20 Little-Known Facts About Catelynn Lowell’s New Baby, Vaeda

MTV’s Teen Mom franchise has an adorable new addition to the family and her name is Vaeda Luma Baltierra. This sweet baby girl was born to the only original Teen Mom couple still together, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, earlier this year.

When the proud parents announced their newest daughter’s arrival over social media, we instantly fell in love with her sweet little face and perfect baby rolls. Vaeda’s birth was absolutely one of the happier moments for Catelynn and Tyler who have had more than their fair share of struggles over the last couple of years.

When we first met Catelynn and Tyler on 16 & Pregnant in 2009, they were just a couple of kids trying to figure out the best way to deal with their unplanned teen pregnancy. In a unique outcome for the series, Catelynn and Tyler made the decision to place their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption.

Now, 10 years later, Catelynn and Tyler are married and making us all swoon over their wonderfully cute posts about Novalee, their second daughter, and Vaeda. We can definitely expect to see more of baby Vaeda during the new season of Teen Mom: OG, and we can’t wait to watch baby Vaeda grow up. But for now, let us enjoy what we have – these 20 little-known details about baby Vaeda.

20 Vaeda Is A Rainbow Baby


Catelynn experienced a serious form of postpartum depression after the birth of her second daughter, Novalee, in 2015. This caused her to fear having more children in the future. But, after a six-week stay in a mental health facility, Catelynn discovered she was expecting.

Unfortunately, shortly after, Catelynn had a miscarriage and her whole world and all her progression with her mental health fell apart. Both Tyler and Catelynn were completely heartbroken and lost. They decided they would wait to try again. Several months later, though, Catelynn found out she was pregnant again – with Vaeda.

“This baby is our rainbow after the storm. I'm super excited,” Catelynn shared with Us Weekly. “It was a huge [surprise] at first. We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness."

19 She Was Very Unexpected


After their traumatic miscarriage in the beginning of 2018, Catelynn and Tyler agreed they would wait to try again. Catelynn and Tyler both needed time to mentally and emotionally heal from the loss of their baby. Fate had its own plan, though, because without planning it, Catelynn became pregnant a few months later, much to their surprise.

“We were going to wait a really long time. We were using protection and everything and still got pregnant,” Catelynn told Us Weekly. “This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected.”

18 Her Parents Are Middle School Sweethearts


If you have followed Catelynn and Tyler at all over the last 10 years, you know that they have had to face some serious ups and downs in life. However, they have always managed to continuously work on their selves for the sake of their relationship.

According to People, Catelynn and Tyler first started dating when they were both just 13 years old and they found out Catelynn was pregnant for the first time when they were 16. Their relationship hasn’t always been easy, but with counseling and love they make it work. The couple had their second daughter, Novalee, in January 2015 and were married in August of the same year.

17 She Has Two Older Sisters


Vaeda is Tyler and Catelynn’s third daughter, although she only lives with Novalee. When Catelynn became pregnant at 16, the couple knew they weren’t able to give their baby the life she deserved. So, they choose to place her in adoption, which is all documented in their 16 & Pregnant episode.

Catelynn and Tyler know they made the right decision at the time, but they miss their oldest daughter, Carly, all the time. Carly’s parents, Brandon and Teresa, allow Catelynn and Tyler to visit with Carly once a year, and have decided not to allow MTV cameras in her life. Vaeda hasn’t met Carly yet, but we’re sure when she does, they will form an instant connection.

16 Vaeda Was Born In February


Catelynn and Tyler were nervous about this pregnancy because of how Catelynn was affected during her pregnancy with Novalee and the miscarriage she experienced. However, Catelynn has described this pregnancy as one with little issues. According to Us Weekly, Catelynn “was ‘not anxious, not depressed’ at all during her pregnancy, but instead, in a good mental state.”

When it came time for Vaeda to enter the world, things were just as smooth as the pregnancy. Baby Vaeda made her grand entrance on February 21, 2019, making her a gentle and compassionate Pisces.

15 Catelynn Had A Very Quick Labor With Vaeda


Catelynn began having small contractions eight days before Vaeda was born and her water never actually broke, according to Us Weekly. Once the small contractions became much bigger, Catelynn and Tyler loaded everything into the car and headed to the hospital with their older daughter.

“Once at the hospital, I was in labor for 2 and a half hours. I’m honestly blessed because I have very easy and fast labors,” Catelynn expressed in an interview with Us Weekly.

Her biggest panic during the birth was almost missing her chance to get an epidural. She said, “The easiest was the pushing itself – only two times and she was out!”

14 Her Name Was Changed At The Last Minute


In the months leading up to Vaeda’s birth, her parents had shared they were planning on naming their newest addition Tezlee. They wanted to stick with a “Lee” theme, as their older daughter’s name is Novalee.

However, the name didn’t grow on them like they wanted it to, and in a last-minute decision, Catelynn and Tyler went a completely different route.

“Every time someone would say Tezlee, we would [dislike it]. It just wasn’t sitting with us like it did at first,” Catelynn explained to Us Weekly. “Tyler told me about the name Vaeda and I fell in love with it! It’s from the movie My Girl, which is a movie that Tyler showed me years ago.”

13 Her Middle Name Means ‘Sunset’


Vaeda’s full name is Vaeda Luma Baltierra. We know that her first name comes from the movie My Girl, but what about her middle name?

After Tyler shared his daughter’s full name in a social media post, one commenter asked, “Luma? Like sunset? Or did you go with it for another meaning?” Tyler responded, “You’re legit the first person to figure it out! Luma = sunset.”

According to Baby Arabic Names, Luma is a Muslim name that does, in fact, mean sunset. The name is not very common in the U.S. but it absolutely an adorable choice for a baby girl.

12 Fans Were Convinced She Isn’t Tyler’s Daughter


After posting an adorable image of a one-month-old Vaeda, fans had some less than polite words for the reality star regarding his infant daughter. Tyler captioned the photo, “Vaeda is a month old this week & idk how it’s possible, but she keeps getting cuter!”

Instead of agreeing about the baby’s cuteness, some people advised Tyler to get a DNA test because Vaeda “looks mixed race.” People were adamant that Vaeda was not at all Tyler’s daughter and insisted she looks nothing like his other girls. However, after posting a side by side comparison of a newborn Vaeda and a newborn Nova, you can definitely see they look nearly identical.

11 But Tyler And Catelynn Were Quick To Shut Down The Trolls


After receiving harsh comments about his newborn baby’s paternity, Tyler had his own message for his “fans.” He wrote,

“Wow. I'm actually just appalled at the ridiculously asinine comments about my newborn. We live in a world that is so divided, judgmental, self-righteous and opinionated ... & unfortunately it's very evident with these comments… Live with love and speak with peace or karma is not going to be your ally, I can guarantee that!”

Catelynn had a different message in response to the rumors that Tyler wasn’t Vaeda’s father. In a sarcastic comment, she wrote, “Sorry babe I [stepped out] and [Vaeda's not yours] #peoplearecrazy #comeon.” Just to clarify… she was definitely kidding.

10 She Is A Really Good Baby


Not only did Vaeda give her mommy a super easy labor, but she has been described by her parents as a really good baby. The newborn months are often notorious for being the hardest ones for the parents; it’s almost nonstop all-nighters, diaper changes and feedings.

Catelynn seems to have gotten lucky with Vaeda, though. In an interview with Us Weekly, Catelynn said, “She’s such a good baby – very chill and easy going … so far.” If Vaeda turns out to be anything like her big sister, Nova, Catelynn and Tyler will definitely be two very happy parents.

9 Daddy Is Ecstatic To Have Her


Tyler has to be one of the proudest fathers in existence. He is always gushing on social media about how much he loves his girls and how happy they make him every day. He calls Vaeda cupcake (aww!), and talks about how cute she is and how he just can’t get enough of his sweet baby. And we have to agree 100 percent: we can’t get enough, either!

In one post he wrote, “I just can’t. Like, how is she THIS perfect?! Vaeda just melts me into a doting daddy puddle of mush I swear.”

8 Vaeda Has The Biggest, Cutest Smile


As Vaeda grows each day, we get to see more of her little personality come out and we are so in love with it. Vaeda is two-and-a-half months old now and starting to let the camera catch her goofy baby grins. Both Tyler and Catelynn have shared little baby selfies of Vaeda smirking.

In a caption for this photo, Tyler wrote, “I got this little cupcake smiling big for daddy! & then I melted into a puddle of high pitched unrecognizable baby talk because she’s so da—cute! #VaedaLuma” We can’t wait until we get to see footage of Vaeda goofing it up for the cameras on Teen Mom: OG.

7 She Looks Just Like Her Big Sister, Nova


After Tyler’s fans started rumors that Catelynn had stepped out on him and Vaeda isn't his daughter, Tyler shared a side-by-side snap of Vaeda and Novalee at the same age and looking exactly the same. It’s not like we all needed that proof, though, because just looking at the two girls is enough to show how similar they are in appearance.

In one of the first photos shared of Vaeda, the two girls are lying next to each other and even though Vaeda was just weeks old, the resemblance was clear. “We make some beautiful babies don’t we?!,” Tyler wrote in a post to Catelynn. Yes, you do!

6 She Is A Perfect Mixture Of Mom And Dad


There’s a reason why Vaeda and Novalee look so much alike, and that’s because they are both such a perfect mixture of mom and dad. When looking at images of the girls with their parents, it’s truly hard to decide who they look more like.

As Nova gets older, her facial features start to become more prominent, but she still looks like both Catelynn and Tyler. On some days, Vaeda looks more like Catelynn, but on others she is Tyler’s twin.

In our non-expert opinion, though, Vaeda and Nova seem to have Tyler’s nose, but Catelynn’s smile and eyes. But this could all change in a matter of months!

5 Her Bedroom Was Designed By Her Dad


Tyler and Catelynn worked extremely hard designing and remodeling their farm house. “A lot of time (& slightly obsessive attention to detail) has gone into the restoration of this house & after tonight… it finally feels like home & not just a house,” Tyler shared on social media.

Nova’s room got a pink paintjob with a very cute cowgirl theme. A couple of weeks after Vaeda’s birth, Tyler shared a photo of her room with the caption, “Guess whose room is almost done?!” Vaeda’s room is a sweet blue-green color with grey and blue accents.

4 Momma's Cuddles Put Her To Sleep


It’s no secret that babies love cuddles with their mommas. Catelynn has shared a few pics of herself and baby Vaeda cuddling up. Catelynn also shared with fans her decision to breastfeed Vaeda and how it is such a beautiful bond between them.

Tyler, in his true Tyler way, couldn’t help but let Catelynn know how proud he is of her in a comment on her post. “You’re just amazing babe. Watching you carry, nurture, feed & love Vaeda the way you do brings more than tears of joy for this doting father,” he wrote.

3 Nova Absolutely Adores Vaeda


There are few things in life greater than the bond between sisters, and Vaeda has a great big sister in her corner for life. Before Tyler and Catelynn even shared images of Vaeda’s pretty face, Tyler posted a video of four-year-old Nova singing a sweet song to her newborn sister.

There’s always that question as to whether the only child will be able to adapt to sharing their parents. Well, there’s no question when it comes to Nova. She truly loves being a big sister to Vaeda. Catelynn shared with fans that Nova and Vaeda get along so well, and Nova is just as obsessed with Vaeda as Catelynn and Tyler are.

2 Catelynn's Video Post Gave Us Serious Carly Vibes


Tyler and Catelynn placed their first born daughter, Carly, up for adoption when they were just 16 years old. They get yearly visits with the now nine-year-old girl, but with Nova and Vaeda both looking so much like Carly, we can assume Catelynn and Tyler are missing her more than ever.

Although Carly is kept out of the media now, when she was younger MTV got to share footage of the cutie. Catelynn shared a special video of Vaeda that gave us all baby Carly vibes. The video did have a face filter on Vaeda that made her look a little older than two months old, but her overall look was largely unchanged. Clearly, Catelynn and Tyler only make one type of baby girl – cute.

1 Vaeda Will Likely Become A Big Sister


Despite Catelynn’s previous struggles with postpartum depression and mental health issues making her hesitant in getting pregnant before Vaeda, she has already expressed wanting more babies with Tyler. Vaeda may only be two months old, but Tyler and Catelynn are pretty much planning for baby number 4.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Catelynn stated, “Yes, we want more children. We really want to try for a boy.” Tyler, on the same page as Catelynn, explained to Us Weekly that they definitely want to have more kids.

According to Tyler, they are likely going to wait until Vaeda is six months to a year old before trying for that boy, though. “We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know,” shared Catelynn, according to Us Weekly.

Sources: Us Weekly

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