20 Little-Known Facts About Pete Davidson That Fans Need To Stop Ignoring

In the last few years, Pete Davidson went from being an unknown to making major headlines around the world. A comedian's personal life rarely becomes public knowledge. It's rare because comedians are usually the ones to reveal personal information. Davidson is very open and honest, which might be why he's always in the news. He is currently a member of the iconic sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. He's had success in stand up comedy and movies as well.

However, his personal life has become major news. He has been in several high profile relationships with Cazzie David, Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale. He's often at the center of controversy due to his outspoken nature. Indeed, there is no topic that he won't touch or joke he won't make. Of course, his jokes often go too far for the general public. He has dealt with personal trauma and manages to push through. It's time to take a closer look at Davidson and his life. Here are 20 Little-Known Facts About Pete Davidson That Fans Need To Stop Ignoring.

20 Pete Davidson Still Jokes About Ariana Grande

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Pete Davidson went from being a comedian to significant news when he started dating pop sensation, Ariana Grande. Davidson often made several jokes that went a bit far and personal during the relationship. Indeed, these were jokes most boyfriends wouldn't even say to a friend, let alone a radio host. After they broke up, he continued to speak about her in degrading ways.

19 Hurricane Sandy Jokes And His Hometown

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Pete Davidson is no stranger to upsetting fans with his jokes. Indeed, nobody is safe, not even in his hometown. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island, which resulted in the loss of life and severe damage as well. Davidson joked that the Hurricane didn't get the job done. Residents were offended by his joke, but he refused to back down, probably because he's from Staten Island.

18 Switching Birth Control Pills 

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There is a developing theme when it comes to Pete Davidson. A lot of his jokes offended and upset many fans. Indeed, he seems to gain strength from it. On an episode of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, Davidson discussed his relationship with Ariana Grande. He joked that he switched her birth control pills with tic-tacs. He received massive backlash for his comments.

17 A Dare Led To Him Becoming A Comedian

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Pete Davidson always had dreams of being a comedian. However, it took a dare to get him on stage finally. Indeed, one night at the age of 16, he was at a bowling ally with some friends. They all knew he wanted to give comedy a try. Davidson's friends dared him to go on stage, and he did. The dare led to him having a very successful career.

16 He Didn’t Support Ariana Grande After Mac Miller's Passing

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Before dating Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande was in an intense relationship with rapper Mac Miller. Miller struggled with substance abuse and passed away in 2018. Grande was devastated over Miller's passing. She was dating Davidson at the time, but he didn't support her through the ordeal. Indeed, some believe him not supporting her led to the end of their relationship.

15 Borderline Personality Disorder

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Pete Davidson suffers from borderline personality disorder and Crohn's. That started around the age of 18 for Davidson. He admits to using medical cannabis to deal with it. It's not an easy disease to deal with, considering he's a performer. Davidson has been able to manage it and deal with the disease.

14 He Hates Syracuse, New York

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As noted, Pete Davidson had some harsh comments for his home town of Staten Island following Hurricane Sandy. Therefore, nobody should have been surprised when he aimed at Syracuse, New York. Indeed, Davidson openly admits he hates the city. He claims the city is boring and there isn't anything to do there. He wonders why anyone would even live there.

13 First SNL Cast Member Born In The 90s

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Saturday Night Live has become an iconic TV series. The classic sketch comedy show started in the late 70s. The show is still going strong and introduced legendary comedians, including Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Tiny Fey, Seth Meyers, and more. Davidson joins a long list of talented people, but he's in a category of his own. Indeed, Davidson is the first cast member born in the 90s.

12 He Starred In A Failed Sitcom

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In 2014, Pete Davidson's life completely changed when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. However, his career almost went in a completely different direction. Early in the year, Davidson starred on a potential new series for FOX, Sober Companion. At the time, it felt like Davidson's big break was around the corner.

11 "Pete Davidson"

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had a roller coaster of a relationship. They were madly in love, but it didn't work out in the end. Grande has written songs about the relationship and even mentions Davidson on other tracks. Of course, "Pete Davidson" is clearly about Davidson. Grande notes she still cares deeply for her ex.

10 Inappropriate Comments About Ariana Grande On Howard Stern

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As noted, Pete Davidson often talks about his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. Indeed, he makes jokes that should be left behind closed doors. Davidson appeared on Howard Stern and openly spoke about Grande. He brought up a large number of very personal topics and moments between the two.

9 He’s A Harry Potter Fan

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Pete Davidson is known for his risqué sense of humor and rebellious attitude. He's fearless and never backs down from a fight. Indeed, he's not that different from Harry Potter. Davidson is a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise. For Halloween one year, Davidson and then-girlfriend Ariana Grande dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

8 Claims He Hates The Spotlight

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Pete Davidson enjoys comedy and making people laugh. However, his life has taken center stage. Indeed, he is often in the headlines and makes news all over the world. He admits to hating the spotlight. His relationships and controversy put the spotlight on him. There's an excellent chance that the attention will continue.

7 He Has A Hilary Tattoo

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Pete Davidson makes headlines because of his jokes and relationships. However, he can now add politics to his long list of controversies. Davidson is a proud supporter of Hilary Clinton and hoped she'd win the 2016 Presidential Election. He's such a huge supporter and fan that he even has a Hilary Clinton tattoo.

6 Joking About His Father’s Passing To Deal With The Pain

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Pete Davidson suffered a devastating tragedy at the age of 7. In 2001, his father passed away in the September 11 attacks. His father was a firefighter and hero that saved lives that day. Davidson admits his father's passing was tough for him to handle. Joking about that tragic day has helped him deal with the pain.

5 Inappropriate Joke About Manchester Bombing

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In May 2017, the Manchester Bombing occurred during Ariana Grande's concert. Grande was devastated because of the tragic event. A few months later, Pete Davidson made an inappropriate joke about the bombing and Grande being a success. Many people were offended by the remark. Davidson and Grande began dating a few months later.

4 Repeating Same Romantic Lines To Different Girlfriends

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Pete Davidson has been in several high profile relationships. Indeed, he's dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Davidson spends a good deal of time on social media talking with fans. Fans began to notice something regarding his posts. They noticed that he was using the same romantic lines on Ariana Grande's social media pages as he did with his ex, Cazzie David.

3 Questionable Timing Of Engagement To Ariana Grande After Spilt From Cazzie David

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Cazzie David is the daughter of comedian and Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. Pete Davidson and Cazzie were quite the item for a little while. He then dated Ariana Grande after Cazzie. However, the timing is a bit suspicious. He dated Cazzie until May 2018 and became engaged to Grande in June. Some speculate that the ring might have been for someone else...

2 He Mocked A War Veteran On SNL

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Pete Davidson has a tough time staying out of trouble. He can't avoid it some nights. In 2018, he got into some hot water when he mocked a politician and former Navy Seal, Dan Crenshaw. His comments created a great deal of controversy and backlash for SNL. Davidson apologized for his remarks and brought on the war vet the following week.

1 His Cry For Help

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Pete Davidson has struggled with mental health for years. In December 2018, he posted an Instagram message that had everyone concerned. It was a clear cry for help. Indeed, several celebs, including Ariana Grande, reached out to him and showed their support. He was safe at the SNL studios and appeared that night to introduce the musical act.

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