2000, Alexandra received her Masters of Fine Arts in drawing and painting from San Francisco’s California College of the Arts.

14 Alexandra Is A Famous Contemporary Artist


Alexandra always had a special eye for the arts, but her interest in how language and arts could work together to influence a culture really pushed her into pursuing a career in art.

She works with painting, drawing, sculpture, and video to examine language and written texts. Her work is really something that draws people in and sparks questions.

13 She Opened Her First Solo Art Exhibit In 2007


In 2007, Alexandra Grant opened her first solo exhibit. Her exhibit was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California, and was curated by Alma Ruiz.

A catalog from the exhibit can still be seen today. It features Alexandra’s works on paper, and essay about the works written by Alma Ruiz, and French writer, Hélène Cixous’ essay that inspired Alexandra’s works, according to The Museum of Contemporary Art.

12 Her Work Has Been Showcased In Prestigious Museums


Alexandra’s artwork has been on display in galleries all over the world. From “the Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles, to the Galerie Lelong in New York City, and the Galerie Gradiva in Paris,” her work has been praised everywhere, according to Heavy.

Her next show, titled “Solo Booth,” will be presented in Texas at the Marfa Invitational.

11 Alexandra Is Known As A 'Radical Collaborator' In The Art World


Alexandra’s style of art is not straightforward or simple. She takes complex ideas and transforms them into something beautiful and captivating. Her work is described as “radical collaboration.”

This means, her work is made using texts and works from other writers and artists. It is usually participatory and ongoing, according to Wikipedia.

10 She Has Directed A Documentary


Alexandra is a woman of many talents. Her creativity surpasses paint and paper; she has proven she can also be a director in film.

In 2015, Alexandra, working with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Nebraska, directed a documentary called, Taking Lena Home. The film was largely about a stolen tombstone being returned to rural Nebraska, according to Omaha World Herald.

9 Alexandra Is An Amazing Philanthropist


Alexandra’s heart and love for charity are as great as her artistic talent. She is the founder of the grantLOVE project, which creates and sells original artwork to benefit artist projects and arts non-profits.

According to Bustle, she sells stickers, clothing, jewelry, prints, and other items to help charities around the Los Angeles area.

8 She Is Influenced By The Famous R.B. Kitaj


One of Alexandra’s great artistic influencers is the American artist with Jewish roots, R.B. Kitaj.

“When I was a teenager, Kitaj’s commitment to reading as a source for his work helped me understand the bridge that art can serve between the physical world and the intellectual,” Alexandra shared in an interview, according to Los Angeles Times.

7 She Can Officiate Weddings


A fun fact about the artistically talented Alexandra is that she can also officiate weddings. The fun-spirited artist shared a photo on social media showing her officiating a wedding for two of her friends.

She warmly captioned it, “I’m so honored to have officiated your wedding and be a part of this beautiful next chapter of your lives.”

6 Alexandra Actually Met Keanu Reeves In 2009


News may have just broken about Alexandra’s apparent romantic relationship with actor Keanu Reeves, but the pair have actually been in each other’s lives for some time.

They first met in 2009 after crossing paths during a dinner party, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Not long after meeting, the pair started working together.

5 The Pair Has Been Spotted Out Together Before


Of course, after meeting in 2009, Keanu and Alexandra became closer. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they have even been seen in public together years before their relationship took over the media.

The pair have attended several press events for their collaborative work together and were photographed quite close. Now, though, they are photographed holding hands, and that’s something new, according to People.

4 Alexandra And Keanu Collaborated On The Book, Ode To Happiness


Alexandra’s first collaborative work with Keanu Reeves was the book Ode to Happiness. Published in early 2011, the book was Alexandra’s first artist book and Keanu’s first book as a writer.

The book is described as “a grown-up’s picture book” and “a charming reminder not to take oneself too seriously,” according to Google Books. Alexandra created the drawings and Keanu created the text.

3 And They Collaborated Again For The Book, Shadows


The success and fun achieved from their first collaboration lead Alexandra and Keanu to create another collaborative piece of work.

In 2016, Alexandra and Keanu reunited and produced Shadows, a book full of photographic images that sets out on exploring the nature of a shadow. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the photographs were exhibited at ACME Gallery in Los Angeles.”

2 They Even Co-Founded A Publishing Company


The duo must have really liked working together, because a year after their second book collab, Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves founded their small artist book publishing company, X Artists' Books.

According to the company’s website, they publish “courageous, beautiful books for curious readers.” XAB states, “Our books are works of art; portals to imagined worlds; treasured companions; the fabric of a community.”

1 She's Keanu's First Reported Girlfriend In A Long Time


A huge reason people are going totally nuts over Keanu Reeves’ new girlfriend is because he hasn’t really had one in a decade.

According to an insider for People, Keanu and Alexandra began dating earlier this year but wanted to keep it quiet. “Keanu wants to openly share his life with her,” a source told People. “He is extremely happy and grateful to have Alex in his life.”


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